Wednesday, June 25, 2008

UK Pop Anomalies The Chap Sign To Ghostly International Third Album Mega Breakfast out July 1

UK's bizzaro-electro-rock sensation The Chap has signed to beloved electronic superlabel Ghostly International. The Chap is a three/four/five piece modern pop group based in North London. After receiving critical acclaim from more than a few worthy individuals for their first two albums, The Chap serve up their third release, the ambitious Mega Breakfast, which will be released in the US on July 1st.

The Chap started out with very limited equipment (one microphone, etc.) during the making of their debut album The Horse, a surreal classic of lo-fi pomposity. The follow-up, Ham, was recorded with four microphones instead of one and journeyed into more "grown-up" territory. With their third effort, the group continues to break new ground, using abstract and somewhat jarring samples that result in perfectly executed punctuations over danceable electro-beats. Anthemic, uniquely British refrains lasso it all together for a cohesive and bizarrely original release, surely to become a Mega Breakfast of Champions.

The Chap is comprised of these people: Claire Hope (keyboards, vocals); Johannes von Weizsacker (guitar, vocals, computer, cello), Panos Ghikas (bass, violin, guitar, computer, vocals) and Keith Duncan (Drums). They are and always have been about the psychological unease of despising and loving things at the same time. Those things, in particular, may be pop culture, the media world and their interactions; yet the Chap wish to convey a more general, deliciously terrifying sense of destabilisation, surprise and wonder.

Kids at gigs have frequently said the Chap "are amazing" and "look like teachers." John Peel liked them too.
The Chap Press Quotes:

"The Chap give birth to freakish Dadaist disco babies - you'll love it!" - NME

"Like Underworld if they'd decided to be a lo-fi rock and roll combo instead of a stadium selling dance is stunning." - VICE (UK)
"It's cool and dry, and it's all over the place as well. It's sonically unpredictable and harmonically lopsided, yet almost infuriatingly catchy. It's fractured and jerky, but smoothly enticing at the same time. It's cerebral and detached in its methodology but visceral in its impact. Most of all, it's fantastic fun. Serious fun." - The Wire

"The Chap "Surgery" - There are people who have to cut into people's bodies every day. It's their job, and it's ultimately sort of mundane. They go inside of bodies, see things that may only be viewed one time by the naked eye, but it's all very impersonal despite the terrifying intimacy of the activity. It's a little weird, and The Chap have sorta written a song about it, and it is about as chilly, sterile, and sleek as a scalpel." - Fluxblog

"The Chap are both gear and fab!" - John Peel

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