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ENBILULUGUGAL: Noizemongers For Goatserpent Out Now On Crucial Blast FULL 79-TRACK, 2XCD NOW PLAYING!!!

ENBILULUGUGAL: Noizemongers For Goatserpent Out Now On Crucial Blast

The 2xCD issue of Noizemongers For Goatserpent, from obfuscated experimentalistENBILULUGUGAL, is out now via the boundary-pushing purveyors of filth at Crucial Blast.

Seventy-nine tracks of mayhem. One of Crucial Blast's favorite releases from the band, a vicious, hideous mass of churning blackened hatred and brain-warping chaos that has now been resurrected as a deluxe double disc set that features more than an hour and a half of bonus filth, all re-mastered for maximum ear-hate by Enemata Productions, and presented in a new digipack design with artwork from acclaimed underground illustrator Jeff Zornow.

Endure the rabidly satisfying and excruciating two hours, thirty-three minutes and thirty-eight seconds of ENBILULUGUGAL's Noizemongers For Goatserpent R I G H T H E R E.

A cyclone of noise-infused blackened hyperblast scum of the most intense degree, Noizemongers For Goatserpent is a twenty-nine "song" assault of hyper- distorted blasphemy blasted out in minute-long eruptions of noise and violence, a putrid eruption of low-fi black metal, harsh noise and experimental, anti-musical weirdness that arrived with a splat on the black/noise underground in 2004. This official version of the album features the initial cult CDR release of the album -- which has remained out of print since its initial release -- as well as creator Izedis's TnepreStaoG Rof SregnomezioN "remixes", which uses the original album as the raw material for an onslaught of extreme electronic noise, the source material rendered nearly unrecognizable in washes of ghostly electronic synthdrift and harsh distorted noisescapes.... all on disc 1. The second disc in the set is loaded with rare compilation tracks, demo material and other out-of-print demo and EP recordings from ENBILULUGUGAL. These tracks offer up a howling vision of low-fi blackgrind awash in Merzbowian distortion, fucked-up necro-noisecore, foul shambling dirges, passages of ghastly dungeon ambience, and some KILLER blasts of discordant blackened punk that features a slightly more "musical" side of ENBILULUGUGAL's snarling chaos.

Ricktor Ravensbruck (THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB) new band WOLFPACK44 announces signing to Deadlight Entertainment

WOLFPACK 44, the new band created by guitarist Ricktor Ravensbrück (The Electric Hellfire Club, Wolfen Society), fronted by singer/guitarist Julian Xes (Kult ov Azazel) and featuring drummer Paul Collier (Pessimist, Angelcorpse), has signed to French label Deadlight Entertainment (Freya, Peter Dolving) for the release of the band’s  debut album The Scourge.
The Scourge was produced by Nikk Dibs (Dope, Bile, more...) at Glitch Mode Recording, Chicago and features guest appearances by Jinx Dawson (Coven), Rev. Thomas Thorn (The Electric Hellfire Club), Lord Ahriman (DARK FUNERAL), Dana “Satania” Duffey (Demonic Christ) and many more.
Song “Rituale Romanum” (featuring additional guest vocals by Dana 'Satania' Duffey) is available for streaming on Deadlight Entertainment facebook page at
“The Scourge” will be released by the end of the year

GHOUL/CANNABIS CORPSE To Release Splatterhash Split 12" Via Tankcrimes This January

GHOUL/CANNABIS CORPSE To Release Splatterhash Split 12" Via Tankcrimes This January

This January, unearthly splatterthrash and weedian death metal will unite in an unholy matrimony of sonic decay as GHOUL and CANNABIS CORPSE unleash a split 12" fittingly dubbed Splatterhash.
Featuring four tracks of rabid, brutalic insanity, the Splatterhash split will be unleashed via Tankcrimes January 7, 2014 on 12", CD and digital download. For their portion of the split, GHOULreturned to Earhammer Studios in Oakland, California where they recorded both Transmission Zeroand Splatterthrash. CANNABIS CORPSE recorded at bassist/vocalist Land Phil's own Blaze of Torment Studios in Richmond, Virginia. The whole rollicking shebang was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound and Santa Cruz, California and features cover art by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust). The release marks the first CANNABIS CORPSE material to feature Land Phil on vocals and Brent Purgason (Pustulus Maximus of Gwar) on lead guitar.
The masked legion known as GHOUL - Cremator, Fermentor, Digestor, and Dissector - are mutants from Creepsylvania specializing in the execution of bone-snapping splatterthrash, grave robbing, flesh devourment and a variety of gory night time rituals. The band will bring their audio indecency to the stage tonight, Halloween, opening for the mighty Danzig in San Francisco. Additionally, GHOUL will co-headline the first annual Black Sky gala founded by Skinless' Sherwood Webber. Denver Black Sky will be held on December 14th, 2013 and features a absurdly sick lineup of: Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Speedwolf, Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder, Call Of The Void, Reproacher, Weekend Nachos, Iron Reagan, Axeslasher, Primitive Man, Vimana, Of Feather And Bone, Native Daughters, Black Sleep Of Kali, Dead Temple and Flight Of Sleipnir.
CANNABIS CORPSE, who recently joined the Season Of Mist roster, is a marijuana-themed death metal assault from Richmond, Virginia. Featuring members of Municipal Waste and Gwar, CANNABIS CORPSE pride themselves in their exceptional knowledge of good green, face raping riffs and death metal parodies. Future live ceremonials from both bands to be announced in the months to come.
Splatterhash Split 12" Track Listing:
1. The Inhalation Plague (CANNABIS CORPSE)
2. Shatter Their Bongs (CANNABIS CORPSE)
3. Inner Sanctum (GHOUL)
4. Spill Your Guts (GHOUL)

GHOUL Live Rituals:
10/31/2013 The Warfield - San Francisco, CA w/Danzig, Butcher Babies, A Pale Horse Named Death
12/14/2013 Denver Black Sky @ The Gothic Theatre - Denver, CO [tickets]

Both bands' entire catalogs can be streamed (and purchased) via the official Tankcrimes BandCamp Page HERE.

Tankcrimes will unveil teaser tracks and preorders for the Splatterhash split 12" in the coming days. Until then, hail, crush, kill, repeat.

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros Premiere New Video For "Life Is Hard" Via Their Big Sun Foundation

World Press Photo 2013 - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Life is Hard (acoustic)
World Press Photo 2013 - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Life is Hard (acoustic)

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 31, 2013 - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are premiering an all new video for the single "Life Is Hard" today via The video features an acoustic version of the song, recorded live at WVUF in New York, set to the World Press Photo Contest winners of 2013, held yearly to showcase the highest standards in photojournalism and share them with millions.

Lead singer Alex Ebert said of the collaboration, "On some sleepless and homeless night, towards the end of my first trip to Amsterdam, I stumbled into what perhaps was a cathedral. It must have been midnight or thereabouts, but it was aglow and bustling. I entered and never forgot the experience not the name of the experience - it was an exhibit of World Press Photo winners. Years later, I am honored to have been given permission to put some of the photography from this year's winners to an acoustic recording of a song that means a lot to me called 'Life Is Hard'."

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have always been passionate about the community. From their earliest days in 2007, the band has consistently created music that uplifts and brings people together from all over the world. Individually and collectively, they've actively supported a variety of charitable endeavors, including: Charity Water, VH1 Save The Music Foundation, The American Red Cross, and many more. It is in this spirit that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have formed the Big Sun Foundation - a non-profit organization that believes in the power of a unified world community. "We will identify causes and social issues that are important to all of us and work together to create opportunities to make a difference in the world one beautiful human at a time," said the members of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. "In joining together, we will bring awareness and support to causes that are fighting for the rights and basic needs of all beings." For more information on the Big Sun Foundation, visit

The band just successfully wrapped up Big Top, a SOLD OUT self-curated festival featuring an outdoor bazaar with local vendors and a performance stage, as well as music happening all day under a traditional big top tent in Los Angeles.


