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Roadrunner Records partners with AOL Music’s for the Global Debut of New Slipknot Masks

New York, NY – On July 1, Slipknot, the Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum nine man hard rock enigma, will unveil its new imagery in an exclusive partnership with AOL Music, the web’s most trafficked online music destination*. This highly anticipated debut kicks-starts the launch of Slipknot’s new album, All Hope Is Gone, which is set for release on Roadrunner Records on August 26th. Masks are an integral part of the band’s identity and to reflect this point, AOL Music’s will host a retrospective photo gallery of Slipknot masks throughout their career, spanning all three previous albums and including the most recent controversial “Purgatory Masks.” The Slipknot mask unveiling will be featured on the main page of worldwide for 24 hours.

Slipknot is a groundbreaking nine-piece machine born out of Des Moines, IA. The band has sold over 10 million albums worldwide. Their last studio album VOL. 3: (THE SUBLIMINAL VERSES) was released in May 2004, debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, selling over 240,000 copies its first week and 1.5 million copies in the U.S. to date. The album broke new ground for the band and spawned the hit singles “Duality,” “Vermilion” and “Before I Forget.” In November 2005 the band released SLIPKNOT 9.0: LIVE, a gold-certified double live album. December 2006 saw the release of the DVD Voliminal: Inside the 9. Certified platinum, it is a vivid, brutally honest glimpse of the world inside the band.

The Walkmen Stream First Single “In The New Year”

Fantastic Fourth LP You & Me Out Sept 16th On Gigantic Music
Play Outside Lands Festival August 23rd With Tom Petty, Wilco & Radiohead
August Tour, Rifflandia & Bumbershoot Festivals

Pitchfork Media : "In the New Year", the first available track from the New York band's forthcoming fourth album, You and Me, is more giving and direct than most Walkmen songs, sending familiar themes-- romance, the new year-- billowing out to grander proportions through the force of the performance. The push-pull between drumless verses and loud, swaying, barstool singalong choruses helps make for one of the best Walkmen tracks since Bows and Arrows' "The Rat".

The music that inspired the Walkmen to compose You and Me follows in a tradition of song writing that goes back to early rock 'n' roll: the intimacy and energy of Elvis Presley's and Buddy Holly's early recordings, and the massive voice and orchestration of Roy Orbison. And it carries on through people like Bob Marley and Randy Newman and on to bands like The Pogues and The Modern Lovers - the sort of songs that are very much a product of their time and place while firmly rooted in tradition. The vocals were performed live right in the room with the full band, and sometimes a horn section too.

With some romance and drama, You and Me harnesses a sense of classic live-band production into meticulously constructed, unique-sounding rock songs. The sound would definitely not be mistaken for old, but it would be impossible to ignore the most timeless influences. You and Me offers a distinctive twist to the“Walkmen” sound of their first three records. Each song shows focus, and an up-beat enthusiasm apparent in all lyrics, music, and performances. It is a long record, clocking in at just under an hour, and it presents a wide range of ideas. The pacing is very important, as the band felt it was essential to set the right tone, and show each song in its proper light.

Writing and recording of You and Me happened over a vibrant and rigorous 2-year period, during which the members of The Walkmen were split between Philadelphia and New York. The band rode China Town busses five days a week to work in two small rehearsal spaces (an old nightclub in Chelsea, New York and a warehouse in Fish Town, Philadelphia) to freeze by the kerosene heater in the winter, and sweat it out in the summer. By the time of the record’s pressing there were over four hundred cast-off 8-track tapes littering both spaces.

The song I Lost You was the first major breakthrough, and inspired many songs to follow. Maroon was teaching himself the viola and trumpet at the time, and the song was the culmination of many 8-track experiments. The new warmth and romance in the music seemed to beg for the same from the lyrics, so the cold and stand-offish tone that had run a-ground in recent years was abandoned for a more personal and real approach. I Lost You’ s strange pacing, and the way in which both the music and the lyrics together pushed towards an Orbison-like crescendo, was the new direction everyone had hoped for. Songs like Red Moon, On the Water, If Only it Were True, and In the New Year were soon to follow.

The album was recorded in two installments - the first at Sweet Tea studios in Oxford, Mississippi (where they had worked on Bows and Arrows) with engineer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Hold Steady, Sonic Youth) and in a couple of sessions in New York's Gigantic Studios (built by Phillip Glass) with engineer Chris Zane (who the boys consider "the best f@#king engineer in the world" and a "f@#king god-send").

You and Me is a solid and complex showcase of inspired songwriting. Romantic and celebratory, this is the sound of The Walkmen returning to classic form.

The Walkmen You & Me

1. Dónde está la Playa
2. Flamingos (for Colbert)
3. On the Water
4. In the New Year
5. Seven Years of Holidays (for Stretch)
6. Postcards from Tiny Islands
7. Red Moon
8. Canadian Girl
9. Four Provinces
10. Long Time Ahead of Us
11. The Blue Route
12. New Country
13. I Lost You
14. If Only It Were True

August Tour

8/18: Bowery Ballroom, New York
8/19: Bowery Ballroom, New York
8/21: Troubadour, Los Angeles
8/22: Troubadour, Los Angeles
8/23 : San Francisco, CA (Outside Lands Festival)
8/27: Doug Fir, Portland
8/28: Richards on Richard, Vancouver (co-bill w/ Man Man)
8/29: Rifflandia Festival, Victoria (Black Mountain, Destroyer, etc.)
8/30: Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle

L U S T M O R D Announces New Album, Other, out July 22nd on Hydra Head!

Heavily treated, producing thick drone textures that alternate between beautiful and scary. - All Music Guide

The dark recesses of psychological trauma through the use of breathless ambience, blinding light and pitch black, textural rumbles and cracks, and sheer blasts of speed and sound. - The Electrogarden Network

Fans of Lustmord know that he is the master of darkness. -

You know that OCD tagline thing we do? The one that goes “______ since 1995?” Well,in regards to Lustmord, the blank could be filled with any number of clever in jokes... but the words “Creeping us out” would generally be darn near the top.

Technically speaking, Lustmord's been creeping out the music world since 1980, prior to joining industrial forefathers SPK. By the time our man started scoring films like 1994’s The Crow, he’d already worked with English experimental luminaries Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and (members of) Coil. His latest collection of night terrors and Lynch-ian atmospherics features guest shots from Adam Jones (Tool), Aaron Turner (Isis) and Buzz Osborne (Melvins). Not too shabby, right? Yeah, that’s what we think too.

More about L U S T M O R D :

In the late 1980’s Lustmord was consultant for Mute Records, assisting in the establishment of their subsidiary label The Grey Area where he compiled a four volume CD collection of Throbbing Gristle live material, and oversaw releases by Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Monte Cazazza. From 1985 until 1999 he owned and managed the label, Side Effects with releases worldwide including SPK and Laibach.

In 2001, Lustmord worked w/ Jarboe on her Dissected album, in '02 it was Mortiis' Smell of Rain, 2004 saw the amazing Lustmord / Melvins Pigs of the Roman Empire collaboration, and between 2005 - today, Lustmord has appeared on all Tool releases (the Schism, Parabola, and Vicarious DVD's, and their 10,000 Days full-length), as well as on all of frontman Maynard's Puscifer releases.

Lustmord is also frequently hired as a freelance sound designer from 1993 to present, including numerous credits on film, games and commercials. Motion picture credits include over forty movies including The Crow, Basketball Diaries, From Dusk Til Dawn, Suicide Kings, Spawn, SFW, Tank Girl, Strange Days, Pitch Black, Crazy Beautiful, Touristas, Vacancy and many many more. Commercials include Nike, Bud Light, Universal Studios and Gatorade and wrote the music for the Greg Hale (Blair Witch Project) series In Search Of.

The Lustmord album Heresy gave birth to the genre known as “Dark Ambient” which also saw collaborations and tours with Clock DVA.

Lustmord also created the music and sound design for the first Tech Demo showing the Playstation 3 capabilities (demo created by Nvidia), and Doom 3 for Xbox.

"Other" Tracklist
1. Testament (6:44)
2. Element (6:49)
3. Godeater (22:42)
4. Dark Awakening (8:24)
5. Ash (4:04)
6. Of Eons (9:12)
7. Prime [Aversion] (12:09)
8. Er Ub Us (8:03)

Gus Black Releases His 5th Full Length Record “Today Is Not The Day...To Fuck With Gus Black” via iTunes Exclusive On Cheap Lullaby Records

In the last century Gus Black has released two records under just the name GUS, so, we don’t want you to get all confused. Maybe you know Gus (Black).

Some things you should know about Gus Black:

May 2008 - Gus was kicked off Fab TV in Berlin for refusing to lip synch seriously...i.e. lip synch with more feeling!!!

April 2008 - Black embarked on a sold out tour of Germany

March 2008 - “Today Is Not The Day…” was released in Europe to much love –Germany’s INTRO magazine called it “one of the most engaging folk/pop records of the year”

Gus has songs in movies and and on TV including his cover of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” was featured in the original "Scream". There are several videos on youtube created by confused fans of his cover of “Don’t Fear The Reaper” that credit his version of the song as being performed by H.I.M. (The faux goth rockstar). When I asked Black about this he laughed” it’s amazing…thank god for retarded H.I.M. fans…they have helped spread my music to more people than I could have done on my own


FIXER’s “Mixing In With My Blood” Featured on MTV’s THE HILLS

New York, NY (June 26, 2008) – High voltage NYC rockers Fixer announce newly confirmed summer shows as part of their summer-long Rock N Roll Revolution Tour.

Drawing from deep and varied influences, from the hard rock of Guns and Roses to the jam sensibilities of The Black Crowes and the post-punk heroism of Green Day, Fixer has crafted a rock sound with a fire and intensity very much their own. Fans describe their live show as ‘must-see dirty rock and roll’ that does not disappoint.

The band’s debut CD, Before The Sun, is packed with radio friendly, arena worthy tracks. Their organic rock-star stance serves to highlight their natural affinity for showmanship and surprise.

Before The Sun is available now through New York City based Riker Hill Records (IDN), an aggressive independent where passion and experience meet the future of rock and roll.

Break out track “Mixing In With My Blood” recently featured on The Hills, MTV’s most watched original series, known for its of-the-moment soundtrack.

“Brimming over the top with the right mixture of solid chops and poppy melodics while projecting the rock 'n roll attitude left behind when CB's closed its doors, Fixer pulls off the retro style without coming off as forced or contrite.” Crave Magazine

“Melodic grooves and street smart tunes, these boys are out to take over the world." New York Waste

“…they treat every fucking show – even a Thursday night in Brooklyn – like it was a CD release party, a photo shoot, and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one. " Jersey Beat

Fixer can be found on tour throughout 2008 headlining their Rock n Roll Revolution Tour.
Fixer is: Evan R. Saffer: voice, Tommy Zamp: guitar, J Brown: bass and Rev Swank: drums.

