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Beaten By Them announce US release date; in studio.


“Creativity is hard to come by and for many, music has gone stale and old: far too old to conjure up any kind of fighting spirit.  Whilst many still wonder where all the new music has gone, Beaten By Them are continuing to relentlessly pound away with a desire and heart that goes beyond your basic genre role call.”
- Bryan Sanchez

BEATEN BY THEM is a multi-national quintet consisting of guitarist Andrew Harris, guitarist and keyboardist Max McCormick, cellist Boima Tucker, bassist Spencer Murray and drummer Jeff Ardziejewski. The group has previously released two albums and one EP, and has set their creative ambitions to write and perform rock music that transcends stylistic barriers.

People Start Listening (described as an "EP") represents a significant progression for the group.  While maintaining the sonic elements of the previous release Invisible Origins(tribal drums, synthesizers and earthshaking bass, to name a few) this new release is an altogether different proposition. It isn’t a stretch to describe it as an ambient record.

Where in previous Beaten by Them recordings you can clearly hear a band at work, the sounds in People Start Listening are often hard to identify.  It’s a weird and wonderful world, where musical structures appear suddenly and then collapse into nothingness before having the chance to gather any momentum.  This could be frustrating, but instead it feels like watching a strange, but cool movie.

It could be Beaten by Them’s most accessible record yet.  And as is usual with this group, the sound is top notch. People Start Listening should appeal to fans of progressive or experimental rock music, indeed anyrock fan who has lost their appetite for the bland and unimaginative fare being served up these days.

Twitter:  @beatenbythem


The future:  the band is recording a full-length album in January and touring in Summer 2012.

Stockholm’s Serenades Release EP, Announce First American Tour Dates!

Stockholm’s Serenades Release EP, New Video, Announce First American Tour Dates!
America, we’d like to introduce you to an amazing new band called Serenades. Based in Stockholm,
Sweden, Serenades are the dynamic duo of Adam Olenius (Shout Out Louds) and Markus Krunegard,
two of Sweden’s most highly-regarded songwriters. Serenades’ debut album will be available next year
thanks to Cherrytree Records. In the meantime, however, you can get a very special taste of what’s to
come via the band’s first EP, titled Come Home.  Released through all digital service providers and indie
retail on November 15th, Come Home is the perfect introduction to a band whose name you’ll be hearing
throughout 2012.  
A free download of the song “Oceans,” which will appear on the Come Home EP, is available now. 
“Oceans” is a stunning three minutes of indie pop bliss. Its accompanying video, made up entirely of
oceanic stock footage and up now on, echoes the song’s vibe of sonic submersion.
Woozy, bleached out and full of sunny harmonies, “Oceans” is the perfect summer throwback to keep you
warm throughout winter’s chill.
Serenades will also be coming to America for their first Stateside shows. The band has already played
throughout Sweden in a number of ways – sometimes as a duo, sometimes as an eleven-piece – so
these shows are already guaranteed to be the stuff of legends.
Tour Dates:
12/12 Los Angeles, CA @ Bardot (School Night!)
12/13 Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg
12/15 Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory
12/16 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
More on Serenades:  

Tasseomancy celebrates Halloween with a new mixtape and video for their new song "Black Milk" - Currently on tour with Austra and "Ulalume" out now!

While on tour with Austra, Tasseomancy crafted the perfect mix for your Halloween festivities! Also, the band captured a live performance of a new song, "Black Milk," while they were in Iceland earlier this month

Ulalume is out now on Out of This Spark!
On Ulalume (out now on Out Of This Spark), Tasseomancy expanded its scope to move beyond earlier acoustic arrangements, combining the rhythmic soundscapes of Popol Vuh and Comus with the dream-like state of Julee Cruise. The outcome is both terse and expansive, haunting and resonant in the manner of early soul music, with a smoke ribbon shape and full peal all its own. The band couldn't be more excited about their upcoming debut performances in the US when they open for Austra in November. On tour, Sari and Romy Lightman's live performance as a trio will be rounded out with the help of the highly talented, multi-instrumentalist Maya Postepski (of TRUST and Austra).

