Thursday, January 31, 2008

PADDY CASEY performing at Sundance

From an early age Casey spent a great deal of his time busking on the streets of Dublin and Galway, crossing paths with musical comrades Damien Rice, Shane McGowan and Sinead O'Connor, as well as a ragtag array of traditional Irish musicians. Paddy learned his craft the hard way, teaching himself guitar from songs books for The Smiths and Prince.

A Sony A&R scout first heard Paddy sing on Dublin's Grafton street, but after returning the next day, couldn't find Casey as he moved around the city so much. After tracking him down, Paddy signed a deal with Muff Winwood’s of S2 Records UK, and soon thereafter inked a management contract with Paul McGuinness and Principle Management Dublin & New York who also manage the careers of U2, PJ Harvey and The Rapture.

After the massive Irish success of Paddy Casey’s previous album, Living, eleven times platinum in Ireland, Casey felt he wanted to break fresh ground with his next release and came up with the blueprint that would include blues licks, funky wah-wah guitars and Stax-style trumpets. Paddy traveled to LA and met up with George Drakoulias, producer of records by Rhett Miller, Tom Petty, Tift Merritt and The Jayhawks amongst others. After hearing Paddy’s new material, Drakoulias rounded up a stellar circle of musicians, people who had played with everyone from Beck to Eric Clapton.

Casey crafted a powerful and moving canvas of sound, style and spirit. A moving 11-track song cycle resplendent in soulful melodies and heartfelt lyricism, the music found on Addicted To Company is a self-described marriage of the dirty funk grooves of Sly Stone and pastoral folk of Simon & Garfunkel. Casey sites a wide range of musical influences, everyone from Sufjan Stevens and The Strokes to Parliament and Jimi Hendrix, and while those touchstones are a part of the record's stylistic thread, what's most impressive is the manner in which he weaves those influences to make them his own.

One of the first songs finished was the title track, "Addicted To Company", a breeze of a song with a Philly Soul undercurrent. Paddy sings "Don't want to sell tragedy and confusion, Don't want to add to these tales of illusion" and he immediately establishes the lyrical pattern of the album - the most narrative-driven, people-centered songs Casey has ever written.

Team Clermont Artist of the Week: Biirdie

Biirdie spins sweeping anthems told in California semi-gloss, with twinges of West Coast Country and big-hearted Southern balladry. It's an album about place and location, about the way that geography affects us. California itself figures heavily as a character on the record; two of the band's members are Southern ex-pats and the lyrics often address the bewilderment of finding oneself transplanted to Los Angeles. If you need musical analogues then one might consider Fleetwood Mac, Grandaddy, CSNY, Rilo Kiley, and Brill Building pop, but that's by no means a complete list. This is ambitious orchestral music decked out in gorgeous harmonies, ringing pianos, and some pretty killer guitar work that knows a thing or two about dynamism. It knows when to take a breather and it knows when to go for the knockout.

Afeni Shakur: In Her Defense - Exhibition Opens

Atlanta, GA – January 7, 2008 – The Tupac Amaru Center for the Arts (TASCA) proudly announces a pair of artistic offerings entitled Afeni Shakur: In Her Defense, detailing Shakur’s arrest as a member of the Black Panthers, and culminates in her acquittal on all 156 felony charges in the Trial of the Panther 21. The first part of the multimedia experience known as In Her Defense, is a gallery exhibition (February 1 – March 28, 2008) highlighting the events as they unfolded over the course of two years (1969 -1971), in which a courageous young woman defended herself against an over-zealous court system. The play, In Her Defense premieres February 22nd, and brings to life the events in a more interactive form; the two artistic endeavors aim to shed light on the power of one woman to overcome insurmountable obstacles in her quest for freedom.

In 1969, Afeni Shakur was arrested alongside other members of the renegade civil rights activist group the Black Panthers. The group was arraigned on over 156 differing charges associated with conspiring to destroy New York City department stores, subway stations, and police stations. At the time of her arrest, Shakur waived her rights to a lawyer, opting to serve as her own legal counsel. Known as The Trial of the Panther 21, the case captured the nation’s headlines, and would hold the distinction at the time, of being the longest and most expensive political trial in the state of New York. Over the course of two years, Shakur would be incarcerated while awaiting her trial, released on bail numerous times, only to return to her jail cell carrying an unborn child. Shakur would ultimately prevail against the legal system, acquitted of all charges just over a month before the birth of her son ... Tupac Amaru Shakur.

On display from February 1 – March 28, 2007, In Her Defense the gallery installation is a collection of photographs, court transcripts, and television news footage documenting the courtroom drama. Amassed from numerous primary sources, including Shakur’s own private collection, the documents include portions of the oral transcripts from the trial – her opening and closing arguments. The exhibit also features original television news coverage (from 1969-1971) anchored by CBS' Walter Cronkite, among other broadcast journalists.

Providing the panache only afforded in theater, In Her Defense the short play dramatizes the historical events in three scenes. Using the court transcripts, supplemented by a fictional account of Shakur’s time behind bars, the play is a one-woman show supplemented by Pac’s Kids performers in the roles of the other co-defendants.

In Her Defense is not just a reflection on Afeni Shakur’s struggle, but a celebration of the enduring strength of the human spirit. Documenting an important time in the African American experience and the civil rights movement, it seems natural to open the gallery exhibit on the first day of Black History Month. Additionally, the exhibit continues through the end of March, to encompass Women’s History Month and commemorate the conviction of one glorious woman.

The gallery exhibit is free and open to the general public. Admission to the play is $15 for adults and $10 for students. Both the Play and Exhibit will be at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts (TASCA), located at 5616 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083.

Afeni Shakur: In Her Defense Dates To Remember

In Her Defense: The Gallery Exhibit February 1 – March 28, 2008

Exhibit Opening Night Reception February 1, 2008
In Her Defense: The Play Feb. 22 – 23; Feb. 29 – Mar. 1; Mar. 7 – 8; all performances begin at 7:30p

Play Opening Night Reception February, 22, 2008

Art and Music Series Night March 7, 2008


Santa Monica, California, January 11, 2008 ­ 2008 is starting off to be
a busy year for Geffen Records recording artist Matt White. The New
Jersey native won the recent round of Yahoo! Music's monthly "Who's
Next? Users' Choice" program, which asks consumers to vote on which of
four featured bands or artists will be the next big thing. His
performance on Yahoo! Music featuring songs from his debut album Best
Days will be available beginning today January 11th

Next week Matt will be the featured artist on MTV's 52 Bands. MTV's
52/52 campaign features one artist every week of the year for 52 weeks,
giving phenomenal exposure to artists with 11 hours of on-air
promotional time per week on MTV. 52 Bands will feature interviews with
Matt as well as performances, skits and behind the scenes footage.
Other "52 Bands" artists include Alicia Keys, Common and Paramore.

Matt is also gearing up to head out on the road. Kicking things off
January 17th in Orangevale, California at The Boardwalk the tour will
continue throughout the west coast before heading east. See below for
dates, more to be announced shortly.

One of Rolling Stone Magazine's "10 Artists to Watch" Matt has written
an album brimming with infectious melodies and lively rhythms, which
Rolling Stone Magazine praised for "updating classic
Billy-and-Elton-style Top Forty with Tears for Fears melodrama, Lovin'
Spoonful sunshine, even a touch of Freddie Mercury-style falsetto
theatrics." Details Magazine included Best Days in their recent "best
new music bubbling from the underground" section while Elle Magazine
applauded, "'Best Days' is an infectious record of blue-eyed
piano-and-guitar soul that's expertly arranged." Entertainment Weekly
raved Matt "echoes the bittersweet musings of Jeff Buckley."

Below is a list of dates for Matt White. More to be announced soon:

January 17th Orangevale, CA The Boardwalk
January 18th San Francisco, CA Slim's
January 19th Las Vegas, NV Jillians of Las Vegas
January 20th Pomona, CA Glass House
January 22nd Denver, CO The Marquis Theatre
January 23rd Salt Lake City, UT Kilby Court
February 7th Vienna, VA Jammin Java
February 9th Cleveland, OH House of Blues
February 10th Bloomington, IN Bluebird Nightclub
February 11th Indianapolis, IN Birdy's
February 12th Chicago, IL Schubas Tavern
February 14th Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall
February 15th Madison, WI Majestic Theatre
February 17th Iowa City, IA The Picadour
February 18th Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection
February 20th Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theatre

GREG LASWELL: Gears Up For Release of EP, HOW THE DAY SOUNDS on 3/11!

Santa Monica, CA - Lyricist/singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Greg Laswell reveals another chapter in his musical and emotional journey with How The Day Sounds, a six song EP that is openly transitional from its spotlight on Laswell's elegantly expressive piano playing to the sense of healing and moving on that resonates throughout its course. How The Day Sounds will be released March 11th on Vanguard.

In 2006, Greg captivated listeners with his Vanguard debut, Through Toledo, an intimate account of a devastating experience in his life. With his intense lyrics, hypnotic-like vocals and sweeping melodies, it told a story of heartbreak, loss and longing. Through Toledo received critical acclaim and brought Greg comparisons to Radiohead, Beck, Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Ron Sexmith and Elliot Smith.

How The Day Sounds serves as a bridge between Through Toledo - it includes an expanded version of one album track and an outtake from the album sessions - and Laswell's next album, which will be released in summer of 2008. The songs on How The Day Sounds grasp the spirit of transition: "Days Go On," "Salvation Dear," "Embrace Me," with the title track representing the general character of this collection. "High & Low," one of Through Toledo's stellar tracks, makes an appearance with an expanded version including an orchestral backdrop. "What A Day," the final track (and Through Toledo outtake) sets a reflective tone.

