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What is Nerdapalooza?

Never before have all the multifaceted sides of the d20 of Nerd Music come together for one amazing evening of dorky decadence! Chiptunes, Nerdcore Hiphop, Video Game Metal, Sock Puppet Rock, Dementia Parody, and anything else you can imagine a nerd playing on a keytar will be there.

July 17th-18th - Orlando Florida

A Place To Bury Strangers to release new EP on 6/22 | On Tour Now!




A Place To Bury Strangers will release a new digital EP, I Lived My Life To Stand In The Shadow Of Your Heart, on June 22nd. The EP features a new track, “Girlfriend”, and remixes by Secret Machines, Cereal Spiller, and Broken Spindles.

A Place To Bury Strangers, who wrapped up a tour with The Big Pink in April, are on a West coast tour with Chicago band, Light Pollution. The LA Times says APTBS live is “Fierce enough to shake bones” and The Philadelphia Inquirer says, “Ackermann's trio always kills onstage.”

The A Place To Bury Strangers remix of “Windstorm”, the new single from fellow New York band School of Seven Bells, has started to descend on the online music scene with Pitchfork and Stereogum both highlighting the track. Listen to the remix HERE.

In other news, APTBS have recently taken part in two major tribute albums. On September 6th, War Child UK – a branch of an international charity for children affected by war – will release Repetition – A Tribute to David Bowie. A Place To Bury Strangers cover Bowie’s “Suffragette City” for the worthy cause that also features the likes of Duran Duran, MGMT, Vivian Girls, Chairlift, Carla Bruni, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and many more.

In addition, APTBS cover Roky Erickson’s “Tried to Hide” on The Psychedelic Sounds of The Sonic Cathedral: A Tribute To Roky Erickson And The 13th Floor Elevators, released June 7th. Accompanying APTBS on the album is Darker My Love, Dead Meadow, and Roky Erickson with the Black Angels.

A Place To Bury Strangers’ sophomore album “Exploding Head” was released on Mute October 6th 2009 and debuted at #1 Most Added at College Radio week of release. In their 4.5 star review of the album, Alternative Press says "Like Sonic Youth before them, the trio have perfected the fine balance of loud and quiet, the result being one of the finer melody-driven noise-rock records in recent memory." “Exploding Head” continues to rake in the praise, making year-end top-10 accolades from The Portable Infinite and a nomination for Best Band In New York from the New York Press.

I Lived My Life To Stand In The Shadow Of Your Heart EP Tracklisting:

1. I Lived My Life To Stand In The Shadow Of Your Heart (Album Version)

2. Girlfriend

3. I Lived My Life To Stand In The Shadow Of Your Heart (Secret Machines Remix)

4. I Lived My Life To Stand In The Shadow Of Your Heart (Cereal Spiller Remix)

5. I Lived My Life To Stand In The Shadow Of Your Heart (Broken Spindles Remix)

Upcoming South American Tour Dates:

July 2 - Santiago, Chile

July 5 – Bogota, Columbia (Rock El Parque Festival) / /

The Voice Project Premieres Peter Gabriel Covering Tom Waits "In The Neighbourhood" On Rolling Stone + Invisible Children, Oxfam America, Resolve Ugan

The Voice Project Premieres Peter Gabriel Covering Tom Waits
"In The Neighbourhood" On Rolling Stone + Invisible Children, Oxfam America, Resolve Uganda, WITNESS & HOPE

Click Here To Watch Peter Gabriel Cover Tom Waits "In The Neighborhood" On The Voice Project

Rolling Stone -

How Far a Voice Can Carry?

New Video of Peter Gabriel Covering Tom Waits for War Torn Africa

A new episode of The Voice Project featuring Peter Gabriel covering Tom Waits' "In The Neighborhood" was released today simultaneously across five non-profit web sites. Invisible Children, Oxfam America, Resolve Uganda, WITNESS, and HOPE Campaign teamed up to premiere this latest installment of The Voice Project, a music based initiative that's raising awareness and support for the war torn region of Central East Africa.

Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, Eastern Congo and Central African Republic have been severely affected by the ongoing violence of Joseph Kony's rebel army the LRA in Africa's longest running conflict. Women's groups in Northern Uganda have been using songs to send messages of forgiveness to those abducted and forced to fight, many of whom escape but hide in the bush afraid to return home for fear of reprisals. The songs are played on the radio and passed by word to let the soldiers know they are forgiven and can come home.

"The life I was leading was a hopeless life and I could not imagine that I could come back home," said former child soldier Odong Martin. "When I heard the song I felt happiness in my heart and I began to say that surely, people at home are really caring for us, that they are longing for us."

Like the women in Uganda, the artists from around the world participating in The Voice Project are using music to pass the message. Each artist has been covering another's song creating a chain of melodies, awareness and support. In this particular chain London based artist Gary Go passed the torch to his friend Joseph Arthur by covering "Chicago," Joseph passed it to his friend and mentor Peter Gabriel with his version of "Shock the Monkey" and now Gabriel has passed it to Tom Waits with this cover of "In the Neighborhood." “I love the idea that a song can reach people that can't be touched in any other way," said Gabriel. "The Voice Project is a movement that grew out of a few songs with a simple message. Almost everyone on the planet has access to a mobile phone, which means we can start dealing with the world's problems linking person to person. That is what is powerful about The Voice Project's original dream.”