Download and share Tasseomancy's Halloween Mixtape using this Soundcloud link:

Tour Dates:
11.14.11 - Portland, OR @ Holocene
11.16.11 - Vancouver, BC @ Electric Owl
11.17.11 - Kamloops, BC @ Cactus Jack's
11.18.11 - Edmonton, AB @ Brixx
11.19.11 - Calgary, AB @ Hi Fi
11.20.11 - Lethbridge, AB @ Tongue & Groove
11.22.11 - Saskatoon, SK @ Amigo's
11.23.11 - Regina, SK @ Exchange
11.24.11 - Winnepeg, MB @ WECC
11.25.11 - Fargo, ND @ Aquarium
11.26.11 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
11.28.11 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
11.29.11 - Detroit, MI @ Crookfoot

12.01.11 - Toronto, ON @ Phoenix
12.02.11 - Montreal, QC @ Caberet Mile End
12.03.11 - Ottawa, ON @ Ritual
12.04.11 - Waterloo, ON @ Starlight
(all dates above with Austra)

What the press is saying about Ulalume:
"On Ulalume, they offer down-tempo dirges and detailed ethereal lyrics that put this record in a sonic space somewhere between Cass McCombs latest album, Wit’s End, and Nico’s classic The Marble Index." VICE

"Tasseomancy's upcoming sophomore album, Ulalume (recorded with and produced by Timber Timbre), is dark, eerie, and a little bit off-kilter, so it becomes more intriguing the more times you press play." NYLON

"You may recognize the voices of Sari and Romy Lightman as the haunting backup singers for Toronto synth-poppers Austra. They are also the forces behind their own, equally dark but folkier group Tasseomancy." Brooklyn Vegan

"Toronto twins Sara and Romy Lightman exist on a different plane of sound, mating ethereal voices with a playground of haunting and lush melodies." RCRD LBL

"Who said psych-folk is dead? Here, we see all it’s tennets in glorious detail - gorgeous witchy women, death, lace, ghosts, bad dreams made beautiful… set to a stunning number fit for a seance. I’m in love."  yvynyl

"I'm just now getting into the whole album, but this new video for one of its tracks, "Heavy Sleep," should give you a pretty good idea of how ethereal it sounds." NPR Music

"The Lightman twins have really fined tuned how to meld their whispery, eerie harmonies into a fuller sound than what they introduced in their previous outfit, Ghost Bees. Songs like "Diana" and "The Darkness of Things" truly come across as otherworldly." BUST

"There’s an aura of soft dissonance that surrounds the entire release, bathing Ulalume in a sinister light, even when it’s at its most cheerful..." The Line Of Best Fit

"They seem to occupy a completely different universe from the one I'm living in. The songs are old-sounding, like some sort of forgotten relic from another time." Diamond Rings on his favorite new artist at Pitchfork
  Watch and share the video for "Heavy Sleep":
Heavy Sleep

Oxnard's Sea Lions preps debut LP for Slumberland

Oxnard's Sea Lions preps debut LP for Slumberland

STREAM: "Grown Up" -  
Sea Lions

When Adrian Pillado formed Sea Lions in 2007, he wasn't really sure what it would be. His influences were something of a musical snowstorm, involving Crass, John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Orange Juice, and K Records' flagship band Beat Happening. In the beginning, it was just Adrian singing and playing guitar, with his best friend Pat playing drums. Both had a history in Oxnard's D.I.Y. punk scene, but something new was starting to happen in that town. A group of young kids had been listening to a lot of K, Postcard, Sarah, Creation, and (naturally) Slumberland records; new bands started forming, and bands that were previously more into punk and noise started working in these new influences. Maria's Eric Bellow started YAY! records to document the Sound of Young Oxnard, and Sea Lions fit right in on the roster. The early days of Sea Lions were a learning curve, Adrian and Pat crashing and bashing their way through songs, often stumbling upon something beautiful in the process. Still, something was missing; a full band? more time to woodshed? They were always just teetering on the edge of something great, but when would it come?

That greatness came one night at the cooler than cool L.A. indie club Part Time Punks. They had recently added a second guitarist, and a bass player... and they killed. Adrian had really grown as a songwriter, the songs were still shambolic, but they were also assertive and direct. They were in a race to the end of each song, and were running that race with swagger. They thrilled the full time punks in the crowd with a cover of Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown," and wowed us Northern Soul junkies with a downright saucy cover of the Freda Payne classic, "Band of Gold." There was the exact point at which you could say, "Ladies and gentlemen, Sea Lions!"

