Monday, October 31, 2011

Beaten By Them announce US release date; in studio.


“Creativity is hard to come by and for many, music has gone stale and old: far too old to conjure up any kind of fighting spirit.  Whilst many still wonder where all the new music has gone, Beaten By Them are continuing to relentlessly pound away with a desire and heart that goes beyond your basic genre role call.”
- Bryan Sanchez

BEATEN BY THEM is a multi-national quintet consisting of guitarist Andrew Harris, guitarist and keyboardist Max McCormick, cellist Boima Tucker, bassist Spencer Murray and drummer Jeff Ardziejewski. The group has previously released two albums and one EP, and has set their creative ambitions to write and perform rock music that transcends stylistic barriers.

People Start Listening (described as an "EP") represents a significant progression for the group.  While maintaining the sonic elements of the previous release Invisible Origins(tribal drums, synthesizers and earthshaking bass, to name a few) this new release is an altogether different proposition. It isn’t a stretch to describe it as an ambient record.

Where in previous Beaten by Them recordings you can clearly hear a band at work, the sounds in People Start Listening are often hard to identify.  It’s a weird and wonderful world, where musical structures appear suddenly and then collapse into nothingness before having the chance to gather any momentum.  This could be frustrating, but instead it feels like watching a strange, but cool movie.

It could be Beaten by Them’s most accessible record yet.  And as is usual with this group, the sound is top notch. People Start Listening should appeal to fans of progressive or experimental rock music, indeed anyrock fan who has lost their appetite for the bland and unimaginative fare being served up these days.

Twitter:  @beatenbythem


The future:  the band is recording a full-length album in January and touring in Summer 2012.

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