As on Through Toledo, all songs on How The Day Sounds were written, recorded, produced and performed by GregLaswell at his home studio in San Diego, Dana Point and Santa Ana, CA. He has since relocated to Los Angeles and will embark on a tour in mid January. Some early dates have been announced (see below).

Greg has been featured on NPR, the iTunes "Indie Spotlight," Yahoo!'s "Who's Next" viewers choice program, and the video for "Sing, Theresa Says" (from Through Toledo) met with critical praise on mtvU. His music has also been featured on TV shows such as "Shark," "Without A Trace," "Smallville, "One Tree Hill" and MTV's "The Hills."


Hard hits from up North! The dynamic duo Spetsnaz, Sweden’s Power Electro act no. 1, returns with its most versatile album to date. Pontus and Stefan have stayed true to their trademark sound – with its energy-laden beats and thudding sequencers, wrapped in minimalist arrangements that will shake any floor – but have enriched it with a myriad of new facets. There are still enough typical massive full-frontal attacks to make a “Deadpan” an excellent floor burner all the way through … but these have been mingled with tracks that uncover a thorough affinity for early Eighties Electro, a previously hidden side of the two hardcore hooligans. Rest assured that these tracks are also not sounding any tamer than the rest of the lot … but they do sport an extra added subversive hit appeal that allows Pontus to showcase that he is not only a potent shouter but also a brilliant and energetic singer. Beware, though, the next sonic steam hammer is never far away! “Deadpan” will be released as a limited first pressing in a deluxe Digipak with bonus CD “Dead Angle”, containing five more songs, three live tracks and one exclusive remix … a fully loaded package at an unbeatable price! Listening to “Deadpan”, no one will question why Spetsnaz do not have to fear competition in the Power Electro field at the moment. Hardcore … but heartfelt! Released on Out Of Line.


Jumpstyle! Jason Forrest gets back into his Donna Summer attire for "Panther Tracks", who happens to be both his first release on his own label (Cock Rock Disco) and by far his most pounding and straightest work to date. Tongue in cheek, catchy, melodic, but merciless in his hard beats and basically void of any rock influence this time, this first volume of "Panther Tracks" should have everybody (and I mean it) shake their body (and jump) on the dancefloor. Feels good, works very well. Released on Cock Rock Disco.


DEATHKEY. Like the war cry of a half-crazed monk hopped up on antiseptic and those funny mushrooms he found in his brother's room, the word slices bands of sticky, bloody confusion across the fabric of your being. What is this DEATHKEY? What does it mean? If you don't already know, clearly you haven't been wasting enough time online at work. Is it a secret musical message from across the cosmos? Is it the password for the DaVinci virus? Or is it possibly a new compilation disc from Crunch Pod, with every track an individual and spiritual contemplation of the theme of DEATH and KEY and each sporting the title DEATHKEY!? It might be the last one, but we're kind of hoping it's the one from Hackers. HACK THE PLANET!!1!

Unleashed upon the world in an orgy of mayhem and delicious pie by Eric Gottesman (formerly of Psyclon Nine, See Colin Slash, and Fleetwood Mac) with the help of much of the distinguished Industrial Music community, "Songs in the Key of Death" is 18 tracks of all-new music by many of industrial's best marginally popular artists, including Caustic, Terrorfakt, Unter Null, XP8, The Gothsicles, and a very special appearance by Industrial Music famous guy Monte Cazazza (google him and be impressed with us).

So if your miserable existence cannot continue without satiating your need for more sonic awesome, please spend the requested amount of Tricky Dick Fun Bucks at your desired musical retail thingie (online or otherwise) and pick up SONGS IN THE KEY OF DEATH: A DEATHKEY COMPILATION today.

Proceeds from the compilation will be donated to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.
Released on Crunch Pod and available February 12th, 2008.


US based "harsh electro" project RETRACTOR, founded by Milton Sanchez, returns with it´s second fullength album to date. After a well recieved debut album on Black Flames (R.I.P.) and a great club EP "EDGE OF INCISION" (INFACTED RECORDINGS) the band returns with a real masterpiece. Strong clubtracks as well as great ballads and deep lyrics show the variety of the musical potential of RETRACTOR. Musicwise you get a strong combination of bands such as GRENDEL, LIFE CRIED, SUPREME COURT or even FEINDFLUG (to name a few)! Get infected by the strong sound of RETRACTOR! Released on COP and available February, 2008.


Angels on Acid was founded by M!K!LL in early 2003 with a heavy influence in EBM, Industrial, and Psychedelic Trance.The creative vision was to merge all of the dark, aggressive styles of the last 20 years into a new genre of music that he calls Psybercore.

In June of 2007 Angels on Acid successfully released their first full length album "Eyes Behind The Curtain". and began distribution with DSBP Records shortly thereafter."Eyes Behind The Curtain" was well received by critics and began selling out of stock reaching orders as far away as Australia and Japan! That summer they also had to the opportunity to perform with international artists : Combichrist,Imperative Reaction, Assemblage 23, and Modulate.

In late December of 2007 Angels on Acid became a proud member of the DSBP Records family and re-released their first full length album "Eyes Behind The Curtain" on the label. The album features 13 tracks full of industrial fire and individuality with each track having its own sound.For the Club floors and heavy enough for the metalheads, and rock scene to enjoy as well. There is also a new remix included of "leviathan"(KRI REMIXX) with a real epic dancey psytrance feel, and a great bonus too!

Its a fact that Angels on Acid has established themselves as one of the best up and coming artist in the EBM/Industrial scene today. Released on DSBP and available February 1st, 2008.


Up until now, one was probably prone to associating Russia mostly with snow, bears, Vodka, ballet and cossack choirs. It is time for a change of mind, as the land also produces some of the finest Gothic Metal sounds around today. Dark Princess are now releasing "Stop My Heart" - an album that is bound to cause quite a stir in and beyond the genre. With Olga Romanova, the band sports an eye-catching front figure with a mighty voice, but they are also masters at producing massive guitar riffs and writing tunes with hit potential. On "Stop My Heart", they show their expertise by conjuring up a collection of extremely versatile catchy and dark rock pieces. Dark Princess effectively mingle classical influences and romantic elements with rocking NuMetal-attacks. Olga's powerful voice is nothing short of mesmerizing while the band's straightforward sound assures maximum rockability, making sure that even the most romantic moments never border on Kitsch. Dark Princess aim directly at the heart… but without neglecting the rock factor. This is the stuff that dark Metal dreams are made of! "Stop My Heart" is released as a limited first edition incl. the group's debut album "Without You" as a bonus disc. Released on Out Of Line and available February 1st, 2008.


Four years after their superb Walk The Psycho[Path] release, Run Level Zero returns with Arctic Noise, their first release for Artoffact Records, and the release guaranteed to cement their status as one of Europe’s best industrial artists. This CD features hit after hit, introspective and angst-filled industrial influenced by some of the genre’s pioneers and swirled into a gyre that is new and exciting, fun and essential. The album opens with the raging and Frontline Assembly-esque “Black Cinder,” a track sure to convince those who think industrial is dead. Other notables include “Hitting Ground,” “Incision,” and “Hey Mister,” all of which encapsulate the essence of classics like Numb or Skinny Puppy, but surely what we have here goes further and stands on its own.

Since their debut Run Level Zero has been an active band on the electronic music scene, appearing on a number of compilations and remixing artists such as Pzychobitch, Punto Omega, Clan of Xymox, and Psyche. The band has toured Europe twice (supporting VNV Nation in 2001 and Assemblage 23 in 2005) and recently toured the United States in 2006.

This is one of the best industrial releases to come out in years. It took Run Level Zero as long to write and record Arctic Noise as it took them to release their first four CDs–and the result is clearly worth the wait. And, with comparisons to Canada’s own trio of industrial pioneers, it’s kinda cool to find them on a Canadian label! Arctic Noise is released on Artoffact Records.

Playboy 'Rock the Rabbit' 2008

For the second year in a row, Playboy’s Rock the Rabbit initiative will fuse rock, hip-hop, art and fashion in conjunction with Playboy magazine’s annual March music issue (on newsstands February 12, 2008). Rock the Rabbit 2008 includes an impressive line-up of legendary artists, including Duran Duran and Iggy Pop, as well as other cutting-edge musicians across a variety of genres, both established and buzz-worthy up-and-comers.

As part of this year’s program, Rock the Rabbit artists will put their twist on the iconic Playboy Rabbit Head logo by creating limited edition t-shirt designs. Original prototypes of all t-shirt designs will be auctioned off, with proceeds benefitting Rock the Vote ( A special collection of Rock the Rabbit t-shirts will be available nationwide at select Bloomingdale’s locations and online at

Additionally, legendary photographer Mick Rock photographed select Rock the Rabbit artists for the fashion pages of Playboy’s March music issue, and will feature a complete gallery of this year’s t-shirt collection alongside profiles and Q & A’s with the artists.