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sea Lions, But Were Afraid to Ask is without question the next giant step forward for the band. A brief instrumental intro gracefully leads you into the galloping proper album opener, "I Should be Sleeping." The production throughout is shimmering, and assured. Something as simple as the backing "oohs" on the song "Grown Up," become transcendent. The use of toy piano at the beginning of the song could easily be cloying, but instead feels tasteful and necessary. And while that song talks about the familiar indiepop theme of not wanting to grow up, elsewhere on the album they reveal some very mature new facets of the band. Nowhere is this more evident than what may be the album's strongest track "As Times Change." While they do a wonderful job dabbling in minor keys and retro sounds that seem perfect for a haunted sock hop throughout Everything... , "As Times Change" reveals a confident band that knows how to mine their record collections (particularly their 13th Floor Elevators, and Love records) and turn all of those sounds into something entirely their own. The much-noted Calvin Johnson-like flavor of Adrian's voice is a great contrast to what has become a quite virtuosic band. Second guitarist Matt, and drummer Javier come from the punk scene of Adrian's youth, while bassist Kyle is a fervent Britpop fan, and often wears a button with an image of Radiohead's Thom Yorke.

All of this adds to the unique yet familiar sound that Sea Lions have cleverly cultivated. Bustling with nervous energy and the desire to communicate, Sea Lions share a sense of urgency with great pop forebears like Subway Sect and Television Personalities -- earnestness combined with pop knowledge and punk suss. What Sea Lions capture, where so many young bands try and fail, is not simply the sound of young Oxnard, it's the sound of youth everywhere. Bored, underemployed, and wishing your life was something else. If there is any justice in this world it will take them far.

Sea Lions 
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid To Ask     
Street Date: Nov. 22, 2011  

1. Intro
2. I Should Be Sleeping
3. Grown Up
4. Tell You
5. A Cloud
6. Look
7. Rainfall
8. I Don't Wanna Go Out
9. I Loved Her So Much
10. What's The Point?
11. Running In Circles
12. Untitled (Guitar)
13. My Girl
14. As Times Change
15. A Song For Your Smile



Forest Fire premieres music video for "The News"

Forest Fire premieres music video for 
"The News"  
VIDEO: "The News" (Dir. by Sophia Peer) -

MP3: "Mtns are Mtns" -

Forest Fire

Pitchfork has premiered the Sophia Peer-directed video (short film, really) for "The News," the first single from Forest Fire's FatCat debut, Staring At The X, which was released Oct. 18.

This gorgeous, strange clip finds the band members in hot water when a find from a field expedition turns into a party-threatening monster. A combination of beautifully-staged live action group shots and intercut animation make a great match for the track's mix of infectious hooks and curious sonic textures.

Sophia Peer's CV includes music videos for Yeasayer, Woods, Delicate Steve, and others, as well as graphic video design for MTV and Pitchfork TV.  

Forest Fire will be touring Europe in November/December and plan on crossing the US early in 2012.   

With their sophomore record, Forest Fire - songwriter/vocalist Mark Thresher, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Nathan Delffs, bassist/multi-instrumentalist Natalie Stormann, drummer Robert Pounding, and producer/keyboardist Adam Spittler - reject the what's next-next attitude plaguing so many of the NYC/Brooklyn scene, innovating sonically at their own pace while maintaining a traditionalist's focus on songwriting. Staring At The X is an electrifying leap forward from the "cosmic Americana" of their lauded debut, Survival, which was named one of 2009's top ten albums by Rough Trade Shops, and album of the year by La Blogotheque.

For their latest, self-recorded effort, Forest Fire renew the focus on instant-classic hooks and lyrics that have earned them favorable comparisons with contemporaries like the Walkmen or occasional tourmates Phosphorescent, but bring a new complexity to their sound. As Thresher explains, "This record is our attempt to be more of an ambitious songwriter/rock band, rather than a weird folk band."

This new ambition pays dividends. Staring At The X brings together swaggering, guitar-led breakdowns that recall NYC forebears VU or Television (the band's recent live performances, especially, bring to mind the Velvets with long-form, restless "Sister Ray"-style extended jams) with romantic, darkly insistent British new-wave-styled pop; even Floyd-worthy extended space-outs make an appearance, particularly in sinister, doom-motorik album centerpiece "They Pray Execution Style."

From album opener "Born Into" with its insinuating buildup and fuzzed melodic counterpoints, through the infectious, sharp-as-a-knife chorus of first single "The News" ("you won't get far/with that look in your eyes"); from ghosty Buddy Holly rave-down "Blank Appeal," which cuts guitar buzzwalls into its last-slowdance pacing, through post-apocalyptic lament "Visions In Plastic," which closes the record - Staring At The X is tied together by Thresher's soulful, world-weary drawl, backed at times by guest vocalist Shilpa Ray, as well as Stormann (who takes over lead vocal responsibilities once, to haunting effect, on "They Pray Execution Style").

First preview track "Future Shadows" foregrounds a driving mix of organic and electronic percussion and bass pop alongside Thresher's vocal, delivering death-reflective lyrics like the eerie, knowing "like shadows, we'll leave/when the time comes," bolstered by a thrumming float of synth and searing guitar punctuations.

Forest Fire were originally discovered by tastemaking blogger Ryan Catbird after he randomly downloaded some of their music on a filesharing site because he liked the band name. He released their debut album, Survival, on his own label in 2008; Infinite Best reissued it in the US in 2009 (with Broken Sound and Talitres handling Europe). La Blogotheque declared Survival its top record of the year in 2008, calling it "raw and powerful... like a drug-hazed stroll through the history of song." Upon its 2009 reissue, Rough Trade Shops declared Survival one of the top ten records of the year, along with the likes of The xx, Grizzly Bear, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and Animal Collective; in their writeup, the indie shop giant called the record "an absolute revelation." FatCat plan to reissue Survival in early 2012.

Forest Fire has spent much of the years between releases touring, crossing Europe three times last year - once supporting Phosphorescent, and twice headlining their own shows and playing festival dates, including the UK's End Of The Road and France's Route Du Rock. They've shared stages with the likes of Sharon Van Etten (who contributed guest vocals to Survival), Xiu Xiu, Papercuts, Gang Gang Dance,  Psychedelic Horseshit, Anna Calvi, Julianna Barwick and Cass McCombs, among others. 

What the press is saying about Forest Fire:

"suggests Sparklehorse doing a slow turn on a haunted dance floor with Melvins, while Roy Orbison and Bolan applaud from the sidelines. Too good." - Time Out London 

**** - "A complex and meaty second album" - Artrocker 

"It's a headphone album, yes, but there's so much joy here that you'll want to experience it with others, too." - L Magazine ("The 10 Best Things Right Now") 

"There's a looming darkness in the middle of all of those interests that hints at a compelling underside you'll keep coming back to." - Stereogum   

Forest Fire 
Staring At The X  
Street Date: Oct. 18, 2011

1. Born Into (3:04) 
2. Future Shadows (4:10)
3. The News (2:32)
4. They Pray Execution Style (6:26)
5. Staring At The X (3:00)
6. Blank Appeal (4:17)
7. Mtns Are Mtns (2:42)
8. Visions In Plastic (8:28)  


Facebook -

Twitter -

MySpace - 

Sermons Announce Debut Album "An Augury" Out Digitally Today and LP Format on January 10th, 2012

Announce Debut Album "An Augury" Out on Physical Vinyl Format January 10th, 2012
Digital Release Available Today at iTunes and!

New Jersey and Philadelphia-based rock quartet Sermons have announced the details of their upcoming debut full-length album "An Augury" out today through all digital retail outlets, and available nationwide January 10th, 2012 on physical vinyl format.

Sermons formed in 2010 when friends Jesse, Quinn, Vinny and Tim (who formerly manned the light show and part of the fire breathing duties for the Dillinger Escape Plan) put themselves to work on what became their new project. Featuring a collection of songs that march forward with a Hammond & Rhodes in the lead, their debut album, sidesteps the popular use of guitar without sacrificing aggression or straight forwardness.

Representing devilry in the spirit of the Birthday Party/Bad Seeds/late 90's San Diego, Sermons best orchestrate their brand of epic on songs "Poseidon's Tears," allowing a condemned sailor the last word on blasphemy before being thrown overboard. "Red Shift" mates mad science with dirty rock & roll, while "Holy Water" ends in a sardonic fit of Jesus talk. Heavy bass rolls thick and thunderous, while drums punctuate and gavel in the portentous theater/church that is Sermons.

* Purchase "An Augury" on iTunes and Amazon now!