Watch Little Ghxst "The Fly", Happy Halloween from President Obama!


click image to watch video


Just in time for Halloween, Little Ghxst unleashes an animated video by Drew Toonz for "The Fly"! In the video, President Obama wishes everyone a Happy Halloween and then warns us of a leak at the Fukushima reactor that has caused mutations and a comet passing over the Earth that has rendered electronics useless! A fly with the head of Little Ghxst buzzes over the skyline only to get caught in the web of a Gucci spider. The ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Biggie, Tupac, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, and GG Allin all make appearances as Little Ghxst struggles. Watch the video here! Please post and share.

Little Ghxst is Trouble Andrew's new solo project.

Forty Winters releases new digital EP 'Isolation' on Bandcamp

Stream 'Isolation' for free, 'Name your price' download

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - South Fla. heavy metal outfit Forty Winters has uploaded its new digital EP 'Isolation' to the Forty Winters Bandcamp page at: 'Isolation' can be streamed for free, while the three songs can be downloaded with a 'name your price' option.

"This EP release was designed to get new material to our following as quick and easy as possible," vocalist Xavier Vicuna recently told "We have been fortunate enough to be on the road giving Reflection the proper tour cycle it deserved, but it was time for new music and it was time to give back. Kids asking at shows and online when they could expect new jams really pushed us to get in the studio and track a few of the songs we were already working on and happy with."

'Isolation' was recorded in August/September with Charles J. Wall and Phil Pluskota at Sonic Assault Studios in Cape Coral, Fla. (Betraying The Martyrs, Abiotic, King Conquer).

"We really tried to warp our roots and influences into a newer, more aggressive approach," added Vicuna. "We've grooved, we've jammed and we've dropped it, but the goal has always been to evolve. The new stuff is pretty evil and a lot more genuine; we really focused on being ourselves and doing what felt natural. It's gonna be pretty raw - a lot of slamming and thrashing."


1. The Darkening
2. Return to the Earth
3. Isolate
Forty Winters recently wrapped up an extensive headlining tour "The Blackout Tour" in support of the band's 2011 full-length offering Reflection - the culmination of a calculated blend of heavy hardcore, thought-provoking lyrics and haunting metal melodies, sharpened with a relentless DIY work-ethic after completing several East Coast and U.S. tours.

Check out the band's latest music video for "King Me," taken from Reflection, on YouTube at:
Stay tuned to the Forty Winters Facebook page: for the latest info and tour-dates. 

Forty Winters online...

Son Lux debuts the first video for "Lanterns" that's out now on Joyful Noise! Watch the beautifully choreographed video for Lost It To Trying...

Son Lux's incredible third album, Lanterns, is out now on
Joyful Noise Recordings!

Yesterday, he unveiled the beautiful video for "Lost It To Trying"which was directed and choreographed by Jennifer McQuiston Lott and featuring the visual effects work from Anthony Ciannamea.

Please take a moment to watch it here:
Early words on Lanterns:
"But there's no question Lott is a gifted composer and Lanterns is his most arresting album to date." NPR
"Son Lux’s Lanterns is looking like one of fall’s most fascinating new releases." Stereogum
"Lanterns isn't piecemeal beats or hastily assembled clutter, rather it begs to be heard as the lingua franca of the past and the future, something spoken on a pseudo-spiritual plane that connects the analog and digital realms." Pitchfork
"In giving his compositions a little more leeway to spin and pirouette with maximum emotional force, Son Lux has made his best album to date and proven the wisdom of waving goodbye to restraint once in a while." The Line of Best Fit
"Lanterns features an almost mind-bending collage of strings, wind instruments and synths, layered over top of insistent electronic beats and paired with haunting vocals. It's a delicate balancing act that would probably implode if left to a less skilled hand." CBC
"By exploring and flipping the textures of seemingly commonplace elements, Lott delivers multi-layered songs filled with fresh air…" Consequence Of Sound
"[Lanterns] carves out a space located snugly between body and brain, where warm instrumentation smacks into chilly waves of sub-bass, and choral vocals are recast in futuristic soundscapes." SPIN
"Every second of Lanterns throbs with sound…" PASTE
"Son Lux has created a brilliant piece of work with Lanterns, there’s never a dull moment on this record." Grimy Goods