Playboy Rock the Rabbit 2008 Artists:

* Iggy Pop
* Duran Duran
* Daft Punk
* The Shins
* T.I.
* Gogol Bordello
* Hot Chip
* Ghostland Observatory
* Jamie T
* Tokyo Police Club
* The Pipettes
* New Young Pony Club
* Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s
* Little Ones
* The Oohlas
* The Heavy
* Working For A Nuclear Free City
* The Beasts of Eden
* DJ Dimitri from Paris

Last year’s inaugural group of Rock the Rabbit artists included The Flaming Lips, The Thievery Corporation, Kasabian, Metric, Whitestarr, Rhymefest, Lil' Jon, Soulwax, Dean & Britta, stellastarr*, Illinois, The Bronx and more. The campaign hosted some of 2007’s hottest parties, including: a launch party at The Palms Casino Resort featuring performances by Rhymefest and Whitestarr; a late night party at SXSW in Austin, Texas, featuring Illinois and Monsters are Waiting; and a spring break beach bonanza in Cabo San Lucas featuring a performance by Your Vegas.

Stay tuned for more info on Rock the Rabbit 2008 events, including the Late Night Party in Austin, Texas, on Thursday, March 13, 2008.

Check out for info on Rock the Rabbit 2008.

Meet Rufus Cappadocia (Velour Music Group)

Meet cellist Rufus Cappadocia, a multi-lingual musician, performer, composer and recording artist of incredible range and diversity. From the modalities of Middle Eastern, West African and pan-European folk forms to blues, rock and jazz along the way, adding elements American roots, Mediterranean textures, and Caribbean percussion for good measure, Cappadocia’s effortless and natural embrace of all music is awe-inspiring.

Cappadocia is both a musical maverick and one of the leading voices of cutting edge cello today. After years of experimentation and creative revision, Rufus plays a self-designed five-string electric cello that extends the bass range of the cello down to 41 hz, and through amplification expands its tonal possibilities, creating new sounds by what was once known only as a classical music instrument.

“I’ve studied a lot of different musical vocabularies,” Rufus Cappadocia explains. “And I’ve played with musicians literally from around the world. But, in the end, music all comes down to a single source. You can be pulled this way or that, but essentially it all converges on the same location. Every doorway leads back to one place,” adding with a laugh, “I guess you could say my whole life has been an attempt at getting to that place.”

Supersuckers Announce New Album + Tour Dates PR

Known as the "greatest rock and roll band in the world," the Supersuckers reveal
new details of their upcoming album plus confirm more tour dates. Read on!
Supersuckers kick off 2008 with announcing details of their new full-length
album and adding more live dates. Singer, Eddie Spaghetti, will perform a
special solo set backed by Jordan Shapiro on these dates and the full
Supersuckers band will join them starting on January 24, 2008 in Hillside, IL.

The band is currently finishing their new album (to be released later in Spring
2008 on their label, Mid-Fi Recordings) and will be previewing new songs as well
as performing their classics.

Currently untitled, the new album will, be the band's first full length
recording since 2003's "Motherf^ckers Be Trippin." Since then, Supersuckers
opted to release music through the EP format.

Eddie Spaghetti explains, "Yeah, I pretty much thought we were done making full
length records. But the somewhat anemic response to our 'Paid' EP sort of got me
to re-think the whole EP concept. So when we got into the studio this last time,
we just threw everything we had at the tape machine and we saw that we had
enough for a full length.”

Eddie Spaghetti continues, “It's a little different that our previous records. I
almost hate to say this, but it's a little bit more mature. An ugly word to use
to describe what we do but I think it fits this time around. But it's an awesome
record and I'm really proud of the way it's turned out. Now if I could just come
up with a title for the damn thing..."

Supersuckers spent 2007 touring all over North America playing clubs, three
motorcycle rallies, extreme sports events at ski resorts, and outdoor festivals
like Farm Aid (NYC), Summer Strummer Festival (Santa Barbara), and Hootenanny
(Irvine). They also performed 62 shows throughout Europe during that year and
filmed "Supersuckers Fan Club DVD #2," a live DVD recorded in Belgrade, Serbia
in March 2007. This DVD will be made available to fan club members – over 1000
members strong – for free in January 2008. A clip from this performance
featuring “Evil Powers of Rock and Roll” can be viewed at:

The last fan club release was "Fan Club #6" CD and featured demos from 1999’s
"Evil Powers of Rock and Roll" release. The band finished 2007 with a
three-night stand at Los Angeles’s Viper Room, which included a New Year’s Eve

Fusing the love for both rock and country, Supersuckers scratch out a musical
hybrid all their own while earning a ballsy live reputation. The Seattle band’s
(by way of Tucson) latest release is the “Paid” EP. Audio clips of Supersuckers
and Eddie Spaghetti’s solo albums can be heard through the online jukebox by
clicking on

Photos and bio information can be located here:

Defiantly independent, Supersuckers have successfully been releasing music
through their own label, Mid-Fi Recordings, since 2002 after leaving Sub Pop who
released six albums by the band. Since then, the band has sold over 100,000 CDs
in an otherwise dismal market, released DVDs, and have toured all over the
world, playing festivals like Reading & Leeds to honky-tonk dives in the South.
Supersuckers have also played numerous benefits and have donated the proceeds
from the digital EP, Supersuckers Live at the Whole Foods Market at Arabella
Station to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic who provides health care services to
musicians. Check out the song “Paid” here:

Supersuckers have backed Willie Nelson on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and
have collaborated with Eddie Vedder, Steve Earle, Kelly Deal of the Breeders,
and the list goes on. Their music has been licensed to commercials (Mountain
Dew), movies (Baseketball, Hype), TV shows (most recently, Discovery’s Deadliest
Catch) as well as countless snow and skateboarding video compilations.

* Eddie Spaghetti solo without Jordan Shapiro
# Eddie Spaghetti solo with Jordan Shapiro
^ Eddie Spaghetti solo with Jordan Shapiro + Supersuckers

Thur 1/10/08 Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern *
Sat 1/12/08 El Segundo, CA @ The Tavern #
Sun 1/13/08 San Diego, CA @ Casbah #
Mon 1/14/08 Long Beach, CA @ Blue Café #
Tue 1/15/08 Hollywood, CA @ Safari Sam’s #
Wed 1/16/08 Las Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse Saloon #
Thu 1/17/08 Park City, UT @ Spur Bar and Grill #
Fri 1/18/08 Salt Lake City, UT @ Bar Deluxe #
Thur 1/24/08 Hillside, IL @ Brauerhouse ^
Fri 1/25/08 Hillside, IL @ Brauerhouse ^
Sat 1/26/08 Parma, OH @ Jigsaw Saloon ^
Sun 1/27/08 Ferndale, MI @ Magic Bag ^
Tue 1/29/08 Mechanicsburg, PA @ West Shore Hardware Bar ^
Wed 1/30/08 Providence, RI @ Living Room ^
Thur 1/31/08 Philadelphia, PA @ Northstar Bar ^
Fri 2/01/08 New York City, NY @ Blender Theater at Gramercy ^
Sat 2/02/08 Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes ^
Mon 2/04/08 Allston, MA @ Harper’s Ferry ^
Tue 2/05/08 New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place ^
Wed 2/06/08 Virginia Beach, VA @ Jewish Mother ^
Thur 2/07/08 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar ^
Fri 2/08/08 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Alter ^
Sat 2/09/08 Covington, KY @ Mad Hatter ^
Mon 2/11/08 Sauget, IL @ Pop’s ^
Tue 2/12/08 Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar ^
Wed 2/13/08 Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre ^

Droid Tours With Ill Nino!

Coming off of successful touring stints last year with Family Values and a support slot for Hellyeah and Korn, California metallers Droid have announced their first string of dates for 2008. The band will be heading out on the road with Ill Nino, Soil and Bobaflex as part of the Guerilla Carnival Tour starting on January 31st. The tour will run through March 1st.

James “Buddy” Eason lead singer of Droid had this to say, “We are really excited to get back out on the road and the ILL NINO guys are good friends of ours so it will be great to see them rip it up every night. I really like the fact that all the bands on this tour are a little different than each other musically. This diverse package will give fans an exciting show from beginning to end. Get ready DROID comes the pain!!!!”

Droid blew crowds away all over the country last year with their energetic live show. Their high powered set is definitely something not to be missed. Only initial dates have been announced so far but there are many more to come. Be sure to catch Droid when they come to your town.

Droid with Ill Nino, Soil and Bobaflex on The Guerilla Carnival Tour:

1/31 – Cleveland, OH – Agora
2/01 – Detroit, MI – Harpo’s
2/02 – Mokena, IL – Pearl Room
2/04 – Minneapolis, MN – The Rock

The Return of LESS THAN JAKE Re-Releasing Four Classic Albums on 3/18!

Gainesville, FL - 16 years in this hyper-transient music scene is practically unheard of, but don't tell that to punk/pop/ska band Less Than Jake, who aren't only soldiering on with planned new music for mid-2008 but re-releasing back catalogue with bonus material. But before they get started, they needed to take back control and return to the D.I.Y. spirit that embodies their music and their headspace. Voluntarily emancipated from their record deal with Warner Bros. recently even though they still had one more album in their contract, the band decided to create their own label Sleep It Off and continue their rich legacy, unhindered by major label requirements and sometimes questionable budgets. "It's an amazing concept that a band can actually participate in 360 degrees of its career," explains founding member/drummer Vinnie Fiorello. "After a decade an a half of being in the band, we are now our own bosses for real and the excitement of that can peel paint off the walls."