Peter Gabriel just finished his world tour in support of his covers album "Scratch My Back" and his daughter Anna Gabriel is one of the founders of The Voice Project. “I am enormously proud of all my daughter's work on this and I was very happy have been asked to participate. I've wanted to sing Tom Waits' "In the Neighborhood" for a long time and this was a great opportunity.”

"Music has always been a part of my life and I believe it’s one of the most powerful and effective tools to bring about change," said Anna. "My father has inspired me with his humanitarian work and has always been supportive of my work as a film maker so shooting this video in particular bought together all aspects of my life in an amazing way."

"Peter Gabriel has totally inspired us, from ‘Biko’ to ‘Scratch My Back,’ said The Voice Project's Chris Holmes. "He has been sharing his uniquely personal voice to make a change in the world around him. It's amazing to see the transformative power that music can have in solving problems and healing wounds when words and diplomacy have failed.

The Project utilizes what it calls a content driven model of philanthropy, using the music and video content created on the Website not only to raise awareness but also to attract advertisers, sponsors and donors. “We're using the content on the site as a means to fund initiatives on the ground that could contribute to ending the conflict and helping people in the region rebuild,” said Voice Project co-founder Hunter Heaney.

Heaney continued, "We wanted to release this video together with some of the organizations who've been working so hard and for so long on this issue. These are organizations we've been working with and who've become friends. One of the great things you can see happening now is how willing everyone is to work together at this problem, and all of us releasing this video in unison is a reflection of that."

Quotes from Partners...

“By connecting people through the music that beats in all of our hearts The Voice Project is bridging cultural gaps in such a beautiful and wonderful way. We're honored to be working with such a sincere and creative group of people dedicated to seeing peace in Central East Africa.”
-Kenny Laubbacher, Invisible Children

"One reason why Oxfam America’s music outreach work continues to be so meaningful is that we've built partnerships and alliances with other organizations who also use music to engage the public, like The Voice Project. I love how the voices of the women in crisis in Uganda are amplified by the artists involved. The Voice Project is more proof that music is a powerful tool for creating social change."
-Bob Ferguson, Oxfam America

"We are incredibly grateful for the hard work, creativity, and character of our friends at The Voice Project. Their team and the musicians who are coming on board this project are bringing very needed attention to one of the world's most neglected humanitarian crises and they are doing it in a way that is truly inspiring."
-Lisa Dougan, Resolve Uganda

“The HOPE Campaign is honored to partner with The Voice Project in the effort to bring these important humanitarian issues to the forefront of the media through involvement of artists and the creative community. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, 'Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.' It is amazing to be a part of such an incredible collaboration!”
-Andi Scull, HOPE Campaign

Information on The Voice Project

The Voice Project is a song-driven effort inspired by the women of Uganda who are using their voices and songs as vehicles for change in the war-ravaged region of Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, Eastern Congo and CAR which for the last 24 years has been marred by terrible atrocities and ongoing violence. The Voice Project is an attempt to support these incredible women and the peace movement in the region, and an effort to see how far a voice can carry.

From Indie rockers to African Hip Hop and R&B artists, The Voice Project is recording musicians all over the world, filming them as they cover songs by fellow artists, creating a chain of melodies, stories, awareness and support. In the process, they are carrying a message of peace from resilient Acholi mothers and wives to eyes and ears around the globe and shedding light on Africa's longest running war.

 The founders of The Voice Project see this endeavor as a partnership with the women and communities in the region, they emphasize that "the strength, the message, and the art of these women and their peace movement can benefit the world." Beyond spreading awareness, the Voice Project also supports programs in region that provide viable and sustainable economic opportunities for these women, former child soldiers and their communities.

Click Here To Visit The Voice Project
For More Information:

KILLOLA and ADERRA, Inc. Launch Groundbreaking USB PushOvr™ Technology for Instant Music Distribution to Fans


Including the World's First Ever LIVE Performance Streaming Real-Time to an Album on July 22nd

Killola’s New Album on USB Dogtag Includes All Three Killola Albums, Live Audio, Music Videos, Streaming Live Video and More!
Click for Hi-Res

Los Angeles, CA – In what could signal the breaking down of the wall between artists and their fans, SoCal garage-pop rockers KILLOLA ( have joined forces with Aderra, Inc. ( to create a multi-media, living and breathing electronic “umbilical cord” that instantly connects the creative process with the audience. Embracing USB/internet technology in a very fashion-forward manner, Killola and Aderra have introduced an immediate connection with their fans who purchase “Killola Dogtags” either from the band’s merch table while on the road or via the band’s website. While the dog tag may look like a mere trendy fan accoutrement with the band’s logo etched into the surface, it transforms into a matrix of ever-expanding music and video content when jacked into a computer. "Fearless Killola is forward thinking and dedicated to their fans,” affirms Aderra president Edward Donnelly. “Each time we introduce a new facet of our technology, they take full advantage and push it to the limit to create something that connects them directly to their fans."

