Monday, October 31, 2011

Sermons Announce Debut Album "An Augury" Out Digitally Today and LP Format on January 10th, 2012

Announce Debut Album "An Augury" Out on Physical Vinyl Format January 10th, 2012
Digital Release Available Today at iTunes and!

New Jersey and Philadelphia-based rock quartet Sermons have announced the details of their upcoming debut full-length album "An Augury" out today through all digital retail outlets, and available nationwide January 10th, 2012 on physical vinyl format.

Sermons formed in 2010 when friends Jesse, Quinn, Vinny and Tim (who formerly manned the light show and part of the fire breathing duties for the Dillinger Escape Plan) put themselves to work on what became their new project. Featuring a collection of songs that march forward with a Hammond & Rhodes in the lead, their debut album, sidesteps the popular use of guitar without sacrificing aggression or straight forwardness.

Representing devilry in the spirit of the Birthday Party/Bad Seeds/late 90's San Diego, Sermons best orchestrate their brand of epic on songs "Poseidon's Tears," allowing a condemned sailor the last word on blasphemy before being thrown overboard. "Red Shift" mates mad science with dirty rock & roll, while "Holy Water" ends in a sardonic fit of Jesus talk. Heavy bass rolls thick and thunderous, while drums punctuate and gavel in the portentous theater/church that is Sermons.

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"An Augury" Track List:
1. Teach Me Alchemy
2. Poseidon's Tears
3. I Sing Trouble
4. Throne
5. You're My Favorite Madonna
6. I Don't Scare Crows
7. Red Shift
8. Holy Water
9. The Museum of Dim Lit Affairs

For more information, visit:
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Sermons on Bandcamp

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