"With its dense layering, the album always feels like it's in motion, constantly shifting and changing in a way that makes its deliberate construction feel like nothing short of a miracle as the album effortlessly drifts along." All Music
Equal parts producer and composer, Son Lux (aka Ryan Lott) bridges an unusual gap between old-world music discipline and next-level experimentation.
Meditative but heaving with energy, Lanterns finds a peculiar congruency between futuristic soul and ancient sentiment. Driving orchestral pop (‘Lost It To Trying’‘No Crimes’) is placed alongside haunting minimalism (‘Pyre’, ‘Enough Of Our Machines’), often starkly juxtaposing densely layered arrangements with Lott's intimate voice. 
In recent past Son Lux has gained notoriety both for his s/s/s project (with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti), and for being named NPR's "Best New Artist of the Year".
His third full-length album, and his first for Joyful Noise (Kishi Bashi, Sebadoh, etc.), positions Son Lux at the helm of an impressive ensemble of instrumentalists and singers, including Chris Thile (The Punch Brothers), Peter Silberman (The Antlers), DM Stith, Lily & Madeleine, Darren King (Mutemath), Ieva Berberian (Gem Club) and yMusic (Dirty Projectors, Bon Iver).
Son Lux celebrates the release of Lanterns on November 4th at Joe's Pub
in Manhattan, NY!

SEA OF BONES: Connecticut Doom Dealers Unleash New Hell Hymn Via Pitchfork; The Earth Wants Us Dead Now Available Digitally For Mass Consumption

SEA OF BONES: Connecticut Doom Dealers Unleash New Hell Hymn Via Pitchfork; The Earth Wants Us Dead Now Available Digitally For Mass Consumption

What better way to celebrate the ghoulish rites of Halloween than with a new psalm of repugnance from Connecticut doom dealers, SEA OF BONES. Suitably titled "Beneath the Earth," the shadowy tale of despair comes courtesy of the band's The Earth Wants Us Dead full-length and seeps its way into the soul with an asphyxiating sense of slow, brooding urgency. "The song is in turns atmospheric, distorted, and utterly, utterly lightless," describes Pitchfork, "mining the depths of doom, drone, and sludge with care and dead-eyed determination. 'Beneath the Earth' is a slow burn, painfully sluggish and cracking with feedback beneath hollow roars and crumbling riffs. This one's going to hurt."

 Crush your hopes and dreams with "Beneath the Earth," now playing at Pitchfork at THIS LOCATION.

An introspective outpouring of sound and sentiment that bleeds its misery in tar-thick droplets, SEA OF BONESThe Earth Wants Us Dead is the intestine-rupturing resonance of true desolation. Recorded by guitarist Tom Mucherino and longtime friend David Lutz at a secret underground location (Mucherino's cellar) and mastered by Mell Dettmer (Earth, Kayo Dot, Thou), The Earth Wants Us Dead includes a nearly forty-minute soul-swallowing instrumental improv piece (the title track) recorded at InnerSpaceSoundLabs with Scott Amore. Having withstood a variety of misfortunes from a tour-terminating van crash and lineup shifts to two scrapped recordings and a near breakup, The Earth Wants Us Dead serves as a true testament to SEA OF BONES' impermeable determination and continues to earn critical hails from fans and critics nationally for its catastrophic tidal waves of soul-rumbling distortion and diseased prose.