Aderra, Inc. has been recording live concerts on USB drives for artists of all genres, such as Lady Gaga, Metallica, OK Go, The Pixies, David Guetta, Brian Wilson, and David Gray, but Killola is one of the first bands to embrace Aderra’s new PushOvr™ technology and take it even further. Instead of static MP3s and unevolving digital files that keep fans in anticipation for a band’s new album or recorded music, Killola will create a fluid and growing bridge between themselves and their fans, releasing new music and live performances AS THEY HAPPEN.
KILLOLA (credit: Thaddeus Bridwell)
Click for hi-res

Fans who purchase the Killola USB dogtag receive not only the band’s new album, Let’s Get Associated, but also their previous studio albums (Louder! Louder! and I Am The Messer ). In addition, when fans plug the USB drive into their computer, they also receive exclusive updates from the band including new songs, remixes, live recordings, music videos and photos. For example, once the band feels that a new song is ready to be sent to their fans, they can upload it onto their USB network, which then distributes it instantly to USB owners. “It’s not just MP3 files on a disk,” explains Killola frontwoman Lisa Rieffel. “The USB drive is interactive. It has sounds, pages, navigation, pictures, HD videos, hidden easter-eggs, and 'living' content. You can click through the Killola USB album for a good hour, just finding stuff and geeking-out on the experience.” Planned for debut on Thursday, July 22nd is the first streaming video of a “truly” live performance, which will be broadcast simultaneously worldwide and accessible only to fans with the USB. Let’s Get Associated will also be available via physical CD on August 10th, and digital distribution channels such as iTunes.

About Killola
Building on their Sparks-meets-The Stooges blend of pop-conscious garage rock is the independent band’s third full-length, Let’s Get Associated, which the band will self-release on August 10th. Recorded with producer Luke Tierney at Laurel Ceezy Studios, Let’s Get Associated features the single “Cracks In The Armor,” a bouncey gem that spawned an innovative video, which the band admits “looks like the Muppets, underwater on mescaline.” ( Not content with writing only the album, Killola also wrote the music for the upcoming feature-length musical film Girltrash: All Night Long, written by Angela Robinson (Showtime’s The L Word, HBO’s Hung), which stars Rieffel alongside Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere), Michelle Lombardo (Entourage, Quarterlife), Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere), Rose Rollins (The L Word), Kate French (One Tree Hill) and Clementine Ford (The L Word). In support of the new album, Killola have announced an album release show at West Hollywood’s Viper Room on July 15th, as well as a month’s worth of tour dates. See all tour dates below.

About Aderra
Aderra Inc. provides digital distribution of live concert recordings. They record a live show and instantly burn it to thousands of USB flash drives or send it straight to mobile phones for download. Aderra also produces and releases studio recordings, distributes artist merchandise on the road and online, and provide tour support services. Aderra’s unique technologies allow bands to create deep relationships with their fans.

Killola tour dates
* more to be added *
July 15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Viper Room (album release show)
July 29 – San Diego, CA @ Bar Pink
July 31 – El Paso, TX @ Bombardiers
Aug 2 – San Antonio, TX @ The Korova
Aug 3 – Houston, TX @ Rudyards
Aug 4 – Austin, TX @ Red 7
Aug 5 – Dallas, TX @ The Cavern
Aug 6 – Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine’s
Aug 9 – St. Louis, MO @ Cicero’s
Aug 10 – Chicago, IL @ Schuba’s Aug 12 – Lincoln, NE @ Knickerbockers
Aug 13 – Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern
Aug 14 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
Aug 15 – Boise, ID @ The Red Room
Aug 17 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Aug 18 – Portland, OR @ Peter’s Room @ The Roseland
Aug 19 – Sacramento, CA @ Shire Road Club
Aug 20 – San Francisco, CA @ Milk Bar
Sep 26 – San Francisco, CA @ San Francisco Folsom Street Fair


Fan Event to Feature Live Interview with George Lucas -- Hosted by The Daily Show's Jon Stewart!

Star Wars Celebration V Will Take Place in Orlando, FL August 12-15

Already jam-packed with a full slate of intergalactic events, activities
and attractions, Star Wars Celebration V this week announced THE MAIN EVENT
-- a live, on-stage interview with Saga creator George Lucas hosted by The
Daily Show's Jon Stewart. The hour-long, candid conversation will spark a
discourse sure to shed light on the storied history of the Star Wars Saga --
from its past to its future, with insider insights about the many steps along
the way. A self-proclaimed lover of Lucas' "galaxy far, far away," Stewart
brings a fan sensibility to the interview, aiming to focus on areas of interest
to the many diverse and devoted groups that have helped Star Wars endure for
more than thirty years. In addition to the dialogue between Lucas and Stewart,
fan questions can be submitted through the official Star Wars Celebration V

Taking place in Orlando, FL from August 12-15, Star Wars Celebration V will
commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes
Back and the ongoing, weekly adventures of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Featuring
celebrities, costumes, live entertainment, screenings, autographs, collectibles,
panels and much, much more, Star Wars Celebration V is the official Lucasfilm
convention -- and the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy!