Fri, June 27 Harry’s Hideaway Lima, OH
Sat, June 28 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY
Thur, July 10 Crocodile Rock Cafe Allentown, PA
Fri, July 11 Booty's Bar and Grill Ocean Cit, MD
Sat, July 12 Zakk's Coffee House Murfreesboro, NC
Tue, July 15 Port O'Call Kill Devil Hills, NC
Wed, July 16 Hooligans Music Hall Jacksonville, NC
Fri, July 18 The Rock Shop Fayetteville, NC
Sat, July 19 The Jinx Savannah, GA
Wed, July 23 The Backstage Lounge Gainesville, FL
Thur, July 24 The Pit Jacksonville, FL
Fri, July 25 The Haven Winter Park, FL
Sat, July 26 Floyd's Music Store Tallahassee, FL
Tue, July 29 Soho's Bar and Grill Columbus, GA
Wed, July 30 Club Fire Jackson, MS
Fri, August 1 Thunder's Tavern Pascagoula, MS
Mon, August 4 Tops N Tails Creve Coeur, IL
Fri, August 15 Rockapalooza Jackson, MI
Sat, August 16 Lapeer Music Festival Lapeer, MI
Sun, August 17 Planet Rock Battle Creek, MI
Fri, August 29 Harry's Hideaway Lima, OH

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Gets The New York Times Podcast Feature Of The Week & NPR Second Stage

The Fader Magazine Puts Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson On The Cover Of Their 2008 Summer Music Issue Southpaw June 30th With Deer Tick & Cake Shop On July 19th

Dazzling Self Titled Debut Out July 1 Out On Say Hey Records
Recorded by Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear) and Featuring Chris Bear & Daniel Rosen (Grizzly Bear) and Kyp Malone (TVOTR)

The (“Woodfriend” Freeload Of The Day ) : “Milesbenjaminanthonyrobinson. It's a mouthful, but we've been getting used to it (calling him M-Bar or just Miles) ever since his eponymous debut arrived in our mailbox a couple weeks back. It's full of moody stormers like the righteous "Woodfriend", and his bio is biblical in wasted opportunity and dramatic recovery, which is one of our favorite rock archetypes.”

Pitchfork Media : “ The album's first single, "Buriedfed", lives up to those impressive connections, pouring a woodsy, deceptively upbeat folk song through the damp, woozy atmospherics of Horn of Plenty. The proper setting could be a rowdy bar as easily as that record's quiet bedroom.”

Time Out New York : “ Local singer-songwriter Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, whose sidemen have included members of Grizzly Bear and TV on the Radio, plays garagey pop with winning psych-era melodies.”

Up until now, Twenty-four year-old Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson has been Brooklyn’s best-kept secret, but with the help of Kyp Malone (TVOTR), Chris Taylor & Christopher Bear (Grizzly Bear) and Say Hey Records, we are proud to introduce this stunning debut artist. In a recent interview with Another magazine Kyp Malone professed, "Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is my favorite songwriter right now." Miles’ brief yet inspirational life story already contains enough Gump-esque moments of cultural serendipity to make it a shoe in for a 2025 behind the music segment, if not a full blown overly- sentimental nostalgia piece about coming of age in downtown Manhattan and Williamsburg in the first decade of the millenium.

The eponymous long player to be issued by Say Hey Records is the first recorded document after years of false starts, self-sabotage , and amiable persistence in the face tragedy. Born in Oregon and raised in Portland and Eugene, Miles spent much of his youth on the road traveling with his comedian father as he played venues across the U.S. After completing high school, Miles gravitated eastward and was in New York by 2000. Immediately he immersed himself in the burgeoning music scene; going to shows and eventually forming a few bands. Miles recorded no less than 5 albums in various early projects like Jackson Plastic, Mud Cub, and Jesus Jackson but sadly ("fortunately" according to miles ) they never glimpsed the light of day.

Each incarnation met it’s demise from a combination of erratic behavior, venue banishment, and indiscreet drug use. Frustrated and fatigued, Miles descended further into addiction, leading to a stint in which he made his bed on the benches of Coney Island. But, throughout it all, Miles continued to distill from his shabby surroundings the inspiration and imagery that make up his debut record.

Recorded with the aid of Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear of Grizzly bear “Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson” (MBAR) began in 2006 in Miles’ apartment. Chris Bear did the drums in a single day and the basics were mixed immediately after the completion of Yellow House; later overdubs were added by Kyp Malone and Daniel Rosen (Grizzly Bear), and the record neared completion.

The album begins with the demented campfire sing-a-long, “Buriedfed”, a dirge disguised as a rave up, and it sets the pace for an album filled with unrepentant confessions played with abandon. MBAR takes the listener through a flawless sardonic narrative, detailing loss, excess, and blurred memories, all the while with an irresistible humor.

Look out for the MBAR sophomore LP in 2009, produced by Kyp Malone.



French label Record Makers are proud to present the North American release of Sebastien Tellier's third full length Sexuality. Sexuality is Tellier's first collaboration with Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who expressed that Tellier "is maybe the best singer and composer in France today," and felt that the album was one of the few collaborative efforts in which he could contribute significantly on a creative level. Regarding the album's dynamic mixture of modern French electronica and elegant pop compositions, Tellier stated, "It is not at all like what I have released before and nothing like what Guy-Manuel did with Daft Punk. It's erotic music, music that has the power to excite people, but with a Latin sensibility in the style of a great seducer with a broken heart."

Sebastien Tellier made international news this spring when he was chosen to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Tellier's song "Divine" marked the first time in 55 years that a French representative chose to sing in English, which inspired fierce protest from defenders of the French language.

Available pre-release at all American Apparel stores on July 22nd (with a full release to follow in October), Sexuality marks the first time in the history of the Los Angeles based clothier that music will be sold at store level, as well as Record Makers' first foray into the world of clothing retail. Viva Radio, American Apparel's in-house radio station, will be showcasing Sebastien Tellier content throughout, programming tracks for in-store play and offering album preview streams online.

More on Sebastien Tellier:
Best known to stateside audiences for the mournful instrumental "Fantino" which featured in the 2003 film Lost in Translation, Tellier has been making a big impact in Europe since his debut album, L'incroyable Vérité (The Incredible Truth), was released in 2001. He also received critical acclaim across the board for La Ritournelle, an emotive piano-led piece taken from his second album, Politics, which evokes beautifully the contrasting joy and sadness of being in love. Sexuality is Tellier's third studio album.

The Verve have not only leaked the first single from their forthcoming album this week, "Love Is Noise"

but they've also now given the record the title of 'Forth' and revealed the tracklisting.

It will be released on August 18th in the UK, while North America gets the record a day later (Aug 19th) via their own imprint On Our Own distributed via Megaforce/MRI, and label duties by For The Win!.

The amazing single "Love Is Noise" can be heard on their Myspace.

30 seconds in and I'm blown away" - Zane Lowe

"Ashcroft and McCabe, the twin lightening conductors of the band, are finally in accord and the results are nothing short of astonishing. The Verve are back-literally-with a bang. This is music? This is seismic." NME

"After playing a mix of older songs and a new track (“Sit and Wonder”), the familiar strains of the orchestrated track had fans sprinting from other parts of the field to watch the band achieve a sort of sonic ecstasy. "The band didn’t disappoint, breaking out epic Britpop anthems that set shimmers of sound across the desert night.
Rolling Stone (Coachella review)

"The Verve are here to provide you with an immaculately calibrated rock experience that will change your life forever..." Spin

'Forth' Tracklisting:

1. Sit and Wonder
2. Love Is Noise
3. Rather Be
4. Judas
5. Numbness
6. I See Houses
7. Noise Epic
8. Valium Skies
9. Columbo
10. Appalachian Springs

The Verve Tour Dates:

06.27 Cornwall, England - The Eden Project
06.29 Glastonbury, England - Glastonbury Festival
07.04 Werchter, Belgium - Rock Werchter Festival
07.05 Bobital, France - Bobital Festival
07.11 Balado, Scotland - T in the Park
07.16 Livorno, Italy - Italia Wave Festival
07.18 Barcelona, Spain - Summercase Festival
07.19 Madrid, Spain - Summercase Festival
08.09 Tokyo, Japan - Summer Sonic Festival
08.10 Osaka, Japan - Summer Sonic Festival
08.16 Weston Park, England - V Festival
08.17 Chelmsford, England - V Festival


LOS ANGELES, CA - , PA - Mark Ang, frontman and founder of the Socal Rock outfit Runon Fragment, has released a renovated version of the band's debut "R.F." to preview his upcoming work on a studio soundtrack for the movie "Browse," directed by indie filmmaker Chris Revon.
With lyric expressions on "R.F." varying from skateboarding in 'Concrete Wave' to analysis of the war in 'Some Things Never Change,' each song tells a unique story.
"These songs are honest documentations of my life and experiences as an indie musician and free spirit," Ang comments, "I am blessed and appreciative that my songs are heard by hundreds of thousands and this has allowed me to share my music and make amazing friends all over the country and the world and I've been able to meet great people while on tour. All you great people have opened up your time, homes and friendship to me. At least for me, this is a dream come true. To be free and to do what I love."
Mark Ang started playing acoustic guitar on the streets and beaches of Los Angeles, then moved on to studio work in San Francisco. "R.F." was the product of this work, originally released in 2007 as his first full length album with bandmates Darren Greenberg and James Endsley.


WARREN, PA - Following the completion of indie-folk songwriter Eric Morelli's acoustic tour of the U.S., The Study Band will be heading out on the road as a full band to promote the release of their recently finished album, "From A Limb."
The release marks the culmination of two years' work on Morelli's self-produced concept album, which favors a dark and classical styling.
The Study Band features Eric Morelli, joined by violinist Brooke Reynolds, drummer Derek Salazar, bassist Cody Rivett and Jack Roberts.
Confirmed dates for The Study's tour are as follows:

Neuraxis Announces New Album The Thin Line Between, Out July 22nd on Prosthetic

Dates on Summer Slaughter Canada Tour w/ Necrophagist, Dying Fetus and More!

Neuraxis certainly flaunts their complexity rather openly at times, blasting through insane speeds and flurries of technical riffs without much concern, but they make up for the almost blinding changes with a lot of shifts in tempo, as well as a healthy dose of far more melodic and tangible riffs that acts as the meat on the bones of the songs. The slightly slower riffs and chord progressions possess more feeling and power, and they balance these elements perfectly with the furious speeds and more typical tremolo picking standards. Mild melodic Swedish riffing seeps in at times, as do some excellent Cynic-isms, but for the most part I'd hold this more in line with Cryptopsy and the like, though I enjoy this far more because the songwriting is much stronger and more energetic. - Aversion Online

Formed in Montreal in 1994, NEURAXIS has forged a unique identity since the band’s inception, combining sheer brutality with unparalleled melodicism and a progressive edge. Over the course of the band’s multiple album career, last year’s live collection, Live Progression, and now, with their fifth studio release, The Thin Line Between, NEURAXIS continues an evolution that began more than 10 years ago and continues to push the boundaries of extreme metal.