The first four re-releases out of the gate on March 18, 2008 will be Goodbye Blue And White, Pezcore, Losers, Kings And Things We Don't Understand and a DVD of Peoples History Of Less Than Jake. Packed with new artwork and a bonus DVD component for each of the albums, these will not only be must-haves for their legion of fans but a great introduction to the new breed of indie punk kids. "We wanted to start with Losers, Kings, And Things We Don't Understand, which was our first recorded material as a band," Vinnie continues. "These literally are some of the first songs we recorded together, and it seemed obvious that it should be one of the first releases on our newly started record label Sleep It Off. As a musician, the fact that I can help not only in creative marketing but release the actual audible history of our band on our own label is mind blowing. I think it's a great time for the Music Industry that, despite the lagging sales, you are allowed to write and rewrite the rules. These days, it's like the Old West, so to speak."

The excitement isn't just limited to the band and its fans however. Wonka Vision Editor-in-Chief Justin Luczejko reminisces, "In 1999, the Wonka crew drove in a Philly ice storm to see Less Than Jake at LaSalle University. We didn’t know the opening bands at the time (Lifetime and Weston – go figure) but they all showed up and played for about 25 kids who danced their hearts out ALL NIGHT long. At the time before I started Wonka Vision Magazine (11 years ago), I saw Less Than Jake in Philly more times than any other band. No one compared to their live show (throwing out Pez and water pistols?? Come on!). Wonka will support Less Than Jake till the day that they stop playing music. They are one of the hardest working, most energetic bands in rock today and they deserve every ounce of gratitude they earn."

Less Than Jake will be entering the studio in March to record their ninth album, due out Summer 2008. "We're holed up in Fort Hooker, our warehouse, finishing up songs and dodging the homeless that hang around the parking lot," he adds. "With the new record, we've been more focused on heavy horns and lots of melody. I personally look forward to some time in the studio. I miss that cabin fever feeling."


Suretone Records is proud to announce the release of the new
self-titled album by Los Angeles quartet, From First To Last. Produced
by Josh Abraham (30 Seconds to Mars, Slayer and Velvet Revolver) and
mixed by Brendan O'Brien (Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots
and Pearl Jam), FROM FIRST TO LAST, elaborates on the band's existing
punk musical aggression with intricate song arrangements and melodic
minded choruses. Set for an April 15th release, FROM FIRST TO LAST,
introduces new bass player Matt Manning to the line up of co-founders
Matt Good, Travis Richter and Derek Bloom. Beginning February 14th in
Detroit, MI, the band will perform on the 34-date 2008 Take Action

From First To Last pushes the envelope on their Suretone Records
debut, with songs that are more adventurous and at the same time have a
stronger melodic sensibility than anything the band has done to date
while remaining true to their original sound. Having already appeared
on the cover of Alternative Press and featured as a band to look out
for in 2008, FROM FIRST TO LAST remains dangerous but allows new front
man, Matt Good, to convey his angst through melody and compelling
delivery. The song "We All Turn Back To Dust" is a perfect example of
this electrifying combination of urgency and desire.

In December, the band debuted the albums lead off track "Two As One,"
on their myspace page. The song's youthful energy and clever intensity,
was met with immediate approval among fans, resulting in over 500,000
plays and a tremendous amount of action on message boards.

On February 12th, From First To Last will release an exclusive 2 song
CD through Hot Topic. The CD will feature the songs "We All Turn Back
To Dust" and "Once Was Lost But Now Profound" from the bands upcoming
album. A limited quantity of the exclusive CD will be available at this
years Take Action tour. The release will coincide with a Hot Topic
in-store performance in Novi, Michigan on February 13th.

For a band who made their career on touring and a dedicated fan base,
From First To Last plans to spend most of 2008 on the road, including a
headlining slot on this year's Warped Tour.

Tour Dates:

February 14th St. Andrews Hall Detroit, MI
February 15th The Eagles Club (The Rave) Milwaukee, WI
February 16th Station 4 St. Paul, MN
February 17th House of Blues Chicago, IL
February 19th The Beaumont Club Kansas City, MO
February 20th Gothic Theater Englewood, CO
February 21st The Great Salt Air Magna, UT
February 22nd The Big Easy Concert House Boise, ID
February 23rd Big Easy Spokane, WA
February 24th El Corazon Seattle, WA
February 25th Roseland Theatre Portland, OR
February 27th House of Blues Los Angeles, CA
February 28th House of Blues Anaheim, CA
February 29th House of Blues San Diego, CA
March 1st House of Blues Las Vegas, NV
March 2nd Marquee Theatre Tempe, AZ
March 3rd Sunshine Theatre Albuquerque, NM
March 5th House of Blues Dallas, TX
March 6th Warehouse Live Houston, TX
March 7th Las Palmas Event Center McAllen, TX
March 8th White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
March 9th The Village Little Rock, AR
March 11th Mojo Room Port St. Lucie, FL
March 12th Jannus Landing St. Petersburg, FL
March 13th The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
March 14th Tremont Music Hall Charlotte, NC
March 15th NorVa Norfolk, VA
March 16th Ram¹s Head Live! Baltimore, MD
March 18th House of Blues Cleveland, OH
March 19th Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, ON
March 20th Northern Lights Clifton Park, NY
March 21st The Palladium Worcester, MA
March 22nd The Fillmore at the TLA Philadelphia, PA
March 23rd The Fillmore at Irving Plaza New York, NY

Drug Rug Announce US Winter Tour & Give Away Holiday Track Courtesy of Black & Greene Records

This Fall, Tommy Allen & Sarah Cronin debut their love for one another in the form of their outstanding S/T record, Drug Rug, on Black & Greene Records and we are thrilled to be on board. The dynamic love duo, named Drug Rug, hail from Boston and have written & recorded the most heartbreaking debut since June & Johnny got together (Yes, We do love them that much). “The Sound Alone is all I need to get by” and “You don’t have worry, You don’t have panic no more (from Tiny People)” are just two simple lines that will have you back to toe-tapping and foot stomping & will re-cement your faith in love, poetry and classic country pop songs... Its almost like the clash of two separate generations have joined, and Joanna Newsom & Keith Richards had recently met in some distant far off land. Enough Said? Well if you need more, Drug Rug is coming your way...The Record was recorded at Narrow Lab in Allston, MA by Carter Tanton (Tulsa) and mixed and produced by Carter Tanton, Julian Cassanetti (Lot 6) and Drug Rug. Additional players on the LP are the Dead Trees & Jesse Gallagher from Apollo Sunshine. We are one happy family now!

Thomas Allen and Sarah Cronin met in 2006 while working at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, Ma. After trading secret demos of their own songs, Tommy persuaded Sarah to combine forces. They spent their first date drinking whiskey in bed and playing each other songs on an old guitar. They've been inseparable ever since. Several months later, they christened themselves "Drug Rug," a name which has made strangers laugh and parents cry. Drug Rug began as an acoustic duo in the vein of the Everly Brothers and The Carter Family. Over the course of three or four shows Drug Rug evolved into a rock band with a revolving cast of friends and family. Their early rock and roll sound can be attributed to such influences as The Velvet Underground, The Byrds, and most importantly, the Paul and Linda McCartney record, "RAM". The songs are also inspired by the storytelling style of early folk musicians, comic books, campgrounds, funny hats, and the illustrations of Garth Williams. In the month of June, 2007 after consulting a psychic and a lawyer they signed to Black and Greene Records and are now slated to release their first
record in the fall. Sarah likes to be covered in dirt and Tommy wears the same shirt for four days. They used to be drug free, but now they aren't so sure. They believe in the imminent end of the world and will destroy each other with love before the apocalypse.

01/14/2008 09:00 PM - Middlesex w/ VIVA VIVA
Mass ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 -

01/17/2008 08:00 PM - Rock N Roll Hotel
1353 H Street NE, WASHINGTON, Washington DC 20002 -
w/ The Rosebuds

01/18/2008 08:00 PM - Local 506
506 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516 -

01/19/2008 08:00 PM - The Earl
488 Flat Shoals Rd., East Atlanta, Georgia 30316 -

01/21/2008 08:00 PM - Proud Larry's
211 South Lamar, Oxford, Mississippi 38655 -

01/22/2008 08:00 PM - Sticky Fingers
107 S Commerce St, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 -

01/26/2008 08:00 PM - Emo's
603 Red River, Austin, Texas 78701 -

01/29/2008 08:00 PM - Spaceland
1717 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90026 -

01/31/2008 08:00 PM - The Independent
628 Divisadero Street, SAN FRANCISCO, California 94117 -

02/04/2008 08:00 PM - Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside, Portland, Oregon 97214 -

02/05/2008 08:00 PM - Comet Tavern
922 E Pike St, Seattle, Washington 98122 -

02/08/2008 08:00 PM - 400 Bar
400 Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454 -

02/09/2008 08:00 PM - The Hideout
1354 W Wabansia Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60622 -

02/14/2008 08:00 PM - Red Square
136 Church St., Burlington, Vermont 05401 -

02/15/2008 08:00 PM - Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St, New York, New York 10002 -

02/16/2008 08:00 PM - Northstar
2639 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130 -

Bodog Music's Neurosonic Announces 2008 Tour with Puddle of Mudd

NEW YORK - Bodog Music recording artists Neurosonic will return to the U.S. for a tour with platinum selling alt-metal band Puddle of Mudd. This gig is hot off Neurosonic's successful fall tour with Evans Blue, which directly followed the band's 12 country European headlining tour.

In addition to new tour dates, the Vancouver-based band, who recently made headlines (New York Post "Page Six," NME, People Online and much more) when frontman Jason Darr joked about a certain pop artist during a November 2007 NYC performance, will make their national late night television debut here in the U.S. in February when they perform live on late night's newest national show, The Edge With Jake Sasseville.