June 25, LOS ANGELES – When Lords of Acid embarks on the Sextreme Ball this summer (previously announced as Sextacy Ball), the legendary Praga Khan will be joined by the villainous Rock of Love contestant Lacey Conner on vocals, former Ministry/RevCo guitarist Sin Quirin, bass player M3 (Powerman 5000) and Kirk Salvador on drums (ex-Society One).

The Sextreme Ball marks the first time the industrial bands Lords of Acid and My Life WithThe Thrill Kill Kult have shared a stage since The Sextacy Ball trekked across the U.S. fifteen years ago. Also appearing on the touring circus are Sacramento-based Blownload and DJ Deathwish from

Tour dates are:

13 Seattle, WA Studio 7
14 Portland, OR Dantes
15 San Francisco, CA DNA Lounge
16 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia
18 Tucson, AZ Rialto
20 Salt Lake City, UT Club Sound
21 Denver, CO Ogden Theater
22 Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theatre
23 Minneapolis, MN Ground Zero
24 Chicago, IL Cubby Bear
25 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
27 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s
28 Detroit, MI Blondies
29 Pittsburgh, PA Diesel
30 New York, NY Gramercy Theater
31 Philadelphia, PA Dracula’s Ball

1 Ithaca, NY The Haunt
2 Baltimore, MD Bourbon Street
3 Fayetteville, NC The Rock Shop
4 Orlando, FL Firestone Live
5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Culture Room
6 St. Petersburg, FL State Theatre
7 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
8 Knoxville, TN The Valarium
10 San Antonio, TX Scout Bar
11 Houston, TX Scout Bar
12 Dallas, TX Tree’s
13 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre
14 Phoenix, AZ Venue of Scottsdale


It has recently been brought to our attention that other companies are
posing as the operators of the Official Star Wars Celebration V Travel

Please note that the ONLY Official Housing Partner for Celebration V is
powered by onPeak. We cannot guarantee the lowest possible room rates during
your stay in Orlando this August when you book through any other housing agent.

With rooms in our official Celebration V housing block starting as low as
just $65 per night, getting to Celebration has never been more affordable.
Book before July 21 through the simple-to-use reservation website or with a
helpful and friendly booking agent and save!

Our priority is to serve you best and provide the lowest possible hotel rates
available during your stay in Orlando this August. Be sure to look for the official logo of our exclusive housing partner, onPeak before making any reservations and book before July 21.

See you there!

Harry Potter ride forbidden to some...

You heard it from MOVEMENT first that the Forbidden Journey ride at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando was not built for us size HP fans, scooping even Perez Hilton who just yesterday posted a news report from a local Orlando station on his site: (the news report claims the ride to be at Disney! Leave it to FOX news to always fuck it up). Fact is, every other more intense roller coasters at Universal/IOA like the Dragon Challenge, The Hulk and Rock It are all equipped with a special seat for the taller bulkier folks. Why Universal would not install this on the newest and most anticipated ride ever is a mystery it seems only some wizarding truth spell will solve.



Erasure’s Andy Bell is masterful at blending beats, melody and emotion – San Francisco Guardian

For anyone looking for this summer’s new club anthem, Non-Stop delivers the goods – Venus Zine

What more appropriate way to celebrate independence than for openly gay Andy Bell, , to make a special visit to Harvey Milk High School on July 1st to talk with students about living life as a gay teen when he hits the town to promote his new solo album, Non-Stop. Bell was invited for a tour of the facility as part of the school’s pride celebrations and to participate in a one hour Q & A session with students.

The openly gay and admittedly HIV positive pop icon has been a role model for several generations of gay youth, both for his flamboyance on stage and his bravery as one of the first pop stars to come out in the early 80s, long before it was either fashionable or safe.

Andy will also be signing his new CD at Barnes & Noble Union Square, 33 East 17th Street on Wednesday, June 30 at 5 p.m and DJ-ing at a record release party at Splash, 50 West 17th on Friday, July 2 at midnight.

San Francisco – June 26
SF Pride Parade
Grand Marshall and performance

NYC – July 2 – F-word @ Splash
Non-Stop Release Party and DJ Set

Tampa, FL – July 4 – Honey Pot
Performance and meet ‘n greet!

*Free general admission for public

P.O.S Performs In The Kitchen @ Pure Food & Wine

P.O.S shows the world it's possible to make a dope beat with what you find in the kitchen and gets to enjoy some raw food and learn how to make Pure's famous Zucchini-and-Green-Zebra-Tomato Lasagna along the way.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Native Instruments Introduces SESSION STRINGS

Berlin, June, 2010 - Native Instruments introduced SESSION
STRINGS, a versatile virtual string ensemble for KONTAKT 4 and the free
KONTAKT PLAYER. Brought to life through the advanced functionality of
the KONTAKT platform, SESSION STRINGS provides charismatic, highly
expressive acoustic string sounds for pop, soul, R&B, disco, house and
other contemporary music styles.