The Lair Of Filth calls the record, "...terrific, in a soul-destroying way...SEA OF BONES will hurt you," Heavy Planet opines, "You're not gonna hit play, pound your chest, and grunt 'fuck yeah' with this release. You're gonna drift, drop your shoulders, and collapse under the veiled intentions. Imagine a world without color and an existence without comfort. SEA OF BONES present realizations via broad strokes and slow drags. On The Earth Wants Us Dead, they assert rather than suggest. These sludge atmospheres are bleak, sure. But someone's gotta be straight with us," while Verbicide christens the record, "beautifully agonizing...pure, uncut ugly, cooked up on a bloody spoon, and slowly shot into your ear hole...with a railroad spike."

The Earth Wants Us Dead is out TODAY digitally via the SEA OF BONES BandCamp page.
"SEA OF BONES' atmospheric sludge is even bleaker than Neurosis'. The only color is shades of black. Ultra-heavy riffs rumble below distant smears of feedback... "- Decibel

The Fratellis Share "Halloween Blues" MP3, Live Video + Launch US Tour in NYC 11/1


“Seven Nights, Seven Days” Video Out w/ American Songwriter,
Share “Halloween Blues” FREE MP3 w/ AV Club Today

National Tour Kicks Off Tomorrow at
SOLD OUT Webster Hall Show in NYC!

We Need Medicine LP Out Now via BMG

" …an urgent and exhilarating shot of rock & roll…" – Rolling Stone
“…energizing and rowdy…” – Paste
The Fratellis just released their highly anticipated new album, We Need Medicine, through BMG. To celebrate, the band will be embarking on a full US tour as of tomorrow- making stops in New York, Chicago, Portland & more! They’ve already sold out 7 of 9 shows.
In the spirit of Halloween, the AV Club is offering a free download of We Need Medicine album cut “Halloween Blues” today which you can grab HEREAmerican Songwriter has also unveiled the captivating live video for album single, “Seven Nights, Seven Days.” The “Seven Nights, Seven Days” live video is available HERE for posting.
The full length We Need Medicine album is preceded by a special digital EP (out now), featuring the studio version of  “Seven Nights Seven Days” & two live album tracks- “She’s Not Gone But She’s Leaving” and “Whisky Saga” recorded at Glasgow Barrowlands.
The Fratellis US Tour Dates
11/1: New York, NY @ Webster Hall – SOLD OUT
11/2: Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall – SOLD OUT
11/3: Boston, MA @ Paradise – SOLD OUT
11/4: Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live – SOLD OUT
11/6: Chicago, IL @ Metro
11/7: San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop – SOLD OUT
11/8: Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
11/9: Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile – SOLD OUT
11/9: Seattle, WA  @ Easy Street – In Store
11/11: Long Beach, CA  @ Fingerprints – In Store
11/12: Los Angeles, CA @ The Fonda Theatre – SOLD OUT

Happy Halloween - Here's a new video from Impending Doom!

In continued anticipation of their new release, IMPENDING DOOM have debuted a new music video for their track, "Doomsday," directed by Scott Hanson. The band's all new LP, "DEATH WILL REIGN" is due out November 5th.
The band released the title tracks "Death Will Reign" and "Ravenous Disease" last week.
Earlier this year we caught up with bassist David Sittig, he gave us some insight on what went into the making of "Death Will Reign."
“We wanted this album to sound very natural and unpolished,” explains longtime bassist David Sittig, a part of the lineup since before the first album’s release. “There’s no crazy digital stuff. There are no fake drums. We wanted it to have the feel of our first album with the songwriting from the last one. We’ve gotten better at song structures and so forth over the years, but we wanted to recapture that old-school vibe, too.”
Impending Doom’s passionate approach to extreme metal continues to incorporate the strains of death metal, thrash metal, metalcore and deathcore that has been their stock-in-trade since 2005, with the modern metal approach of Slipknot, Lamb Of God and Fear Factory. There are also shades of the warm atmosphere for the Deftones.
1. Ravenous Disease
2. Death Will Reign
3. Beyond The Grave
4. My Own Maker
5. Doomsday
6. Rip, Tear, and Burn
7. Hellhole
8. My Blood
9. Endless
10. Live or Die
11. The Great Divine
"Impending Doom have never sounded uglier and more desperate than on 'Death Will Reign.'" Alternative Press
IMPENDING DOOM is: Brook Reeves (Vocals) Manny Contreras (Guitars) Eric Correa (Guitars) David Sittig (Bass) Brandon “Btown” Trahan (Drums)

Fu Manchu Premieres First New Song in Three Years titled "Robotic Invasion" (Presented By Scion)

Fu Manchu
Premieres New Song "Robotic Invasion" Off Upcoming Split 7" Presented by Scion

Stream / Download "Robotic Invasion" from Fu Manchu here!

California hard rock legends Fu Manchu have premiered their first new song in three years, titled "Robotic Invasion," off the band's upcoming split 7" with MOAB, presented by Scion.

Limited to 1,000 copies, the new release will be available through the band's website,, and at upcoming live shows. In addition, the song is also available as a free download for a limited time by clicking the link above.

Fu Manchu are currently planning the release of their new full-length album out Spring 2014.

Watch the lyric video for "Robotic Invasion" here!

Fu Manchu Live!
December 6th @ The Casbah San Diego, CA

For more information, visit:

EYEHATEGOD Welcomes New Drummer; Additional Shows Announced

EYEHATEGOD Welcomes New Drummer; Additional Shows Announced

Following an intensely moving Joey LaCaze tribute performance at the first annual Housecore Horror Film Fest this past weekend, a set which featured Dale Crover from the mighty Melvins holding down the drum kit, EYEHATEGOD continues moving forward with new drummer Aaron Hill. Hill comes by way of New Orleans' local acts Missing Monuments and Mountain of Wizard.

Hill will play his first official show with EYEHATEGOD tonight at the world famous House of Shock with horror surf band The Unnaturals. From there, the band will ride on to take Columbus' Al Rosa Villa on November 1st and bring things to a chaotic close with two back-to-back nights of mischief at Chicago's Cobra Lounge November 2nd and 3rd. Later next month, EYEHATEGOD will stomp their way through Brooklyn, New York, West Chester, Pennsylvania and Quincy, Massachusetts with additional live takeovers to be announced in the weeks to come.

The ever elusive new LP is moving closer to release with mixes being done by renowned sound wizard Sanford Parker as we speak. Stay tuned for further info as it becomes available.    
10/31/2013 The House Of Shock - Jefferson, LA
11/01/2013 Al Rosa Villa - Columbus, OH
11/02/2013 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL
11/03/2013 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL
11/14/2013 St. Vitus - Brooklyn, NY
11/15/2013 The Note - West Chester, PA
11/16/2013 TBA
11/17/2013 Presidents Rock Club - Quincy, MA

Get Spooky: "Love Is Kind Of Crazy" from the Villebillies

Villebillies launch the captivating "Love Is Kind Of Crazy" video featuring an eerie sample from the late great Dusty Springfield's "Spooky." Hailing from the Louisville, KY underground scene, Villebillies feature three main vocalists with a well choreographed vocal style that mixes rap verses with infectious, melodic hooks and intricate soulful harmonies. The "Love Is Kind Of Crazy" video is available worldwide today, October 31. Get Spooky!
Video - "Love Is Kind Of Crazy" - view/share

Says frontman Dustin "Tuck" Tucker, who produced the track:
"There is something about Villebillies and the fall season. We always seem to produce our best work this time of year. Dusty Springfield singing those words 'Love is kind of crazy with a spooky little boy like you' has an eerie quality to it.  It fits our vibe and it makes your head nod at the same time, so it just made sense to sample and capture the tone of the original song while giving it the traditional Villebillies treatment both musically and visually."

The "Love Is Kind Of Crazy" track will release digitally  on 11/5/13.