Friday, June 27, 2008

FUNEREAL MOON - Satan's Beauty Obscenity

Autopsy Kitchen Records proudly announces our new signing/collaboration with Mexico's ambient/occult/black metal project Funereal Moon! Funereal Moon have been creating Satanic audio blasphemies in this world since 1993 with the debut release of their Prayers Of The Crystal Tablet Of Beli demo cassette. They have had a unique approach to the dark arts from their very inception and it has only grown phenomenally over the decade since. We first became familiar with Funereal Moon's mysterious presence with their 1997 vinyl only release Grim...Evil.... Soon after that release the band all but disappeared from this planet with only 2 very limited "commemorative/best of" CDs containing a scattering of new tracks being released in a span of almost a decade!

Funereal Moon eventually returned from absolute obscurity however and began recording full time once again much to our own pleasure. We decided to approach the band about doing a re-release of Grim...Evil on CD format and in the end we got much more than we bargained for...Funereal Moon have made Autopsy Kitchen their new home for all obsessive intents and Satanic purpose in life...The first collaboration is fully recorded and will consist of a re-release of the tracks from the previously mentioned Grim...Evil LP as well as the first new Funereal Moon recordings in years: Satan's Beauty Obscenity. Following this release, the aptly titled brand new full length recording Bringer Of Evil will also materialize to assist in your pain and pleasure as Funereal Moon have done for us all these years.

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