SESSION STRINGS recreates a string ensemble comprising four violins,
three violas, two celli and two double basses, captured and produced in
one of Germany's most renowned recording studios by sampling expert
Thomas Koritke's new sound design house e-instruments. All recordings
were taken from exclusive instruments from the 18th and 19th century,
played by top musicians from some of the finest European orchestras,
resulting in outstanding tone and articulations on the highest level of
musical virtuosity.

By fully utilizing the advanced features of the KONTAKT platform,
SESSION STRINGS puts the full expressive arsenal of a world-class string
ensemble at the fingertips of the user. The individual instrument groups
are mapped conveniently across the keyboard, with intelligent legato and
glissando based on dedicated samples. Easily controllable falls, swoops
and crescendo variations allow producers to create soulful and dynamic
string licks with ease.

The authenticity and creative value of SESSION STRINGS is further
enhanced through the unique and highly versatile "Animator". This
powerful function can be engaged seamlessly during play to transform
incoming notes into virtuous staccato, spiccato and pizzicato chords and
arpeggios, with the timing and groove easily adjustable by the user, and
while maintaining natural legato articulation at the same time. An
integrated studio-grade convolution reverb also provides a variety of
completely realistic room ambiences.

SESSION STRINGS also provides a full set of optional "Motown versions"
for all included sounds, utilizing a special sonic treatment that
authentically recreates the distinctive and highly sought-after vintage
string sound of the legendary soul recordings from the 60s and 70s.

SESSION STRINGS is available for download purchase in the NI Online Shop
for $119 / 99 EUR.

Additional information on SESSION STRINGS is available at

About Native Instruments:

Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware
for computer-based music production and performance. The company's
mission is to develop innovative, fully integrated solutions for all
professions, styles and genres. The resulting products regularly push
technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for
professionals and amateurs alike.



"I hear you're buying a synthesizer and an arpeggiator, and are throwing your computer out the window because you want to make something real. You want to make a Yaz record." – “Losing My Edge,” LCD Soundsystem

“As they breathed new life into their short but immaculate back catalogue, Clarke the glacial controller, Moyet the bringer of warmth, their pioneering contribution to pop music could be heard in every song.” – Daily Telegraph (UK)

“Clarke has unobtrusively retooled the band’s music for the digital age, making their vintage 1980s synthesizer ditties sound crisp, fluid and timeless” – “Performing on a minimalist stage of high-tech steel and neon, Moyet slipped easily into turbo-throated blues-diva mode” – The Times (UK)

YAZ release RECONNECTED LIVE on 2xCD and download on September 28th 2010.

RECONNECTED LIVE documents one of pop’s most anticipated tours: Vince Clarke & Alison Moyet reunited for the first time in over 25 years. The Times (UK) said: “Clarke has unobtrusively retooled the band’s music for the digital age, making their vintage 1980s synthesizer ditties sound crisp, fluid and timeless” while The Guardian (UK) noted, “Yazoo’s first tour in 26 years finds the chemistry behind their smash hits unchanged.”

RECONNECTED LIVE, from summer 2008, features classic tracks “Only You”, “Don’t Go”, and “Situation” from the album Upstairs At Eric’s. Fans can also hear “Nobody’s Diary”, from You And Me Both, performed live for the first time ever.

The joyous, unlikely coming together of Vince Clarke, who had just left Depeche Mode, and Alison Moyet lasted for only 2 albums, and saw them originally performing only 24 concerts worldwide, but they left an indelible mark on pop. Yaz released Upstairs At Erics in July 1982 then parted company just 12 months later on the release of the second album You And Me Both.

Speaking prior to the Reconnected tour, Vince Clarke said: "It's been really good going back to these songs after such a long while. Many of them have never been played live. I'm looking forward to performing them with Alison for all the fans who've enjoyed our music through the years but never had a chance to see Yaz in concert"

And Alison Moyet said: "Playing this material live is not about revision for me, it is about finishing something we started – writing, recording, performing. Three parts of a whole. A salmon cycle. It’s like going home.”

Watch Vince Clarke & Alison Moyet’s pre-show ritual before they played NYC,

“When the pair hug each other at the end, it feels as though the audience want to join in.” The Guardian (UK)



Vince Clarke has produced and mixed a new song entitled 'Lovesick' which is sung by Polly Scattergood using lyrics written by ghostgirl author Tonya Hurley. The lyrics were written for ghostgirl character Scarlet to sing in the forthcoming book 'ghostgirl - Lovesick', which is due for publication in July. Polly Scattergood then created the music for the track and provided vocals before handing the track over to Vince Clarke for mixing and production.

There is also a competition running on the ghostgirl channel at which invites anyone to video-record their own version of 'Lovesick' in any style. Winners will have their video broadcast at Comic-Con as well as receiving all sorts of ghostgirl merchandise signed by Tonya Hurley with a one-of-a-kind ghostgirl guitar going to the overall winner!



The enigmatic Toronto-based duo Crystal Castles have extended their North American tour this Fall, continuing their reign following the twelve date HARD Summer Tour and a prime slot at the massive HARD Summer Music Festival in Los Angeles with six headlining shows beginning September 7th in Nashville, TN. Notable electronic dance figures Sinden and Destructo will join the band as they embark on the HARD Summer Tour (along with Rusko, Proxy, and others TBA on select dates).

