Wednesday, February 16, 2011

X-Ray Press offer up "Holy Ghost, USA" for free, finalize January-February west coast tour; Mathy UVB-76 out next week on cd + digital

"Holy Ghost, USA"
(from the forthcoming album UVB-76)

"The Terms (In the Colors of Our DNA)"
(via My Old Kentucky Blog)

"On Breathing Water (Kelly Wyse remix)"
(free download)

"everyone should hear this excellent work just for the simple fact it will take listeners out of their comfort zone and in many ways change what their definitions of what music should sound like... definitely going on my best of 2010 lists." - Delusions of Adequacy

Described as a mix of Don Caballero, the Minutemen, Refused, and Upsilon Acrux, Brooklyn by way of Seattle's X-Ray Press brings intricate, high-energy music to the thinking man. Beyond their creative compositions and musicianship lies an unconventional but undeniable melody. They incorporate genres from post-hardcore to jazz, and push the framework of what a math-rock band can and should be. UVB-76 is the new album from X-Ray Press, and will be released next Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 on cd + digital download.

AOL Spinner will be streaming the 18-track journey in its entirety next week, and the album is a nice mix of melody, dissonance, and progressive breakdowns, with smarts, introspection, and humor thrown in at times. The album is a huge step forward in artistic sophistication and shows X-Ray Press expanding on the groundwork laid out in their 2007 debut release, ep1 brkn type, which was released on Tellous Records.

The band has also finalized their entire run of west coast tour dates from late January through February, which can be found below as well.

Core members:
Paurl Walsh//guitar and vocals
Michael Pasuit//bass and vocals

Honorary members:
Adam Kozie//drums
Mike Sparks//keyboards and guitar
Kelly Wyse//Rhodes
Max Stein//guitars
Sean Waple//art direction

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