Neurosonic's single "So Many People" is currently No. 27 at Active Rock BDS and the video recently beat out established bands like the Foo Fighters on fuse TV's Oven Fresh. Randall "Boner" Smith, Program Director at WRXR in Chattanooga exclaimed, "This record is really starting to take off for us. It doesn't sound like anything else on the radio. It just jumps out and grabs you! Once this record saw daylight it just exploded!!"

Drama Queen features songs such as "Crazy Sheila," "'Until I Die" and "So Many People," a venomous song aimed at the pre-fab pop star machine. Neurosonic's blatant, brutally honest musings are an intense build of hard rock, industrial reinforcement, standout lyrics and big, catchy, killer choruses.

After tearing up the main stage of the 2007 Family Values Tour (alongside KoRn and Evanescence) and kicking off a month long, 12 country European Tour, Neurosonic fans are expected to build in strength and numbers through the rest of the year as they bring their explosive live show to Puddle of Mudd's headlining tour.

2008 Tour Dates
1/29 TUE CA - San Francisco Slim's
1/31 THU OR - Portland Roseland Theatre
2/1 FRI WA - Spokane The Big Easy
2/2 SAT WA - Seattle El Corazon
2/3 SUN BC - Vancouver Commodore Ballroom
2/5 TUE AB - Grande Prairie Rock City
2/7 THU AB - Calgary The Backalley
2/8 FRI AB - Edmonton Jet
2/9 SAT SK - Regina The Drink
2/11 MON MB - Winnipeg My Bar @ Canada Inn Transcona
2/12 TUE ND - Fargo The Venue at Playmakers'
2/14 THU WI - Madison Majestic Theatre
2/15 FRI MI - Detroit Emerald Theater
2/16 SAT MI - Flint The Machine Shop
2/17 SUN PA - Pittsburgh Mr. Smalls Theatre
2/19 TUE ON - Toronto Phoenix Concert Theatre
2/20 WED NY - Johnson City Magic City Music Hall
2/21 THU ME - Portland The Station
2/22 FRI CT - Hartford Webster Theatre
2/23 SAT NJ - Atlantic City House of Blues
2/25 MON DC - Washington 9:30 Club
2/26 TUE VA - Richmond The National
2/27 WED VA - Norfolk The Norva
2/29 FRI NC - Jacksonville Hooligan's
3/1 SAT NC - Fayetteville Jester's Pub
3/2 SUN NC - Charlotte Tremont Music Hall
3/4 TUE FL - Panama City Beach Club La Vela
3/6 THU LA - Bossier City Riverdome Horseshoe Hotel and Casino
3/7 FRI TX - Dallas House of Blues
3/8 SAT OK - Oklahoma City Diamond Ballroom

Shout! Factory to Release Catalog of Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey Hart

Los Angeles, CA – Shout! Factory will be reissuing a series of titles from the catalog of the Grateful Dead’s legendary percussionist Mickey Hart. Planet Drum and Diga Rhythm Band will be available in stores on March 18, and At The Edge, Supralingua, and Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box will be available on April 15. These titles will also be available as digital downloads for the first time.

Over three decades as the innovative percussion engine of the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart's ear for global sounds brought numerous unpredictable guests to the Dead's stage performances.

Hart's 1991 release Planet Drum was the natural outgrowth of this adventure, showcasing his gift as a supreme catalyst in convening the world's finest percussion talent for a dazzling collaboration, including Zakir Hussain, who is an international phenomenon in his own right. Planet Drum was recorded in Hart's Sonoma County home studio, with the Dead's legendary crew turning virtually every room in the house into a work zone for each musician. The album won the first-ever Grammy® for Best World Music Album, spent an unprecedented 26 weeks at #1 on the Billboard World Music chart, and remains a favorite to this day.

Diga Rhythm Band, one of the first world music recordings, is a crystalline celebration of drumming and percussion featuring Hart, Hussain, nine other rhythmatists, and Jerry Garcia on two tracks. At The Edge, an exploration of the music of primeval man, is a serene soundscape of tuned percussion, ambient natural sounds, and guitar treatments by Jerry Garcia. The album is the companion to Hart’s acclaimed book debut, Drumming at the Edge of Magic (Harper San Francisco 1990). Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box is an effervescent, pop-inflected album, full of breezy songs with layered vocals by England's Mint Juleps - and a vocal debut by Mickey Hart. On Supralingua Hart continued to push the "tribal space" boundaries of percussion and sound, beyond his Grammy®-winning Planet Drum, with some of the same stellar guest personnel.

The release of these titles come on the heels of Global Drum Project, a collaboration from Mickey Hart and Indian tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain, consisting of tranced-out grooves, elegant electronic programming and hypnotic tuned percussion. Released earlier this year on Shout! Factory, the album garnered rave reviews. The Washington Post called the album “subtle and complex yet primal as a heartbeat,” and NPR’s Fresh Air declared the project “smart, honorable and admirable.”

Drew Glackin 1963-2008 R.I.P.

Drew Glackin, instrumentalist and bassist for The Silos passed away suddenly on Saturday, January 5th. According to his band, he was unaware of an overactive thyroid condition that led to severe heart damage. He was surrounded by family and friends during his final days. His bandmates had this to say, “Drew was adored around the world and his larger than life spirit and contagious jovial energy touched everyone he met, everywhere he went. He was a musician of the highest talent and made his mark in countless bands, record albums, and many thousands of live performances. He will be sorely missed and the memories of his music, his great humor, and his magnanimous generosity of spirit and love will be with us forever.”

There are sites where photos and stories about Drew can be posted – please visit,, and

From Bloodshot Records’ Rob Miller: “The Bloodshot family and the music community in general is poorer, and less fun, with Drew's untimely and unexpected death.

Drew liked having a good time and he loved making sure those around him were having a good time, too. I will sorely miss getting caught up in his joyful slipstream whenever and wherever our paths would cross.”

A fund has been set up in Drew's name to help with funeral costs.

Send a Paypal donation to:

To send a check, make payable to:

The Andrew Drew Glackin Memorial Fund
Skylands Community Bank
Lopatcong Township
201 Strykers Road, Suite 20
att: Sherri Abel
Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08865

Drug Rug Announce US Winter Tour & Give Away Holiday Track Courtesy of Black & Greene Records

This Fall, Tommy Allen & Sarah Cronin debut their love for one another in the form of their outstanding S/T record, Drug Rug, on Black & Greene Records and we are thrilled to be on board. The dynamic love duo, named Drug Rug, hail from Boston and have written & recorded the most heartbreaking debut since June & Johnny got together (Yes, We do love them that much). “The Sound Alone is all I need to get by” and “You don’t have worry, You don’t have panic no more (from Tiny People)” are just two simple lines that will have you back to toe-tapping and foot stomping & will re-cement your faith in love, poetry and classic country pop songs... Its almost like the clash of two separate generations have joined, and Joanna Newsom & Keith Richards had recently met in some distant far off land. Enough Said? Well if you need more, Drug Rug is coming your way...The Record was recorded at Narrow Lab in Allston, MA by Carter Tanton (Tulsa) and mixed and produced by Carter Tanton, Julian Cassanetti (Lot 6) and Drug Rug. Additional players on the LP are the Dead Trees & Jesse Gallagher from Apollo Sunshine. We are one happy family now!

Thomas Allen and Sarah Cronin met in 2006 while working at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, Ma. After trading secret demos of their own songs, Tommy persuaded Sarah to combine forces. They spent their first date drinking whiskey in bed and playing each other songs on an old guitar. They've been inseparable ever since. Several months later, they christened themselves "Drug Rug," a name which has made strangers laugh and parents cry. Drug Rug began as an acoustic duo in the vein of the Everly Brothers and The Carter Family. Over the course of three or four shows Drug Rug evolved into a rock band with a revolving cast of friends and family. Their early rock and roll sound can be attributed to such influences as The Velvet Underground, The Byrds, and most importantly, the Paul and Linda McCartney record, "RAM". The songs are also inspired by the storytelling style of early folk musicians, comic books, campgrounds, funny hats, and the illustrations of Garth Williams. In the month of June, 2007 after consulting a psychic and a lawyer they signed to Black and Greene Records and are now slated to release their first
record in the fall. Sarah likes to be covered in dirt and Tommy wears the same shirt for four days. They used to be drug free, but now they aren't so sure. They believe in the imminent end of the world and will destroy each other with love before the apocalypse.

