Friday, May 30, 2008

Unicycle Loves You to release self-titled debut album on June 10th, 2008!

A pop music chimera influenced by music from the 50s, the psychedelic 60s, and rock of the 80s, Chicagoan rising stars Unicycle Love You will release their self-titled debut album on Highwheel Records.

Unicycle Loves You was formed in the Summer of 2006 in Chicago by Jim Carroll (vocals, guitar), Jon Pollock (guitar, vocals), and Nicole Vitale (bass, vocals); practicing a variety of songs Jim had previously recorded solo under the moniker Unicycle. Shortly thereafter, Adam Labrada (keys, harmonica) and J.T. Baker (drums) were added to the roster and the band played their first show in November 2006.

Unicycle founder Jim Carroll crafts tunes and lyrics that can be simultaneously dark and toe-tapping. Hear a Unicycle song once and discover it has burrowed into your frontal cortex. Jon Pollock, after just a few mega-calorie-burning minutes on stage, has the appearance of a hallucinating shaman emerging from a sweat lodge. Nicole Vitale, Baker, and Labrada provide a percussive wall of often bouncy, always novel punk driven beats that buoy three-part harmonies and conjure up tuneful artifacts of pop evolution from 1958-2008.

Previous Praise for Unicycle Loves You:

The lighthearted sound that garnered them immediate praise in the blogosphere has wisely retained its original whimsy with the help of tambourines and clapalongs, while steadily increasing in complexity and sophistication.
- SN, Flavorpill

Chicago quirk-quintet Unicycle Loves You is fun, fast-paced, catchy and incredibly unique. Their music combines the sensibility of the 50s, 60s, and 80s rock music so smooth and painlessly that you have to wonder if they might be mad musical geniuses.
- FE, Yerp

They have the swagger and songs to make a solid niche for themselves in the Chicago music scene.
- RO, Radio Free Chicago

Twin Tigers announce tour!

Releasing Curious Faces/Violet Future on June 10th, 2008!

Athens, Georgia's newest band, Twin Tigers, channel a sound like that of the Liars, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Deerhunter. Their debut EP, Curious Faces/Violet Future will be self-released on June 10th, 2008.

Twin Tigers formed during the fall of 2007 when Matthew Rain and Aimee Morris began writing songs in their basement. Psychedelic, acousmatic and tape music are all used to describe the sound of Twin Tiger's music. And Friends, the short-lived project of Enoch, Richard and Aimee, had abruptly ended and it appeared as though things with Matthew’s band Psychic Hearts were dissolving. After a few weeks of trying to write songs as a two-piece, Enoch and Richard came to the house to play around, and listen to some of the songs Aimee and Matthew had been writing. Richard got behind the drums, Enoch brought a guitar, and Aimee picked up a bass. Practices soon became a regular occurrence, and they started writing the first Twin Tigers songs. After playing nearly every day for a month they decided to book their first show at the Caledonia Lounge on December 5, 2007.

In December, Twin Tigers recorded their debut EP with Joel Hatstat of the Athens band PegasusesXL. Built out of lush guitar, textured percussion and layered vocals the quartet reached for something new together. Believing the future is theirs; the rest is to be continued.

Long Island's beloved BAYSIDE are to release The Walking Wounded: Gold Edition on July 22, 2008, a deluxe CD/DVD package of their fourth studio album.

The extended CD package will include live acoustic tracks to be recorded at a special performance that will be filmed at Looney Tunes in Long Island on Monday, May 12th. (Visit for more details on the in-store performance). The accompanying DVD is planned to include the full Looney Tunes performance, behind-the-scenes documentary of the band on their Spring 2008 tour, and their music videos from The Walking Wounded.

Directed by Josh Horowitz, Bayside's new video for their track "Carry On" will debut as the "Featured Video" on this Wednesday, March 26th.

Once their current national headlining tour with The Starting Line wraps up in late Spring, the band plan to enter Los Angeles' Red Bull Studios in June to write and record their fifth studio album, tentatively titled Shudder. The follow-up to The Walking Wounded is set for release September 30, 2008 and will be produced by David Schiffman (Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Johnny Cash).

"I think we know what Bayside is supposed to sound like," explains vocalist/guitarist Anthony Raneri. "We have figured it out and we don't plan on changing the formula. We love what we've become and we can only hope to get better at what we do. We have the most time we've ever had to prepare for this record from the writing process to the recording process but we want to be sure not to overthink the songs and let them sound the way they were meant to sound. It is going to be the fastest, most energetic, catchiest and most exciting record we have ever made. We are feeling youthful and excited as people and I think it is going to come out in the music."

Prophecy North America confirms the release date for KLIMT 1918's Just in case we'll never meet again (Soundtrack for the cassette generation)

This will be KLIMT 1918's first release on Vinlandic soil. Named after Austrian art nouveau painter Gustav Klimt, KLIMT 1918's songs are deeply ingrained with originality and boundless musicality even though they might remind of such diverse artists as Katatonia, The Cure, U2, Anathema, and Interpol. Following the critical acclaim 2005's Dopoguerra received across Europe and the UK, the band's latest Just in case we'll never meet again (Soundtrack for the cassette generation) is their most emotional album ever. For more info, consult and

Tracklist for Just in case we'll never meet again (Soundtrack for the cassette generation):

1. The Breathtaking Days (Via Lactea)
2. Skygazer
3. Ghost of a tape listener
4. The gradudate
5. Just an interlude in your life
6. Just in case we'll never meet again
7. Suspense music
8. Disco awayness
9. Arget
10. All summer long
11. True love is the oldest fear

Lousy Robot's Smile Like You Are Somewhere Else Releasing June 10th, 2008!

If you want to find Lousy Robot, just take a look into the creepy, post-punk world of Indie-Pop. A four-piece rock group from Albuquerque, Lousy Robot are well known for creating catchy, noisy songs aimed at the cynical but somehow resonating with the hopeful. Songs about the not-so-everyday lives we deal with everyday. Their second LP, Smile Like You Are Somewhere Else, is out on Socyermom Records this summer.

Lousy Robot's critically acclaimed first release, The Strange and True Story of Your Life, was an enigmatic, narcotic effort influenced and produced by the complicated hand of John Dufilho (The Deathray Davies - Apples In Stereo). Always prolific, Lousy Robot and Dufilho returned to Salim Nourallah's Pleasantry Lane Studio a year later. The end result of this session is Smile Like You Are Somewhere Else, a brand new collection of introspective pop songs with special guests ranging from Cory Watson (Black Tie Dynasty) to John Lefler (Dashboard Confessional). It is a truly confident companion to the band's live performances.



Rounder Records is proud to announce the release of Mike Gordon's solo album, The Green Sparrow. Set for an August 5th release, The Green Sparrow finds the accomplished Phish bassist showcasing his wide range of influences in a winning 10-track album that reminds us that Gordon is one of the most imaginative and mold-breaking artists in music today. Recorded at Gordon's home studio in Vermont and mixed at The Barn, his former band's studio and art space, The Green Sparrow features special guests Chuck Leavell, Phish's Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell, Bill Kreutzmann, Ivan Neville and horn players from Antibalas.

Since the break up of Phish in 2004, Gordon has participated in many projects, none of which have been purely solo. An artist known for his endless creativity and touring stamina, Gordon took 2007 off from touring and dedicated his time to writing this record. The end result is an eclectic album boasting Gordon's skillful assimilation of free-form rock & roll, calypso, pop and funk that showcases a unexpected side to Gordon's songwriting.

From the deeply rooted funk of "Radar Blip" to the rousing intricacies of "Andelman's Yard," from the spirited rock of "Traveled Too Far" to the punch of "Another Door," The Green Sparrow is a playful album from an artist who continually reveals new layers of far-reaching invention.

The M's release Real Close Ones June 3rd on Polyvinyl.

Polyvinyl Record Co. is pleased to announce the June 3rd release of Real Close Ones, the third album by Chicago favorites The M's. The M's were last seen bringing down the park at Lollapalooza 2006. It was the culmination of a six month tour in support of the band's sophomore album Future Women- A tour that took the band through all of North America with the likes of Wilco, Of Montreal, Dr. Dog and Archer Prewitt.

After that performance the M's did not appear in public for almost two years- concentrating on other musical projects and spending time with new wives and babies. They began writing and recording Real Close Ones in the summer of 2007, using a converted salvation army amphitheater as home base for the sessions.

With Real Close Ones, the M's have returned with a more open, spacious sound. The songs contain an atmospheric depth that lies in contrast to the wall of sound, everything but the kitchen sink mentality of their earlier efforts. They are able to reach the same glorious cacophony, but that raucousness is now a part of an even richer pallet. The band sounds as though they have become comfortable with the almost constant comparisons to the greats of previous ages, and they've made an album- much like the work of those artists in their heyday, that is immediately rewarding yet still challenging- making it indispensable even in this age of disposability.

The M's will begin the first leg of their US tour on June 5th with Centro-Matic.

Praise for The M's

"The M's capture that glorious moment when the British Invasion bands of the '60s were still grappling with their love of R and B while flirting with the more sophisticated harmonies and hooks of classic pop songwriting." -Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

"The four M's call Chicago home, but with their fuzzy riffs and psychedelic melodies, they could be mistaken for a bunch of British tunesmiths by the names of Ray Davies, Damon Albarn, Marc Bolan, and John Lennon." -Spin

"Vox-tastic guitar and organ riffs and street- corner shuffling beats and fills... Every tune is tailored to a stylist's specs and put forth with ease." -Rolling

"Guitars might have the angularity of And Your Bird Can Sing, the flash and crash of Pictures Of Lily and a general freakbeat crackle. Melodies twist and turn, strings phase in and out, bells chime. All this ambition coagulates into an irresistible, tumbling, tune filled whole." -MOJO

Tour Dates w/ Centro-Matic

6/05 Rock Island, IL @ Daytrotter / Huckleberry's Pizza
6/06 Minneapolis, MN @ 400 Bar
6/07 Chicago, IL @ Schuba's
6/08 Chicago, IL @ Schuba's
6/10 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk
6/11 Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe
6/12 Montreal, QC @ Le Divian Orange
6/13 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
6/14 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East
6/17 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's
6/18 Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel
6/19 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
6/20 Asheville, NC @ Grey Eagle




"This debut album is a self-contained, self-assured, 10-song set that runs vintage styles through a restless compositional imagination to create something joyfully, startlingly unique."
– Pitchfork album review, 9.1 rating

Mute has licensed DFA recording artist Hercules & Love Affair for release in the USA. The debut album "Hercules & Love Affair" will be released in America on June 24, 2008. The album release is preceded by the first single "Blind" – already a dancefloor favorite – May 27, 2008.

Hercules & Love Affair is 2008's most exciting dancefloor concoction, an arthouse vision of pure pop by way of futuristic electronica and classic dance music, where beautiful, bruising harmonies and tensile rhythms collide in resurgent soundscapes and emotive disco workouts.