"An Augury" Track List:
1. Teach Me Alchemy
2. Poseidon's Tears
3. I Sing Trouble
4. Throne
5. You're My Favorite Madonna
6. I Don't Scare Crows
7. Red Shift
8. Holy Water
9. The Museum of Dim Lit Affairs

For more information, visit:
Sermons on Facebook
Sermons on Bandcamp

Gem Club premieres unsettling music video for "252" at

VIDEO: "252" (NSFW) (Dir. by Matthew Salton) -  

Gem Club photo by Jared Graves 

Today, SPIN premiered the new video for "252," the latest single from Gem Club's spare, haunting full-length debut, Breakers. The clip, directed by New York-based filmmaker Matthew Salton, ably captures the devestating, vulnerable beauty of Christopher Barnes, Kristen Drymala, and Ieva Berberian's music. Melancholic, disturbing, and wholly appropriate for this sinister holiday, Salton's video gives "252" the big-screen, high-definition treatment that it richly deserves, expertly underscoring Breakers' palpable cinematic qualities. In the tradition of cartoonist Charles Burns (or "body horror" master David Cronenberg), "252" features a cast of attractive young people succumbing to corporeal tragedies--falling into seizures, weeping, and leaking mysterious filth from their bodies. It's a dark ride, but also one of the most beautiful and unforgettable music videos you're likely to see all year.

Glink!  A rare stone dropped in the ocean.  It sinks away from the light, and its gleam begins to wane, it darkens against the depth.  Sinking into vastness, it looks almost like outer space, it could be floating, to the ocean's ceiling floor.  Here, there is no rising, there is no sinking, they are the same, growing and dying look identical.

Gem Club exists in this space. They float up to floors and live until the day they're born. Gem Club is music, made by Christopher Barnes and his collaborators, cellist Kristen Drymala, and vocalist Ieva Berberian. Currently, they live in Massachusetts.
Following their self-released six-song EP, Acid  and  Everything, Gem Club have made Breakers, a debut full-length released through Hardly Art.  If the album were a place, it would be home, strewn remnants of a party. If it were a color, it would be deep, rich, and full.  If it were a glance, most definitely goodbye.
Breakers is like a story that finds myth in the mundane.  Like finding a tape, under a tree, before it's about to rain.  The tape is marked with a muddied label: "STYX (the river, not the band)" and when it plays, the piano seems to whisper, to speak, to cry. No matter how low the volume is set, it plays loud.  It rings like church bells, it sings like angels, it hums like heaven, and it's the beginning of a journey, in water.  
Breakers seems to wander, rowed slowly on a passage, secreting a message it only half-understands.  Amidst the fog, however, the dim lanterns, and the specters on the banks, Gem Club maintains a clear vision, a clear voice, protective of its precious charge.  Held crooked under its arm is a record of the kind of expression that can only ever be mostly understood, the way that hearts speak in codes unknown.  
Part sadness, part elegy, part smiling kiss, the truth is delivered sparingly, in notes written and played with great love.  Scenes of loss and hope, of coming together and coming apart, play themselves out on shore, while slowly, like the long, haunted stroke of a cello, the boat moves on.  Perhaps actual memories, perhaps places unknown, still the message, written on dark paper, in light greys and whites, is safe.  
Gem Club are a special find, a sparkling rarity.  Breakers is deep and wide, and quickly robs you of the ability to tell up from down.  Breakers is many kinds of breakers, like what breaks the tide, what breaks the wind, and what breaks the heart.


11/02 Boston, MA PA's Lounge
11/17 Cambridge, MA TT The Bears +

# - w/ Tiger Saw
+ - w/ Youth Lagoon and Young Magic


Gem Club
(Hardly Art)
Street date: Sept. 27, 2011   
1. Twins
2. Breakers
3. Lands
4. Red Arrow (John)
5. I Heard the Party 
6. Black Ships 
7. Tanager
8. 252
9. In Wavelengths 


Official site: 

HE IS WE forced to cancel rest of their dates on All Time Low tour

New York, NY- Due to circumstances beyond their control, HE IS WE has canceled the remainder of their dates supporting All Time Low. The band will be pulling off the tour effective immediately in order for vocalist Rachel Taylor to be treated for medical reasons. “First and foremost, our main concern is for Rachel to get the treatment that she needs to get back in 100% health so she can get back on the road and play for fans again,” said manager Jeff Levin.
Last night’s performance in Iowa City, IA was the band’s final show on the All Time Low tour.
# # #

Friday, October 28, 2011

Architecture in Helsinki Premiere Video for "W.O.W." & Begin US Tour Wednesday

Architecture in Helsinki Release Video for “W.O.W.”

and Kick Off US Tour on Wednesday

Click HERE for the Premiere at

or Click
HERE to Watch it on Vimeo

(feel free to post and share!)