Touring in support of their new sophomore album Crystal Castles, both tours promise to deliver the volatile, highly potent, and often controversial live shows the band is infamous for. Already garnering universal acclaim, the release of eponymous second full-length has recently found members Ethan Kath and Alice Glass performing the infectious lead single "Celestica" on the BBC's Later with Jools Holland, along with a raucous interpretation of the same track by mutual admirer Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Another new remix for "Suffocation" by Memory Tapes premiered yesterday at Gorilla Vs. Bear.

Full list of upcoming tour dates below.

Tour Dates:
8/6/10 OAKLAND, CA FOX THEATRE (w/ Rusko and Proxy) *
8/9/10 DENVER, CO OGDEN THEATRE (w/ Proxy) *
8/14/10 TORONTO, ON KOOLHAUS (w/ Rusko) *
8/15/10 MONTREAL, PQ METROPOLIS (w/ Rusko) *
8/17/10 BOSTON, MA HOUSE OF BLUES (w/ Rusko) *
8/20/10 WASHINGTON, DC 9:30 CLUB *
8/21/10 NEW YORK, NY TERMINAL 5 (w/ JDH & Dave P + more) *

* = HARD Summer Tour w/ Sinden + Destructo and more TBA
# = w/ Soulwax, Major Lazer, Erol Alkan, Diplo, Tiga, Digitalism, Green Velvet, and many more

Recent press on Crystal Castles:
"A more focused, propulsive, and satisfying artistic leap beyond its boundaries." - PITCHFORK

"A major departure and progression...the second round of "Crystal Castles" pulls an even better trick than the first one." - LOS ANGELES TIMES

"Pure pop transcendence." - BOSTON PHOENIX

For more info:


As the 25th Anniversary of the world's most dangerous band plunges onwards towards it's halfway point, GWAR is continuing it's assault on humanity with relentless aplomb. This past weekend saw GWAR descend upon the traditionally hippy--fied Bonnaroo music festival to play a late-night Saturday set in front of 15,000 screaming fans. It was good enough to garner the band SPIN Online's award for both best and worst act on the third day of the popular, drug-soaked music and art spectacle.

"A lot of people were very surprised to see us on the Bonnaroo stage", said lead front-thing Oderus Urungus. "But the more traditionally heavy festivals, such as Ozzfest or Warped, who claim to support underground and heavy music, have consistently denied GWAR, the heaviest underground band EVER! And what's even more ironic is that it took a bunch of tree-hugging hippies to give GWAR their biggest and best gig to date in the U.S. And that's after years of killing them onstage. Thank you, hippies!"

The band had publicly pledged to nasally violate the entire Dave Matthews Band, then had expanded the threat to include Jay-Z, because "his nostrils are bigger". But it was actually comedian Margaret Cho who became the sexual play-thing to the band. To the chant of "Cho is a ho,” the miniature Asian person took the stage during the bands encore and allowed Oderus to "fuck her face off".

See exclusive footage of this disgusting event at GWAR's webtv station,!

After the show, GWAR led a procession of blood-soaked fans to the "Mushroom Fountain", where they had promised to make the waters "run red with blood". The spectacle was met with mixed results.

"We didn't kill enough babies," said Oderus. "It came out kinda pink."

GWAR is continuing on the road this summer with a slew of tour dates with Dirge Within and Mobile Deathcamp. See below for all U.S. and foreign tour dates.


6/14 Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theater

6/15 Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues

6/16 Richmond, VA @ The National

6/17 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock

6/18 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

6/19 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance

6/20 Boston, MA @ House of Blues

6/22 Farmingdale, NY @ The Crazy Donkey

6/23 Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater

6/24 Millvale, PA @ Mr. Small’s Theater

6/25 Lexington, KY @ Buster’s Billiards & Backroom


7/2 Hamburg – Markthalle (Germany)

7/3 Roitzschjora – With Full Force (Germany)

7/4 .München – Backstage (Germany)

7/5 Vienna – Scene (Austria)

7/7 Zizers – Event Stage (Switzerland)

7/8 Lindau – Club Vaudeville (Germany)

7/9 Stuttgart – Röhre (Germany)

7/10 La Bathie – Savoie Rock Festival (France)

7/11. Paris – Nouveau Casino (France)

7/12. Heidelberg – Halle 02 (Germany)

7/13 Aachen – Musikbunker (Germany)

7/14 Essen – Zeche Carl (Germany)

7/15 Leiden – LVC (Netherlands)

7/16 Dour – Dour Festival (Belgium)

7/17 Schloß Holte – Serengeti Festival (Germany)

8/11 Budapest – Sziget Festival (Hungary)

8/12 Jaromer – Brutal Assault Festival (Czech Republic)

8/13 Augsburg – Kantine (Germany)

8/14 Ulft - Huntenpop (Netherlands)

8/15 Derby – Bloodstock (Great Britain)

8/17 Rostock – Mau Club (Germany)

8/18 Berlin – SO36 (Germany)

8/19 Saarbrücken – Garage (Germany)

8/20 Dinkelsbühl – Summer Breeze Festival (Germany)

8/21 Lierop – Nirwana Tuinfest (Netherlands)
r email address as the subject.