01/14/2008 09:00 PM - Middlesex w/ VIVA VIVA
Mass ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 -
01/17/2008 08:00 PM - Rock N Roll Hotel
1353 H Street NE, WASHINGTON, Washington DC 20002 -
w/ The Rosebuds
01/18/2008 08:00 PM - Local 506
506 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516 -
01/19/2008 08:00 PM - The Earl
488 Flat Shoals Rd., East Atlanta, Georgia 30316 -
01/21/2008 08:00 PM - Proud Larry's
211 South Lamar, Oxford, Mississippi 38655 -
01/22/2008 08:00 PM - Sticky Fingers
107 S Commerce St, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 -
01/26/2008 08:00 PM - Emo's
603 Red River, Austin, Texas 78701 -
01/29/2008 08:00 PM - Spaceland
1717 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90026 -
01/31/2008 08:00 PM - The Independent
628 Divisadero Street, SAN FRANCISCO, California 94117 -
02/04/2008 08:00 PM - Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside, Portland, Oregon 97214 -
02/05/2008 08:00 PM - Comet Tavern
922 E Pike St, Seattle, Washington 98122
02/08/2008 08:00 PM - 400 Bar
400 Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454 -
02/09/2008 08:00 PM - The Hideout
1354 W Wabansia Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60622 -
02/14/2008 08:00 PM - Red Square
136 Church St., Burlington, Vermont 05401 -
02/15/2008 08:00 PM - Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St, New York, New York 10002 -
02/16/2008 08:00 PM - Northstar
2639 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130 -


What do Bon Jovi and Chimaira have in common? Guitarists from both bands now have Signature Series guitars from ESP! Two new Signature Series models are being introduced from the guitarists of Chimaira, their first for ESP. Guitarist Rob Arnold's signature model, the LTD RA-600, offers a Floyd Rose bridge and a single EMG 81 pickup in a light alder body. The LTD MFA-600 is the signature model from Matt DeVries, based on his own customized ESP Viper model. Check out more information, as well as pictures here:

Chimaira is currently gearing up for their tour with All That Remains and Five Finger Death Punch which starts February 1 in Philadelphia, PA.

Chimaira on tour:
2/01 – Philadelphia, PA – Trocadero
2/02 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium
2/05 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Phoenix Concert Theatre
2/06 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Club Soda
2/08 – Detroit, MI – The Majestic Theatre
2/09 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall
2/10 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues
2/12 – Minneapolis, MN – Station 4
2/13 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
2/15 – Englewood, CO – Gothic Theater
2/16 – Salt Lake City, UT – Avalon Theater
2/17 – Boise, ID – Big Easy Concert House
2/18 – Spokane, WA – Big Easy
2/19 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Croatian Cultural Centre
2/21 – San Francisco, CA – Slims
2/22 – San Diego, CA – SOMA
2/23 – Las Vegas, NV – Jillian’s
2/25 – West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues
2/26 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre
2/28 – Dallas, TX – The Door
2/29 – San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit
3/01 – Houston, TX – Meridian
3/03 – Lake Buena Vista, FL – House of Blues
3/04 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
3/05 – Charlotte, NC – Amos Southend
3/06 – Washington DC – 9:30 Club
3/07 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom

Science for Girls's debuts on March 11, 2008!

New York, NY – January 9, 2008 – Science for Girls will release its self-titled debut on March 11, 2008. From NYC producer and songwriter Darren Solomon, Science for Girls is melodic electronica kissed by classic pop, jazz, and Brazilian music. Minimal yet lush, chilled-out but never background music, the music appeals to fans of creative electronica like Imogen Heap, Air, and The Postal Service. The debut album features a choice group of guest vocalists from New York City's indie scene (including Bronwen Exeter and Paul Brill) and a unique cover of Barry Manilow's "Sweet Life".
As breaks go, it doesn’t get much better. Darren Solomon was a 19-year-old bass player studying at NYU when he returned to his dorm room one day to find a message on his answering machine from the great Ray Charles, inviting Darren to L.A. for an audition. Darren landed the gig, and he toured with Ray for two years before leaving to finish his college degree. Later, he experienced a very different side of the musical spectrum while on tour with Barry Manilow whose "Sweet Life" he covers with warm regards to his former boss.

In addition to his work as a bass player, you’ve likely heard Darren’s music in TV commercials for American Express, Pepsi, Audi and Maxell. His song for M&M’s “Nothing Rhymes With Orange”, sung by Megan Mullally, won a Clio award for best music.

Now with Science for Girls, Darren brings together his eclectic influences, and a few friends, to create a unique new voice in electronic music.

The Felice Brothers join in the love with Team Love

In the spring of '07, the Felice Brothers released their first recording "Tonight at the Arizona" on Loose Records in the UK. They WOW-ed 'em across the pond playing festivals and gigs throughout the UK and Europe with the likes of the Waterboys, Blanche and David Grey. After making their way across America this summer for their first tour, they band hooked up with Bright Eyes for a string of rousing dates on the East Coast ---culminating in a performance on the venerated stage at Radio City Music Hall. The Felice Brothers also kicked it with Levon Helm for one of his classic Midnight Rambles upstate. Along they way, fans at shows were introduced to "The Adventures of the Felice Brothers Vol 1", only available at live dates..

The sound that emerges from their instruments is seeped with an instinctive authenticity that's rooted in tradition. While busking and impromptu subway performances filled their bellies, now their recordings and live performances brings the backwoods to the cities and concert Halls of America and Europe. Starting off '08 on the right foot, the Felice Brothers proudly announce their signing to Team Love Records.

Simone, Ian and James Felice are the three eldest boys from a family of seven, born carpenter's sons in the wilds of New York's Catskill Mountains. Less than a year ago, the Brothers adopted a runaway dice-thrower and chancer, a 19 year old called Christmas. They convinced him to quit his job and the motley quartet forsook all else but song and moved their Sunday BBQ sing-alongs from their dad's upstate house out onto the streets and subways of NYC.

After months of toil, living in a 1987 special education bus, with arrests, and genuine panhandler fun, a free-lance music writer named Gabe Soria (Mojo, Vice) stumbled upon the boys singing and barking their wares at a farmers market in Brooklyn and one thing led to another.

Now the Felice Brothers and blood brother Christmas all live, tour, sing, write and gamble together on their little bus. Their distinct brand of songwriting and the lawless sound they've forged has earned them comparisons to Woodie Guthrie, a young Springsteen to the Scorsese film Gangs of New York. The boys now travel the world performing homegrown and gritty Americana on the city stages as if they were hosting a sing-along on their own front porch surrounded by family and friends or playing the backroom of a dusty tavern.


Thu-Jan-17 Chicago, IL House of Blues with Sun Volt
Fri-Feb-01 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
Sat-Feb-02 Kingston, NY Bridgewater Café
Thu-Feb-07 Memphis, TN Hi-Tone
Fri-Feb-08 Austin, TX The Mohawk
Mon-Feb-11 Anaheim, CA House of Blues- with North Mississippi All Stars
Tue-Feb-12 Los Angeles, CA Avalon - with North Mississippi All Stars
Wed-Feb-13 San Francisco, CA The Grand Ballroom - with Drive By Truckers
Fri-Feb-15 Portland, OR Roseland Ballroom- with Drive By Truckers
Sat-Feb-16 Seattle, WA Showbox Theatre- with Drive By Truckers
Sun-Feb-17 Seattle, WA Showbox Theatre- with Drive By Truckers
Tue-Feb-19 Boise, ID Big Easy- with Drive By Truckers
Wed-Feb-20 Park City, UT The Palladium - with Drive By Truckers
Thu-Feb-21 Aspen, CO Belly Up Tavern- with Drive By Truckers
Fri-Feb-22 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre - with Drive By Truckers
Sat-Feb-23 Boulder, CO Fox Theare- with Drive By Truckers
Mon-Feb-25 Omaha, NE The Slowdown - with Drive By Truckers
Tue-Feb-26 Columbia, MO Blue Note - with Drive By Truckers
Wed-Feb-27 Champaign, IL Canopy Club - with Drive By Truckers
Thu-Feb-28 Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theatre- with Drive By Truckers
Fri-Feb-29 St. Louis, MO The Pageant - with Drive By Truckers
Sat-Mar-01 Louisville, KY Headliner's - with Drive By Truckers
Mon-Mar-03 Whitesburg, KY Summit City
Tue-Mar-04 Winston-Salem, NC The Garage
Wed-Mar-05 Wilmington, NC The Soapbox
Thu-Mar-06 Asheville, NC The Grey Eagle – with Man Man
Fri-Mar-07 Charleston, SC Village Tavern - with Man Man
Sun-Mar-09 Everglades Park, FL Langerado Music & Arts Festival
Mon-Mar-17 Pioneertown, CA Pappy and Harriets
Fri-Mar-28 Minneapolis, MN 400 Bar- with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Sat-Mar-29 Madison, WI – University of Wisconsin- with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Mon-Mar-31 Grinnell, IA Grinnell College - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Thu-Apr-03 Nashville, TN Mercy Lounge - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Fri-Apr-04 Birmingham, AL Bottletree - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Sat-Apr-05 Knoxville, TN Barley's Taproom - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Sun-Apr-06 Atlanta, GA Eddies Attic - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Mon-Apr-07 Raleigh, NC Berkeley Cafe - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Tue-Apr-08 Norfolk, VA The Boot - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Thu-Apr-10 Arlington, VA IOTA - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Fri-Apr-11 Philadelphia, PA The Chapel @ The First Unitarian Church - with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching
Sat-Apr-12 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom- with Justin Townes Earle and McCarthy Trenching

Echovalve to release debut album on Rock Ridge Music

Atlanta four-piece Echovalve is set to release its debut album, “helloagaingoodbye” on Rock Ridge Music on March 18, 2008. Mainstream in their own right, they have managed to take a distinctively original approach to a familiar genre. With searing and melodic riffs, tasty bass lines, pounding beats, and intensely haunting, hook-laden vocals, Echovalve has honed a sound that sets them apart. Their first single “Dirty Little Secret” hits the airwaves this month.

“Echovalve is truly grateful for the opportunity given to us by Rock Ridge Music,” says guitarist Jay Langston. “It is a blessing to have a label that believes in the music we make, and together we will bring that music to the masses.”