The band’s 1997 debut, Imagery, showcased the band's early death/grind approach, while 2001’s A Passage Into Forlorn introduced a more melodic and progressive side of the extreme spectrum of sound that is NEURAXIS. Continuing to evolve and mature, 2002's dizzyingTruth Beyond..., raised the bar yet again. Released in Canada through Galy Records, the US through Willowtip and Europe by means of Earache Records, Truth Beyond... was their catalyst, leading to several tours across North America and Europe alike, in turn cementing NEURAXIS’ place in the live spectrum as a premeir tour de force.

Continuing down the path of masterful musicianship and intense technicality, alongside a keen melodic sheen, NEURAXIS’ 2005 effort, Trilateral Progression, took the band to new heights, gaining them not only critical praise, but notoriety as one of the premiere extreme and technical bands to break out of Canada in recent years. Challenging the technical death metal norms while successfully rejecting the day’s bucking commercial trends, NEURAXIS performed over 150 live shows throughout North America, Europe, and Japan between 2005 and 2007, culminating w/ and documented by Live Progression, (Galy Records) the band's first-ever live album, capturing their break-neck live show for those new to the experience and fans alike.

Now, delving further into their arsenal of technicality and musical finesse, NEURAXIS unleashes The Thin Line Between, the band’s first effort for new home Prosthetic Records. Featuring the studio recording debuts of new vocalist Alex Leblanc and guitarist William Seghers, The Thin Line Between establishes NEURAXIS as a strong contender for the crown of Canada’s next leading technical death metal outfit. Drawing a line and spreading the distance between themselves and their contemporaries, NEURAXIS has written the band’s most brutal and ambitious effort to date without losing their trademark sense of melody and the progressive tinge that has given the band its signature sound.

Recorded by Jeff Fortin (ANONYMUS) in February and March of this year, The Thin Line Between features guest vocals from Luc Lemay (GORGUTS) and album artwork courtesy of Dennis Sibejin (CHIMAIRA, JOB FOR A COWBOY).

Tracklisting for The Thin Line Between:
01. Darkness Prevails
02. Wicked
03. Versus
04. Deviation Occurs
05. The Thin Line Between
06. Dreaming The End
07. Standing Despite...
08. Oracle
09. Phoenix
10. The All And The Nothing

Neuraxis Live!
Jul 19 2008 LSQ Metalfest Lebel Sur Quevillon, Quebec w/ Martyr & Descend Into Nothingness

Summer Slaughter Canada Tour w/ Necrophagist, Dying Fetus and more!
Aug 14 2008 Imperial Quebec, Quebec
Aug 15 2008 Club Soda Montreal, Quebec
Aug 16 2008 Opera House Toronto, Quebec
Aug 18 2008 Kilroys Thunder Bay, Ontario
Aug 19 2008 Garrick Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aug 20 2008 Riddell Centre Regina, Saskatchewan
Aug 21 2008 Warehouse Calgary, Alberta
Aug 22 2008 Starlite Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 23 2008 Roll A Dome Prince George, British Columbia
Aug 25 2008 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, British Columbia




Dubbed " of the country's most intriguing, innovative outfits around" by XLR8R Magazine, STS9 steps out this summer armed with their brand-new, highly anticipated studio album,Peaceblaster.STS9 releases their fourth studio album Peaceblaster, available online and at independent retailers beginningJuly 8th, 2008 on their self-owned record label, 1320 Records (visit to find a store near you). The new album features never-before heard tracks that artfully mirror the intensity of STS9's live shows, while preserving the musical intricacies of past studio albums that critics and fans have touted.

Consider the title of the California-based outfit's long-awaited fourth album: Peaceblaster. The two words rub against each other to create an image that is simultaneously utopian and violent, fraught with the very contradiction that permeates America circa now. The result is a tour-de-force of gut-punching rhythms and textured, shimmering tones. The songs don't seem to have been written so much as plucked from the sky. It's as if the beats and melodies have always existed, just waiting for STS9 to channel them. STS9 already has a tremendous fan base, but Peaceblaster is perhaps more accessible than the band's previous efforts. Peaceblaster is, of course, dense with the Eno-esque layering of live and electronic instruments that STS9 is known for-the chords and samples swirling atop the pulsing bass and drums. But between the beats there is a distinctly human element absent from past records.

With Peaceblaster, the band has honed their studio chops, but STS9 made their bones on the live stage. Consistently ranking in Pollstar's Top 50 American touring acts, the torrid roadwork continues this summer with an itinerary that takes the band from headlining gigs at legendary venues like Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Berkeley's Greek Theatre, to stops on the festival circuit, where they'll join acts as diverse as Snoop Dogg and The Flaming Lips. This diversity works to shatter the boundaries of genre and scene.

For the month of July, touring heavyweights STS9 and Umphrey's McGee team up for what promises to be one of the hardest-hitting tours of the summer. This co-bill will feature extended sets by both bands, and will stop in Midwest and east coast cities throughout the month of July. Look, also, for very special late night sets by each band in select markets, including Philadelphia, Raleigh, Madison, Chicago, and NYC. A complete list of STS9's U.S. summer appearances follows.

STS9 and Umphrey's McGee tour stops in the following cities:
July 10 Willow Island Centre Madison WI
July 10 Barrymore Theatre Madison, WI (STS9 AFTER PARTY)
July 11 Live on the Levee St. Louis MO FREE SHOW!
July 12 Westfair Amphitheatre Omaha NE
July 15 Moonlite Gardens Cincinnati OH
July 16 Innsbrook Pavilion Glen Allen VA
July 17 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus OH
July 18 White River Lawn Indianapolis IN
July 19 Charter One Pavilion Chicago IL
July 19 House of Blues Chicago IL (STS9 AFTER PARTY)
July 23 Higher Ground Burlington VT (STS9 Only)
July 24 Roseland Ballroom New York NY
July 24 Blender at Gramercy New York NY (STS9 AFTER PARTY)
July 25 Festival Pier at Penn's Landing Philadelphia PA
July 25 Fillmore at TLA Philadelphia PA (UMPHREY'S AFTER PARTY)
July 26 Bank of America Pavilion Boston MA
July 27 Pier 6 Concert Pavilion Baltimore MD
July 30 House of Blues Myrtle Beach SC
July 31 Koka Booth Amphitheatre Cary NC
July 31 Lincoln Square Theatre Raleigh NC (UMPHREY'S AFTER PARTY)
August 01 Masquerade Music Park Atlanta GA
August 02 Masquerade Music Park Atlanta GA

With western U.S. headlining shows including:
August 15 The Independent San Francisco, CA (SOLD OUT)
August 16 The Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA with Bassnectar and special guest TBA
August 22 McMenamin's Edgefield Portland, OR with special guests Blackalicious
August 23 Marymoor Amphitheatre Seattle, WA with special guests Blackalicious
September 04 Boulder Theatre Boulder, CO (SOLD OUT)
September 05 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO with special guests Talib Kweli and Flying Lotus
September 06 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO with special guests Ghostland Observatory and Bassnectar
September 20 San Diego Street Scene San Diego CA

All shows on-sale now at www.sts9.comand on-sale locally through TicketMaster at

STS9's Peaceblaster comes nearly three years after their acclaimed 2005 releases, Artifact& Artifact: Perspectives, both of which were named in iTunes list of top albums of the year. After a flurry of industry attention, STS9 retreated from the limelight to do what they love most: play music. On the touring front, STS9 reached number 29 on Pollstar Magazine's "PULSE Charts" of the country's top touring artists. The band has shared the stage with a diverse range of acts including James Brown, Jurassic 5, Tortoise, Digable Planets, RJD2, De La Soul, The Brazilian Girls, Prefuse 73, Blackalicious, Saul Williams, Soulive, Cut Chemist, and many others, and has played such festivals as Austin City Limits Festival, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Winter Music Conference, and Vegoose Festival. Recently, the band sold out a 4 night headlining run at Atlanta's Tabernacle, and a 2 night run at Denver's Fillmore Auditorium.


"They Say" Music Video to Premiere Friday, June 27 on Yahoo!

Los Angeles, CA - June 25, 2008 -- Scars on Broadway, the much-anticipated collaboration between guitarist/vocalist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan - best known for their Grammy-winning, multi-Platinum success in System of a Down - announce that they will headline their first North American tour, performing in some two dozen cities during October and November. The tour is in support of Scars On Broadway's self-titled debut album due out July 29 (Interscope). Tour cities are listed below; dates and venues will be announced shortly.

In addition, the band has shot the first Scars on Broadway music video for the track "They Say," which is set to premiere this Friday, June 27 on Yahoo!'s home page and Yahoo!'s music front page. The video, shot in Los Angeles earlier this month, was directed by Paul Minor (Muse, Queens of the Stone Age) and incorporates performance footage cut with an evocative potpourri of startling images from our world's culture - occurrences in nature, war, natural and man-made disasters, animals in the wild, human interaction, weather phenomenon, and so on.

With more details coming soon, here are the confirmed tour cities for Scars on Broadway's upcoming North American tour:

San Diego, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Atlanta, GA
Norfolk, VA
Philadelphia, PA
Baltimore, MD
New York, NY
Montreal, QC
Toronto, ONT
Detroit, MI
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
Minneapolis, MN
Kansas City, MO
Denver, CO
Salt Lake City, UT
Edmonton, AB
Calgary, AB
Vancouver, BC
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Mugison Debuts Video For “Jesus Is A Good Name To Moan”

NPR Second Stage Features New Song "George Harrison" This Week
The Magical Fourth LP, Mugiboogie, Is Out July 22nd On Ipecac Recordings

Rolling Stone (David Fricke) : "Icelandic singer-songwriter Mugison already has a reputation abroad for bleak magic, on record and in solo appearances with acoustic guitar and laptop. But in his headlining set at the Art Museum, he came out swinging like a country-blues Led Zeppelin, armed with a muscular backing band of electric bass, pedal steel guitar and cannon-fire drums." -

Pitchfork Media : “A bona-fide pop star in Iceland”

The Face (UK) : “Combining the most artistic electronics with the most intense production. Think Bjork, Beck, & Captain Beefheart and beyond...”

Paste Magazine : “Mugison handles falsetto delicately and precisely, and yet the moments where his crooning escalates to a scream don’t seem out of place.”

The Legend Of Mugison…

When Tom Waits astutely pointed out that “no dog ever pissed on a moving car” Mugison must have been nodding in bemused agreement.

Impulsively nomadic, creatively restless, Mugi is the kind of post-modern dude that flows with the flux - one of those ants-in-the-pants artists that naturally negates stagnation and actively seeks out new challenges.

His two key albums to date - 2003’s “Lonely Mountain” and 2005’s “Mugimama: Is This Monkey Music?” (released on Matthew Herbert’s Life? and Accidental & IPECAC labels, respectively) are significant snapshots of the Icelander’s maverick style. Delightfully shambolic, they both evince a passion for provocative sonic mischief as well as good old-fashioned songwriting.

Mugi’s endearing DIY ethic (he taught himself everything he knows) allows him to haphazardly hurl everything from glitchy electronica and avant-noise to Bonnie Prince Billy-esque ballads and soaring choruses into his sorcerer’s saucepan. Somehow it all fits together, for he is the Mugician.

In the three years since touring “Mugimama…” he settled in Sudavik, a miniscule fishing village in the remote Westfjords, raised a family, traded his laptop for a flesh-and-blood rock & roll band and set about reinventing himself and his sound. The result? One of the great rock & roll albums of the century.

“I listened to hundreds of CDs,” says the maestro. “I became aware that artists like John Lee Hooker, Hendrix, Screaming Jay, Bowie, Dylan, The Beatles, Aphex Twin, Björk, Sepultura, the Pixies and Tom Waits all had one thing in common: they were all expressing true feelings and there were no compromises.”

“Mugiboogie,” his third official solo release, was recorded in his home studio, which offers views out onto silent, ancient fjords. Mugi put everything he had into the project. He worked 16 hours a day, started drinking and smoking again, and didn’t just flirt with a nervous breakdown but got into bed with one and spent quite a bit of time fighting to get back out.

But the aim - to achieve something classic, something visceral and “beyond the norm” – was ultimately achieved. Click-tracks were foresworn to get that old school standards feel. Songs were played over and over again until they were perfected, exorcised of any superficiality.

“There was to be no time reference, no time frame,” says Mugi. “The lyrics had to be straight to the point and all the songs played with eyes closed and always in a state of emergency. I had to ensure that all pretentiousness was deleted from the songs. All nearly’s, all maybe´s. Every song had to sound like it was the last song I’d play if the world was going down.”

Brimming with emotion and freighted with recognizable musical references, “Mugibogie” is a mind-trip back to yesteryear when music was free from categorization, when gothic guitars towered and scintillated and when you could hear guts being spilled out all over the record.

From opener “Mugiboogie”, with its swirling Hammond, wailing guitar and loping drum rhythms to the foot-tapping blues of “The Pathetic Album” and the grindingly sensual “Jesus Is A Good Name To Moan,” plus a couple of seriously heartfelt ballads, Mugi has crafted a modern classic.

The record has already sold over 10,000 copies in Iceland alone. When it’s released internationally next month, you’ll feel the earth move too.



Former Korn guitarist BRIAN “HEAD” WELCH is back to making music with his debut solo album, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF, which will be released September 9 on Driven Music Group (distribution by Ryko/Warner Music Group), the label he co-founded with music execs Greg Shanaberger and Mark Nawara. The first single, “Flush,” will be serviced to radio the last week of June and will be available July 8 for purchase exclusively on iTunes. Fans can hear a portion of the track on Head’s Myspace page.

SAVE ME FROM MYSELF was produced by Head, who recorded the music off and on for the past two years in Phoenix, Arizona. It features renowned musicians Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, David Bowie) and Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails), and was mixed by Ralph Patlan and Bob Clearmountain. The album is a testimony of Head’s life as he battled with drug addiction and leaving Korn, and finding spirituality. It will leave no doubt in everyone’s mind that Head, as a founding member of Korn, has not lost his passion for the heavy sound that originally helped make his former band famous. The album will remind listeners of Head’s dominant influence in the nu-metal sound that projected Korn to the top of the music charts for over a decade. SAVE ME FROM MYSELF can only be described as a heavy metal epic, with a positive message.

Head’s production team is currently in pre-production on a video for “Flush” and is expected to hit the TV airwaves around the album’s release date.

“I’m really excited about getting my music out there to my fans,” Head declares. “I literally poured everything I had into SAVE ME FROM MYSELF, and I know it’s gonna inspire a lot of people. It’s been a long time since I’ve connected with people musically, and now that the wounds have healed from my past addictions, I’m ready to feel the magic again.”

He continues, “’Flush’ is a perfect way for me to come back into the music world because it’s basically about flushing all the crap in life down the toilet and starting out fresh—exactly what I’ve been doing for the last few years. All the drama that I experienced with getting drunk and doing drugs, all the time seemed interesting and amusing to write about. That lifestyle is total insanity and I’m just glad I’m not dead and I was able to write a song like ‘Flush.’”

In early 2005, Head rocked the music world by announcing his resignation from Korn. At the time, Head was committed to moving away from the craziness of the rock & roll lifestyle to continue to care for his daughter, Jennea, as a single father. Additionally, Head committed his life to his newfound faith with the goal of touching people’s lives and giving back to those most desperately in need.

Only months after his Korn exodus, Head traveled to India to open Head Home, an orphanage that provided housing, food, and education to over 200 orphans in the most unreachable parts of India. Head also continued other philanthropic efforts in other areas throughout the U.S. With his successful charitable efforts and side projects underway, Head began composing and recording SAVE ME FROM MYSELF.

At the time of his resignation from Korn, Head made it clear that although he had retired from Korn, he had not retired from the music and entertainment industry. With his new calling, Head has committed to changing the youth of America through his music and other entertainment ventures, including his autobiography, Save Me From Myself, which was released in July 2007 by HarperCollins. It quickly landed on the New York Times “Best Seller” list (non-fiction) and has sold over 70,000 copies. Head’s team at HarperCollins was so impressed by the book’s success, they quickly exercised the publisher’s option for a second book, Washed By Blood, which is due out June 24. It’s an edited paperback version of Save Me From Myself aimed at a younger audience and doesn’t contain the profanity and gory details of the original version. A paperback of the original Save Me From Myself will also be released on June 24.

Here is the complete track listing for SAVE ME FROM MYSELF:
1. L.O.V.E.
2. Flush
3. Loyalty
4. Re-Bel
5. Home
6. Save Me From Myself
7. Die Religion Die
8. Adonai
9. Money
10. Shake
11. Washed By Blood

Joan Of Arc - Boo Human

Done with the young and hungry rat-race of band-life, Joan of Arc now exists at the pace their real lives allow. Principal songwriter Tim Kinsella writes songs constantly, but now feels little urgency to put records together and expel them upon an indifferent and cynical world.

By combining one week of studio time, a stack of songs and a sign-up sheet allowing participants to drop in whenever they could, each track on Boo Human is as wildly different and uniquely constructed as the groups who produced them.

The combination of 14 musicians whose previous collaborations include Wilco, Iron & Wine, Bonnie Prince Billy, Beth Orton, and Prefuse 73 yields a truly diverse record that is as intense as it is intimate.

Marked by intricate guitar melodies, noncognitive wailing and tense instrumentals, Boo Human is Joan of Arc's most accessible, cohesive album since 1997's How Memory Works. From the addictively syncopated "Laughter Reflected Back" to the unignorable, poetic "9/11 2," Joan of Arc truly proves that doing it their way is the right way.

"Joan of Arc is the most musically ambitious, emotionally shaded, and self-consciously labyrinthine pop group to slip down the pike since literate leprechaun of love Green Garthside pitched poststructuralist woo to Jacques Derrida back in '82." - City Pages

"Among the act's considerable strengths is an ability to assimilate so many sounds within the framework of songs that are, at their core, sparse guitar meditations." - Boston Globe

"Depending on the listener- and often on the album - Joan of Arc is either avant-garde rock at its most literate and creative or its most addlepated and precious." - Magnet

Check out a "A Tell-Tale Penis" from from Boo Human

Joan Of Arc Tour Dates
07.17 Toronto, ON, Canada @ Lee's Palace
07.18 Montreal, QC, CANADA @ Club Lambi
07.19 Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
07.20 New Brunswick, NJ @ Court Tavern
07.21 New York, NY @ Knitting Factory
07.22 Brooklyn, NY @ The Yard
07.23 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
07.24 Baltimore, MD @ FLORISTREE SPACE
07.25 Cleveland, OH Z@ Grog Shop
07.26 Chicago, IL @ Wicker Park
07.27 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen

Son Ambulance Announce Someone Else's Déjà Vu & Summer Tour Dates

After more than three years since their last release, Son Ambulance emerges from hibernation deep in a realm of exotic 60s and 70s LPs for their third full-length, Someone Else's Déjà Vu, a bold leap back into the music world and the band's most challenging work yet. Primarily a Joseph Knapp solo effort, collaborating closely with former/current member Jeffrey Koster, Someone Else's Déjà Vu marks a departure from 2005's Key, offers a sharper glimpse into Knapp's distinct song-writing abilities, and reflects a depth of complexity and dream logic made perfect for a sublime musical experience capable of engaging many new listeners of any age.

Collectively, the songs form a cohesive palette of subtle pop psychedelia encompassing myriad musical genres. "A Girl from New York City" starts off the album a bustling, fast-paced samba with serene, melodic vocals à la Marcos Valle and tumbles into a street carnival of whistle and voice cuica leads. "Legend of Lizeth" slides right into another world, equal parts Pink Floyd and Tommy James with a five-part a cappella break. Elsewhere on Someone Else's Déjà Vu, tracks make use of rich analog synths, double bass, saxophone and vibraphone, played by various Omaha musicians including members of Tilly and the Wall and The Faint.

A refreshing pastoral familiarity, think of Someone Else's Déjà Vu as great accompaniment to a day where your only responsibilities might include reading a book, petting your cat or thinking of an old friend.

Someone Else's Déjà Vu Track Listing

01. "A Girl In New York City"
02. "Legend of Lizeth"
03. "Quand Tu Marches Seul"
04. "Wild Roses"
05. "Horizons"
06. "Yesterday Morning"
07. "Constellations"
08. "and"
09. "Juliet's Son The Renegade"
10. "Awakening"
11. "Someone Else's Deja Vu"
12. "Requiem For A Planet"

Son Ambulance Tour Dates:

07.11 - Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
07.12 - Lincoln, NE @ Box Awesome
07.14 - Columbia, MO @ Mojo's
07.15 - Chicago, IL @ Schuba's
07.16 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin @ Cactus Club
07.17 - Des Moines, Iowa @ Vaudville Mews
07.18 - Minneapolis, MN @ Uptown Bar
07.19 - Fargo, ND @ Aquarium/Dempsey's Upstairs
07.20 - Sioux Falls, SD @ Nutty's North
07.31 - Colorado Springs, Colorado @ The Black Sheep
08.01 - Denver, Colorado @ Marquis Theater
08.02 - Salt Lake City, Utah @ Kilby Court
08.03 - Phoenix, Arizona @ Modified Arts
08.04 - Los Angeles, California @ Knitting Factory
08.06- San Francisco, California @ Bottom of the Hill
08.08 - Portland, Oregon @ Doug Fir
08.09 - Seattle, Washington @ Vera Project
08.11 - Billings, Montana @ Bones Brewing
08.12 - Rapid City, South Dakota @ Imperial Inn


This Sunday June 29th At NYC Gay Pride Parade
The Remixes Enter Top 20 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart At #16 With A Bullet!

Available Now As A Digital Release From MINDTRAIN/TWISTED Records Exclusively Through Beatport
The 39th Anniversary Of The Historic Original Recording


The highly sought-after and previously unreleased mixes of ONO’s #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charting single “NO, NO, NO” (THE REMIXES) and the #2 charting smash / #6 dance track of 2007 “YOU’RE THE ONE” (THE REMIXES) also set for digital release June 1st 2008

New York – Following the massive critical and commercial success of Yoko Ono’s ambitious remix collections – YES, I’M A WITCH and OPEN YOUR BOX (MINDTRAIN/Astralwerks) which paired the seminal performer with the 21st century underground -- ONO readies for the digital release of “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” (THE REMIXES). The new release (available June 1 at and July 1 at the iTunes Music Store) commemorates the 39th anniversary of the world peace anthem's historic June 1, 1969 recording. The song was recorded during John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s infamous week-long “Bed-In For Peace” in Room 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada.

The enduring, landmark song has been re-recorded by ONO as an uplifting, poetic narrative resonating with a contemporary sense of urgency and optimism. The timely release speaks to today’s tumultuous political, social and environmental climate. And with it, Ono --the tireless humanitarian-- offers a poignant and evocative mantra that is a song of hope, inspiration and limitless possibilities in a time of change.

For this important milestone release, MINDTRAIN Records again partners with legendary dance label TWISTED Records. Together they issued ONO’s #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart-toppers “WALKING ON THIN ICE” (The Remixes) and “EVERYMAN / EVERYWOMAN”.

Concurrent with the release of "Give Peace a Chance," MINDTRAIN/TWISTED will also digitally issue the highly sought-after and previously unreleased mixes of ONO’s #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charting single “NO, NO, NO” (THE REMIXES) and #2 charting “YOU’RE THE ONE” (THE REMIXES). “No, No, No” includes superlative reconstructions from international superstars Linus Loves, Tom Novy, Eric Kupper, Friscia and Lamboy, Peter Bailey and more. “You’re The One” (which was the #6 Billboard Dance track of 2007) includes vibrant re-workings by Bimbo Jones, Richard Morel (aka Morel), Friscia and Lamboy, and Claude Le Gache.

Already the Hot Shot Debut and #1 Breakout, The remixes now enter Top 20 (#16 with a bullet) on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” (THE REMIXES) will be released as a series of three digital-only, environmentally-friendly “green” singles, the third of which will feature a diverse assemblage of international dance/electronic music innovators, galvanizing the familiar and timeless rallying cry: “All we are saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!”


Acclaimed LA based rock band THE BRONX have been selected by the Warped Tour and Myspace to be the first featured artist for their 'Download of the Week' promotion on Myspace's main music page. Through this Sunday, June 29th - fans can download a FREE new song from their forthcoming studio album THE BRONX (III). The featured track, "Knifeman," continues the band's tradition of creating blistering, white-hot rock that kicks you in the loins to make you move, and slaps you in the head to make you think. Look for the band's new studio album in early September 2008.

This summer marks The Bronx's first-ever appearance on the Van's Warped Tour, which began last week in Pomona, CA and ends on August 19th. Log on to for specific dates.


The result of three weeks alone in a Nevada desert motel room, City of Refuge, Castanets' fourth full-length for Asthmatic Kitty, blazed into the mind of Ray Raposa with the rising sun. The idea came the morning after an overnight drive with tour companions from Oakland, CA, to Las Vegas, NV; waking in the back seat to a Nevada gas station dawn, Raposa said "here," and as the drive progressed, so did his conviction that this was where he would record the next Castanets album.

He sought and found solitude in a mom and pop motel in Overton, NV - unincorporated, two bars, no stoplight, home of The Lost City Museum - on the edge of Valley of Fire State Park (Moapa Valley to the indigenous peoples), an hour northeast of the surreal derangement of Vegas. Far from distractions and infused with the sense of isolation explored by the songs he'd written for the album, it proved the optimal backdrop. Minimal overdubs by friends Jana Hunter, Sufjan Stevens, Dawn Smithson (Jessamine, Sunn O)))), solo), Scott Tuma (Souled American, Boxhead Ensemble, solo), and co-producer Ero Gray were added later, but the silence of the sparsely populated region underscores the sounds of Raposa's voice and instruments.

Over the course of three albums and myriad EPs, Ray Raposa and cohorts have made a career of crawling out on tenuous limbs, but to the amazement of the crowd below, never falling off. With an uneasy, asymmetric weave of sung songs, chants, electronic noise solos and spaghetti-western guitar interludes, City suggests a film soundtrack, with overture, mood-setting and plot-development songs, intermission, character studies, and themes of resolution and reconciliation.

Castanets will also be releasing Dub Refuge, a dub version of City of Refuge remixed by Ero Gray. Additionally, Castanets has just finished an album of Hank Williams cover songs to be released in the near future.

"The more you listen, the more 'In the Vines' coils around you with its melancholic honesty amid slinking acoustic guitars and embellished, digitally amplified effects. . . The album's Gothic-tinged Americana is an uneasy road but blazes a trail worth exploring, one that is more about the journey and not so much about the destination." -- Michael Williams, Boston Globe

"Castanets Ray Raposa is a proudly bearded visionary from the forest kingdom of Brooklyn, leading his ensemble in dreamy, noisy, elegiac and unabashedly fluthered music of whispered intimacies, cavernous choirs and keening pedal steel." -- LA Times

01. Celestial Shore
02. High Plain 1
03. The Destroyer
04. Prettiest Chain
05. Refuge 1
06. The Quiet
07. Glory B
08. High Plain 3
09. I'll Fly Away
10. The Hum
11. Savage
12. Shadow Valley
13. High Plain 2
14. Refuge 2
15. After the Fall


MT. CLEMENS – AEG Live presents Juliette and the Licks and The Donnas at the Emerald Theatre Sunday, August 10th. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 27th at 5 pm.

Led by actress Juliette Lewis, Juliette and the Licks released their first EP, Like a Bolt of Lightning, in 2004. It was shortly followed by the release of their full length album, You’re Speaking My Language. While touring in support of the album, their drummer was replaced by Nirvana alum and Foo Fighters head Dave Grohl, whose drum skills can be heard on their most recent album Four on the Floor. Since then, Juliette and the Licks may have gone through several member changes, but their solid sound creates a demand for tours and international performances around the world.

All four members of The Donnas met in high school in the late 90’s, and have continued to produce their estrogen-fueled rock since then. After releasing a few records on minor labels, in 2001 The Donnas signed with their first major label, Atlantic Records. In 2002 they released their Atlantic debut, Spend the Night and it was their first single Take it Off, that earned them mainstream popularity as well as appearances on shows including Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Late Show with David Letterman. After parting ways with Atlantic Records, their 7th album, Bitchin, was released on their own record label, Purple Feather Records, in 2007

For more information on Juliette and the Licks, visit their website at For more information on The Donnas, visit their website at

Juliette and the Licks and The Donnas will be co-headlining at the Emerald Theatre Sunday, August 10th, 2008. Tickets for this event are $18 in advance and $20 day of show. Tickets are on sale Friday, June 27th at 5 pm. Doors are at 7 pm for this all ages performance. Tickets can be purchased at the Emerald Theatre Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets,,, or charge by phone at 248.645.6666



With the July 8 release of Modern Guilt rapidly approaching, Beck has made two additional tracks from the album available online. In addition to the previously released "Chemtrails", the new songs "Orphans" and "Gamma Ray" are now streaming at iLike and MySpace. "Orphans" and "Gamma Ray" are among the songs featured in a special video trailer for Modern Guilt available exclusively at

In addition, presales for Modern Guilt are now running at, iTunes,, and Best Buy. Itunes presales include an instant download of "Chemtrails," a video for "Gamma Ray," and access to preferred seating concert tickets via Ticketmaster.

Finally, Beck has created a website for the new album at This site includes information on the new album, tour dates, and the latest Beck news. Be sure to check out the Tags section for new buddy icons and desktop images as well as links to tell your MySpace and Facebook friends about Modern Guilt. Beck will be adding clips of each track so check back daily!


RCA Records is excited to announce that Kings of Leon will release their highly anticipated fourth album, Only By The Night, on September 23, 2008. Only By The Night was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN, and was produced by Angelo Petraglia, Jacquire King and Kings of Leon.

Only By The Night is a bold and expansive sonic statement that looks set to solidify Kings of Leon's position as one of the most important international acts of 2008 and beyond. It follows rapidly in the footsteps of the band's previous albums, Youth And Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak and Because Of The Times, all of which have quickly established them as one of the most prolific and acclaimed acts around.

Following on from the end of 2007, which saw the band playing sold-out shows across America, including nights at Radio City Music Hall and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, as well as a sold-out UK arena tour, Kings of Leon will play their biggest shows to date over the summer of 2008. The tour begins on 27 June at the world famous Glastonbury festival, where they headline the main Pyramid stage, before continuing with further headline appearances at Oxegen, T In The Park and V Festival and throughout Europe. On August 9, the band will play the All Points West Festival in Liberty State Park, in Jersey City, NJ.

Live dates are as follows:

27 June: Glastonbury Festival, Somerset UK
29 June: Open Air St Gallen Festival, Switzerland
4 July: Roskilde Festival, Denmark
5 July: Werchter Festival, Belgium
8 July: Le Zenith, Paris France
11 July: Oxegen Festival, Ireland
13 July: T In The Park Festival, Scotland
18 July: Summercase Festival, Madrid Spain
19 July: Summercase Festival, Barcelona Spain
9 August: All Points West Festival, Liberty State Park, Jersey City
16 August: V Festival, Weston Park, Staffordshire UK
17 August: V Festival, Hylands Park, Chelmsford UK



Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival is proud to announce new additions to the already-stellar line-up for the first inaugural event. Howlin' Rain, The Dynamites and Carney are rounding out Friday August 22nd. The Walkmen, Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck and Everest have been added to Saturday August 23rd. Toots & the Maytals, Rogue Wave, Mike Gordon and Vienna Teng have been added to Sunday, August 24th.

The multi-faceted, three-day festival will take place in San Francisco’s historic Golden Gate Park on August 22 – 24, 2008. Radiohead, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Jack Johnson will headline the event. Tickets for the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival are available for purchase at

The updated schedule for each day is as follows:

Friday August 22nd (first band is on at 5pm)
Manu Chao
The Black Keys
Cold War Kids
Steel Pulse
Black Mountain
The Felice Brothers
Howlin Rain
The Dynamites

Saturday August 23rd (first band is on at 1pm)
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Steve Winwood
Lupe Fiasco
Café Tacvba
Regina Spektor
Galactic’s Crescent City Soul Krewe feat. Dirty Dozen Horns
M. Ward
Devendra Banhart
Matt Nathanson
Two Gallants
Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet feat. Bela Fleck
The Walkmen
Kaki King
The Coup
Donavon Frankenreiter
Nellie McKay
Sean Hayes
Rupa & The April Fishes

Sunday August 24th (first band is on at 1pm)
Jack Johnson
Widespread Panic
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Broken Social Scene
Andrew Bird
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Drive-By Truckers
Toots & the Maytals
Rogue Wave
Jackie Greene
Mike Gordan
The Cool Kids
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Little Brother
Bon Iver
The Mother Hips
Nicole Atkins & The Sea
Back Door Slam
Culver City Dub Collective

Outside Lands, produced by Another Planet Entertainment, Superfly Productions and Starr Hill Presents, is set to be a dynamic event with the broad range of entertainment and amusement options you’d expect from the partnering of the co-founders of the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival with one of the most successful independent promoters in the country. The unique strengths of these three companies using the backdrop of one of the most famous parks in a city rich with music history is certain to make for an unforgettable weekend. Outside Lands, the most ambitious event in the park’s history, will be the first annual ticketed large-scale multi-stage event in this historic location. A portion of every ticket sold will directly benefit Golden Gate Park.



Following their fifth consecutive UK number 1 album last year, the GRAMMY® award winning We Are The Night (Best Electronic/Dance Album), The Chemical Brothers return with Brotherhood a Best Of collection with a kick and a twist, set for release on September 2, 2008.

In a career that to date has spanned 13 years and accrued 9 million record sales Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons have established themselves as true pioneers of electronic music and as The Chemical Brothers they have become one of the most popular dance acts of all time. Now seems the perfect time to take stock of their seminal output with the double disc celebration that is Brotherhood.

Brotherhood comprises 2 discs, the first is a collection of 13 undeniable benchmark singles from the band's immense back catalogue and new track "Keep My Composure" which features the shimmering flow of Baltimore’s Spank Rock.

The 2nd disc will feature exclusively Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10. Since 1996 Electronic Battle Weapons have acted as the laboratories for The Chems devious musical experiments and laid the rhythmic and melodic foundations for numerous tracks as well as providing some of the duos most formidable mixes. Until now Electronic Battle Weapons 1-9 have only been available on various limited formats and this is the first time they have been widely available.

Brotherhood will be preceded by the digital single "Midnight Madness", the full-length of which will be included on Disc 2. Derived and developed from Electronic Battle Weapon 10 "Midnight Madness" is The Chemical Brothers at their most infectious, euphoric, report to the dancefloor best.


01. Galvanize
02. Hey Boy Hey Girl
03. Block Rockin' Beats
04. Do It Again
05. Believe
06. Star Guitar
07. Let Forever Be (Featuring Noel Gallagher)
08. Leave Home
09. Keep My Composure (Featuring Spank Rock)
10. Saturate
11. Out Of Control
12. The Golden Path – (Featuring The Flaming Lips)
13. Setting Sun – (Featuring Noel Gallagher)
14. Chemical Beats

1-10 Electronic Battle Weapons

The Chemical Brothers will be bringing their iridescent live show throughout the European festival circuit and then to London’s Olympia for their biggest ever headline show in the UK capitol.




Juliana Hatfield has unveiled details of her upcoming memoir, entitled When I Grow Up, slated to be published by John Wiley & Sons on September 29th. The book follows the renowned singer/songwriter's much-anticipated new album, How To Walk Away, due from Hatfield's own Ye Olde Records on August 19th.

At turns wryly funny and heartbreakingly sincere, When I Grow Up offers Hatfield's inimitable perspective on her remarkable 20-year career. Penned during her recent year-long sabbatical from music, the book chronicles her extraordinary journey, from her teenage beginnings in the pioneering indie-rock combo, Blake Babies, and iconic rise to alternative solo stardom, to the past decade's stunning streak of increasingly mature, critically acclaimed albums.

When I Grow Up takes readers backstage and behind the scenes of a life lived in rock 'n' roll, detailing the origin of her songs, her battles with clinical depression, and her quest to find purpose after all of her dreams had seemingly come true. Throughout the book, Hatfield recounts her skyscraping highs and deep, dark lows in the same engaging voice her fans have loved for years - spirited, witty, and always candid.

Penning When I Grow Up led to a burst of creative energy that also spawned Hatfield's 10th solo album, How To Walk Away. Produced by Andy Chase (of revered alt-rock/pop band Ivy), the album is among her best to date, featuring songs that are both layered and unhurried, bittersweet yet life-affirming. Hatfield is joined on the album by a number of friends made along the way, including Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs), Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne), and Tracy Bonham.

"Shining On," a key track on How To Walk Away, is currently streaming at Hatfield's MySpace page, located at ; In addition, her blog sees her writing about songs selected by fans from her sizable repertoire. "Read it at your own risk," Hatfield warns. "Illusions may be shattered."

Juliana Hatfield first came to prominence in her teens as a founding member of the legendary Boston indie-rock band, Blake Babies. After four independent albums with the group, Hatfield signed to Atlantic Records as a solo artist and had a slew of modern-rock hits (including "My Sister," "Spin The Bottle" and "Universal Heartbeat"). She left the label in 1998, signing to Zoe Records (a Rounder Records imprint) and releasing four well-regarded albums, including 2004's In Exile Deo, named as one of that year's 10 best albums by The New York Times' Jon Pareles.

In 2005 Hatfield came full circle, back to full DIY independence, releasing Made In China (hailed as "her most urgent, refreshingly unpolished output in years" by Time Out New York) on Ye Olde Records, her own label. Ye Olde Records released Frank Smith's Heavy Handed Peace and Love in 2007 as well as her collaboration with the band, Sittin' in a Tree, a six-song EP.

Hatfield recently contributed "Back To Freedom," an exclusive track recorded during the How To Walk Away sessions, to the Green Owl Compilation: A Benefit For the Energy Action Coalition.

FUNEREAL MOON - Satan's Beauty Obscenity

Autopsy Kitchen Records proudly announces our new signing/collaboration with Mexico's ambient/occult/black metal project Funereal Moon! Funereal Moon have been creating Satanic audio blasphemies in this world since 1993 with the debut release of their Prayers Of The Crystal Tablet Of Beli demo cassette. They have had a unique approach to the dark arts from their very inception and it has only grown phenomenally over the decade since. We first became familiar with Funereal Moon's mysterious presence with their 1997 vinyl only release Grim...Evil.... Soon after that release the band all but disappeared from this planet with only 2 very limited "commemorative/best of" CDs containing a scattering of new tracks being released in a span of almost a decade!

Funereal Moon eventually returned from absolute obscurity however and began recording full time once again much to our own pleasure. We decided to approach the band about doing a re-release of Grim...Evil on CD format and in the end we got much more than we bargained for...Funereal Moon have made Autopsy Kitchen their new home for all obsessive intents and Satanic purpose in life...The first collaboration is fully recorded and will consist of a re-release of the tracks from the previously mentioned Grim...Evil LP as well as the first new Funereal Moon recordings in years: Satan's Beauty Obscenity. Following this release, the aptly titled brand new full length recording Bringer Of Evil will also materialize to assist in your pain and pleasure as Funereal Moon have done for us all these years.


U2's first three albums have been re-mastered and will be released by Universal on July 22nd.

Following the re-mastered release of The Joshua Tree last year, Edge has overseen a similar re-mastering of Boy (1980), October (1981) and War (1983), all of which have been re-mastered from the original audio tapes.

Each album will be released in physical and digital formats; as a standard single disc, a deluxe double version including a disc of b-sides, live tracks and rarities, and an LP version pressed on 180gm virgin vinyl

The packaging on all three titles has been restored and expanded, with new liner notes for each record, previously unseen photos and full lyrics.

The full tracklistings and format information is as listed;

Standard format:
A single CD with re-mastered audio and restored packaging.
Includes a 16 page booklet featuring previously unseen photos, full lyrics and new liner notes by Paul Morley

1. I Will Follow 2. Twilight 3. An Cat Dubh 4. Into The Heart 5. Out Of Control 6. Stories For Boys 7. The Ocean 8. A Day Without Me 9. Another Time, Another Place 10. The Electric Co. 11. Shadows And Tall Trees.

Deluxe format:
A standard CD (as above) and a bonus CD.
Bonus CD includes b-sides, live tracks and rarities.
Also includes a 32 page booklet with previously unseen photos, full lyrics, new liner notes by Paul Morley, and explanatory notes on the bonus material by The Edge.

1. I Will Follow (Previously Unreleased Mix) 2. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock 3. Touch 4. Speed Of Life (Previously Unreleased Track) 5. Saturday Night (Previously Unreleased Track) 6. Things To Make And Do 7. Out Of Control 8. Boy-Girl 9. Stories For Boys 10. Another Day 11. Twilight 12. Boy-Girl (Live at The Marquee, London) 13. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (Live at The Marquee, London - Previously Unreleased Version) 14. Cartoon World (Live at The National Stadium, Dublin - Previously Unreleased Track)

Vinyl format:
A single album re-mastered version on 180gram vinyl with restored packaging.

Side One 1. I Will Follow 2. Twilight 3. An Cat Dubh 4. Into The Heart 5. Out Of Control
Side Two 1. Stories For Boys 2. The Ocean 3. A Day Without Me 4. Another Time, Another Place 5. The Electric Co. 6. Shadows And Tall Trees.

Standard format:

A single CD with re-mastered audio and restored packaging.
Includes a 16 page booklet featuring previously unseen photos, full lyrics and new liner notes by Neil McCormick.

1. Gloria 2. I Fall Down 3. I Threw A Brick Through A Window 4. Rejoice 5. Fire 6. Tomorrow 7. October 8. With A Shout 9. Stranger In A Strange Land 10. Scarlet 11. Is That All

Deluxe format:
A standard CD (as above) and a bonus CD.
Bonus CD includes b-sides, live tracks and rarities.
Also includes a 32 page booklet with previously unseen photos, full lyrics, new liner notes by Neil McCormick, and explanatory notes on the bonus material by The Edge.

1. Gloria (Live at Hammersmith Palais, London) 2. I Fall Down (Live at Hammersmith Palais, London) 3. I Threw A Brick Through A Window (Live at Hammersmith Palais, London) 4. Fire (Live at Hammersmith Palais, London) 5. October (Live at Hammersmith Palais, London) 6. With A Shout (Richard Skinner BBC Session) 7. Scarlet (Richard Skinner BBC Session) 8. I Threw A Brick Through A Window (Richard Skinner BBC Session) 9. A Celebration 10. J. Swallo 11. Trash, Trampoline And The Party Girl 12. I Will Follow (Live at Paradise Theatre, Boston) 13. The Ocean (Live at Paradise Theatre, Boston) 14. The Cry/Electric Co. (Live at Paradise Theatre, Boston) 15. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (Live at Paradise Theatre, Boston) 16. I Will Follow (Live From Hattem, Netherlands) 17. Tomorrow (Bono & Adam Clayton, Common Ground Remix)

Vinyl format:
A single album re-mastered version on 180gram vinyl with restored packaging.

Side One 1. Gloria 2. I Fall Down 3. I Threw A Brick Through A Window 4. Rejoice 5. Fire
Side Two 1. Tomorrow 2. October 3. With A Shout 4. Stranger In A Strange Land 5. Scarlet 6. Is That All?

Standard format:

A single CD with re-mastered audio and restored packaging.
Includes a 16 page booklet featuring previously unseen photos, full lyrics and new liner notes by Niall Stokes.

1. Sunday Bloody Sunday 2. Seconds 3. New Year's Day 4. Like A Song 5. Drowning Man 6. The Refugee 7. Two Hearts Beat As One 8. Red Light 9. Surrender 10. "40"

Deluxe format:
A standard CD (as above) and a bonus CD.
Bonus CD includes b-sides, live tracks and rarities.
Also includes a 32 page booklet with previously unseen photos, full lyrics, new liner notes by Niall Stokes, and explanatory notes on the bonus material by The Edge.

1. Endless Deep 2. Angels Too Tied To The Ground (Previously Unreleased Track) 3. New Year's Day (7" single edit) 4. New Year's Day (USA Remix) 5. New Year's Day (Ferry Corsten Extended Vocal Mix) 6. New Year's Day (Ferry Corsten Vocal Radio Mix) 7. Two Hearts Beat As One (Long Mix) 8. Two Hearts Beat As One (USA Remix) 9. Two Hearts Beat As One (Club Version) 10. Treasure (Whatever Happened to Pete The Chop)

Vinyl format:
A single album re-mastered version on 180gram vinyl with restored packaging.

Side One 1. Sunday Bloody Sunday 2. Seconds 3. New Year's Day 4. Like A Song... 5. Drowning Man
Side Two 1. The Refugee 2. Two Hearts Beat As One 3. Red Light 4. Surrender 5. "40"

Announce New Album, Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock, Out August 19th on New Weathermen * Self-Ttiled, Digital-Only EP out June 24th!

Forget everything you thought you knew about Heavy Heavy Low Low.

On August 19th HHLL will release "Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock" a record that is bound to be a pinnacle of their recording career. Taking the direction of, but not limited to an early release on SST, Dischord, or Touch and Go, HHLL thrives on a formula of minimalist punk energy, choppy tempos and the most bastardized take on prog rock you‚ve probably ever heard. With sprinkles of glitchy keyboards, slabs of noisecore and frantic lyrics tossed in the mix, Turtle Nipple will get the rocks off for HHLL's endless legions of fans and usher in a throng of new ones.

When asked to describe the band's current direction, drummer Christopher Fritter states "I'd say this new CD brings my mind to another level. At times I just want to cry while listening to it. Then randomly I just want to hit a fool in the face." Spoken like a true craftsman who took part in creating this bipolar cacophony of an album. Yes, it will mess with your head but it'll prove to be the most exhilarating mind fuck you'll probably ever have.

Tracklist for Toxic Shock:
1. Hahahahahahaha
2. Giant Mantis VS. TURT nip
3. How Many Dad's Must Eat Themselves?
4. 3000, 100 Points, 100pts, Gummy Octopi
5. H.D.EYE Hybrid Cyborg
6. Trot Line Beer Can
7. The Toxic Shock Mountain Blues
9. Eagle Mewnadria
10. Supernova Ninja Surfers
11. Is This Your Homework?
12. Green Genes
13. Wasted (Black Flag Cover)
14. Rotten Church / Mall / Parking Lot
15. Please, That Bitch Will Outlive us All
Secret Track - Longterm Exposure, Short Term Damage

Also, coming on June 24th is a self-titled digital-only EP that will feature 2 new songs along with the "Fuck It" EP that was never released digitally.

HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW "Heavy Heavy Low Low"
Digital Only release June 24, 2008

1. H.D.EYE Hybrid Cyborg
2. Wasted (Black Flag Cover)
3. Are You Ok Kiddo? (F**k It Version)
4. Inhalent Abuse
5. Pizza Party
6. Tragic Tragic Track Jacket
7. Texas Chainsaw Mascer-Uh (F**k It Version)
8. Tell Shannon Her Crafts Are Ready

Heavy Heavy Low Low Live!
July 11th @ Dance Unlimited Morgan Hill, CA

Italian deathcore specialists STIGMA will join UK death/grinders TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED

(Metal Blade Records) for an extensive European tour this fall. French death metal act KRONOS will also be on the bill. The dates below are already confirmed, with more to come. STIGMA has also posted "Silver Bullets And Burning Crosses" online via the band’s official Myspace Page. The track comes off the band’s debut album, When Midnight Strikes! which was released in late March through Florida's Pivotal Rockordings.

Tour Dates:
20.10.2008 UK Exeter, The Hub
21.10.2008 UK Nottingham, Junktion 7
24.10.2008 UK Peterborough, The Park
25.10.2008 UK Margate, The Westcoast Bar
31.10.2008 Austria Wien, Escape
07.11.2008 France Lyon, Lyon's Hall
09.11.2008 France Brest, DeathFest II
13.11.2008 Belgium Ghent, Frontline
14.11.2008 Belgium St Niklaas, 'T Kompas
15.11.2008 Belgium Tournai, Masure 14

Other Stigma dates:
15.6.2008 Italy, Alessandria, Lustando Festival
25.6.2008 Italy, Ravenna, Rockplanet (w/ BLEEDING THROUGH,36 CRAZYFISTS, THROWDOWN)
Interviews of Pivotal Rockordings Owners Posted at Pivotal Rage Webzine

Interviews with Pivotal Rockordings Owners Leevan Macomeau and Alexi Front have been posted online at the Pivotal Rage Webzine. The predecessor to the PR label and an ongoing metal press effort, the Pivotal Rage Webzine has been covering heavu music since 2003. Departing chief editor Jason Goltz took some time out of his day to find out more about the two and their relations to the webzine. The interviews can be accessed via in the interviews column labeled as "Interview w. Alexi Front" and "Interview w/ The Bossman."

IAMX (feat. Chris Corner of Sneaker Pimps) ANNOUNCES SEPTEMBER TOUR DATES

KISS + SWALLOW and THE ALTERNATIVE Officially Released in the U.S.

BERLIN, GERMANY - After two heady years of bubbling underground in the U.S., IAMX officially have released their two albums The Alternative (released in May) and their debut Kiss + Swallow (in-stores as of yesterday) via Metropolis Records. And what better way to kick off their official Stateside dominion but with a week of tour dates. Starting off on September 9th in Cambridge, MA's famed T.T. The Bear's Place and concluding on September 16th at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, IAMX (fronted by the ultra-charismatic and beguiling Chris Corner of triphop pioneers Sneaker Pimps) will undoubtedly once again play to capacity crowds, much like their two previous sold out tours.

Confirmed tour dates are:
Sept 09 Cambridge, MA T.T. The Bear's
Sept 10 New York City, NY Blender Theatre at Gramercy
Sept 13 Birmingham, AL EDGEFEST
Sept 15 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre
Sept 16 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall

IAMX's single "Spit It Out" has made a big splash on radio with its debut as the #4 Most Added on CMJ and is steadily moving up CMJ's RPM Chart where it's currently perched at #20 (it debuted at #38 four weeks ago). Culled from their internationally-acclaimed second album The Alternative, "Spit It Out" also spawned a video that is making equally huge waves in the video world. Musically layered with electro, pop, and rock interwoven in a very melodically rhythmic fabric, the track has been a fan favorite since its initial release overseas. The electro remix of the single by Washington, DC collective Bitrayker was released exclusively to Napster and can be heard at

"A blitzkrieg of psycho-trash glamour, Berlin's IAMX are, with their outlandish fashion sense, a sort of Scissor Sisters of underground electro. With all the swagger of T. Rex, the drama of Marc Almond and the forebidding atmosphere of a bombed out city, this is sex music for a decidedly dystopian future." - CLEAR

"Just listening to The Alternative, you can't help but think of highbrow art; think Marlene Dietrich on Ecstacy out for a night of cabaret." - Venice

"Heavier, dirtier and more sinister than the Sneaker Pimps' listener-friendly sounds, The Alternative is almost industrial without the excessive noise. Taking the buzzes from that genre and mixing them with electro elements, orchestral washes and Corner's dangerous delivery makes for a tempting mix." - Remix

"chillingly Bowie-esque." - Alternative Press

"Stadium sized rock and seedy Berlin underground at the same time..." - Londonist, UK

IAMX's visually arresting and dynamic live shows over the last two years have sold-out venues from Los Angeles to Denver to Chicago to NYC with numerous cities in between. Without a prior US release, the band's buzz built mostly through word of mouth, attracting the attention of magazines such as Alternative Press, CHORD, CLEAR, REMIX, and numerous other publications who had their ears to the underground. Fortunately for old fans and new fans alike, the American version of The Alternative is a different beast than the European version, since it has been remixed and, in some parts, re-recorded, upping the beats and adding a darker, more live, and primal feel. The new version of the debut Kiss + Swallow adds a remix of the title track by Moonbootica and the video for "Missile".

Like an 80s electro glam soundtrack to a Guillermo del Toro film or an almost unfathomable hybrid between the sexy swagger of David Bowie and the electro-dance excitement of Scissor Sisters, IAMX mixes the erotically-charged vocals of Chris Corner with music that is, at once, frantic yet intensely controlled. With such strikingly cinematic songs as the waltzy cabaret drama of "President" to the percussive sexual predatory dirtiness of "The Negative Sex" to the indelibly infectious synthpop of the sweeping "Spit It Out", The Alternative is just that - the alternative to the cookie-cutter music scene that dominates the airwaves. A visual and aural intersection, IAMX's live performances have sold out venues across Europe, the UK and the US, even landing on US music industry trade magazine Hits' best SxSW showcases in 2007! Voted Number One Album of 2007 by XM Radio, The Alternative is the sound of an independent revolution offering the perfect "alternative" to the insipid radio drone of the mainstream.

Both The Alternative and Kiss + Swallow are available now on Metropolis Records.

IAMX... it's just beginning...



" Dex Romweber was and is a huge influence on my music. I owned all of his records as a teenager, and was thrilled at the fact that we were

able to play together recently on tour. His attitude towards music is remarkable. His songwriting, along with his love of classic American music

from the south, be it rockabilly, country or R&B, is one of the best kept secrets of the rock n roll underground." - Jack White, White Stripes

Bloodshot Records and Dex Romweber announce the signing of a multi-album deal – a match made in heaven between two arbiters of the edgy side of rock,

R&B and country. The first album, as yet untitled, will feature duets between Dex and Cat Power, Neko Case and Exene Cervenka. Recording commences

in mid-August at Overdub Lane in Durham, NC; John Plymale (Meat Puppets, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Corrosion Of Conformity) is producing. Said Nan

Warshaw, Bloodshot co-owner, “Dexter’s reputation as a musician’s musician is well-established and so deserved, but we here at Bloodshot are also in awe of

the unbridled fury and raw soul he has unleashed for decades.”

The Dex Romweber Duo will stretch their legs prior to the recording with a tour that is bookended by two festival dates: Festival For The Eno July 6 in Durham, NC and the Deep Blues Festival July 19 in Lake Elmo, MN. All tour dates are listed below.

Dex Romweber is nothing less than an icon of the American music underground. The former frontman for the world famous psycho-surf-rockabilly-garage-punk

combo Flat Duo Jets, released his first of nine albums in 1990 to rave reviews worldwide. He starred alongside R.E.M. and The B-52s in the 1987 cult classic film “Athens, GA Inside Out”. His first national tour in 1990 was as opening act for The Cramps. He was showcased on MTV's The Cutting Edge and 120 Minutes, starred in the Flat Duo Jets videos "Wild Wild Lover" and "Radioactive Man", made a stunning performance on Late Night with David Letterman, and has shared the stage with dozens of other rock icons including Iggy Pop and the White Stripes.

The Dex Romweber Duo also features Dex’s celebrated sibling Sara Romweber (Mitch Easter, Lets Active, Snatches of Pink) on drums. Together the two have been performing electrifying concerts all over the US, including touring with Cat Power, Neko Case, Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers, Southern Culture On The Skids and the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Dex Romweber Duo Summer Tour Dates:

July 6 Festival For The Eno - Durham, NC

July 11 Mansion 462 - Chapel Hill, NC

July 13 The Hi-Fi Concert Club - Lakewood, OH

July 14 Cafe Bourbon Street - Columbus, OH

July 15 The Latchstring - Ft. Wayne, IN

July 16 Red Line Tap - Chicago, IL

July 17 Club 505 - Rockford, IL

July 18 Davey’s Uptown - Kansas City, MO

July 19 Deep Blues Festival - Lake Elmo, MN

July 21 Off Broadway - St. Louis, MO

July 22 Sam’s Saloon – Indianapolis, IN

July 23 White Water Tavern - Little Rock, AR

July 24 Murphy’s - Memphis, TN

July 25 The Nick - Birmingham, AL

July 26 Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN


Revived after a shake-up in ranks following the release of Telescope Mind, Tussle releases their follow-up, Cream Cuts, on August 26th on Smalltown Supersound. Cream Cuts moves above and beyond Tussle's first two releases and finds the band expanding upon it’s own unique mix of drums, bass and electronics, at times echoing the elasticity and straight forward approach of their debut, Kling Klang, but with more color and complexity, while also integrating the psychedelic pulsating punch heard on Telescope Mind.

Tussle, comprised of founding fathers Jonathan Holland (drums & electronics) and Nathan Burazer (electronics), and flanked by Warren Huegel (drums) and new addition Tomonori Yasuda (bass & electronics), began work on Cream Cuts in November 2006 with producer extraordinaire Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Brightblack Morning Light, Devendra Banhart). Most of Cream Cuts was recorded at Monahan’s studio in Los Angeles, CA with assistance from Tussle’s original bassist, Andy Cabic (aka Vetiver), who introduced the band to the producer. Monahan’s unconventional production techniques and ability to capture the sound and feel of intimate performances integrate with Tussle’s krauty exploration of rhythm leading to the bands most epic and experimental album to date.

Tussle has been busy as a group and as individuals in between the Telescope Mind and Cream Cuts recording sessions. They joined forces with YACHT and Hot Chip on a U.S. tour. (Tussle and Hot Chip hit it off and the tour lead to impromptu collaborations on stage and later on Cream Cuts' “Titan” on which Hot Chip’s front man, Alexis Taylor contributed.) Additionally, Tussle worked with Glasgow artist David Shrigley on “A Clash of Heads.” The resulting collaboration was included on Worried Noodles, an oddball music compilation released by Tomlab. Furthermore, Warren Huegel joined 76 other drummers to perform historic 77 BOADRUM on 7/7/07 under direction from Boredoms. Warren also backed up Can vocalist Damo Suzuki on drums on Damo’s fall 2007 U.S. tour.

Tussle will be touring North America in September and October.
01. Saturnism
02. Transparent C
03. Night of the Hunter
04. Third Party
06. Rainbow Claw
07. Personal Effects
08. Titan
09. Meh-teh

"Masters of minimalist funk and motorik mantras, dons of disorienting dub, Tussle reaches a lofty peak with Telescope Mind. The band achieves a fruitful synthesis between psychedelic tone exploration (bells, buckets, bottles, bicycle wheel, and cowbell) and its patented mesmerizing, Möbius-strip funk jams. The music is simultaneously regimented and free, making you want to propel yourself with unabashed speed and efficiency." -- Dave Segal, XLR8R

". . . one of the greatest organic dance albums of the year. . . Telescope Mind might as well be a series of locked downtown grooves that jump from the jungle to the disco." -- Andrew Parks, Urb

The Village Voice Announces Additional Artists for the 8th Annual Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™

Coney Island
Saturday, July 19, 2008


New York, NY (June 18, 2008) The Village Voice, the nation’s largest alternative weekly newspaper, is excited to announce the addition of ISLANDS and RA RA RIOT to the line-up for the 8th Annual Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™ at Coney Island on Saturday, July 19, 2008 from 12:00 noon – 9pm. ISLANDS and RA RA RIOT join scheduled performers STEPHEN MALKMUS AND THE JICKS, BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE, THE HELIO SEQUENCE, BEACH HOUSE, TIMES NEW VIKING, JAGUAR LOVE, THE DODOS, ANNUALS, FILM SCHOOL, PARTS & LABOR, DRAGONS OF ZYNTH, THESE ARE POWERS and DJs spinning throughout the day.

This free, all day, all ages music festival will feature international, national and local bands and DJs performing on two outdoor stages in historic Coney Island. Now in its 8th year, the Village Voice
SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™ has solidified its status as a leading New York City outdoor music festival, drawing over 100,000 music fans by showcasing indie rock veterans and emerging artists.

Budweiser returns to the Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL™ as the exclusive beer sponsor for the 8th consecutive year. Other sponsors include iClips Network, Zig Zag Live, Virgin Megastore,
NY Bartending School, Hop Stop, Guitar Center and Astroland Amusement Park.


June 18, 2008 (NEW YORK, NY) -- West Ireland based super group The Saw Doctors announce 13-city United States Summer Tour for August 2008. Direct from a string of successful UK Festival dates and their first-ever block of European club dates -- a sure sign of positive and continued growth for the band -- the Saw Doctors arrive stateside on Thursday, August 7 in Lowell, MA to headline the Boarding House Park Summer Music Series.
The tightly routed tour continues on with noteworthy outdoor festival-style performances including Governors Island , New York City and two nights at the Milwaukee Irish Fest. The final night of the tour, Sunday, August 24, sees the band wrap up their Summer 2008 US Swing with a headlining performance at the Buffalo Irish Festival in upstate New York. A combination of indoor and outdoor shows have been selected to provide fans the opportunity to experience a singular, summertime, Saw Doctors show.

“…a fan base…that has been compared to the Grateful Deads in its dedication.., the Saw Doctors take pride in never playing the same set twice.”
The Washington Post

“The Saw Doctors capped a grand grand-opening weekend for the Hanover by performing a knockout, two-hour show that simply demanded people leave their seats, dance around and generally whoop it up as best they could.”
The Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Summer 2008 Highlights:

Aug 9: The Metro NY Balloon & Music Festival 2008 (Long Island, NY) is New York’s most comprehensive entertainment event in the tri-state region and attracts more than 120,000 attendees. Hosted by the Town of Brookhaven in Suffolk County, this event fulfills its mission to “Reach for the Sky” by offering a spectacular family friendly festival. The entertainment lineup featuring The Saw Doctors live in concert, also includes Extreme Sports, Custom & Classic Car Showcases, 35 signature Hot Air Balloons and much more.

Aug 16-17: Milwaukee Irish Fest (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), more than a festival, this annual event celebrates all aspects of Irish culture and seeks to instill in future generations an appreciation of Irish heritage. The Saw Doctors two-night appearance is part of the list of ‘Returning Favorites’ along with other notable performers Eileen Ivers, Gaelic Storm and Seven Nations.

Aug-23: New York City–Special Event: The Governors Island Concert Series (Governors Island, NY) the inaugural edition of a rain-or-shine, all-ages music series on beautiful Governors Island, located only 800 yards off of Lower Manhattan. The GICS is a groundbreaking event: one of the first-ever large-scale performance events to take place on historic Governors Island. A bit off the beaten track for Saw Doctors regulars, this unique location will be a fantastic outdoor experience that will naturally lend itself towards the party atmosphere that befits a true Saw Doctors show.

“The Saw Doctors sing earnest, folk–rocking anthems of small–town life “for those who feel they’ve been mistreated/Discriminated, robbed or cheated.“ In Ireland their populism has brought them a huge national following; even in New York City, there should be plenty of voices with brogues singing along."
Jon Pareles The New York Times

“…working-class rockers who like to down a pint or two at the end of the day -- just like their fans.”
Cleveland Scene


Thursday August 7 Lowell, MA Summer Music Festival
Friday August 8 Northampton, MA Look Park
Saturday August 9 Long Island, NY The Metro NY Balloon & Music Fest
Sunday August 10 Troy, NY Revolution Hall
Tuesday August 12 Londonderry, NH Tupelo Music Hall
Wednesday August 13 Cohasset MA South Shore Music Circus
Thursday August 14 Hyannis MA Cape Cod Melody Tent
Saturday August 16 Milwaukee, WI Irish Fest
Sunday August 17 Milwaukee, WI Irish Fest
Tuesday August 19 Ortley Beach, NJ Surf Club
Wednesday August 20 Alexandria VA Birchmere Bandstand
Friday August 22 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
Saturday August 23 New York, NY Governor's Island
Sunday August 24 Buffalo, NY Irish Festival