DJ Boyfriend

Got a track here from DJ Boyfriend (Chicago house side project of Josh from Flosstradamus), called The Shouts pt. 2. It's a perfect summer jam because a) it's fun, b) fun goes good with summer.

DJ Boyfriend also has a blog that will host a weekly podcast every Friday:

Underworld announce brand new album

Underworld announce brand new album
‘Barking’ set for release September 13th 2010

Barking is the title of Underworld’s first album in three years, and their first to be constructed with a brilliant cast of co-conspirators. All the tracks were written by the band in their Essex studio before being given to handpicked studio heads from across the whole spectrum of dance music to add some of their style and creativity to the band’s raw material. The result is a pimped-up Underworld record and their finest collection of songs in over a decade.

From the first undulating pulses of submariner bass, the first vocals – soft like a whisper in the ear - and the first fizz of hi-hats that force along the pace, the sound is unmistakably Underworld. Electronics wrapped effortlessly around songs; streams of consciousness lyrics that form indelible images; a perfectly balanced mix of melody and rhythm. Underworld’s sixth studio album is a thundering return to form, although it’s fair to say that the band responsible have never really been below par.

The tracks on Barking are:

Bird 1 (additional production by Dubfire)
Always Loved A Film (a/p Mark Knight & D. Ramirez)
Scribble (a/p High Contrast)
Hamburg Hotel (a/p Appleblim & Al Tourettes)
Grace (a/p Dubfire)
Between Stars (a/p Mark K & D. Ramirez)
Diamond Jigsaw (a/p Paul van Dyk)
Moon In Water (a/p High Contrast)

Underworld are Rick Smith and Karl Hyde. They have been working together in music for thirty years since meeting in Cardiff University in the late ’70s. Following time working in various bands with luminaries like Conny Plank, Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry, Smith and Hyde (with help from DJ Darren Emerson) began experimenting with making club music in the early ’90s, first as Lemon Interupt then reactivating one of their old band names - Underworld - releasing their first single proper, Mmm… Skyscraper, I Love You, in 1993. As well as becoming the first band from the nascent ‘dance’ scene to grace the cover of a weekly music paper, they scored massive critical hits with each of their album releases (Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Second Toughest In The Infants,Beaucoup Fish, One Hundred Days Off and Oblivion With Bells).

In 2005, Underworld released the Riverrun series, a trio of downloadable mixes of new material and works-in-progress, making them one of the first acts of their scale to attempt to directly sell their own records. The band continue to release alternate versions and curios through

Underworld’s continuing relationship with director Danny Boyle has seen their music used in many of his movies. In 1996 a former B-side track, Born Slippy (Nuxx), soundtracked an entire summer, selling close to a million copies when released as a single. They recently scored Boyle’s sci-fi movie Sunshine.

In the early ’90s Smith and Hyde helped co-found the design company tomato. Karl has recently worked extensively with Brian Eno on the collaborative Pure Scenius project, playing largely improvised gigs at Sydney’s Opera House and at the Brighton Festival.

Underworld remain one of the most innovative and dynamic live bands on the planet – after a series of already announced Australian dates this June, they will be touring the album extensively towards the end of the year.

“Scribble”, the first new material from the new album to see the light of day, is available now from and will be commercially released on 28th June 2010, including a remix by Hospital recording artist, Netsky. The band will also headline the iTunes Festival at London’s Roundhouse on 17th July.

“Pure sun-streaked glory. “Scribble” is almost unrelentingly joyous, and vocalist Karl Hyde knows it too, singing, “And it’s okay/You give me everything I need.” My thoughts exactly and considering Underworld’s long-running existence, that’s a blessing for sure.” Pitchfork

“The track finds the duo of vocalist Karl Hyde and producer/composer Rick Smith going outside their inner circle and collaborating with Welsh-born drum'n'bass maven High Contrast. The resulting track melds a gorgeous, sunny vocal hook from Hyde.” SPIN

“Built on a light and skittering drum & bass rhythm, breezy synths and multi-layered vocals, this is Underworld poppier than we’ve ever heard them. And it’s a positive rush. If this is going to be the sound of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith after 30 years together, we’re going to pay a lot of attention in 2010.” URB


Le Pop
(Nettwerk Records; June 29, 2010)
Bringing Their Musical Mayhem
On A North American US Tour!

Norwegian all-female foursome Katzenjammer are set to release their debut album Le Pop, June 29 on Nettwerk Records. The quartet first stormed the States with their circus of a live show in Austin at SXSW last year. Their raucous sets include a rotation of up to 29 instruments on which that the four women are self-taught, including the tuba, the balalaika bass, drums, harmonica, piano, banjo, accordion, mandolin, guitar, melodica and trumpet. Katzenjammer also caught the attention of David Byrne, who invited them to open his artist-curated stage at 2009’s Bonnaroo, alongside Santigold, the Dirty Projectors, Dave Byrne and Brian Eno, later ending their US run with a stop at Summerfest opening for Elvis Costello.

Le Pop, which was produced by Kåre Westrheim and Mike Hartung (Marit Larsen, Superfamily), showcases the ladies eclectic blend of genre influences. The album earned Katzenjammer a nomination for “Newcomer of the Year” at the Norwegian Grammy Awards, but also the distinct honor of opening the show with their hit single “A Bar In Amsterdam.”

Katzenjammer, which consists of Solveig Heilo, Anne Marit Bergheim, Turid Jørgensen and Marianne Sveen will kick off a US Tour this June in addition to joining the 2010 Lilith Tour, along with artists like Sarah McLachlan, Mary J. Bilge, Norah Jones, Loretta Lynn, Sugarland, Metric, Sia and more!

Katzenjammer US Tour Dates
6/22: Los Angeles, CA @ The Viper Room, 8pm
6/23: Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile
6/24: Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge, 10pm
7/1: Chicago, IL. @ Schubas
7/3: Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest
7/4: Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest
7/6: New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
7/8: Boston, MA @ Cafe 939, 9pm
7/9: Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas
7/10: Arlington, VA @ IOTA Club & Café, 10pm

Lilith Tour Dates
8/10: West Palm Beach, FL @ Cruzan Amphitheatre (Lilith Tour)
8/11: Tampa, FL @ Ford Amphitheatre (Lilith Tour)
8/12: Birmingham, AL @ Verizon Wireless Music Center (Lilith Tour)



It starts with what sounds like an alien Morse code transmission; Earth bound signals bouncing off the side of orbiting space debris. Snatches of voices found out in the ether cut through the machine fog, drifting across burbling analogue equipment lovingly kept working long after supposed sell-by date. By the time the click and thump of snare and bass drum arrive, the sounds are all-encompassing, swirling around you with dizzying, disorientating effect. Noises come untethered by constraints of volume, seemingly leaping from the speakers with a life of their own. For a band used to dealing in psychedelics, this time around The Chemical Brothers have really pushed the proverbial envelope.

The Chemical Brothers release their seventh studio album, Further, on June 8, 2010 on Freestyle Dust/ Astralwerks. This album is the band’s first to be released with corresponding films made specifically to match each of the 8 audio tracks.
The films will be included on an iTunes LP and special edition DVD.

Nearly three years on from the release of their GRAMMY® Award winning and fifth consecutive UK Number 1 album We Are The Night, Further sees Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons explore the boundless possibilities of their sound. Taking a trip through four decades of electronic noise, Tom & Ed have taken the template set up with their occasional "Electronic Battle Weapon" releases and allowed them to mutate gloriously into an entire album. Voice samples and snatches of vocals are woven through tracks to create a record that ebbs and flows like one of the band’s legendary live sets. Here, West Coast power pop harmonies sit beside German Motorik rhythms while My Bloody Valentine-esque sonic manipulations plane across the top of early house basslines. Further is the culmination of nearly two decades of psychedelic exploration, an immersive collection that finds The Chemical Brothers at their least-restrained and most-melodic best.

As well as an eight-track album, Further is the band’s first proper partnership with long-time visuals collaborators Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall. Now a respected TV and film director, Adam – aka Flat Nose George - has been responsible for creating the visual backdrop for every Chemical Brothers gig since their live debut in 1994. Visuals for Further have been created to correspond with each track on the album and have been planned during the recording of the record.

The band will play four shows at London's Roundhouse in May. These will be the first opportunities for fans to see the band play the album with Smith and Lyall’s new films in sequence and in their entirety. The band will also play select festivals in Europe including Sonar Festival in Barcelona before coming to the US for summer dates including gigs at the Hollywood Bowl on August 29 and Electric Zoo at Randall's Island in New York City on September 4.

The Depreciation Guild

The Depreciation Guild Premiere Pitchfork TV Tunnelvision
Live Video For "Dream About Me"
Sophomore LP Spirit Youth Out NOW On Kanine Records

Click Here To Watch Pitchfork TV Tunnelvision Live Video For "Dream About Me"

Click Here To Listen To Remix Of Oh No Ono's "Internet Warrior" On Stereogum

Click Here To Download "My Chariot" (School Of Seven Bells Transmigration Remix)

Click Here To Hear "Crucify You" On The Music Sl#t

Click Here To Download Debut Single "My Chariot"

Pitchfork -

AV Club Review
"Nintendo-synth hooks and John Hughes-soundtrack dynamism splash the songs with a kind of expertly crafted lushness"

Think of it as your favorite Nintendo game's soundtrack mixed with fuzzy guitars and lovelorn vocals. Spirit Youth is the Depreciation Guild's sophomore album, and it follows the group's style closely while reaching out to a new audience with even bigger hooks and poppier inflections.

Other Music
"Their latest is ten tracks worth of gorgeous, wispy melodies embedded in layers of distorted bliss; clearly, ample attention was given to both songwriting and aesthetic, as the group excels in both areas." "Spirit Youth is an impeccably produced update on a timeless genre, an album that manages progressiveness while remaining appropriately grounded in the values of its predecessors."