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Radical Dads To Release Vinyl Of Mega Rama On Loud Baby Sounds On December 13th || Played CMJ To Rad Reviews|| Releasing Skateboard Bulldog 7" December 13th, A Side: "Skateboard Bulldog" B Side: "Know It All"

Radical Dads To Release Vinyl Of Mega Rama On Loud Baby Sounds On December 13th
Played CMJ To Rad Reviews

Release Skateboard Bulldog 7" December 13th
A Side: "Skateboard Bulldog" B Side: "Know It All"


CMJ Action

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Time Out New York: "fits right in with the recent ’90s-indie revival, penning fuzzy, hooky nuggets that touch on Dinosaur Jr., GBV and other indispensables of the culture."


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Radical Dads is a band that sounds like standing next to a body of water and noticing that something is moving just underneath the surface and then realizing that actually nothing is moving, it's just that your glasses are broken and you have no idea how it happened. Also your elbow is scraped up and you think something just caught on fire in the distance — you can see the glow and smell it a little. There is a junkyard nearby, where something is about to happen, or is already happening.
Radical Dads features Lindsay Baker on guitar #1 and vocals. Chris Diken plays guitar #2. Robbie Guertin plays the drums and also sings. They've been friends for 15 years and started Radical Dads in 2008.
The band's first album, Mega Rama, was released by Uninhabitable Mansions in June of 2011. Loud Baby Sounds will be releasing this album on vinyl December 13th, just in time for the holidays.

Radical Dads live in Brooklyn, practice in Gowanus, and currently concern themselves with amplification and the anthropomorphism of marine life.

plucky and gritty, with its defining characteristics shining through in the immensely catchy guitar lines and driving percussion."

"Radical Dads dip into everything from lo-fi rock'n'roll to gorgeous twee-pop, which is all unified by their gift for massive melodic hooks."
New York Times
"Radical Dads excavate a moodier, more shoe-gazer-friendly strain of late ’80s and early ’90s indie rock."

Village Voice
"Gowanus trio Radical Dads are a bold, beaming, lo-fi treat--as brassy as the Screaming Females/Jeff The Brotherhood breed of nu-grunge, but with the snappy snarl of '90s D.C. indie."

NY Press
"But for all of its grunge rock and angsty noise chords, Radical Dads is a band whose music is nothing short of joyful."

The L Magazine
"perfect distillation of so many current indie-rock trends, yet never coming off calculated or affected—the furthest thing from it, really"

"Released as a 7-inch single in early December, the track "Recklessness" is a fuzzed-up, energetic explosion with a driving gritty guitar lick leading the charge."
Brooklyn Vegan
"Musically, the bassless trio sorta reminded me of the early '90s DC indie, and could have fit on Simple Machines Records alongside Liquorice, Tsunami or Scrawl."
The Needle Drop
"A Brooklyn outfit with a weird name isn’t that uncommon, but the fierce rock ‘n’ roll passion laid down on this song is."
Oh My Rockness
"They make happy, snappy lo-fi fuzz pop that walks that high-wire line somewhere between twee and punk and just straight up old school indie-rock."
"Radical Dads are three parts rock and one part art"

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