Though the band is clean now, members have been plagued with drug and alcohol addictions and one band member was declared clinically dead following a drug overdose (he lived to tell the tale). The band has toured the country with no money, sleeping on park benches as they went from town to town. One band member was actually homeless and living on the streets for a while. That which did not break them only made them stronger and has made the successes that have come their way even sweeter. The band came together in Atlanta, and after several years of playing and touring, things began to fall into place for Echovalve in 2007. In addition to signing a deal with label Rock Ridge Music, the band also hooked up with a management company and a booking agent. With only two EP’s up to this point, in June 2007 Echovalve began recording their first full-length album, “helloagaingoodbye.”

NEW YORK – Back to build their brand of hard but mass-accessible rap, platinum-selling Virgin Records hip-hop group DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ have released a

What do DJs Rob Swift, Precision, and Total Eclipse have in common?
The letter X... as in X-ecutioners! Now, a decade since the conception of the worlds most accomplished DJ crew, these three champions of an art called "Turntablism" are beginning a new chapter in their careers. Their emphasis is to start from scratch (pun intended) and break down all imitations. "We're training our minds to forget and abandon

everything we've learned about DJing to this point" according to Rob Swift. Total Eclipse adds "When we get together to create routines, we start from nothing and see where the vibe in the room takes us." Precision caps it off by saying "The long hours we dedicate to practice usually leads to some real crazy routines." Thus, the inspiration to call the themselves ILL INSANITY.

Rob Swift says, "ILL INSANITY is the ending and beginning of something that started 18 years ago," an honorable mention goes out to the X-men. He goes on to further explain... "No matter what, people will always remember what the X-ecutioners contributed to Hip Hop. Therefore, comparing whatever we do now, as ILL INSANITY, to back then." But while acknowledging the connection they'll forever have to the legendary DJ group, they emphasize... "That was then and this is now... without change there's no progress." And it seems that's their number one goal: to find new and innovative ways to use the turntable as a musical instrument and help the art form of DJing/Turntablism evolve.

"There's a whole new generation of music fans we need to introduce Turntablism to" adds Total Eclipse, "and once again we're taking it upon ourselves to lead the way!" Rob goes on to emphasize, "ILL INSANITY is our way of reinventing ourselves and coming back stronger. Not just creatively but mentally."

Ill Insanity's live show consists of a group performance, individual turntable solos and all around party rocking. Three hours of non-stop turntable theatrics by three of the best DJs in the game.

The buzz in the turntable community is that the scene is on the verge of dying but ILL INSANITY insists "We refuse to let that happen!" Rob sums it all up this way, "Yeah, we've had hit songs with multi-platinum artists like Linkin Park, we've appeared in music videos, commercials, even talk shows like Late Night with David Letterman. We've scored the music for video games and movies, and toured the globe, but we're not done! While those are impressive accomplishments for a turntable crew, ILL INSANITY looks at that time period as preparation for what we're about to do from here on. It's about to get really serious!"

This CD Release Tour previews new material off ILL Insanity's upcoming album "Ground Xero"


NEW YORK – Back to build their brand of hard but mass-accessible rap, platinum-selling Virgin Records hip-hop group DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ have released a new single, "Talkin’ Out Da Side of Ya Neck!" The track was produced by Bangladesh, who produced Kelis’ recent international smash "Bossy." Currently impacting urban radio, DFB are enjoying the expected support in their solid Southern home base, with breakout radio leaders appearing in the Midwest. The video clip is an immediate add in rotation at BET’s Rap City program.

Dem Franchize Boyz have completed their second album, DA POINT OF NO RETURN, for planned release March 25, 2008. Collaborators in the studio have included T-Pain and Pleasure, of the vocal group Pretty Ricky. Track producers include superstar beatsmiths Mannie Fresh and Jazze Pha, Southern upstart Marvelous J, longtime collaborators Maestro and Young Juve, and DFB member Parlae.

DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ, hailing from Atlanta’s Westside, are Bernard "Jizzal Man" Leverette, Maurice "Parlae" Gleaton, Gerald "Buddie" Tiller and Jamal "Pimpin’" Willingham. They debuted on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart in 2004 with the top 25 single "White Tees," but broke through on a mass level on their Virgin Records debut with the single release of "I Think They Like Me," a three-week No. 1 in the R&B/Hip-Hop radio format in late 2005 that ushered the sparse but irresistibly hookish "snap music" into clubs and radio. DFB became the first rap group in the history of that chart to reach No.1 with consecutive singles, when "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" returned the group to the top of the R&B Hip-Hop chart, while posting a No 7 Hot 100 peak. DFB drew a nomination for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Band, Duo or Group in the 2006 American Music Awards.

Driven by two massive hits, the group’s debut Virgin Records album, ON TOP OF OUR GAME, debuted at No. 5 in the Billboard Top 200 album chart, and is certified RIAA gold. Additionally, RIAA certified "I Think They Like Me" as a gold-selling master tone, and "Lean Wit It" as a platinum master tone. DFB were among the very first hip-hop artists to sell massive numbers of mobile ring tones, with 1 million sold prior to the release of their first album – and then an additional million in the following six weeks.



With In Rainbows having debuted today at #1 on the U.S. charts, RADIOHEAD has confirmed the cities to be visited on the band's upcoming North American tour.

The tour will take place in two segments, one prior to and one following the recently announced summer tour of the UK and Europe.


Los Angeles
New York
San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Barbara
St Louis
Washington DC

Exact dates and venues will be announced at a later date.

Miwa Gemini's new LP arrives March 18, 2008!

New York, NY – January 8, 2008 – This Is How I Found You, the new album by New York chanteuse Miwa Gemini, takes on the darkest affairs of the heart with a saccharine smile and haunting vocals you won't hear anywhere else. A multi-instrumentalist, Miwa incorporates guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano to drive powerful songs of loss and redemption: Think Nina Simone meets Sparklehorse meets Cat Power, and you're getting close. This Is How I Found You was released in 2007 in Canada on Addictive Records, and is seeing release on March 18, 2008 on Rock Park Records in the United States and Europe.

Between tours and shows last year, the Japanese-born Miwa traveled down to Athens, GA to record her second full release, This Is How I Found You, with Andy Baker (Maserati, Ham1, the Glands). She expanded her instrumentation to include banjo, mandolin, and piano, and the results are as dynamic as they are beautiful.

While Miwa picked up playing the banjo and the mandolin quickly, the classically-trained pianist admits that she had a hard time relating to her old instrument in a new environment. “I wonder if classical music uses a different part of a brain?” she muses. But piano was vital to her new sound. In time, she relearned the instrument she had grown up with, and the results sing for themselves. “After all,” she says, “Erik Satie isn’t that different from Jelly Roll Morton.”

Miwa plans to keep on playing and building on her loyal fan base, helped along by sidekick Sasha the porcelain cat, Polly her oversized guitar, and whoever else wants to join her eclectic game of musical chair collaboration.

Where she plays, her passion shines through. As Miwa puts it, “Other than getting caught in bubbles of champagne, playing my music is the only thing that comes anywhere close to riding on a wind.” Give Miwa an hour of your time, and you’re sure to feel the same way.

Machine Head Nominated for Grammy

(New York, NY) The San Francisco Bay Area’s finest Machine Head have garnered the first Grammy nomination of their imperishable career for “Aesthetics Of Hate,” a monstrous track from the critically hailed The Blackening, released in March 2007. The song is nominated for “Best Metal Performance.”

“Aesthetics Of Hate,” an anthemic song built around a firestorm of riffs, was inspired by an article of the same name that appeared on a popular neo-conservative website that addressed the on-stage shooting of legendary Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, by attacking him as an “untalented possessor of a guitar,” and his fans as “pathetic and ugly.” While “Aesthetics Of Hate” isn’t about Dimebag per se, it is a mighty metallic reaction to the author’s skewed perception of the metal scene.

The Grammy nomination proves that Machine Head - who since the mid-90’s have been one of the most credible and influential metal bands of all time - continue to make relevant music deep into their career. Blender described The Blackening as “a head-banging epic of the type unseen since Metallica’s …And Justice for All, and The Blackening was in the #1, or top #5 Album of the Year spot in nearly every metal magazine throughout the world. It was the #1 Most Spun album of 2007 on the FMQB Metal Detector year-end radio chart and was voted “Album Of The Year” by the radio stations themselves. The record also cleaned up at both the U.K. based Metal Hammer Awards and the highly influential 2007 Kerrang! Awards ceremonies, where The Blackening was named “Album Of The Year” over such artists as My Chemical Romance and Lamb Of God.

Band frontman/guitarist Robb Flynn added, “We are completely blown away, and honored by this. It’s incredible that the anger of this song has connected with so many people. It proves to Dimebag’s detractors, the positive impact he had on his fans and fellow bands alike.”

Countdown to HHK Championship

Founded in December 2004, Hip Hop Karaoke (aka HHK) has given thousands of people the opportunity to witness and participate in this unique celebration of hip-hop. HHK has been visited by such luminaries as Jeru the
Damaja, Rhymefest and Big Daddy Kane (among many others) and has spawned affiliates all over the globe from London to Toronto and even as far as New Zealand.

It all started here in NYC at a humble Lower East Side club but soon upgraded to a bigger venue due to its astounding popularity. Knitting Factory soon became the home of HHK and now for the 1st Annual HHK Championship, it's coming to Highline Ballroom in NYC on Jan 25th.
No overall superstars, nor color boundaries, nor judgment or competition in this “game” named Hip Hip Karaoke (HHK). Don't be fooled by the literal title because what many will tell you, it's nothing like your average karaoke... HHK means so much more than merely getting up on the mic in front of a crowd of fellow enthusiasts and rapping to a beat. More than the obvious fun factor and opportunity for hip hop fans to gather together in New York City under one roof.

