Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remember Remember Shares Free “John Candy” MP3, Album Out Now via Rock Action Records

Scotland’s Remember Remember Releases
“John Candy” MP3, New Album Out Now!

The Quickening Is Out Now via
Mogwai’s Rock Action Records

Download the FREE “John Candy”
(Radio Edit) MP3

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“Scottish Widows”

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Glasgow’s instrumental ensemble Remember Remember released their new album The Quickening on October 11th through Mogwai’s Rock Action Records here in the US, and today they’re sharing the free MP3 for their radio edit of “John Candy.” The hypnotic track
is The Quickening’s closer, and does so in style, showcasing the band’s overt musicality.

Remember Remember's musical journey, which began as one guy on stage with a loopstation and a bag of toys, now finds them here with The Quickening, a powerful and exciting listen that promises live experiences just as thrilling. Recorded in early 2011 at Chem 19 Studios in Scotland against a background of tumultuous global events, the new album sees Remember Remember return with the same seven-piece group heard on last year's "RR Scorpii" EP.

The Quickening is still a playful, colourful record- the music dives deeper into darker, psychedelic territories hinted at on "RR Scorpii." Pagan waltzes, apocalyptic Egyptian surf and Middle Eastern modes mingle with somber pianos and bleak string interludes, concluding with a duo of songs- “One Happier” and “John Candy,” both bittersweet and stratospheric, creating an ending made of pure, bright light.

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