Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Casiotones + Melodicas + Brazil = Some Community

Music often goes beyond melodies, harmonies, arrangements, lyrics and live performances. There's that one thing that no artist in the world can manufacture formulaically, and that something is energy. This invisible thing that comes directly from the veins, throats, and pores of the musician seeps from Brazil’s most promising indie-rock band, Some Community. Forming in 2009 the five piece that met in Prep School, has been combining delicious songs with an exciting presentation, and will drop a musical bomb on this years SxSW, so get ready.

The band consists of Juliana Vacaro who delivers charming and delirious vocals as well as: Veronica Vacaro (keyboards and guitar), Marco Frugiuele (percussion), Gabriela Gonzalez (guitar), and Fernando Fernandes, who brings lead guitar to the mix. This clashing of talent and instruments is augmented and punctuated by an array of casiotones and melodica (played by all) in arrangements sweet enough to give you a cavity, yet hard hitting enough to knock that tooth right out.

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