Friday, June 27, 2008


LOS ANGELES, CA - , PA - Mark Ang, frontman and founder of the Socal Rock outfit Runon Fragment, has released a renovated version of the band's debut "R.F." to preview his upcoming work on a studio soundtrack for the movie "Browse," directed by indie filmmaker Chris Revon.
With lyric expressions on "R.F." varying from skateboarding in 'Concrete Wave' to analysis of the war in 'Some Things Never Change,' each song tells a unique story.
"These songs are honest documentations of my life and experiences as an indie musician and free spirit," Ang comments, "I am blessed and appreciative that my songs are heard by hundreds of thousands and this has allowed me to share my music and make amazing friends all over the country and the world and I've been able to meet great people while on tour. All you great people have opened up your time, homes and friendship to me. At least for me, this is a dream come true. To be free and to do what I love."
Mark Ang started playing acoustic guitar on the streets and beaches of Los Angeles, then moved on to studio work in San Francisco. "R.F." was the product of this work, originally released in 2007 as his first full length album with bandmates Darren Greenberg and James Endsley.

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