Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Smalltown Supersound will be releasing Where You Go I Go Too, the debut album by Norwegian musician, Lindstrøm, on August 19, 2008. Following the release of 2006's It's A Feedelity Affair, an album comprised of previously released singles, Where You Go I Go Too finds Lindstrøm creating his most melodic disco yet. The album contains three long tracks, with the opening track being almost 29 minutes.

In comparing It’s A Feedelity Affair to Where You Go I Go Too, Lindstrøm says “Musically, Where You Go. . . has many of the same qualities. I’d say it’s the opposite of minimalism because I’ve used lots of layers to create the soundscapes I wanted to work on. However, it differs to It’s A Feedelity Affair in the way that I worked on the album. I used three months to finish it, while I spent three years on It’s A Feedelity Affair. . . I wanted it to sound a bit dramatic and like a long travel. All the tracks are between 10 and 30 minutes long which might be a challenge for some people to listen to from beginning to end. It’s perfect for a long walk with headphones or when traveling by train or airplane.”

Lindstrøm's career took off after a string of critically acclaimed 12” singles that alone started a movement the press named “space disco.” Well known for his remixes, Lindstrøm has remixed LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music, Franz Ferdinand and the Killers, among others. In 2005, he and Norwegian DJ and friend Prins Thomas created Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas, a duo album which was released on Eskimo Records to wide acclaim, and in 2006, It's A Feedelity Affair was released on Smalltown Supersound.

After the release of Where You Go I Go Too, Lindstrom and Prins Thomas' second duo album will be released by Eskimo Recordings. Additionally, next year Lindstrøm will release another collaborative album with vocalist Solale.

1. Where You Go I Go Too (28:58)
2. Grand Ideas (10:11)
3. The Long Way Home (15:58)

"Just below the Norse radar - for now, at least - is producer Lindstrøm, whose taut, crisp, and catchy beats sound like the dance club of the future imitating the space-age lounge of the past." -- Sam Hunt, Ready Made

"one part Italo Disco, a healthy dose of German Kosmische, a cheeky late 70s light funk, and occasionally a smidge of Country and Western. . . " -- Alexis Georgopoulos, SOMA

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