Before embarking on their current European Tour, Architecture in Helsinki snuck off to Australia’s Gold Coast with their good friends and fellow Melburnians Krozm (, who had mentioned to them earlier in the year that they'd met a Pyrotechnician who had offered them use of his Animatronic Dolphins.

As the band recount, “This sounded to good to be true, so we pinky swore that we'd make our dolphin dream a reality. We later found out that said dolphins were used in the 90's version of Flipper, featuring Jessica Alba (, which only made the prospect of this clip more exciting.”

They add that “In a nutshell, W.O.W acts the soundtrack to a film about one man's quest to find answers and in turn his place in the natural universe. Somewhere along the line we convinced Cameron to make his acting debut, which included him swimming fully clothed in freezing water for a whole day.”

You can watch the video here:

Next week AIH embark on their final US Tour for the Aria-nominated (for Best Pop Release) “Moment Bends,” so be sure not to miss the last opportunity to see them for quite a while.

Tour Dates:

02 Nov 2011 -  Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
03 Nov 2011 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
04 Nov 2011 - Cruz, CA @ Rio Theatre
05 Nov 2011 - Mexico City, MX @ El Plaza Condesa
06 Nov 2011 - Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Fest
07 Nov 2011 - Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's
09 Nov 2011 - Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder
10 Nov 2011 - Tampa, FL @ Crowbar
11 Nov 2011 - Miami, FL @ Grand Central
12 Nov 2011 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
14 Nov 2011 - Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
15 Nov 2011 - Washington DC @ 9:30 Club
16 Nov 2011 - Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
17 Nov 2011 - Boston, MA @ Royale
18 Nov 2011 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
19 Nov 2011 - Alfred, NY @ Alfred University
20 Nov 2011 - Oberlin, OH @ Oberlin College
21 Nov 2011 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
22 Nov 2011 - St. Paul, MN @ Macalester College

Additional Festival shows:

26 Nov 2011 - Canberra, AU @ Foreshore Festival
03 Dec 2011 - Sydney, AU @ Homebake / The Domain
29 Dec 2011 –Gisborne, NZ – Rhythm & Vines Festival
22 Jan 2012 - Gold Coast, AU @ Big Day Out / Gold Coast Parklands
26 Jan 2012 - Sydney, AU @ Big Day Out / Sydney Showground
29 Jan 2012 - Melbourne, AU @ Big Day Out / Flemington Racecourse
03 Feb 2012 - Adelaide, AU @ Big Day Out / Adelaide Showground
05 Feb 2012 - Perth, AU @ Big Day Out / Claremont Showground

The Soft Moon streams new EP, drops "Total Decay" video and FACT Mix just in time for Halloween


Coming up on a year since their debut self-titled LP release, The Soft Moon presents Total Decay. Luis Vasquez continues to conjure a sound fueled tempest that intoxicates with its own post-apocalyptic dust in this new EP, which will be released on Halloween, fittingly. What began as a side-project has quickly gathered a cult following that has culled a spotlight in its own right, no longer in a cloaked corner.  

After two stirring 7 inches and a full album, it was apparent that Vasquez is digging his own niche, an intimate well-spoken whisper, carrying a heavy load of synths that creep and drums that command an uncontrollable pull from within. This intimate peak into another world, Vasquez's mind, has garnered a number of comparisons to some of the most iconic and influential bands of the post-punk and krautrock movement.

"It's claustrophobic. It's hypnotic and exhilarating." - David Bevan, Spin Magazine

You've already heard lauded first single "Total Decay", so with the release of Total Decay just around the corner, the band has made a full stream of the EP available through Spin Magazine. Now you can hear for yourself the newest chapter of the The Soft Moon saga.

Not content just to let you hear the EP, the band has another pair of treats for you before the weekend, too.
 You can now watch the haunting new video for "Total Decay", which premiered earlier today at Pitchfork.  Additionally, Luis Vasquez curated a brilliant and haunting mix for Fact Magazine that just dropped this morning.  It's 30 minutes of haunting cult classics from the likes of Chrome, 13th Chime, Cinema 90 and Sods perfectly suited for the holiday weekend.  Watch the video for "Total Decay" and hear the band's Fact Mix below.


"Honestly, if you're into goth, post-punk, cold wave, industrial - any morbid music of the night, in fact - you need to get your teeth into this; it's a spotless, tip-top selection, and you can take that from people who really care about this stuff." - Fact Magazine



10/30 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo (Part Time Punks) # ^
10/31 San Francisco, CA - The Independent (Halloween EP release show!) # *

# = w/ Led Er Est
^ = w/ Frank Alpine
* = w/ Chelsea Wolfe

Oct. 31, 2011

1. Repetition
2. Alive
3. Total Decay
4. Visions

NEW CASSETTES release "Silent Guns Deluxe EP" on Nov 8, 2011 via MTV's HYPE MUSIC




New York, NY (October 28, 2011) - NEW CASSETTES is a five-piece band from Northampton, England who delivers a fresh blast of modern rock that is artful, edgy and infectious.  The quintet originally released the Silent Guns EP in early 2011 and now MTV’s HYPE MUSIC will release Silent Guns Deluxe EP digitally on November 8, 2011.  Originally a three track EP, Silent Guns Deluxe EP contains thee new tracks featured in MTV programming.

PureVolume is currently premiering a FREE DOWNLOAD and hosting the video of the title track, “Silent Guns.” 

New Cassettes have perfected the art of indie-rock cool with the awesomely infectious ‘Silent Guns’," commends Alyssa Coluccio of PV.  Check them both out here. A band directed video of the title track is out now and currently in rotation on mtvU.
While in the states working on new material last year, the band took a break from the studio to do a special ASCAP-hosted showcase for TV and movie executives at the Gibson Showroom in Los Angeles.  Blown away by the performance and immediate fans of the band, MTV asked them to join the new HYPE MUSIC venture between MTV and Extreme Music.
Now headed up by industry tastemaker Nic Harcourt, MTV’s HYPE Music considers New Cassettes a flagship artist for the program.  Last month, New Cassettes performed an acoustic set and were interviewed before the London Hype Music Launch party at the famed Abbey Road Studios. 
The band worked with Russell Emanuelle from Extreme/HYPE to rework three songs from their HYPE catalogue into stripped back acoustic versions, adding more emphasis to the feel of the lyrics and show off anther side to the songs and band.  The session was recorded in infamous Studio 2, appropriately dubbed: The Beatles Studio.  Keep an eye out for footage to come shortly.
Evoking a fascinating blend of classic indie rock (R.E.M.), pop (XTC) and new wave (New Order), yet thoroughly 21st Century with spiky guitars that go head to head with propulsive rhythms and hook-filled choruses, New Cassettes is fast-gaining critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.  The band have been leaving audiences swooning since 2005, from supporting the Strokes to playing Glastonbury, Latitude and Wireless Festivals, releasing three singles and their debut album The Art Of... in the UK and Japan. 
New Cassettes have gained critical acclaim from plays on Radio 1, BBC6 and XFM, and have been a MySpace featured artist as well as the Radio 1 front-page profile.  The band been featured on the "The Inbetweeners” (UK) Soundtrack and completed a successful headlining tour in Japan.
Additional placements include “Bite Your Lip”  in the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy in September and multiple songs on MTV hit Jersey Shore.
New Cassettes will be touring the U.S. in early 2012, leading to the release of their debut full-length at SXSW in March.   Please reach out if you’d like more info on New Cassettes, a copy of Silent Guns Deluxe EP or to speak to the band.
New Cassettes - Silent Guns Deluxe EP Tracklist:
1 - Silent Guns
2 - You Are A Slow Wave
3 - You Won't Stop
4 - I'm Always Right
5 - Munich and Berlin
6 - Televise This

Stream Silent Guns Deluxe EP at
New Cassettes is:
Dan Battison - bass
Nik Gray - guitar/vocals
Tom Stubbs - vocals
Tommy Francis - drums/vocals
Owen Reed - guitar/vocals

Every Last Drop Counts in Yukon Blonde's New Video for "Water" Single off "Fire//Water" EP. Band Tour Through North America Including A Movember NYC Halloween Set

Every Last Drop Counts in Yukon Blonde's New Video for "Water" Single off Fire//Water EP, Out Now  
  Band Tour Extensively Through North America
Including A Movember NYC Halloween Set
        Watch the video for "Water" at the Paste Premiere or YouTube   

 Download Yukon Blonde's First Single "Fire" at SoundCloud (Available to Post)   
Vancouver-based Yukon Blonde have debuted a brand new video for their single "Water" with Paste taken from their recently released Fire//Water EP on Dine Alone Records (Tokyo Police Club, Neon Indian). Directed by Amazing Factory Productions the video for "Water" was shot on the plains of their native Vancouver, and features the band out of luck, time, and their most vital resource. The quartet continues to support the EP on an extensive North American fall tour including over 60 dates where fans can purchase a vinyl copy in either fire orange or water blue.

Performing their way down to the states this weekend, Yukon Blonde will appear in NYC for a special one-off Halloween set before returning to Canada for early November dates. The band will be transforming their beards into waxed and groomed mustaches in support this year's Movember campaign. Catch their new Movember look and rumored Village People attire as they celebrated the holiday and raise general awareness for men's wellness and prostate health. 

Produced by Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Ladyhawk) the four song follow up to the quartet's Polaris and WCMA award nominated debut LP was written partially while on the road, and partially while off the road at a cottage in the Comox Valley (BC). The band recorded a total of 15 songs over the course of the summer, and  the remaining 11 tracks will be featured on their sophomore LP in early 2012.

Yukon Blonde's career has so far been marked by their on-the-road ethic. Last fall they embarked on a 30+ date tour supporting Good Old War, as well as several headlining runs down each coast. This summer the young B.C. band played at Milwaukee Summerfest with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and the last year and a half has seen them rack up nonstop tour mileage both in North America, and Europe, including festivals such as SXSW, CMJ and Popkomm Festival in Berlin along the way. Make sure to check them out this fall as they wind through the entire country.  


 Yukon Blonde Fire//Water Tour Dates

  27 Oct -Charlottetown, PE @ Hunters Ale House
  28-Oct - Fredericton, NB @ The Capitol      
29 Oct - Quebec City, QC @ Le Scanner            
31 Oct - Brooklyn, NY @ Rock Shop      

01 Nov - Montreal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo              

02 Nov - Ottawa, ON @ Ritual         

03 Nov - Sudbury, ON @ Townehouse Tavern         

04 Nov - Sault Ste. Marie, ON @ Lop Lops             
05 Nov - Thunder Bay, ON @ Crocks          
07 Nov - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite    
10 Nov - Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore             
11 Nov - Victoria, BC @  Sugar        
15 Nov -Atlanta, GA @ The Earl *       
16 Nov - Nashvile, TN @ 3rd & Lindly *         
17 Nov -St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway *      
18 Nov - Louisville, KY @ Zanza Bar *   
19 Nov - Columbus, OH @ Rumba Café *
20 Nov - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern*       
22 Nov - Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Café *                     
23 Nov - East Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar *       
25 Nov - Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge  *     
26 Nov -Milwaukee, WI  @ Cactus Club *       
28 Nov -Minneapolis, MN @  7th Ave Entry *            
30 Nov - Rockisland, IL @ Huckleberry Pizza *         
01 Dec - Ames, IA @ The Maintenance Shop *          
02 Dec - Omaha, NE @ Slowdown Jr *           
03 Dec - Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room *       
04 Dec - Oklahoma city, OK @ The Conservatory *   
06 Dec -  Little Rock, AR @ Juanita's Cantina *          
07 Dec - Dallas, TX @ Double Wide *  
08 Dec - Houston, TX @ Fitz Downstairs *      
09 Dec - Austin, TX @ Emo's Inside *   
11 Dec -  Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge *      
13 Dec -  Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court *   
14 Dec -Boise, ID @ Neurolox *            
16 Dec - Spokane, WA @ A Club *      
17 Dec - Seattle, WA @ Crocodile  *    
18 Dec - Portland, OR @ Doug Fir  *   
21 Dec - San Francisco, CA @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall *           
22 Dec - San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar *
23 Dec - Los Angeles @ The Echo
29 Dec - New South Wales, Australia- Peats Ridge Festival Glenworth Valley
* All US shows after Nov 15 co-headline w/ The Fling

For more information, please visit: