Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boston's The Sound Of Growing Up to release Drifting on March 8th, 2011!

The Sound Of Growing Up is the moniker of singer/songwriter Justin Kao (kay-oh). A Boston transplant via Long Island, NY, Kao moved to Boston shortly after finishing college to pursue his career in music. Having played small shows and open mics in the local area, Kao began building up a network of fans, friends, and musicians with his catchy melodies and earnest lyrics.

MP3: The Sound Of Growing Up - "The Kite"

The band’s aptly titled debut EP, Drifting, due out March 8, 2011, is a sweeping range of emotions that travel from uncertainty and apathy to hope and promise. Hints of The Beatles and the Beach Boys mingle with the power pop sensibilities of Jellyfish and Weezer, building upon Kao’s insightful lyrics to create what he affectionately calls “smart pop.”

Recorded at Barefoot Studios in Boston, the record was produced by Kao with arrangement help from band guitarist Thomas Meunier. The pair also enlisted the help of veteran studio drummer Mike Levesque (David Bowie, Susan Tedeschi, Juliana Hatfield) and engineer Nate Christy (Al Jardine of The Beach Boys, Casey Desmond). The record was mixed by Jon Castelli and mastered by Grammy Award winner Nathan Dantzler of LA's The Hit Lab Studios.

Having since filled out the band's lineup to include Gerard Beaudoin (son of New England jazz/blues legend Gerry Beaudoin) on drums and Steve Tagarelis on bass, The Sound Of Growing Up looks to continue captivating fans with their unique brand of insightful smart pop.

Praise for The Sound Of Growing Up:

"Have you ever heard, or possibly even considered what the post-modern doo-wop sound might be? Especially if it was backed by what sounds to be an oddly-amped ukulele? Is this truly The Sound of Growing Up, or is this the sound of the last human in future world, a human who has taught his robotic companions how to clap in rhythm, use a tambourine and of course play that weird electro-uke. Ignoring the grim reminder of humanity’s future demise, one realizes that one can really get into the oddly off-kilter sound of the appropriately titled “Drifting.” The sound of youth is tempered by the “Oh, well” tone of the vocals, as if the singer is somewhat exasperated. You want to help him, but you also delight in earnest, chin-up spirit of the performance. Maybe he’ll survive after all, with a little help from the robots, God knows there are plenty of them hanging around at the Stata Center, so hang in there, little buddy." -- Boston Band Crush

Artist - The Sound Of Growing Up
Album - Drifting
US Release Date - March 8, 2011
Label - s/r


01. The Kite
02. Swing
03. Drifting
04. I Have No Reason
05. The Kite (Acoustic Demo)

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