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Dear Blanca shares new single "Priscilla", "Pobrecito" Out Next Tuesday

With Pobrecito set for release next Tuesday, Dear Blanca are sharing their new single, "Priscilla". An instant live favorite, "Priscilla" features some of Dear Blanca's most exciting songwriting to date. Stream the Track here.
Be sure not to miss Dear Blanca's live performance of "Praise Break" here.
Stream the first two singles from Pobrecito, "Boulders" and "Noma", here.
2. Showplace
3. Noma
4. Huff
6. Pobrecito
7. On the Dime
8. Praise Break
9. Cadmus
Connect with Dear Blanca:
For all things Blanca, visit

BIG BLACK CLOUD To Issue Lessons in Fuck You 2 EP Via Eolian Empire

Portland's furious sci-fi punks, BIG BLACK CLOUD, are back from the lab with their latest dirty bomb, the cassette EP Lessons In Fuck You 2. Tripling down on their intoxicating rarefied mix of punk, noise, psych, surf, and rock, the agita trio takes a dark trip that drives and swerves like a B-movie soundtrack through threat-level guitar attacks, groovy alien eviscerations, and goddamn-us-all-to-hell preaching.

BIG BLACK CLOUD is from Portland, Oregon, and comprises guitarist/vocalist Nick Capello, bassist/vocalist Soo Koelbli, and drummer Travis Wainwright. Formed in 2005, BIG BLACK CLOUDhas released two 7-inches, a 10-inch, two 12-inch LPs (Dark Age and Black Friday), and the Shitty Vibrations cassette. BIG BLACK CLOUD channels inspiration from sources as disparate as Brainbombs and the Beatles, Dolphy and Mingus, and Italian horror and creature features into unhinged rock 'n' roll that hits the high marks and innovation of noise-punk greats like Pere Ubu, Circus Lupus, Dead Kennedys, Cows, and Alice Donut.

Lessons In Fuck You 2 was borne of demo sessions recorded and mixed by Andrew Grosse of Caravan Recording (Drunk Dad, Tyrants, Tiny Knives) for the next BIG BLACK CLOUD LP, the record capturing the band in its own anxiety-fueled element, a rollercoaster ride through a collapsing amusement park of overdriven shout-alongs and untethered instrumentals. The recordings, done on location with a mobile unit in the underground lair of the The Fancy Fox, gave the ever-prolific trio a chance to work through a host of new and old ideas. Whether due to the (dis)comfort of their own space, nothing-to-lose abandon, or present states-of-mind, Lessons In Fuck You 2 finds the band in top form: frantic, pissed-off, and sinister as they further explore their own dark territory with off-balance grooves, instrumental street-race sex jams, and wild freakouts, jagged guitar and cracking drums glued together with rubbery bass overlain with can-you-hear-me-now yells. Fuck you too, thank you very much. Please keep your head and hands inside the ride.

Lessons in Fuck You 2 Track Listing:
1. Black Sunday
2. Reptile Brain 2
3. Satellites
4. Disappointment
5. Monoliths
6. Exotic
7. Hate in Outer Space
8. Brainbeater
9. Saturn
10. Open Eye / Yadnus Kcalb

Lessons In Fuck You 2 will see parole on August 5th, a cooperative release between Portland's heavy-vibing DIY label Eolian Empire and the band's own Stankhouse Records. Preorders for the cassette are available HERE and the digital version HERE.

Just days ahead of when the Lessons In Fuck You 2 tutorial is officially on the streets bashing in ears, BIG BLACK CLOUD's record release show will take place hometown scum-style on August 2nd with Eolian partners-in-slime, Towers. The gig will be immediately followed by an eight-city run throughout California, from August 7th through the 15th.