Called “A gloriously burnished fusion of 3 decades of classic dance music” by the UK's Mojo, the album was a top-40 UK chart debut. The NME calls the album “The most-blessed thing you’ll be freaking out to on the dancefloor,” and Vogue UK says “If Ziggy Stardust made house music it would sound like this.”

Hercules & Love Affair is Andrew Butler with Antony, Nomi, and Kim Ann. Butler emerged from making music for college-based dance projects into a fully-fledged recording artist, via the New York art scene. He hooked up with his friends from there, including Nomi, Kim Ann and Antony and Hercules & Love Affair is the result.

The album is co-produced by Andrew Butler with Tim Goldsworthy of DFA at Plantain Studios in the midst of Manhattan, New York City.

The Boy Bathing releasing A Fire To Make Preparations on July 15th, 2008!

The Boy Bathing is an independent rock band from New York City. Their music focuses on prolific lyricism, extravagant arrangements and dramatic live performances. The band is fundamentally comprised of four members who use a variety of sounds to create micro-worlds out of the story or imagery of each song. Their first full-length record, A Fire To Make Preparations, is releasing July 15th, 2008.

A Fire To Make Preparations was completed in early 2008 after almost two years of recording. Other songs of theirs have been featured on several European and US compilations alongside The Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens and Jens Lenkman.

Amplifier Magazine says, “…lyrics may be The Boy Bathing's strongest suit. Whether whispered, cooed or snarled, Hurwitz's words delight with their disarming blend of unpredictability, insight and jubilant resignation. If The Boy Bathing's full-length debut is at times grandiose, it's the most self-effacing grandiosity you're likely to encounter this side of Sufjan Stevens.”

The Boy Bathing has performed with Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr.), Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins), Kevin Devine, Apollo Sunshine, Crooked Fingers, Love as Laughter, Honorary Title, Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown), Ida, Jay Brannan and many others.


U2's first three albums have been re-mastered and will be released by Universal on July 22st 2008.

Following the re-mastered release of The Joshua Tree last year, The Edge has overseen a similar re-mastering of Boy (1980), October (1981) and War (1983). All of which have been re-mastered from the original audio tapes.

Each album will be released as a standard single disc, a deluxe double version including a disc of b-sides, live tracks and rarities, and an LP version pressed on 180gm virgin vinyl.


On the heels of their U.S tour with WHY?, Cryptacize is hitting the road once again in support of their debut album, Dig That Treasure, out now on Asthmatic Kitty. Cryptacize is the Bay Area trio comprised of Chris Cohen (The Curtains) on guitar and vocals, Nedelle Torrisi (former Kill Rock Stars artist, The Curtains) on strings, guitar, vocals and more, and Michael Carreira on drums. They use the minimum materials in their songs to create a dreamy habitat full of sudden rhythmic gestures and frequent key changes. Performing live, Nedelle, Mike and Chris watch each other intently, moving in an intuitive way to an unheard pulse, bringing their delicately constructed songs to new life. For this tour they'll have a few new songs in hand, as well as new arrangements of older ones, and on a technical note, the sound is streamlined as they dropped Nedelle's autoharp and picked up a synthesizer!

Additionally, Asthmatic Kitty will be releasing a Cryptacize/WHY? split 7" on July 22nd as part of their Unusual Animal series which pairs an Asthmatic Kitty artist with an unlikely non-Asthmatic Kitty artist. On the 7" Cryptacize cover Steely Dan's "Peg" and WHY? cover Bob Dylan's "As I Went Out One Morning". Each 7" has an unusual animal on the cover; this one will feature the West Indian Manatee.

"On their debut, Dig That Treasure, they literally invoke transcendence . . . " Tobias Carroll, Portland Mercury

"Dig is an ambitious, whimsical album from a band that promises great things." -- SOMA

"Most of Cryptacize's songs unfold as chiming, erratic pop, informed by influences as contrasting as skeletal Caribbean folk and lush Broadway musicals. No two songs are alike, and yet they all sound like the same band, an impressive feat for any debut album. . . " -- Doug Wallen, Houston Press

". . . a fleeting glimpse of folk-pop at its weirdest, and most eclectic." -- Brad Farberman, Relix

"The affecting authenticity of Dig That Treasure is unquestionable." -- Matthew Joynt, Paste

Cryptacize Tour Dates:
Mon. June 2 Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive
Tue. June 3 Lincoln, NE @ Box Awesome
Wed. June 4 Fargo, ND @ Aquarium (Dempsey's Upstairs, early show) w/ Islands
Thu. June 5 St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club
Fri. June 6 Chicago, IL @ Schuba's
Sat. June 7 Bloomington, IN @ Art Hospital w/ Coke Dares
Sun. June 8 Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
Tue. June 10 Providence, RI @ As220
Wed. June 11 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East
Thu. June 12 New York, NY @ Knitting Factory w/ MV & EE with the Golden Road
Fri. June 13 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas w/ MV & EE with the Golden Road
Sat. June 14 Baltimore, MD @ Floristree w/ MV & EE with the The Golden Road, Jana Hunter
Sun June 15 Washington, D.C. @ Black Cat w/ Shearwater
Mon. June 16 Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light w/ Dark Inside The Sun
Wed. June 18 Hot Springs, AR @ The Exchange
Thu. June 19 Houston, TX @ The Mink w/ Black Snakes and Kangaroo
Sat. June 21 Austin, TX @ Mohawk w/ Jason Chronis, Devon Williams
Tue. June 23 Tucson, AZ @ Solar Cultural Gallery
Thu. June 25 Los Angeles, CA @ Echo


Although Controlled Bleeding has been and always will be lumped into the genre of old school industrial music, their earliest inspirations were steeped in the first wave of New York City punk bands like The Dictators, Dead Boys, the Ramones and the brooding technical brilliance of King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Henry Cow. This collection of music from the early formations of the group, infused with the hunger and intensity of youth, clearly illustrates the collision of these seemingly opposing influences. Recordings from 1978-1982, assembled by main man Paul Lemos capture the different early eras of Controlled Bleeding. An incredible peak back into the early days of "anything goes" alternative music.


Hatfield Debuts New Songs At Joe's Pub In New York City On May 21st;
Autobiography To Be Published By Wiley and Sons In 2009

Juliana Hatfield will preview songs from How To Walk Away - her 10th solo album in a remarkable 20-year-career - in a special show at Joe's Pub in New York City on May 21st. The record is scheduled for release on August 19th on Hatfield's own label, Ye Olde Records (distributed via Redeye).

Produced by Andy Chase (of revered alt-rock/pop band Ivy) and recorded at Stratosphere Sound, the NYC studio co-owned by Chase, Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne) and James Iha (formerly of Smashing Pumpkins), How To Walk Away features guests Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs) and Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) on vocals, Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne) on guitar, Tracy Bonham (violin) and more.

The album, which contains some of Hatfield's most candid writing ever, is evocative, layered, and unhurried. And yet, Chase has managed to retain her essential rawness of spirit, smoothing out some rough edges but not all, as evidenced by the loose, danceable "Now I'm Gone," sung and played by Hatfield in one inspired improvisational take. Walking away - and the loneliness that sometimes results - is a recurring theme. But while the songs' protagonists may be fatalistic, they are not without faith. Even in an outwardly sad song like "Such A Beautiful Girl" (co-written by Jason Hatfield, Juliana's brother), hope is not dead; the girl of the title waits patiently for a future that she knows, odds are, will be better than where she finds herself now. Similarly, the bittersweet yet life-affirming "Shining On" - mixed by veteran hit-making producer David Kahne (Kelly Clarkson, Paul McCartney, Sugar Ray, the Strokes) - exhibits a hard-won resilience in the face of disappointment and betrayal.

Fans who visit Hatfield's website and MySpace page (see below for links) can hear "Shining On" and check out the blog wherein she writes about songs selected by fans from her sizable repertoire. "Read it at your own risk - illusions may be shattered," Hatfield warns.

She first came to prominence in her teens as a founding member of critically-acclaimed Boston indie rock band the Blake Babies. After four independent albums with the group, Hatfield signed to Atlantic as a solo artist and had a slew of modern-rock hits (including "My Sister," "Spin The Bottle" and "Universal Heartbeat"). She left the label in 1998, signing to Zoe Records (a Rounder Records imprint) and releasing four well-regarded albums, including 2004's In Exile Deo, named as one of that year's 10 best albums by The New York Times' Jon Parales. In 2005 Hatfield came full circle, back to full DIY independence, releasing Made In China (hailed as "her most urgent, refreshingly unpolished output in years" by Time Out New York) on Ye Olde Records, her own label. Ye Olde Records released Frank Smith's Heavy Handed Peace and Love in 2007 as well as her collaboration with the band, Sittin' in a Tree, a six-song EP.

Hatfield, whose autobiography will be published by Wiley and Sons in 2009, recently contributed "Back To Freedom," an exclusive track recorded during the How To Walk Away sessions, to the Green Owl Compilation: A Benefit For the Energy Action Coalition.

The track listing for How To Walk Away is as follows:

1. The Fact Remains
2. Shining On
3. The Lonely Love
4. My Baby...
5. Just Lust
6. Now I'm Gone
7. Remember November
8. So Alone
9. Such A Beautiful Girl
10. Law of Nature

Prophecy North America confirms the release date for TODESBONDEN's Sleep Now, Quiet Forest as June 24th, 2008

This will be TODESBONDEN's first release on Vinlandic soil. TODESBONDEN is an exotic blend of world music, symphonic classical music, and epic metal, fronted by versatile female vocals reminiscent of Celtic, folk, operatic and modern styles. Produced by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Daylight Dies, Pain of Salvation), Sleep Now, Quiet Forest is a diverse album that touches on different time periods yet is held together by a uniformly epic, fantasy feeling. Appealing to fans of Therion and Dead Can Dance, this American band features members of Autumn Tears and Aurora Borealis and ex-members of Rain Fell Within. For more info, consult and

Tracklist for Sleep Now, Quiet Forest:

1. Surrender to the sea
2. Surya Namaskara
3. Trianon
4. Aengus Óg fiddle
5. Fading empire
6. Ghost of the crescent moon
7. Flow my tears
8. Sailing alone
9. Lullaby
10. Battle of Kadesh
11. Sleep now, quiet forest



Includes Three Unreleased B-Sides And "Guyville Redux" DVD

In celebration of the 15th year anniversary of the groundbreaking album, Exile in Guyville and its long awaited reissue a day earlier, Liz Phair will acoustically perform the entire album on June 25th at the Hiro Ballroom in New York. Tickets for this special event will go on sale this Wednesday and details on further events in Chicago and San Francisco will be announced shortly.

Exile in Guyville, which was out of print, will be available on CD, vinyl and - for the first time ever - in digital format. The special reissue package will include three never-before-released songs from the original recording sessions: "Ant in Alaska," with Phair simply accompanying herself on guitar, "Say You," which features Phair and a full band, and an untitled instrumental with Liz on guitar. Phair has also just completed a new, 80-minute DVD, "Guyville Redux," for the reissue.

In "Guyville Redux" - which features an introduction by Dave Matthews, founder/co-owner of ATO Records - Liz and the "guys" of Guyville take us back to the making of the album, the male-dominated, Chicago independent music scene of the early 1990's (which included Urge Overkill, Material Issue, and Smashing Pumpkins), and the Wicker Park neighborhood where it all happened. Phair interviews Gerard Cosloy and Chris Lombardi of Matador Records, which originally released the record, famed indie producer Steve Albini, Ira Glass of NPR's "This American Life," John Henderson of the elusive indie label Feel Good All Over, Brad Wood (producer of Exile In Guyville), John Cusack (who founded the Chicago avant-garde theater group New Crime Productions), Urge Overkill, and more.

Conceived as a song-by-song response to the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street, Exile in Guyville was released in 1993, and ranked #1 that year on both the Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics poll and Spin magazine's year-end critics poll. Incredibly influential to this day, its place as a seminal rock album has been reaffirmed by its inclusion in countless historical "best of" lists over the past 15 years, including: "Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time," Spin's "100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005," Rolling Stone's "Women in Rock (the 50 essential albums)," Blender's "Best Indie Rock Albums of All Time," Pitchfork's "Top 100 Albums of the 1990's," and VH1's "Greatest Albums Of All Time," to name but a few. Exile in Guyville is, in the words of Pitchfork, "a certifiable indie roadtrip classic."

"Exile in Guyville is miles more complex than the porn-star manifesto it was often considered," says Alan Light (former Editor-in-Chief of Spin, Vibe and Tracks) in an essay penned especially for the reissue. "Phair spoke for the uncertainties facing a new generation of women, struggling to find a balance between sexual confidence and romance, between independence and isolation... Exile in Guyville sat at the center of a culture in transition."

Phair is currently working on new studio album for the fall.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

House of OM Summer Tour!!!

Get ready to bring in your summer in style, as the House of Om Summer Tour is headed your way!

Sure to be the talked of tour of the summer; Colette, DJ Heather, Andy Caldwell, and Fred Everything will take North America by storm as they make their way across the continent.

For those of you that have followed Colette’s career it‘s no surprise that she has become arguably the most predominant female DJ worldwide. Her schedule often places her on three continents in the span of one week as demand for appearances continues at a break neck pace. Already her summer schedule boasts stops in Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Tokyo; all this while maintaining her Smart Bar residency in her original hometown of Chicago and a life in Los Angeles.

Widely regarded as one of the premier selectors in the nation, DJ Heather demonstrates her skills and sharp deck acumen throughout the Windy City and the world at large with verve and undeniable talent. The Chicago house community has produced a number of innovative and distinct DJ´s, trained in the art of transforming tranquil dance floors into spaces of sheer bedlam and bliss. Their committed vision of undiluted musical appreciation, interactive communication, improvisation and integrity has brought greater attention to the city´s great DJ´s including the genre busting DJ Heather.

With an ever–expanding discography, Andy Caldwell has only just begun to fulfill his passion for music, with frequent DJ tours, remix opportunities, production work and his debut artist album! For over the past 10 years, his DJ schedule has allowed him to share his love of music with fans around the world, performing as a DJ/musician in every major city on every continent.

Fred Everything is no stranger to the music game. With over a decade’s worth of experience, the Canadian DJ/Producer has made his rounds in the world of house music, holding over 100 productions to his credit. 2 artist albums, 1 remix album, and 3 mix cds. His newest album “Lost Together” is out on Om Records this summer.

House of Om Tour Coming to a City Near You:
6/13/08 Boston, MA The Estate
6/14/08 Denver, CO Electric Daisy
Carnival @ Adams County Fairground
6/15/08 Kansas City, MO TBC
6/20/08 TBA
6/21/08 San Diego, CA @ On Broadway 6/27/08 Baltimore, MD @ Bedrock
6/28/08 Los Angeles, CA @ Electric Daisy Carnival @ LA Coliseum & Exposition Park
7/3/08 Washington, DC @ Buzzlife @ FIVE 7/4/08 Columbus, OH @ Spice
7/5/08 Miami, FL TBC
7/10/08 Calgary, AB / CAN @ The Whiskey
7/11/08 Toronto, ON / CAN @ Mod Club 7/12/08 Cleveland, OH TBC
7/18/08 New York, NY @ Mansion
7/19/08 Montreal, QC / CAN @ Stereo
7/20/08 Detroit, MI @ V in MGM Grand Detroit
7/25/08 Charlotte, NC @ PLAY at HOM
7/26/08 Nashville, TN @ Lime Light
7/30/08 Las Vegas, NV @ Godskitchen @ Body English in the Hard Rock Casino
7/31/08 Vancouver, BC / CAN @ PLUSH 8/1/08 Houston, TX @ Rich's
8/2/08 Dallas, TX @ Minc
8/7/08 Seattle, WA @ Trinity Confirmed*
8/8/08 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Hotel
8/9/08 Phoenix, AZ TBC
8/10/08 San Francisco, CA @ 2nd @ Mission Rock






Since the release of Booming Back At You (Artwerk Music), his fifth studio album in March, the one man band known as JUNKIE XL has performed at the Ultra Music Festival, SXSW and many hotspots around the country; appeared on the covers of Electronic Musician, DJ Times and LA City Beat; and took a ride as the first artist ever to perform on the Coachella Express, the first Amtrak train ride from Los Angeles to Indio, CA where he also performed at the nation’s top music festival.

JUNKIE XL (aka Tom Holkenborg) now rolls into summer with hot new exclusive remixes for Madonna and Eagles of Death Metal, an impressive list of high profile syncs and new North American tour dates. On his new round of tour dates, JUNKIE XL will pass through such markets as Charlotte, Washington, New York and Atlanta. He’ll also perform at the Pemberton Festival in Canada and the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, CO.

Back in 2002, JUNKIE XL remixed Elvis “A Little Less Conversation” for Nike’s famous “Secret Tournament” spot, which resulted in a chart-topping world-wide hit. This year, he teams up again with the major sports manufacturer to remix Eagles Of Death Metal’s “Don’t Speak” for their “The Next Level” European ad, which is directed by Guy Richie and features the biggest names in soccer. Tom says: “I have been a fan of the Eagles of Death Metal for years, ever since I heard Piece Love And Death Metal. To me they are such an underrated band and it was an honor to work with there music. I hope this spot allows a lot of people to discover one of the coolest bands in the world.” The spot can be viewed here:

The dance floor maven has also teamed up with the ultimate dance maverick Madonna for her current single “4 Minutes” featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. His remix edit appears on her chart-topping album Hard Candy and the Junkie XL dirty dub appears on the “4 Minutes” single package. Meanwhile, many of the songs that appear on Booming Back At You—including “More,” “Cities In Dust” and “Mad Pursuit”--have been utilized in various films, TV shows, trailers, games, mix albums and soundtracks. Recent highlights include high-profile exposure on this past week’s episode of the CW hit series Gossip Girl with “Cities In Dust” and “Booming Right At You,” which has been used on ABC’s promos for Ugly Betty, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy.


Nine Inch Nails 2008 touring lineup has been completed. Returning member Robin Finck and new addition Rich Fownes will join Trent Reznor, Alessandro Cortini and Josh Freese for a world tour beginning July in North America.

Finck has served in numerous touring configurations of NIN, from tours supporting The Downward Spiral (1994-1997) to The Fragile (2000-2001). More recently, he played in Guns N Roses. Fownes has been performing with UNKLE, and has been a member of With Scissors and The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

The upcoming tour will feature the live debut of material from the recently released Ghosts I-IV alongside songs spanning the entire NIN catalogue.

Confirmed dates thus far for NIN's 2008 world tour are listed below. Additional dates and on-sales will be announced shortly.

07/25/08 - Pemberton, BC - Pemberton Festival
07/26/08 - Seattle, WA - Key Arena at Seattle Center
07/28/08 - Edmonton, ALB - Rexall Place
07/29/08 - Calgary, ALB - Pengrowth Saddledome
07/31/08 - Winnipeg, MAN - MTS Centre
08/02/08 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
08/05/08 - Toronto, ONT - Air Canada Centre
08/07/08 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena
08/08/08 - Worcester, MA - DCU Center
08/12/08 - Knoxville, TN - Knoxville Civic Coliseum
08/13/08 - Duluth, GA - Gwinnett Arena
08/15/08 - Oklahoma City, OK - Ford Center
08/16/08 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
08/18/08 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
08/20/08 - St. Louis, MO - Scottrade Center
08/22/08 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
08/23/08 - Auburn Hills, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills
08/27/08 - East Rutherford, NJ - Izod Center
08/29/08 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center
08/31/08 - Lexington, KY - Rupp Arena
09/02/08 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheater
09/03/08 - Salt Lake City, UT - The E Center of West Valley
09/05/08 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena
09/06/08 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum






Today, MONOLITH FESTIVAL presented by Esurance announces additional artists to an already stellar lineup. The festival, returning to Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14, debuted in 2007 as the first multi-day, multi-stage festival ever held at Colorado's beloved outdoor venue and was instantly adopted as an indie fan favorite and a staple of the summer festival season.

Each year, MONOLITH hand picks an impressive lineup of indie favorites and blog darlings, which for 2008 includes Denver's own Devotchka and French electro-buzz-band Justice as headliners. Today, MONOLITH the addition of Atmosphere, Hercules and Love Affair, Foals, Does it Offend You, Yeah? Port O'Brien, Pomegranates, Colour Revolt, KaiserCartel, Candy Coated Killahz, Jukebox the Ghost, American Bang, The Chain Gang of 1974, Joshua Novak, Erin Ivey, The Wheel, Paperbird, Noah Harris, Lynsey Smith, Scratch Track, David Moore, LoveLikeFire, and Dave Beegle to an already stacked lineup. A complete list of confirmed acts is included below. Visit for ongoing updates.

MONOLITH fills a niche in Colorado's already vibrant indie music scene, and even within a seemingly saturated U.S. festival market. With five stages and premium facility amenities, MONOLITH builds on the natural splendor of Red Rocks and has quickly become a requisite for festival goers and indie music fans. As the Rocky Mountain News reviewed, " Red Rocks has always needed a festival worth of its grandeur, [MONOLITH] hit all the marks...a fantastic lineup, a musical setup that was a breeze to navigate, and ticket prices that were an unbelievable value".

Tickets on sale now at and

Ticketing Levels:

2-Day Ticket: $110

Single Day Tickets: $59.50
*2-Day and Single Day Tickets are on sale now at all Ticketmaster outlets and

For those looking to enhance their MONOLITH experience, MONOLITH is offering upgraded VIP packages, including premium festival amenities such as reserved soundboard seating, VIP parking, kick-off and after-party access, and more.
Visit for details.

VIP Gold Pass: $225
*VIP Gold Passes are only available through

Complete confirmed lineup is as follows:
Silversun Pickups
TV on the Radio
Vampire Weekend
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Band of Horses
Neko Case
The Avett Brothers
Cut Copy
Hercules and Love Affair
Del tha Funky Homosapien
Tokyo Police Club
The Ting Tings
The Kills
The Fratellis
Mickey Avalon
The Presets
Holy F**k
The Bronx
The Cribs
Tilly and the Wall
Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Does it Offend You, Yeah?
The Heavy
Port O'Brien
The Photo Atlas
Blitzen Trapper
White Denim
The Night Marchers
A Place to Bury Strangers
Pop Levi
John Vanderslice
The Airborne Toxic Event
Pwrfl Power
Darker My Love
The Hood Internet
Colour Revolt
Cameron McGill & What Army
The Morning Benders
The Giraffes
Jukebox and the Ghost
Bright Channel
Chester French
Grampall Jookabox
The Rosewood Thieves
Hearts of Palm
American Bang
Candy Coated Killahz
Joshua Novak
Rock Plaza Central
The Chain Gang of 10974
The Wheel
Erin Ivey
Noah Harris
Scratch Track
Lynsey Smith
David Moore
The Elms
Dave Beegle

2008 MONOLITH partners are Esurance, Southwest Airlines, Channel 93.3, Westword,, Gigbot, HotFreaks, and Jakprints.

MONOLITH is produced by AEG Live Rocky Mountains and Monolith Festivals with curating support from the HotFreaks blog collective.

IAMX (feat. Chris Corner of Sneaker Pimps) #4 MOST ADDED TRACK ON CMJ!!

US Version of The Alternative Out Now!
and Expanded Version of Kiss + Swallow on June 24th

“Like a sleek, modernist upgrade of Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine.” - The Guardian (UK)

BERLIN, GERMANY - IAMX's infiltration of U.S. soil continues to build as their first single "SPIT IT OUT" makes a big splash on radio. It debuted as the #4 Most Added on CMJ (click here for a full list of stations) and currently at #26 on the CMJ RPM CHART (it debuted last week at #38). Culled from their internationally-acclaimed second album The Alternative, "Spit It Out" also spawned a video that is making equally huge waves in the video world. Musically layered with electro, pop, and rock interwoven in a very melodically rhythmic fabric, the track has been a fan favorite since its initial release overseas. An amazing remix of the single by Washington, DC collective Bitrayker was released exclusively to Napster. It can be heard at



Due to unforeseen circumstances the planned "The Batcave Returns" U.S. Tour dates in June have had to be cancelled. We are very sorry but it is a situation that is totally beyond our control. We are all extremely disappointed, we have all tried our utmost to make this tour happen, but we find ourselves in an unworkable position due to immigration, transportation & other logistic & legal issues.

Ticket refunds will be available via Ticketmaster.
For VIP Package refunds you will be contacted by Deathrock Magazine as soon as is possible, alternatively please email

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PUNK'S NOT DEAD new video documentary

Punk's Not Dead is more than just a tribute documentary. It takes you on an era-by-era journey that puts punk rock's non-conformist reputation under the knife. Officially sanctioned by the bands in the film who donated personal photos, fliers and home videos, Punk's Not Dead follows the evolution of punk music from its anarchic roots, to its use as a corporate marketing tool and acceptance into popular culture, to its reinvention in today's underground scene. It features such bands as The Adicts, Bad Religion, Black Flag, The Damned, The God Awfuls, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Minor Threat, NOFX, The Offspring, Pennywise, The Ramones, Rancid, Social Distortion, Stiff Little Fingers, The Subhumans, Sum 41, UK Subs, The Used, and many, many more. Director Susan Dynner's first-hand experience of Washington DC's punk scene in the Eighties and her continued love of punk music spurred the making of this self-financed, independent documentary true to the D.I.Y. spirit of punk culture. Punk's Not Dead combines intelligent, insightful commentary with live performances, behind-the-scenes anecdotes and a killer soundtrack.
Bonus Materials:

* Over 2 hours of Extras including Artist Interviews, Exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and never-before seen footage





May 21, 2008—San Francisco, CA— After an immensely successful inaugural year, Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment are thrilled to announce another stellar line-up for the Treasure Island Music Festival. The two-day festival will once again take place in one of the world’s most breathtaking settings: an island smack-dab in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. Picking up where it left off last year, Saturday, September 20th will feature cutting edge electronic and dance oriented acts with Justice closing. The Raconteurs will headline Sunday, September 21st which features a one-of-a-kind line-up of highly regarded established and emerging indie rock bands.

Saturday September 20th

Sunday September 21st

Organized by the creators of the Noise Pop Festival, one of the nation’s longest-running music festivals, and Another Planet Entertainment, a nationally established independent concert promoter based in Berkeley, CA, the Treasure Island Music Festival has been called a “full blown love affair” by SPIN.COM, and has SF WEEKLY boasting that “NorCal has its own Micro-achella.”

“I could not be happier with the Treasure Island line-up this year” says Allen Scott, Vice President of Another Planet Entertainment. “In a busy U.S. festival marketplace, our eclectic bill, unique setting and intimate size set this event apart from other festivals.”

"It's exciting to me that we were once again able to achieve our goal of presenting a festival that reflects the 16 year history of Noise Pop” adds Jordan Kurland, Noise Pop co-owner “and more importantly, the diverse tastes of the Bay Area music community."

The two-day celebration will have plenty of interactive activities for the audience including a Ferris wheel, a vending village featuring local artists and designers, as well as a wide array of food and beverages.

Continuing in the tradition of last year's environmentally sustainable event, complimentary transportation to the island on bio-diesel buses will be provided. The carbon neutral Treasure Island Music Festival had the second highest waste diversion rate (72%) of all outdoor events in San Francisco in 2007 according to the SF Department of the Environment and aims to increase this rate at the 2008 festival

Treasure Island Music Festival runs from 12:00PM to 10:00PM each day. Single day tickets cost $65.00. Two-day tickets cost $115.00. There will also be a limited quantity of VIP tickets sold as a four-pack, which includes four VIP tickets to one day of the festival, one VIP parking spot on the island, preferred viewing area, VIP Lounge with full bar and other amenities for $445.00. A limited number of early bird two-day tickets will be available for $99.00 through the festival pre-sale.

For up-to-the-minute information on Treasure Island Music Festival and more information on Early Bird Tickets please visit

SPOON FINAL 2008 Tour Dates

Don't You Evah EP Debuts #1 on Billboard Singles Sales Chart

Following on a standing-room-only U.S. tour that culminated in the Don't You Evah EP entering Billboard's singles sales chart at #1, Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, Eric Harvey and Rob Pope-collectively known as Spoon-have confirmed their final live engagements of 2008.
This last run of Spoon shows will be preceded by a May 3 Britt Daniel solo performance at the Belly Up in Solana Beach CA. From there, the full band will be headlining the KNRK Pet Aid Benefit in Troutdale OR, playing their biggest ever New York show July 15 at Brooklyn's Prospect Park, appearing at the Mile High and Pitchfork festivals, making their debut at the Hollywood Bowl September 20 supporting Beck, and concluding with a three-night residency at the Fillmore Theater in San Francisco-the last dates of the tour and first Spoon SF headline engagement since the July 2007 release of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Tickets for the Fillmore shows go on sale to the general public May 11.

These dates will mark the close of more than a year's worth of touring in support of Spoon's sixth full-length studio album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, which was Spoon's first Top 10 album and most acclaimed release of their career. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga's U.S. sales are now approaching 300,000, the band's biggest ever coverage has run in the likes of TIME and THE NEW YORKER, Best of 2007 placements have included NPR, GQ, NEW YORK, ROLLING STONE, PITCHFORK, BLENDER, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, SPIN THE ONION, PASTE and the WASHINGTON POST, and Oct. 6 marked the band's debut appearance on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

The full itinerary for the May-September dates is as follows:

Sat May 3rd
Solana Beach, CA
Belly Up (Britt Daniel solo)

Fri June 13th
Troutdale, OR
Edgefield Amphitheater (KNRK Pet Aid 2008)

Tue July 15th
Brooklyn, NY
Prospect Park

Sat July 19th
Denver, CO
Mile High Festival

Sun July 20th
Chicago, IL
Pitchfork Music Festival

Sat Sep 20th
Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Bowl

Mon Sep 22nd
San Francisco, CA
Fillmore Theatre

Tue Sep 23rd
San Francisco, CA
Fillmore Theatre

Wed Sep 24th
San Francisco, CA
Fillmore Theatre

The Subliminator will be touring Florida between May 29th - June 8th

Atlanta's Serson Brannen, veteran spacerocker, started the Subliminator project in '05. After years as a member of Spaceseed he is now a solo act and was immediately signed to Atlanta's Scared records. "Recalibrated" his first release for the label achieved critical acclaim and another, "Rake" (Quick, what's a rake?) is out now. He has collected two of Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta awards in '06 and '07. Relentless touring (Who else do you know that tours by motorcycle?) has kept him in the public eye and he has been taking the avant-garde/underground scene by storm. Combining vocals and theremins his sound is unique, original, eclectic, hard edged and brings rock n' roll flash to dark sonic art.

Atlanta's avant-guarde demi god......Ohmpark
Electronic Elvis on hallucinogens......Sounds from the pocket
The soundtrack to Lucifer's lobotomy lab.........Stomp n' Stammer
The new high priest of Cosmic slam rockn'roll poetry.......Aural Innovations
http://www.myspace. com/Scaredrecords


After a hugely successful sold out US tour- including a second triumphant performance at Coachella this April, Hot Chip announce dates for another tour this Fall. The dates include two shows at the Wiltern in L.A. and two shows at Terminal 5 in NYC.

This is the second tour this year in support of their new album Made In The Dark. Made In The Dark was informed by two years of touring, so the album was designed to be performed live. Their shows are pulsating, propulsive, and unequivocally fun. See what the press has to say about them:

"Hot Chip was hot all right. The English electro-pop act packed the Sahara tent at Coachella on Saturday evening, and then some, blinding the crowd with beats…Those who thought the quintet stole the show at last year’s Coachella were not disappointed." - Los Angeles Times

"A non-stop pressure cooker of a performance."- Boston Herald

"By the second song of its set, Hot Chip had the crowd undulating self-consciously to dance music that somehow melded the trance sensibilities of Kraftwerk to the sound palette of Southern hip-hop."- Washington Post

"Thank fuck for Hot Chip. In a world where pretentious indie rock and boring electro reign supreme, its inspiring to see a group so innovative, so eclectic, so weird, not only exist but also be extremely popular (as a packed floor at Terminal 5 confirmed by going buckwild at every single opportunity)." - 'Sup magazine

"Simply put, everything about this show was perfect. If you’ve never seen Hot Chip live, don’t hesitate! They put on the best show I’ve seen all year." - The Big Takeover

There will be a special pre-sale starting on May 20. Tickets will be on sale for the public on May 23.

9/21 Los Angeles, CA Wiltern
9/22 Los Angeles, CA Wiltern
9/23 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theater
9/25 Dallas, TX Palladium Ballroom
9/26 Austin, TX Austin City Limits
9/28 Chicago, IL Metro
9/29 Chicago, IL Metro
9/30 Toronto, ON Koolhaus
10/1 Montreal, QC Metropolis
10/3 New York, NY Terminal 5
10/4 New York, NY Terminal 5
10/5 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
10/7 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live
10/8 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
10/9 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse


KASKADE is set to release his fifth artist album, Strobelite Seduction through Ultra Records on June 3. Can't wait this long? It is available on iTunes May 20!!

The album expands upon his trademark sound of glistening, guitar-laden melodies, mixing in elements of various styles. Strobelite Seduction is a diverse selection of tracks that showcase KASKADE'S ease between dance floor ready bounce-lined tunes to slowed down records perfect for laid back occasions. Blending different genres and moods, this is KASKADE at his most adventurous.

"Move For Me", Strobelite Seduction's first single, is already making waves on iTunes at #2 in their Top Ten Dance Songs and #10 on the Beatport Top Ten Overall Tracks.


Beginning May 16th KASKADE will head out on the road to support this release, and will be touring through the spring and summer seasons for the Strobelite Seduction Tour.

16-May – MYST – Scottsdale, AZ
17-May – On Broadway – San Diego, CA
18-May – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
23-May – BUZZ @ Fur Nightclub – Washington, D.C.
24-May – POP @ Cow Palace – Daly City, CA
30-May – This Is London – Toronto, ON
31-May – Stereo – Montreal, QC
6-June – Mansion Ultra Lounge – New York, NY
7-June – Giant @ Vanguard – Los Angeles, CA
13-June – Swerve – Atlanta, GA
14-June – Electric Daisy Carnival – Denver, CO
19-June – Lique – Curitiba, Brazil
20-June – Pacha – Sao Paulo, Brazil
21-June – Winterplay – Florianopolis, Brazil
27-June – The End – London, England
30-June – MN2S – Ibiza, Spain
3-July – Ruby Skye – San Francisco, CA
4-July – Bliss Nightclub – Reno, NV
5-July – Flames Central – Calgary, AB
6-July – Wet Republic @ MGM Grand – Las Vegas, NV
12-July – Pacha – Ibiza, Spain
17-July – Tentation Ultra Lounge – Newport Beach, CA
18-July – Rich’s – Houston, TX
19-July – Epic Event Center – Minneapolis, MN
25-July – The Bank Ultra Lounge – Edmonton, AB
2-August – Smart Bar – Chicago, IL
6-September – Minc Lounge – Dallas, TX

For more information, please visit:

Delicious Vinyl Releases All Star-RMXXOLOGY This August

Featuring Eminem, Peaches, Hot Chip, Aaron LaCrate & Cory Nitta

Go back to the future with Delicious Vinyl RMXXOLOGY, an all-new, 15-track album featuring classic tracks by Young MC, The Pharcyde, Masta Ace, The Brand New Heavies, and Fatlip re-imagined by artists including Peaches, Hot Chip, and Eminem. The first two singles from the album are already embedded in the hearts and minds of DJs and party people worldwide: pioneering electro goddess Peaches' sizzling update of Tone Loc's immortal "Wild Thing" and Aaron LaCrate and Debonair Samir's gutter-bumping Baltimore blast of Young MC's "Know How."

RMXXOLOGY was born a year ago when Delicious Vinyl honcho Rick Ross met Peaches after a show. After agreeing that she would do a version of Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" they began brainstorming a dream team of artists to let loose on the Delicious Vinyl catalog. This led to the creation of The Delicious Vinyl All-Stars, a collective including prime-time players like Eminem and Diplo, as well as upstart French freakers Mr. Flash, Breakbot, and Don Rimini, and L.A. new jacks Cory Nitta (Pink Enemy/Philippians) and Bobby Evans (Brother Reade). Soon each of the Delicious Vinyl All-Stars was having their way with a Delicious Vinyl classic of their choosing...

As Rick Ross puts it, "Peaches is my co-curator on RMXXOLOGY. We reached out to people who know how to have fun exploring their influences and adding their own magic to something they love. That's the creative core of what the RMXXOLOGY project is about: Start with these dope raw materials and reassemble them into something new and fun, revitalizing the music for a new generation of fans!"

The album runs the gamut from Pink Enemy's tech-soul take on The Brand New Heavies' beloved "Never Stop" to Eminem's head-knock redux of Masta Ace "Slaughterhouse" and, the real stunner, Hot Chip's transformation of The Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By" into a sacred hymn. Rick Ross explains: "RMXXOLOGY represents a whole variety of styles. It's all about creating alternative versions of these classics, rather than remixing them expressly for the dancefloor. After all, the original songs always brought people to the dancefloor anyway!"

But don't fear: The dancefloor ain't being neglected. The third single from RMXXOLOGY, "Bust A Move" RMXXS, finds Diplo and Don Rimini manhandling the Young MC classic into club-savvy form. (Already #1 on beatport and turntablelab's digital charts, Bust A Move RMXXS will be released on 12" vinyl on May 22.) And then there's the album's lead track, Bobby Evans' "Freak-A-Zoid Robots (RMXXOLOGY Theme)" an homage to Afrika Bambaataa and old school electro that embodies the album's past-is-present spirit.

Featuring gold sparkle artwork that flips the classic Delicious Vinyl logo in the same way that The Delicious Vinyl All-Stars have re-thunk the original music, RMXXOLOGY is destined to be this summer's hottest album.

The Village Voice Announces Initial Lineup for the 8th Annual Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™

at Coney Island
Saturday, July 19, 2008

and more to be announced!

New York, NY (May 7, 2008) The Village Voice, the nation’s largest alternative weekly newspaper, is excited to announce the initial line-up for the 8th Annual Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™
at Coney Island on Saturday, July 19, 2008 from 12:00 noon - 9:00 p.m. Scheduled performers include STEPHEN MALKMUS AND THE JICKS, BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE, THE HELIO SEQUENCE, BEACH HOUSE, TIMES NEW VIKING, JAGUAR LOVE, THE DODOS, ANNUALS,

This free, all day, all ages music festival will feature international, national and local bands and DJs performing on two outdoor stages in historic Coney Island.Now in its 8th year, the Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™ has solidified its status as a leading New York City outdoor music festival, drawing over 100,000 music fans by showcasing indie rock veterans and emerging artists.

Budweiser returns to the Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™ as the exclusive beer sponsor for the 8th consecutive year. Other sponsors include iClips Network, Zig Zag Live, NY Bartending School, Hop Stop, Guitar Center and Astroland Amusement Park. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available.

Girls Against Boys' McCloud Preps Paramount Styles LP

After a run of revered albums in the 1990s with Girls Against Boys, singer/guitarist Scott McCloud will release his first solo album under the name Paramount Styles on July 8. The album is called Failure American Style, and it's on Dutch label KonKurrent, though Touch and Go is distributing it on U.S. shores.

McCloud got help on the Paramount Styles record from GVSB/Bellini drummer Alexis Fleisig, Psychedelic Furs' (and now Guns N' Roses') guitarist Richard Fortus, singer Angela McCluskey, cellist Marlan Barry, and composer/pianist Paul Cantelon.

Scott will soon embark on a Paramount Styles European tour, which kicks off May 21 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Failure American Style:

01 Alleyesareonyounowmypet
02 Paradise Happens
03 Hollywood Tales 2
04 Race You Till Tomorrow
05 One Last Surprise
06 These Starry Nights
07 Drunx, Whores & Mzk People
08 Come to New York
09 I Keep Losing You
10 The Crazy Years
11 More Than Alive


“Joining the ranks of The Go! Team and Gnarls Barkley, two artist making music completely out of time with immense success, turntablist Sonny J takes the '70s fixation to the farthest reaches of funk, without ever becoming kitsch. So while the video for the single "Can't Stop Moving" borrows amply from the Jackson 5's vintage cartoon, Sonny J is too good to be mentioned in the same breath as the Brady Bunch, although he'd almost certainly defend the show to his death”. - Urb

As soon as you press play on Sonny J’s debut album Disastro, you’ll know his cult favorite single “Can’t Stop Moving” that found its way from his MySpace page to daytime play on the UK’s Radio 1 (available now online in the US) was no fluke. The elusive Liverpool turntablist, and second-hand vinyl shopping specialist, now living in a beach hut, has thrown together album of influences as disparate as Saturday morning cartoons, crank phone calls, lounge lizard repartee, big wobbly bass lines, euphoric strings and giddy breakdowns all splattered with soul, rock, R&B, and funk. His hyperactive, DMC-goes-crate-digging-in-Salvation Army garage sale rock ventures where others fear to tread, crafting a spinning array of sounds and textures into an even dozen songs of 21rst-century, psychedelic, junk shop future pop. It’s a record where the highs are higher and the lows are gently, softly, lower.

The opening track, “Enfant Terrible,” confirms this. It’s a bizarre Eurovision mosh pit melody powered by guitars that could have been pulled from a Sex Pistol’s 7”, off with sassy-sweet French schoolchildren vocals baked into an explosive sonic pastry that could make Yelle yell. The forthcoming single “Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)” is a heart-thumping soul meets Nashville collage that could be the opening title a spaghetti western that could have starred the Fifth Dimension. There’s album’s title track, “Disastro” a kaleidoscopic drive through ‘70s era car chase music, cog-whirring guitar riffs and hip-hop-adelic madness that’s the aural equivalent of The Rock Steady Crew riding shotgun with Popeye Doyle. And in-between it all there are surprising gems like “Sorrow” a ballad that seems to capture the mood of a golden summer’s day.

But mostly it’s hyperkinetic, neon-tinged inter-galactic pop where listeners are as likely to be swept off into the middle of an imagined lost-in-music dancefloor as transported to the castanet-shaking interplanetary tango. And right at the end, on “Sonnrise,” Sonny takes a Johnny Cash meets Nashville Skyline country weeper and places it squarely over celestial West Coast harmonies and his trademark cut ‘n’ paste sonic obscurities.

So what else can we tell you about Mr. Sonny J? He claims his real name is Sonnington James III. He loves Japanese weather reports, customizing British soccer uniforms (his latest is a red & yellow version of the 1981 Flamengo Adidas classic - a replica of the one worn by ‘80s-era Brazilian soccer superstar Zico!) and singing for his supper in the most unpromising seaside second-hand shops. His DJ sets sound like Doris Day kidnapped by Motorhead, all washed down with generous helpings of cut up future funk, nasty 80's power rock, spaced out b-boy nuggets and general dirty electronique madness….kind of like Disastro.


Enfant Terrible
I’m So Heavy
Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)
Cabaret Short Circuit
Belly Bongo
Can’t Stop Moving
Strange Things
Doing The Tango

Sonny J’s infectious and ambidextrous single ‘Handsfree (If You Hold My hand)’ is released digitally on July 15, the album Disastro follows on August 19.


The past year has seen The Black Ghosts’ ethereal Electronic Soul building them a formidable reputation with the quiet confidence that befits the duo’s enigmatic style. With the cold, steely riffs and floor-smashing beats of the much admired Theo Keating AKA Touché, ably augmented by erstwhile Simian vocalist Simon Lord, The Black Ghosts’ have begun to reveal their unique, electro-noir spirit through a brace of limited addition white-labels and their strikingly original DJ sets, that see Simon unfettering his spine-chilling vocals and shadowy tales.

Fact: Did you know that the Justice remix of "We are Your Friends" which features Simon, was initially written in not such a positive light? Hear Simon discuss this plus The Black Ghosts' dark side. Check it out here

After unveiling their unstoppable EP “Any Way You Choose to Give It' The Black Ghosts are preparing to release their highly-anticipated debut full-length "The Black Ghosts”on IAMSOUND July 8, 2008, which features the electro-pop groove and first single, 'Repetition' showcasing the vocal stylings of very special guest, Damon Albarn. Other gems include ghetto-gothic ‘Any Way You Chose To Give It’ and the lyrically dark, bassed-out 'Some Way Through This'. This album will surely make many year end top critics polls and be your favorite summer long player.

"their upcoming debut album leaves absolutely nothing to be desired in the indie-dance-worthy-of-your-fanatism department. Their current single "Anyway You Choose To Give It" sounds like Megaman disco dancing with Crystal Castles, and the reigning Best Song of the Summer" –Sup

"This 4 song boner that pokes back to the 80's erotic pop era when West End Girls, some bigger than others, slithered into bathroom stalls like Karma Chameleons only to overdose on Candy and fall crashing down through a Heart of Glass" - Tripwire

The Black Ghosts are breaking the mold of pop, crafting love songs that explore the dark side of relationships which conventional pop love songs won’t venture into. ‘Any Way You Choose to Give It’ (click here to Simon and his torch and twang) finds its protagonist in an unenviable, but familiar position - feeling randy, but racked with doubt and cynicism. "I challenge you to make the wrong move,” sings Simon, outraged by the object of his lust's supposed perfection. On ‘Some Way Through This’, The Black Ghosts become tormented by the faulty human instinct to make mutual happiness as difficult to achieve as possible. While Theo's electronic orchestra stabs with an assassin's grace, Simon implores the source of his frustration that he " will do whatever it takes to put a smile upon your face " and laments that it's only "if my hands were around your throat would you tell me what I need to know." During ‘It's Your Touch’, a casual cynic tries to reason out his new found love, only settling for a base, feral attraction as convincing enough stimulus. "I guess you're wondering what I'm doing for you… And I guess that I'm wondering quite the same thing…" Simon drawls, exasperated, as Theo's West Coast folk-rock accompaniment exudes lush indulgence and a dangerous wistfulness.

"The Black Ghosts will get you moving without fail.... The result is dark, daring electro-synth songs with thoughtful lyrics taken from a cynical and strangely empowering perspective." -, artist of the day

"The Black Ghosts are uncommon pop geniuses with a knack for catchy songs that avoid cliches." TBG Can rock the funky beats and sing. They have a knack for combining dance-punk indie-pop and electro-breaks, and somehow do it without sounding lame." -XLR8R

"There’s the makings of the next electropop sensation". - Pop Matters

And those that made it out to their Vice "Tales of Colt 45" Tour were able to witness firsthand the bangin’ tracks off their forthcoming album brought to life and party all night to the incomparable dance-floor wrecking sets that take place only when The Black Ghosts are up on the decks. If you missed it, don’t worry, they will be back in July amidst performing at some of this year’s hottest international festivals including Gatecrasher, Rock Ness and Glastonbury. ***Tour Dates To Be Announced Soon***

And never ones to take the conventional route, The Black Ghosts have teamed up with CULT-GEIST, a global network of filmmakers, photographers, artists, curators, promoters and musicians, to create a video for every track on the album to be premiered each week alternating between Big Stereo and Missing Toof which debuted on May 5th. Check out dark and chilling video for ‘Some Way Through This’ below.

"If there's one thing the barbaric denizens of this video's dystopian Lego city love, it's a thick electro-pop groove. Little yellow men and womern dance, drink, patronize strip clubs, ignore homeless people, and kill one another. The dark, pseudo-political message isn't very subtle, and it's softened only by the kaleidoscopic pyschosis of the Gondry-biting gimmick." - Spin

A Storm of Light Announces Debut Album, And We Wept the Black Ocean Within, out June 10th on Neurot * US Dates w/ Harvey Milk * Europe w/ Neurosis!

Graham first burst on the scene as the newest member of Bay Area titans Neurosis, handling the visual element which included live pieces and graphic design, eventually leading into the legendary "A Sun That Never Sets" companion DVD. On the heels of that well received DVD, Josh went on to direct music videos and design artwork for Dillinger Escape Plan, Enon, Jesu, Khann, Underoath, Saves The Day, and many others. Meanwhile, Josh wielded a heavy (like the music) axe (like the guitar) in Red Sparowes featuring members of the like-minded Isis, Battle Of Mice with members of local metallers Made Out Of Babies, and Tribes of Neurot (a Neurosis related experimental project). His tenure with Red Sparowes has recently come to an end, but that hasn't stopped Mr. No-Sleep from starting another band... A Storm Of Light. - BrooklynVegan (read the entire interview here!)

The voice that leads And We Wept the Black Ocean Within is now dead.

No, tragedy hasn't struck since the album was recorded. The debut release from Brooklyn, NY trio A Storm of Light is anything but posthumous. However, within its murky, suffocating depths there lies little certainty about the origin and veracity of the words bellowed by guitarist Josh Graham (also Neurosis visual director, Blood and Time, Battle of Mice and formerly of Red Sparowes) as mouthpiece of the album's protagonist.

The unreliable narrator as a literary device -- familiar to the works of authors like Edgar Allan Poe and William Faulkner -- places readers within an intractable mind in a severely compromised state. Interestingly, this notion rarely explored in rock music is the essence of And We Wept the Black Ocean Within. The first-person lyrics are unclear exactly who might be delivering them as they appear to move through varying stages of grief (i.e. denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) through - out the course of the album. It could be something inanimate, could be something animal, or it could be the words of someone long deceased. Graham isn't forthcoming with details, however. The closest he comes is a vague hint to the cover artwork and something to do with so-called "bog bodies" -- phenomenally well-preserved human remains dating back to the Celtic Iron Age of persons violently dispensed by being submerged in acidic peat bogs.

Whichever the case may be, these dark themes of drowning, destruction and despair are perfectly suited to A Storm of Light's impressively pressurized sound. Graham is joined on the album by bassist/vocalist Domenic Seita (ex-Tombs, ex-Asea) and drummer Pete Angevine of Satanized. Since this recording, rhythmic pugilist extraordinaire Vincent Signorelli (Unsane, ex-Swans) has signed on as second drummer. As you'd guess by the pedigree, A Storm of Light is brutally hard-hitting. However, the group's haunting harmonic drone meshing guitar, vocals and subtle keyboard layers gives listeners a sense of slow suffocation in waves of noise rather than straightforward pummeling.

While the immediate heavy rock referents of the band's antecedents make sense, the album has just as much in common with narrative-based groups like Crime & The City Solution than conceptual metal. As an early influence on Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (and later to share members), Crime & The City Solution's Simon Bonney penned dark tales of desperation and punctuated them with precise song structures that flowed with the prose, rarely adhering to traditional verse-chorus-verse formula. Likewise, And We Wept the Black Ocean Within moves in versicle form between the voice and instruments. The result is an album densely packed with suspense, tension and eruptive release.

Aided by master engineer Joel Hamilton (Book of Knots, Battle of Mice), Graham's slack-tuned guitar rumbles and groans while subtle keyboard lines and Seita's bass slither throughout the lowest ranges of the musical scale. Angevine's lunging rhythms add crashing and propulsive heft. The vocals sound as intricately layered as the other instruments, often sounding unclear how many voices are adding to the harmony... guitar notes, voices, synth chords all blur into a wash that quite suitably evokes a sense of deep sea water pressure. We wouldn't go so far to suggest that it could give listeners a case of the bends, but And We Wept the Black Ocean Within is not the type of album that one can easily escape and switch into something else.

Throughout, there are many jutting sonic surprises that we'd be reticent to reveal herein. Suffice to say, the debut of A Storm of Light is a truly suspenseful and captivating work that bears nearly as much to do with masterful cinema and literature as it does with the type of monolithic and epic sounds of its musical progenitors.

Tracklist for And We Wept The Black Ocean Within
01. Adrift
02. Vast & Endless
03. Black Ocean
04. Thunderhead
05. Undertow
06. Mass
07. Leaden Tide
08. Breach
09. Descent
10. Iron Heart

A Storm of Light Live!
Jun 14 2008 The 4th Annual Shaun Luu Horror Fest at The Palace Theater Syracuse, New York w/ The Red Chord

w/ Harvey Milk
Jun 21 Great Scott Boston, MA
Jun 22 Europa Bar Brooklyn, NY
Jun 24 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia, PA
Jun 25 Ottobar Baltimore, MD

Europe w/ Neurosis!
Aug 14 2008 Klub Stodoła Warsaw, Poland, Masovia
Aug 15 2008 Brutal Assault Fesitval at Army Fortress JOSEFOV Jaromer, Czech Republic
Aug 18 2008 UT Connewitz Leipzig
Aug 19 2008 UT Connewitz Leipzig
Aug 20 2008 TBA Duisburg
Aug 21 2008 Metropolis München
Aug 22 2008 VNV Rock Altitude Festival Le Locle
Aug 23 2008 Mamamia Club Senigallia
Sep 3 2008 013 Tilburg

For more information, visit:


The reigning royalty of the electro punk revolution will be touring America to packed shows of rabid fans. Enough said, see dates below.

"One of the hottest bands around at the moment" -BBC

"One of the best things to come out of Canada since Arcade Fire" -NME

"The duoŠmight be the most engaging electronic act around." --ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"It's brutal, it's's a pleasure" - The Guardian UK

"It's always memorable when Toronto's Crystal Castles deliver their tweaked-out eyeliner-soaked Nintendo-core to gawking crowds" - SPIN

SAT 6/7 SEATTLE, WA Nectar
MON 6/9 PORTLAND, OR Backspace
TUE 6/10 SAN FRAN, CA The Independent
WED 6/11 L.A., CA The Roxy
THU 6/12 SAN DIEGO, CA Casbah
FRI 6/13 PHOENIX, AZ Modified Arts
SUN 6/15 ALBUQUERQUE, AZ Launchpad
MON 6/16 DENVER, CO Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom
WED 6/18 CHICAGO, IL Double Door
THU 6/19 NEW YORK, NY Studio B
SAT 6/21 PHILADELPHIA, PA Popped! Festival (Details TBC)

MISS DERRINGER Locks Down Tour Dates with BLONDIE "Black Tears" Single Remixed by CC/K

"... with the poise of a theater diva, the presence of a method actress, and the voice of a vamp surfer girl, she projects real romantic confusion and heartbreak with every bittersweet syllable and every black tear." - Pitchfork

"Miss Derringer gives us a healthy way to shrug off big, dark conclusions about life: Have a sing-along about them. The demons of blues and country haunt both McGrath’s voice and the band’s songs, with each track leaving behind the smoky diesel trail of Bonnie and Clyde. Put these tracks on shuffle with Johnny Cash or Patsy Cline.” - Venus

"Kind of like Dresden Dolls gone Americana with a heavy dose of Nick Cave & the Black Seeds gumption... In short, we likey." - Metromix

" Phil Spector, Patsy Cline, murder ballads, Lee Hazlewood, and Nancy Sinatra duets and — above all — drinking are still some of Miss Derringer's favorite things." - All Music Guide

Incubating quite quickly in the Los Angeles music and art scene, Stay Gold "country goth" artist MISS DERRINGER have been making major waves and splashes with their blender of country twang, blues rhythm and 50s girl-group peppiness fortified with a very healthy punk attitude. With their buzz-heavy presence well-circulated in SoCal including supporting gigs with Bad Religion earlier this Spring, these art-poppers are gearing up for a solid handful of East Coast dates with New Wave punk-pop legends BLONDIE on their Parallel Lines-30th Anniversary Tour (tour dates below, more to be added shortly) who they've played with in the past and whose drummer Clem Burke was once a part-time member of the band.

In addition, their title track from their EP Black Tears has been remixed by the fresh and groundswelling British collaborative project CC/K, made up of Yves Cecil (Chimera Chimera) and Oliver Blair (Kindle) who have done remixes for Client and Robots in Disguise. The "Black Tears (CC/K 'Heartbreak' Remix)" can be found here for download: .mp3

Headed by the husband and wife team of musicians cum-artists, Liz McGrath (herself a reknowned painter and sculptor) and Morgan Slade (guitarist/songwriter), Miss Derringer welds surf, garage, Shangri La-styled girlpop, and punk into a veritable mixture. Like a red '57 Chevy with white walls and fins souped up by the guys on American Chopper, Miss Derringer revs up a modern yet authentic surfy sound that begs for drag races on the beach.

Their current EP, "The Black Tears EP" has been generating lots of attention for the band including covers of LA Weekly and Music Matters and features on Vlaze TV. The groundbreaking 3-D video for "Black Tears" debuted at Liz's gallery showing for her artwork in December. The band is currently writing their next album titled Winter Hill, loosely based on the Winter Hill Irish mob war that took place in Boston in the early 1960's.

June 7 The Roxy Los Angeles, CA w/ Firewater
June 10 Broadway Theater Kingston, NY w/ Blondie
June 14 Lee’s Palace (NXNE SHOW) Toronto, ONT w/Red Kross
June 17 Count Basie Theater Red Bank, NJ w/ Blondie
June 20 Cape Cod Melody Tent Hyannis, MA w/ Blondie
June 21 South Shore Music Circus Cohasset, MA w/ Blondie
June 22 Nokia Theater New York, NY w/ Blondie
July 10 Hammer Museum
Indie 103.1 concert series Los Angeles, CA
July 17

Safari Sam's
Los Angeles, CA

more dates to be added!

To hear "Black Tears" and other tracks, go to:

For downloadable Hi-Res artwork, please go to:

SONIC YOUTH’s "Hits Are For Squares"

Beck, Dave Eggers, Chloe Sevigny, Eddie Vedder, Gus Van Sant and More Choose Their Favorite Sonic Youth Songs For Starbucks Compilation

The limited-edition CD will be available exclusively at select Starbucks locations in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, D.C.

New York, May 27, 2008 – On June 10, 2008, Universal Special Markets and Starbucks Entertainment will co-release Sonic Youth’s Hits Are For Squares. The limited-edition CD features Sonic Youth fans from music, film and literature selecting their favorite recordings from the band’s voluminous body of work that dates to 1981. It also includes a new, exclusive track from Sonic Youth, “Slow Revolution” recorded last year with longtime producer John Agnello.

The album will be available exclusively at select Starbucks locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. as well as online at


1. “Bull in the Heather” selected by Catherine Keener
2. “100%” selected by Mike D
3. “Sugar Kane” selected by Beck
4. “Kool Thing” selected by Radiohead
5. “Disappearer” selected by Portia De Rossi
6. “Superstar” selected by Diablo Cody
7. “Stones” selected by Allison Anders
8. “Tuff Gnarl” selected by Dave Eggers and Mike Watt
9. “Teenage Riot” selected by Eddie Vedder
10. “Shadow of a Doubt” selected by Michelle Williams
11. “Rain on Tin” selected by Flea
12. “Tom Violence” selected by Gus Van Zant
13. “Mary-Christ” selected by David Cross
14. “World Looks Red” selected by Chloe Sevigny
15. “Expressway to Yr Skull” selected by Flaming Lips
16. “Slow Revolution” exclusive new Sonic Youth recording

Scars on Broadway To Release Self-Titled Debut On July 29

Los Angeles, CA - May 28, 2008 -- Scars on Broadway, the long-awaited collaboration between guitarist-frontman Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan, both best known for their work in the multi-Platinum-selling, Grammy-winning band System of a Down, has signed with Interscope Records and will see their self-titled debut released on July 29.

With Malakian sitting in the Scars' producer chair, he and Dolmayan entered the studio last September, recorded nearly two-dozen songs for the album, and then whittled down the final track listing to 14 songs.

Many of the Scars on Broadway songs had their genesis years ago. "I like to let my songs marinate over time, that helps determine which ones speak to me the loudest," explained Malakian. Malakian, who penned or co-penned SOAD classics such as "Aerials," "Chop Suey!," "Hypnotize," and "B.Y.O.B.", wrote the Scars songs mostly on keyboards and a drum machine. On the new scars material Malakian injects more rock than metal, citing influences from Iggy Pop to David Bowie to Neil Young.

Different from the chaotic/alt/metal sound of SOAD, the Scars tracks are more song-based and showcase Malakian's varied writing style, from the simmering rock sound of "World Long Gone" to the melodic yet desolate "Universe." On the politically-tinged "3005," Malakian proves he is still as provocative as ever with the lyric, "Let's clap our hands for the president and Jesus Christ/And don't forget Charles Manson..." And "They Say," the first track leaked to the public, is heavy, but in more of a 1970s punk fashion. Some of the other confirmed tracks include "Enemy," ""Stoner Hate," "Babylon," and "Cute Machines."

Scars on Broadway has already played a handful of live shows, including Coachella 2008, where the Los Angeles Times singled them out as "one of the festival's hottest highlights." They also opened for Metallica at an L.A. benefit gig - SPIN said that their set "made it clear how little System's hiatus has dulled each man's hyperactive creativity." Scars plans to tour extensively to support the new album.

THE RESIDENTS’ announce the release of the definitive versions of their classic albums, "Duck Stab" and "Eskimo" on Mute May 27, 2008.

THE RESIDENTS’ announce the release of the definitive versions of their classic albums, "Duck Stab" and "Eskimo" on Mute May 27, 2008.

“For over 30 years The Residents have been a world unto themselves: madcap jesters, video innovators, rock’s very own devil’s advocates” – The Mirror


At some point in 1977, The Residents happened to stumble onto a review of their album, The Third Reich 'N' Roll, and the reviewer was joyously proclaiming, "Kids today don't want to listen to music like The Residents make. There is no fun in it. You certainly can't dance to it." That kind of pissed The Residents off, not because he said their music was no fun, but more because it implied that kids were complete idiots.

So The Residents set out to make an album of shorter, more fun tunes to prove to the world that it would be just as unpopular as their other recordings. The Residents recorded "Duck Stab."

However, when it came out in February of 1978, it was an instant smash. The kids ate it up, proving that The Residents were wrong yet again, and the pesky reviewer knew what he was talking about. The kids were idiots after all.

"Duck Stab" produced several instant classics. ‘Hello Skinny’, ‘Constantinople’, ‘Bach is Dead’, and ‘Blue Rosebuds’ became anthems of Residents mania. The very reviewer who didn't take to earlier Residents works proclaimed, "Duck Stab" lifts the country out of the slumber of the Seventies."

Even now, 30 long years later, "Duck Stab" is, to many people the ultimate Residents album. The kids obviously grew into adult idiots. The Residents gave up trying to prove that catchy music would be unpopular and announced that next they would record an album of wind noises and grunting. Which is exactly what they did….


In 1979 "punk" music was all the rage. The Residents had gone though the punk stage three years earlier with the release of “Satisfaction” and were ready for anything that was not punk.

They decided it was a good time to make the jump into world music, since by their own calculations it would not become popular for several more years. They scanned the map for a proper culture to exploit and, not finding one, became discouraged until seeing a large Coke sign featuring Santa Claus. Immediately they realized they had overlooked the North Pole because it is made of ice and therefore didn't exist on their world map.

Immediately rushing out to a library, they gathered all the information they could find on Eskimos. What they found was a government issued book on Eskimo sanitation, a book of Eskimo legends, and one scratchy record of someone hitting a drum and chanting. Not exactly the rich cultural vein they had hoped to mine.

But it was enough, for it set the Eyeballs spinning off into their own imaginary world of six-month nights, marimbas made of frozen fish, and Eskimo sex lives. For almost four years the ideas tumbled around. Sometimes they would feel elated at some new breakthrough, but usually they moaned that the album would not only make dreary listening, but be pretentious beyond belief.

But when it was finally released "Eskimo" was a hit, both in sales and in reviews. Andy Gill of New Music Express said, “I’m not sure quite how to convey the magnitude of The Residents’ achievement with Eskimo. What I am sure of it that it’s without doubt one of the most important albums ever made, if not the most important, and that its implications are of such an unprecendentedly revolutionary nature that the weak-minded polemical posturing of purportedly “political” bands are positively bourgeois by comparison.“

He says this because the album tells the story, without relying upon words, of the assimilation of a ritualistic society into consumer culture. This story unfolds as Eskimo fables, a lived experience, set to the grinding of sound effects and music. It is a mind movie rich with detail. "Eskimo" is, quite literally, a unique experience.

For further information please check out / /

*** Also available on Mute from The Residents are the definitive editions of their classic albums Freak Show, The Commercial Album (25th anniversary special edition), Third Reich ‘N’ Roll and The Mole Trilogy plus 2005’s Animal Lover, 2006’s Tweedles and 2007’s The Voice Of Midnight, all available in deluxe limited edition hardback packages.

Monday, May 26, 2008


The brand-new video for Hatebreed’s “Never Let It Die” is available NOW at, along with a comment from frontman Jamey Jasta. This is the last video the band will produce from its latest album, Supremacy.

Hatebreed’s “Never Let It Die” video will be available as a bonus feature on the band’s forthcoming DVD, Live Dominance, which is slated for a September release on KOCH Records.

Jamey Jasta commented on the video: “What’s up faithful headbangers!? I’m here to give you the inside scoop on the Hatebreed video for our track “Never Let It Die.” We recorded this at various different shows across Europe on the ‘Supremacy World Tour.’…We wanted it to be an uplifting and inspiring track, and with this video we felt like we really captured the intensity of the crowd while showing how much we really enjoy and cherish doing what we do, bringing our music to the diehard metal and hardcore fans all over the world.” (from

The video for “Never Let It Die” will also air on Headbanger’s Ball this Saturday, May 24 from 11PM-1AM on MTV2.

Hatebreed is currently co-headlining the Jagermeister Music Tour with Type O Negative The tour also features Canada's 3 Inches of Blood. For more Hatebreed touring and ticket information please visit and/or

Hatebreed on the Jagermeister Music Tour:

5/23 - Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage Theater

5/24 - New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues

5/25 - Houston, TX@ Verizon Wireless Theater

5/27 - Dallas, TX @ Palladium Ballroom - ***LIVE RECORDING***

5/28 - San Antonio, TX @ Sunset Station Lonestar Pavilion

5/29 - El Paso, TX @ Club 101 (HATEBREED & 3IOB only) 5/30 - Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee Theatre

5/31 - Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues

6/01 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Avalon

6/02 - Fresno, CA @ The Exit (HATEBREED & 3IOB only)

6/03 - Anaheim, CA @ Grove Of Anaheim

6/04 - San Francisco, CA @ Grand Ballroom At Regency Center

6/05 - Chico, CA @ Senator Theater (Hatebreed & 3IOB Only)

6/06 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater

6/07 - Spokane, WA @ Big Easy

6/08 - Billings, MT @ Shrine Auditorium

6/09 - Rapid City, SD @ Rushmore Room

6/10 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre

6/11 - Omaha, NE @ Sokol Auditorium - (Hatebreed & 3IOB Only)

6/12 - Kansas City, MO @ Beaumont Club

6/13 - Sauget, IL @ Pops

6/14 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave Eagles Club

6/15 - Bloomington, IL @ The Lafayette Club (HATEBREED & 3IOB only)

6/16 - St. Paul, MN @ The Myth

6/17 - Fargo, ND @ The Venue

6/19 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit Room

6/20 - Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom

6/23 - Toledo, OH @ Headliners

6/24 - Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues

6/25 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart's

6/27 - Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall

6/28 - New York, NY @ Terminal 5

6/29 - Johnson City @ Magic City Music Hall

Hatebreed with Iron Maiden:

6/21 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Parc Jean Drapeau - Heavy MTL Fest

Hatebreed on Monsters of Rock:

7/26 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - McMahon Stadium - Monsters of Rock

Saturday, May 17, 2008




"I hear you're buying a synthesizer and an arpeggiator, and are throwing your computer out the window because you want to make something real. You want to make a Yaz record."
--“Losing My Edge,” LCD Soundsystem

As they prepare for “THE RECONNECTED TOUR” marking their first shows in the U.S. in 25 years, the legendary YAZ—VINCE CLARKE & ALISON MOYET—have announced the addition of a third New York City show on Saturday, July 19 at the Beacon Theatre. Added due to tremendous demand, this show comes on the heels of the sellouts of the July 16 and 17 concerts at Terminal 5.

YAZ fan club pre-sale for the new NYC show will begin tomorrow, Thursday, May 15 at 10 am ET and ends Sunday, May 18 at 10 pm ET. Advance tickets will also be available via the venue pre-sale Friday, May 16 at 10 am ET through Sunday, May 18 at 10 pm ET. General on-sale is Monday, May 19 at noon ET through

THE RECONNECTED TOUR will be preceded by IN YOUR ROOM, a 4-disc box set which will be released via MUTE Records in the U.S. on July 8. The package includes remasters and 5.1 mixes of both Yaz classic albums Upstairs At Eric’s and You And Me Both, b-sides and remixes plus a DVD featuring a new short film containing exclusive new interviews with Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet and the promo videos for “Don’t Go,” “The Other Side Of Love,” “Nobody’s Diary,”” “Situation (1990)” and “Only You (1999).” A limited edition vinyl 12” with new dance mixes will also be released to promote the set.

The joyous, unlikely coming together of Vince Clarke, who had just left Depeche Mode, and Alison Moyet lasted for only two albums, saw them performing only 24 concerts worldwide but left an indelible mark on pop. Yaz released Upstairs At Eric’s in July 1982, then parted company just 12 months later on release of the second album You And Me Both, which reached Number 1 in the UK. Vince and Alison have since gone on to have their own successful careers, Vince with Erasure and Alison as a solo performer, both releasing critically acclaimed albums in 2007: Erasure with Light At The End Of The World and Alison Moyet with The Turn. “the Reconnected Tour” will also see Yaz perform material from You And Me Both for the very first time as well as alternative classics such as “Situation,” “Nobody’s Diary,” “Don’t Go” and “Only You.”


Mon 7/7 Oakland, CA Paramount Theatre
Tues 7/8 Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre
Thu 7/10 Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre – SOLD OUT
Fri 7/11 Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre – SOLD OUT
Mon 7/14 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
Wed 7/16 New York, NY Terminal 5 – SOLD OUT
Thu 7/17 New York, NY Terminal 5 – SOLD OUT
Sat 7/19 New York, NY Beacon Theatre

The U.S. tour announcement follows a series of UK and European dates which have been announced recently. For more information on Vince Clarke, Alison Moyet, “The Reconnected Tour” and the upcoming In Your Room box set, please visit:


The Decemberists will perform this Sunday, May 18th, at a rally with presidential candidate Barack Obama in the band's hometown of Portland, OR. The rally will take place at The Bowl in Waterfront Park (at the corner of SW Columbia St. and SW Naito Pkwy., south of the Hawthorne Bridge). Doors will open at 12:30 p.m. The Decemberists' set will be followed by a speech from Senator Obama.

The rally is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional information or to RSVP, visit

The Decemberists - comprised of Colin Meloy (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Funk (guitar and assorted instruments), Jenny Conlee (keyboards), Nate Query (bass) and John Moen (drums) - have demonstrated a remarkably sweeping command of literary and musical styles while forging an aesthetic all their own. The Crane Wife, the band's 2006 album, was hailed by Pitchfork as "an enormous folk-prog monsterpiece."

The Kooks Sold-Out US Tour Kicks Off This Weekend

Fresh off a #1 chart debut in the UK for their sophomore album ‘KONK’, The Kooks begin their sold-out US tour this Sunday May 18th in San Diego. Taking in 16 cites, the tour (their largest to date in the States) will give the band the opportunity to play material off their new album, as well as the multiple favorites from their debut ‘Inside In/Inside Out’.

Fans will also have a chance to see the band play on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in a special outdoor performance on the night of Wednesday, May 21st on ABC at 9pm PST/12am EST.

The band can also be seen on Fuel TV’s ‘The Daily Habit’ from Monday June 2nd, at 6pm PST/9pm EST, and again at 9pm PST/12am EST.

SOLD OUT Spring 2008 US Tour Dates
May 18th – San Diego, CA – House of Blues – all ages
May 19th – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern – all ages
May 24th – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom – 19 & over
May 25th – George, WA – Sasquatch Festival – all ages
May 26th – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom – all ages
May 29th – Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre – 16 & over
May 30th – Kansas City, MO –KRBZ’s ‘Buzz Under The Stars’ – all ages
May 31st – Minneapolis, MN – Fine Line Music Café – 18 & over
June 1st – Milwaukee, WI – Turner Hall Ballroom – all ages
June 2nd – Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre – all ages
June 4th – Toronto, ON – Kool Haus – 19 & over
June 5th – Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore @ TLA – all ages
June 7th – San Francisco, CA – Live 105’s BFD Festival 08 – all ages
June 9th – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club – 18 & over
June 10th – New York, NY – Terminal 5 – all ages
June 11th – New York, NY – Terminal 5 – all ages

For an ecard on the tour, visit:

KONK has received extensive press, with coverage all over TV, Print and Online, including MTV News, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Spin, Blender, Q, The Fly, Mojo, Filter, Pollstar, GQ, VMan, BlackBook, Nylon, USA Today, LA Weekly, LA Times, NY Post, Washington Post, Pitchfork, Brooklyn Vegan, ‘Artist of the Day’ and this recent post on Stereogum which includes an mp3 of standout KONK track ‘Tick Of Time’:

In US radio news, The Kooks have been selected as an ‘Artist To Watch’ on Clear Channel’s NEW!, a program that is live on 392 station websites. ‘Always Where I Need To Be’, the first single off the album, has taken off at radio and is currently #28 on the Alternative radio charts. Considerable adds have accumulated on both Alternative radio, including WRXP (New York City), KDLD (Los Angeles), KITS (San Francisco), WFNX (Boston), KEDJ (Phoenix), CIMX (Detroit), KNDD (Seattle), KBZT (San Diego), KJEE (Santa Barbara), WSWD (Cincinnati), WRNR (Annapolis), KNRK (Portland), KWOD (Sacramento), KRBZ (Kansas City), KVGS (Las Vegas), WTTS (Indianapolis), WLUM (Milwaukee), and WWCD (Columbus); and AAA, including WFUV (New York City), KCLC (St Louis), KCMP (Minneapolis), WTMD (Baltimore), WYEP (Pittsburgh) and KTBG (Kansas City).

The video for ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ has been added to rotation at VH1, MTV2, MTVU and Fuse, has been getting great buzz online and has been viewed over 1.4 million times on YouTube.

To see some behind-the-scenes footage from the set of ‘Always Where I Need To Be’, check out:

In the UK, the first single ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ debuted at #3 in the singles charts, and is an “A List” hit record across Radio One, Radio Two, XFM, MTV and VH1. The band is also set to make their mark on the European festival circuit this summer, playing on the main stage at festivals including T In The Park (UK), V Festival (UK), and Summer Sonic (Japan). Check out for tour dates.

For more info on The Kooks,
check out or

To watch some brand new, behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of KONK (through Windows Media Player), check out:

To watch the Kooks on Conan O’Brien through Windows Media Player, check out:
Streaming URL high:
Streaming URL low: