Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Santah Premiere Video for "Neighbors and Cousins" at PasteMagazine.com * Perform at This Week's CMJ Marathon in New York

Premiere Video for New Song "Neighbors and Cousins" at PasteMagazine.com
Debut Album "White Noise Bed" Out Now on No Sleep Records!

Watch the video for "Neighbors and Cousins" exclusively @ PasteMagazine.com

In support of their debut album "White Noise Bed" (out now on No Sleep Records) and their upcoming appearances at this week's annual CMJ Music Marathon in New York (specifically tomorrow's joint showcase with PASTE Magazine Rdio Showcase), Chicago psychedelic pop band Santah have premiered the new video for their song "Neighbors and Cousins" at PasteMagazine.com.

"Neighbors and Cousins" was shot on Lake Michigan by director Elijah Alvarado who says "the video is kind of inspired by the simplicity of the 90's pop-band music video. We just went out on a sail boat and had a great time."

In addition, the band has also recently premiered their new Daytrotter Session which fans can listen to here.

“There's a certain amount of loving that goes into all of the drops of Santah songs, that turns the concentration into a gossamer drink that goes down smooth and leisurely. The images that one gets out of the sky, while listening to the songs on "White Noise Bed," seem to be sponsored by the film varieties that come loaded on our Hipstamatic apps, causing so much of what we and they feel to be blanketed in a lovely sheen of nostalgia.” - Daytrotter

"'No Other Women'" is quite the ballad of a tune with commanding vocals and soaring riffs by Stanton McConnell, piano runs that are littered all over the place and smashing drums that keep the tune from flying too far into the abyss." - Filter

“With a hazy kind of twang, it should also garner comparisons to a more folksy version of Vampire Weekend or a younger, slightly more poppy Wilco and/or Whiskytown. However they got their sound, it’s definitely one worthy of lengthy exploration.” - Consequence of Sound

“The reason Santah is so successful in reviving southern-California-style 70’s psychedelic pop is that they tap into the sound’s darker undercurrents, injecting a bit of heartbreak that tangles interestingly with the mellow vibe.” - Chicago Reader

"Warm, fuzzy, with more hooks per minute than a Costco-sized bucket of Superchunk, ecstatic coded emotions pulled from a Slanted & Enchanted outtake with a pastoral Lindsay and Stevie Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac vibe creeping in—altogether, it's a nice little jangly, innocent slab of musical cloudspace that's sure to make a splash with kids these days." - Time Out Chicago

"Vampire Weekend will be the go-to comparison here, but there's a different sort of feel at the root of Santah's songs. A little bit more relaxed, they go bigger with the vocals and are free to go wherever they'd like with the riffs, which always makes for more interesting indie." - RCRDLBL

"White Noise Bed is built on a steady foundation of Midwestern rock, with a subtle dose of pop, a sideways glance at twang and a healthy hankering for the slightly psychedelic. These kids aren't exactly rewriting the rulebook, but they certainly know how to bend its boundaries enough to keep their songs fresh and interesting upon multiple listens." - Chicagoist

Santah Live
19-Oct: PASTE Magazine and Rdio Afternoon Delight New York #
20-Oct: CMJ Showcase @ Rockwood Music Hall New York
22-Oct: CMJ RWIM Showcase @ Sullivan Hall New York
23-Oct: Richmond, VA The Camel *
24-Oct: Charlottesville, VA The Box *
25-Oct: Durham, NC Casbah *
26-Oct: Charleston, SC Village Tavern *
27-Oct: Louisville, KY Zanzabar *
28-Oct Chicago, IL Subterranean *%

# = w/ The Lonely Forest
* = w/ Army Navy (presented by FILTER Magazine)
*% = w/ Army Navy Madi Diaz, and Kyle Andrews

Stream "White Noise Bed" here!

"White Noise Bed" Track List
1. Irish Wristwatch
2. No Other Women
3. Chips of Paint
4. Cold Wave
5. White Noise Bed
6. Overgrown
7. When I Couldn't Move
8. Merry Ann
9. Bat Suite
10. Dragonfly Papers
11. Neighbors and Cousins

Santah was born with their feet planted in the ground and their heads in the clouds. Composed of guitarist/vocalist Stanton McConnell, drummer Steven Plock, bassist Otto Stuparitz, and Tommy Trafton on keyboards, the quintet met at the University of Illinois and with their debut full-length record, "White Noise Bed," they have assembled a kaleidoscopic opus whose reach extends far beyond the Midwest.

Recorded at the late Jay Bennett's Pieholden Studios, where the band found its niche among the studio's forbearers of psychedelic Americana, "White Noise Bed" has a yin and yang aesthetic: sometimes sunny and sometimes stormy, but always running on audible elation. The band takes its cues from the power pop greats of the 70's such as The Raspberries and The Cars, and dresses them in a twangy haze, full of clever, lyrical nooks and crannies ala Wilco and Whiskeytown.

After finishing the record last May, Stan's sister Vivian joined the band, adding her passionate vocals and thoughtful guitar. They have since been touring the country and building their cult following; performing multiple sets at CMJ, SXSW and the Pygmalion Music Festival, and sharing the stage with the likes of Surfer Blood, Cults, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Pomegranates and Young the Giant.

Santah isn't just something the listener hears, it's something they feel. Be it a tropical aura of relaxation, the bittersweet mystery of growing up, or the lulling memory of a past love, Santah creates an original sonic journey for all.


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