8/02/2014 High Water Mark - Portland, OR - Record Release show w/ Towers
8/07/2014 3rd Space - Davis, CA
8/08/2014 Telegraph Beach - Oakland, CA
8/09/2014 Industrial Estate - Pasadena, CA
8/10/2014 Tower Bar - San Diego, CA
8/11/2014 Pehrspace - Los Angeles, CA
8/12/2014 The Continental Room - Fullerton, CA
8/13/2014 The Knockout - San Francisco, CA
8/15/2014 The Mall - Stockton, CA

Much praise was heaped upon BIG BLACK CLOUD's debut LP Dark Age, "an absolutely thrilling listen" (Built On A Weak Spot), "a fantastically frenetic, dark, psychedelic garage rock record" (Permanent Records), "a huge, swirling mess of garage, punk, noise, psych, howls, and yelps" (Maximum Rocknroll) and their follow-up full-length Black Friday, an "atonal salute to noise-addled eccentricity" (No Ripcord), "tense, taut, seething, screaming fury" (Spin), "messy, hellish, and just plain nasty" (Symbiotic Reviews), "like an acid/meth hybrid trip through a poisonous snake pit in a Midwest graveyard" (SLUG).

Check out BBC's battering live version of "Cities of the Red Night" from the KEEP OUR HEADS - ALIVE! compilation HERE.

White Empress (ex-Cradle of Filth), premiere "Darkness Encroaching" music video

White Empress, the new band founded by former Cradle of Filth guitarist Paul Allender, has teamed up with to launch a music video for the track "Darkness Encroaching" at: The song comes from the band's debut album Rise of the Empress, out this fall on Peaceville Records.

"This video is the first of very many, and represents how White Empress has broken away from the usual 'safe' mundane scene we have today in our metal world," Allender told "We have created our own sound, our own style in visuals. We are innovators, not imitators, a force to be reckoned with. Hail the White Empress!"

Rise of the Empress can be pre-ordered now through PledgeMusic at: along with plenty of White Empress goodies from signed artwork, signed guitars, to the opportunity to record in Paul Allender's studio and more. Pledgers will also be able to download a track from Rise of the Empress.

Formed by guitarist Paul Allender - previously of U.K. titan Cradle of Filth - and with a full band line-up, this new venture into the metal landscape under the moniker of White Empress exudes the depth and ferocity of his prior work whilst pushing new boundaries. Allender's signature razor-sharp riffing and epic, melodic twists and turns compliment the sumptuously alluring and often demonic voice of Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis) to create a master class in savage, yet uplifting metallic darkness.

The album was recorded in White Empress' studio and has been mixed and mastered by veteran producer, Kit Woolven (Thin Lizzy, Cradle of Filth).

With Allender's relentless guitar and Zimmer's diverse vocals, ranging from operatic to death metal screams, White Empress is exploring new areas of metal.

"White Empress is the link the music scene has been so desperately missing," said Allender. "The band started writing together two years ago, and have slowly crafted the sound that is White Empress. White Empress has all the best parts of the metal scene rolled up into one band. The music is hard, but emotive. White Empress' unique style and sound is bringing fresh life to the music scene that it's been crying out for."

In between working with Cradle of Filth, Allender relocated to the U.S. in 2012 and decided to start work on another project with local musicians in his newly adopted home of Minneapolis, Minn. along with his friend, Martin Skaroupka from Cradle of Filth. This soon became White Empress. Having also recently released the acclaimed EP, 'White Empress,' the stage was set for a full-on assault.

White Empress comprises: Paul Allender, formerly the main guitarist and songwriter in Cradle of Filth, vocalist Mary Zimmer from Luna Mortis, Will Graney, keyboardist from Damnation Angels, Chela Harper, bass player for Coal Chamber, guitarist Jeremy Kohnmann from The Awakening, and drummer Zac Morris, who's played with many bands including Ugly Kid Joe.

Stay tuned for more information on White Empress and Rise of the Empress.

White Empress online...

A Shoreline Dream announces new LP for September release!

Denver's A Shoreline Dream announces new LP, The Silent Sunrise (their first in three years), for a September release!

"The Heart Never Recovered" via Surviving The Golden Age
MP3 Download / SoundCloud

Photo: Eddie Breidenbach

The Silent Sunrise is the fourth full-length album from US based progressive shoegazers A Shoreline Dream and their first release in three years. The recording process was set in an early 20th century barn located in the historic Barnum neighborhood – namesake of circus pioneer P.T. Barnum. This strange collection of buildings and houses provided a unique backdrop to a deep and powerful look into the cosmos of star swept swirling guitars, groove oriented bass lines and emanating vocals. The listener is invited to immerse
themselves into the sonic nuances captured in the studio’s recording rooms including castle inspired plaster walls, visions of eye floaters in layered paints and staircases of searing flames. The entire space is littered with restored pinball machines, haunted house effects and carny style oddities. Listen closely and you can hear the character of the space, ambient noises from the studio’s specters and a visit from an often-irate neighbor. The Silent Sunrise is a brand new step in the world of Shoegaze, and an important release from a band many have loved since their collaborations with Ulrich Schnauss.

A band that has appeared alongside many greats in the world of indie music, A Shoreline Dream has been best descibed as a “melodipsych / progressive shoegaze” band combining lush sampled textures, organic instrumentation, and vocals layered like a synth similar in vein to bands such as Ride, Slowdive and Sigur Rós. Originating in Barnum, Colorado they are steadily reaching out to an international fan base, working with infamous producers such as Ulrich Schnauss and Kramer (Ween / Low / Galaxie 500). When they formed in 2005 they all decided to take a stand against the restrictions of a normal label and formed their own (latenight weeknight records).

In the Fall of 2006, A Shoreline Dream released their debut album Avoiding the Consequences with a full scale attack using Ryan’s house as collateral, garnering the band attention on several samplers for Landmark Theatres, Urban Outfitters, The Sundance Film Festival, Paste Magazine among others. Critics from Filter Magazine, Paste Magazine, XLR8R, Skyscraper, and Westword helped fuel the fire.

Past praise for A Shoreline Dream….

"Lush, layered and hypnotic are probably some of the most common terms associated with these shoegazers. Not like there’s anything wrong with it, but that’s A Shoreline Dream. It’s like the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” The Denver quartet’s instrumentation is lush, the vocals are layered, and everything else is hypnotizing." - URB
"Denver-based band A Shoreline Dream knows its way around Slowdive's back catalog. Taken from the band's forthcoming Coastal EP, "New York" should have shoegazers down on bended knee." - XLR8R
'“"85% - A Shoreline Dream might be one of the most aptly named bands to emerge from the musical seascape this year. Their debut LP, reminiscent of Sigur Rós meets Placebo, sweeps high and low with the lunar guid- ance of a tidal somnambulant. As with the changing levels of the ocean, a potential to be drowned lurks behind every moment of tepid wading. But as with individual waves, the particulars of each track are overrun by the vastness of the sea itself." -Filter Magazine
""This Denver shoegazer act is back with an EP that expands on their shimmering wall of sound, opening with the all-encompasing “Ukraine”. The coastal theme comes across on all four songs, with guitars as the strong current, swirling through all the drawn-out melodies, and odd metal sounds in “The Barrier” crashing as the waves. The overall trance-like Spiritualized state is cut short too soon, with the disc clocking in at just twenty minutes. It’s almost startling once the songs are over to be once again faced with silence rather than dark dreams." -Sentimentalist

Shift K3Y Releases "Touch" in the US and announces NYC + LA dates

Out July 29th on Sony Music

Combining perfectly-pitched vocals with garage-influenced drum patterns and bouncy basslines, 'Touch' is a sure-fire summer anthem that will have everyone singing along after first listen."

-- // --

"Touch" (Radio Edit) Premieres On EDM.COM 
“Touch” (Oxford Remix) Premieres On YOUR MUSIC RADAR

“Touch” (Three Bar Mix) Premieres On DANCING ASTRONAUT
“"Touch" shares some DNA with classic UK Garage, as a skipping rhythm and hyperspeed basslines pair well with Shift K3Y's high-octave vocal performance”

20-year-old Shift K3Y, aka Lewis Jankel, would have only been about six when Craig David released his debut album, Born To Do It, and yet his new single Touch has shades of that album's garage-pop touches.” 
THE charts are about to get “Proper Bo” again thanks to SHIFT K3Y resurrecting the definitive 90s garage sound.” 

Earlier this year the twenty one-year-old UK singer/producer Shift K3Y made an explosive debut when he released "Touch" in the U.K, which charted at the #3 spot on the UK singles charts and sold over 200K copies. Pitchfork praised the track, calling it "classic UK Garage, as a skipping rhythm and hyperspeed basslines pair well with Shift K3Y's high-octave vocal performance." Following the UK release, Shift K3Y releases the highly-anticipated full length single in the U.S. 

In celebration of his debut U.S single release , Shift K3Y is taking to the states for two electric performances in Los Angeles and New York City. Kicking off the short string of shows, Shift K3Y will play at Webster Hall in New York City August 1st along-side Roc Nation artist DJ Mustard. Mustard is one of the hottest producers in hip-hop right now, having created hit singles like "I'm Different" by 2 Chainz and "Rack City" by Tyga. Immediately after his show in NYC, Shift is jet-setting to LA for his performance at Hard Summer August 2nd.  



Twenty one-year-old Lewis Jankel, aka Shift K3Y, has already began to establish himself as one of the leading lights in the UK’s electronic music scene. A classically trained musician, producer, DJ and frontman, his debut EP ‘Step In The City’ was released on Bullet Train Records and was followed by the ‘Frozen’ EP on Buygore. Meanwhile, his support amongst the club scene has come from the likes ofDiplo, Breach, MJ Cole, Bassnectar and Gorgon City to name a few whilst his remixes for Tinie Tempah, Iggy Azalea, AlunaGeorge and, most recently, Bastille, have garnered recognition from BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, amongst others, with early adopters of his including the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Mistajam.

With high profile shows already under his belt – he’s already graced a number of the world’s largest festival stages, supported Skrillex in America and will appear at WMC in Miami this year – and with free downloads “Make It Good” and “Keep Your Mouth Shut (Things That We Do)” having had 100,000 listens on soundcloud, Shift K3Y is now ready to release his new EP “Touch,” on July 29th.

With increasing plays already from Skream at Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s DJ Target and with Earmilkdescribing how the track as being “defiantly sexy in its 4x4 drums, as well as bumping bass,” it looks like Shift K3Y is well on his way to becoming one of 2014’s most exciting new acts.


(click below to watch)







Touch EP Tracklist 
1. Touch
2. Make It Good
3. Touch (Chris Lorenzo Remix)
4. Touch (Oxford Remix)
5. Touch (Three Bar Remix) 
Soundcloud  | Facebook  Twitter  | Website

Austin's Alex Napping ready their debut album, This Is Not A Bedroom, for a September 23rd release on Punctum Records. Hear "Weak Knees" now!

Austin, TX's Alex Napping ready their debut LP,
This Is Not A Bedroom, for release on September 23rd, 2014 via Punctum Records!

Yesterday, Stereogum debuted the stunning lead single, "Weak Knees," saying that it existed "in the same universe as Waxahatchee's folk-tinged quarter-life-crisis indie rock."

Listen to and share "Weak Knees" via Soundcloud:

Austin,TX-based quartet, Alex Napping, have been turning heads around their hometown with their incredible live performances and recently signed with Punctum Records for the release of their debut album. This Is Not A Bedroom, out September 23rd, 2014, delivers a batch of energetic songs that are both purposeful and raw. The band, comprised of singer and guitarist Alex Cohen, guitarist Adrian Haynes, bassist Tomas Garcia-Olano, and drummer Andrew Stevens, formed in September 2013 around songwriter Cohen’s solo recordings.
“If this is not a bedroom, then, at the very least, it’s somewhere you shouldn’t sleep with someone.” says a lot about Cohen, lead singer and guitarist in Alex Napping, when asked about the title of their debut album. She has a way with a phrase, both in person and in her music, that’s at once charming and thought provoking. The music found on their debut album, This Is Not A Bedroom, shoots a wink to their influences that run the gamut of Pavement to Land of Talk and Broken Social Scene, with a throwback to the vocal melodies and guitar riffs of early 90s indie rock and the driving and rhythmic drones of the oughts. That said, it’s the poetic charm that Cohen brings to the band that rewards repeat listeners. Scattered amongst the six songs on the album are tales of fucked love, lost homes, failed dreams, wandering youth, and the ability to carry on in the face of it all and it’s done with an astonishingly wry lyricism.
For a band that’s less than a year old, they’ve already left a big footprint in the hotbed of music that is their hometown of Austin, TX. Live shows are staggeringly fierce and those of us not living in the Music Capitol will get their chance to see them live as the band begins touring this fall. It’s on stage that the reality that these four musicians are a true band… the rhythm section is incredibly tight and lays a beat that allows the two guitarists to intertwine, ebb and flow, while Cohen’s vocals dance above the top. In short, Alex Napping is a band for fans of unrestrained emotion coupled with careening pop music.
This Is Not A Bedroom is out September 23rd, 2014 on Punctum Records.
Recorded by Ryan James McGill and D. Andrew Stevens at Eastern Sun Audio
Additional tracking by John Michael Landon at Estuary Recording Facility
Mixed by Ryan James McGill at Big Orange Studios
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by Nick Hurt

BLACK COBRA Confirms Month-Long Summer/Fall US Tour With Support From Lo Pan

BLACK COBRA today announces a more than month-long US Tour, set to begin in late August and running into the beginning of October.

With thirty-two cities confirmed to endure the BLACK COBRA live treatment at press time, the actions begin in Phoenix, Arizona on August 28th, then spiraling though the Southeast, up the East Coast and back across the country in a downward slash on their way back to their Bay Area homelands. Direct support for BLACK COBRA on all dates will be provided by Ohio riff rock quartet, Lo Pan.

With relentless dexterity and viciousness, as a meager duo, San Francisco's BLACK COBRA delivers an even more concussive attack on stage than their already decimating recordings relay, with a backline to blow away bands with lineups more than twice their size. The band's unhinged sludge metal loaded with neck-mangling time switch-ups and songwriting as devastating as their delivery is loud, unloaded with the most rampant punk rock energy, BLACK COBRA has proven their live devastation with endless devotion since their 2001 inception, the band having played nearly seven hundred shows worldwide since then.

Stand by for updates from BLACK COBRA as the band soon records their next LP, due for release in early 2015.

BLACK COBRA US Tour w/ Lo Pan:
8/28/2014 Club Red - Phoenix, AZ
8/29/2014 Sister - Albuquerque, NM
8/30/2014 Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK
8/31/2014 Doublewide - Dallas, TX
9/02/2014 Red 7 - Austin, TX
9/03/2014 Fitzgeralds - Houston, TX
9/04/2014 Siberia - New Orleans, LA
9/05/2014 Handlebar - Pensacola, FL
9/06/2014 Orpheum - Tampa, FL
9/07/2014 Gramps - Miami, FL
9/08/2014 Back Booth - Orlando, FL
9/09/2014 529 - Atlanta, GA
9/10/2014 The Mothlight - Asheville, NC
9/11/2014 Chop Shop - Charlotte, NC
9/12/2014 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA
9/13/2014 The Pinch - Washington, DC
9/14/2014 Dusk - Providence, RI
9/15/2014 Nectars - Burlington, VT
9/16/2014 TT The Bears - Boston, MA
9/17/2014 Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA
9/18/2014 Saint Vitus - New York, NY
9/19/2014 Lost Horizon - Syracuse, NY
9/20/2014 Bug Jar - Rochester, NY
9/22/2014 Howlers - Pittsburgh, PA
9/23/2014 Reggie's - Chicago, IL
9/24/2014 7th St Entry - Minneapolis, MN
9/26/2014 Replay - Lawrence, KS
9/27/2014 Lost Lake Lounge - Denver, CO
9/28/2014 Burt's Tiki Bar - Salt Lake City, UT
9/29/2014 Dive Bar - Las Vegas, NV
10/01/2014 The Garage - Ventura, CA
10/02/2014 New Parish - Oakland, CA

Get pumped up w/ PS I Love You's new video for "Friends Forever"

Kingston, Ontario's PS I Love You released their third studio album For Those Who Stay this week via Paper Bag Records.  

Check out the muscle-bound new video for "Friends Forever" here. A full  list  of  tour  dates  can  be  found  below.  Buy For Those Who Stay here from the Paper Bag Records Shop. 

For Those Who Stay is  PS  I  Love  You's  third  album,  and  it  was  made  after  Paul  quit Kingston for a different big smoke. It was encouraged by the girding strength of love but of course it's still dredging and confused, of course it's still resplendent in its churn. Of course the band had to go back to Kingston to record it - working at a place called the Bathhouse, the duo's first time in "a proper studio".

As  always,  PS  I  Love  You's  songs  were  the  result  of  collage  and experiment: "Advice" and "Friends Forever" were  still  being  written  until  the 
moments they were recorded. But in the studio, Paul Saulnier says, with "fancy gear" and tons of time, they could wait until they "really nailed" the perfect part. "And I think we made a very indulgent and decadent album because of it."

August 1-3, 2014 - Sappy Fest - Sackville, NB 
August 18 Detroit, MI The Pike Room *
August19 Toronto, ON The Drake *
August 20 Ottawa, ON Zaphod Beeblebrox *
August 21 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo *
August 22 Boston, MA Great Scott *
August 23 New York, NY Rough Trade *
August 25 Washington, DC DC9 *
August 26 Columbus, OH Rumba Cafe *
August 27 Chicago, IL Schubas *
September 19 Montreal, QC Caberet Du Mile End (Pop Montreal)

* = w/ Frog Eyes 

PS I Love You
For Those Who Stay 
(Paper Bag)
Street Date: July 22, 2014

Track List:

In My Mind At Least
Bad Brain Day
Limestone Radio
For Those Who Stay
Afraid of the Light
Friends Forever
More of the Same


Bunji Garlin & A$AP Ferg Collab + New Album Drops Aug 12




Funkmaster Flex Premieres the Trap Cut on Hot 97 and InFlexWeTrust

"Garlin is on the verge of the elusive crossover success....merging of soca with EDM... expanding the future of Trinidad's homespun genre."
 - The FADER

"Soca's new leader…putting a uniquely Caribbean sound firmly on the map."

Bunji Garlin kicks into high gear this week to rev up for his new albumDifferentology, available August 12, 2014 on RCA and VP Records. The Trinidadian soca star teams up with A$AP Ferg on the album's latest single Truck On D Road (Remix), produced by Toronto's Doc and Jes. Funkmaster Flex exclusively premiered the trap remix on Hot 97 and InFlexWeTrust
LISTEN (feel free to post) Bunji Garlin's "Truck On D Road (Remix)" feat. A$AP Ferg:
Garlin knew the Ferg would be the perfect fit for the track. "I met Ferg in Trinidad when he came for Carnival 2014 and like that we just clicked.  We started talking to each other on all sorts of music topics like we’ve known each other for years, so when I sent “Truck On The Road” to remix for the different markets, it was just a breeze.  He flipped into Trini lingo.  Seeing that he has some roots here, he wanted to fit into the vibe of it,” he explains.
The remix appears on Garlin's much anticipated album Differentology, which will be his first full-length release since 2007’s Global and follows his recently released digital-only EP Carnival Tabanca. On the new 13-track set, Garlin effortlessly blends EDM, hip hop and dancehall with soca.

In support of the new album, he will also be hitting the road throughout the summer with dates on Mad Decent's Block Party tour and around NYC's Labor Day festivities (including Hot 97's On Da Reggae Tip).

Pre-order Differentology now and get three instant grat tracks (including the brand new "Truck On D Road (Remix)" feat. A$AP Ferg):
Born Ian Alvarez, Bunji Garlin a.k.a. the “Viking of Soca” is known for his high-energy stage shows, lyrical confidence and eloquence. The Trinidadian artist and international soca royalty is both a composer and performer of soca and ragga soca. The latter is a blend of soca with dancehall music that he made his own during the start of his career in the late ‘90s. He has won the “Ragga Soca Monarch” competition in both 2000 and 2001, the Young King title in 2001, the coveted title of International Soca Monarch in 2002 and then reclaimed this title for three more years. In the past year, he has taken the genre to new heights. His explosive single "Differentology (Ready For The Road)," which was remixed by Major Lazer as well as Busta Rhymes, is currently a massive hit in North America more than a year after its release in the Caribbean. In 2013, the single received a Soul Train Award win for Best International Performance, was featured on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, won NYC’s HOT 97 FM’s Battle of The Beats competition and received critical praise across the board from NPR, Rolling Stone, The FADER and more. In 2014, he performed his hit on BET 106 & Park and at SXSW music festival as well as HOT 97's annual Summer Jam.
AUG 1 – 3 @ Caribana 2014 Festival in Toronto, Canada
AUG 3 @ Sound Academy, Toronto, Canada
AUG 10 @ O2 Academy in Islington, England
AUG 29 @ JBL Live at Pier 97 (HOT 97 On Da Reggae Tip) in New York City, NY
AUG 30 @ Whitewater Amphitheater (Mad Decent Block Party) in New Braunfels, TX
AUG 31 @ Club Zouk (Mad Decent Block Party) in Dallas, TX
AUG 31 @ Webster Hall (Five Alarm Blaze) in New York City, NY