What's always been celebrated and welcomed from Hip Hop is the importance of the voice and what you do with it. The power and intent behind each rhyme and the effect it can have on the listener, all solid proof that the voice from the street is what speaks loudest. Your voice, with a kick ass beat backing it up is what counts. Indeed, they may well be other peoples' words, but what matters is how each contestant translates them to their audience; those with the most passion and precision in delivering their chosen rhyme is the one most likely to make their mark and exceed in the aftermath.

To quote this definitely is "NOT Ice Ice Baby over fake beats in the back of a sushi restaurant," but a respected organization. The creators, who are producing the 1st Annual Hip Hip Karaoke Championship in the USA, are credible figures and valued fixtures in the scene, the crowds who attend each month is made up of some of the most devout hip-hop heads in New York City and the 12 contestants partaking have been selected for their hard-hitting performances and passion for the genre. All will be coming together under one roof, on one stage, to battle for the 2008 championship on January 25th.

Over 12 months... many have taken part in the "HHK" Challenge in NYC.
12 of the best have been invited back this month to Highline Ballroom on January 25th to perform in front of a live audience and a selection of celebrity judges.
One will be chosen and announced as The HHK Champion of 2008.

THE A.K.A.s: Making Some Noise with Jello Biafra, Hawthorne Heights, Anti-Flag on 3/18!

Philadelphia, PA - For a band of upstarts with a keen ear for melody and the right amount of punk attitude without being snotty, The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!) have more in common with their true punk brethren like The Clash, Buzzcocks and Gang of Four than their current peers. But that's not to say they're revivalists... Not. At. All. With both feet firmly planted in 2008 and an audio rearview mirror whose objects are indeed closer than they appear, The A.K.A.s take the punk spirit of three chord machine gun rhythms and infuse them with organ, shout-along choruses and more adrenaline than all those steriod-laden American Gladiators combined.

Their freshly-minted album Everybody Make Some Noise! on their new label, Metropolis Records (release date: March 18, 2008), is a 12-track tour de force of fist-pumping anthems that would make the Dead Kennedys proud. And in fact, head DK Jello Biafra felt the band so honor-worthy that he bestowed a spoken word, carny-styled intro to "Everything Is a Commercial". Other guests include JT Woodruff from Hawthorne Heights and Chris #2 from Anti-Flag. "We have a really bizarre set of guest appearances on our record," says vocalist Mike Ski. "Having three people that would never be in the same room together appear on our album and each bring something incredible to the songs is a proud moment. From the breathtaking melody of JT, the angry snarl of Chris #2, to the unsettling narrative by Jello, it's enough to make everyone from a 15 year old pop girl to a 30 year old punk rocker smile."

The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!) On Tour

Jan 30 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
Feb 01 Java Jazz Houston, TX
Feb 02 White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
Feb 03 Smoking Aces Mission, TX
Feb 07 Cell Block Phoenix, AZ
Feb 08 Showcase Theatre Corona, CA
Feb 09 The Dome Bakersfield, CA
Feb 11 Karma Victorville, CA
Feb 12 The Exit Fresno, CA
Feb 13 The Whisky Los Angeles, CA
Feb 14 The Boardwalk Sacramento, CA
Feb 16 Satyricon Portland, OR
Feb 17 Studio Seven Seattle, WA
Feb 18 The Venue Boise, ID
Feb 20 Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO
Feb 21 Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
Feb 29 I-Rock Nightclub Detroit, MI
Mar 05 Gramercy Theatre New York, NY

From the stomp-punk of the anthemic opening track "This Is The Way We Move" with its "let's go, let's go" call to arms, to the spit-twirl of "Let Your Momma Know", to the guitar-organ attack of "Tools of the Tirade", Everybody Make Some Noise! isn't an album to be listened to while trying to maintain some semblence of decorum. Incendiary and heart-pounding, The A.K.A.s know how to incite and excite, and have done so ever-so-craftily with their second album. The first single "Dead Flowers Forever," a pissed off song about love gone bad, is a perfect example of that. "This song was almost not on the record because it was a challenge for me and a turning it around was a true test of my belief in the song and the album,"explains Mike. "We had to fight to make it what we wanted and it came full circle into something amazing. Before re-recording vocals for this track, I forced myself think 'I'm going to f**king kill you' in my head when I sang it. I think that comes through in the recording."

Produced by Alex Newport (At the Drive In, The Mars Volta) in a new studio that The A.K.A.s literally helped put together ("We gutted, scraped, painted, hammered, and hauled enough to satisfy the most merciless of cynics. Doesn't everybody love to see a band dehumanized?!"), Everybody Make Some Noise is a true testament of a band finding their voice through adversity, poverty and the excruciating toll that band life extolls. "This album is special in that it represents a true adventure and journey," he continues. "While other bands are busy writing music just to get laid, paid, or played on the radio, we challenged ourselves and everyone else to be fearless, fierce, and have fun... finding your voice and using it to live out loud."

The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!)'s new album Everybody Make Some Noise will be released by Metropolis Records on March 18, 2008.

Cassettes Won't Listen One Alternative EP 6000 Downloads / Small-Time Machine EP Out March 11th 2008

The free One Alternative covers EP of great 90's tunes from Cassettes Won't Listen is up to 6,000 downloads and still going strong. Tracklist includes songs by Pavement, Butter 08, Blind Melon, Liz Phair, and Sebadoh, and as an added bonus it features full instrumentals and acapellas so you can get your 90's love remix thing on.

And on March 11th, Cassettes Wont Listen's will release Small-Time Machine, his first ever physical release. Entirely written, played and produced by Jason Drake, Small-Time Machine deals with many of the themes that touch us all, including: love, betrayal, hope, disappointment and the quest to find what's missing in each of our lives. Small-Time Machine is the next chapter in the career of one of the true new voices of the 21st Century.

Cassettes Won't Listen has had two digital-only releases, the EP Nobody's Moving and the instrumental LP The Quiet Trial. Both records have received a lot of attention, including radio tastemakers WOXY and KEXP, SPIN, the NY Press, the notorious Perez Hilton as well as landing an exclusive front page feature on and being named one of Urb's Next 100 for 2007.

In the wake of these releases, a wide range of artists, commissioned countless Cassettes Won't Listen remixes, including El-P, (featuring Trent Reznor), Midlake, Asobi Seksu, The Postmarks, Dr. Octagon, Pela, Dirty on Purpose, Mr. Lif, and Morcheeba, amongst others.

And this Decemeber, in conjunction with Music For Robots, Cassettes Won't Listen released a free digital-only EP, One Alternative, which is a collection of covers Jason recorded of some of his favorite 90's indie rock standards, available exclusively at

Cassettes Won't Listen embodies an otherworldly and distinctive blend of electronica and indie rock, with comparisons being drawn to the Postal Service, Beck, Hot Chip, The Notwist, and DJ Shadow. His live show blasts at a frantic pace with Jason hopping from turntables to guitar to keys and vocals as a true one-man band. Small-Time Machine is the sum of all these parts.

Christopher Willits and Ryuichi Sakamoto team up for “Ocean Fire”

Christopher Willits and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s new release, Ocean Fire, is a sublime soundtrack for the ocean. It is an intense and stirring wash of cascading tones and textured harmony. Willits + Sakamoto surprise with rare form in this collaboration, creating a sound world unlike anything they have produced previously. Each artist has gently pulled the other into new sonic territory. Sakamoto’s gorgeous processed piano sound reflects Willits’ beautiful shimmering clusters of notes, a new aspect of Willits’ pioneering guitar/computer approach. Together, their sounds merge effortlessly, creating deep and seamless swells of gigantic melodic waves.

Sakamoto is a living legend in music. His numerous releases in Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), and his Grammy Award-winning solo work has inspired two generations of fans and artists. Christopher Willits is a young talented artist who has shown he can do just about anything. In the late-nineties Willits began integrating his guitar playing with unique custom digital processing, and has since been instrumental in redefining the sound palette of the guitar. Overlapping all forms of music, sound, and visual art, Willits’ work defies genre and retains a presence of its own.


Ryuichi Sakamoto has made a career of crossing musical and technological boundaries. A founding member of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), Sakamoto has composed original scores for 20 films, including: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and The Last Emperor, which earned him an Oscar and a Grammy. Sakamoto’s recent releases include collaborations with Alva Noto (Insen) and Christian Fennesz, (Cendre). Sakamoto recently reunited with Yellow Magic Orchestra for one performance at Al Gore’s Live Earth festival on 7/7/07 in Kyoto. Rolling Stone magazine called YMO’s performance the best reunion of the global festival. Sakamoto is socially active, raising awareness about issues including the environment and anti-war efforts through projects including: Life, Zero Landmine, which raised millions of dollars for landmine removal, and stop-rokkasho, an evolving music and art project aimed at bringing attention to the dangers of a nuclear reprocessing plant which opened in Japan.


Christopher Willits has been instrumental in redefining the guitar in the digital age. Using custom-built software, Willits morphs his guitar playing into warm folded rhythms of texture and melody. Named “the center cell of a complex indie rock-avant-garde-electronic art Venn diagram in the Bay Area” (San Francisco Bay Guardian), and “The Picasso of Sound” (Tokafi Magazine), Willits defies genre distinctions while still defining a sound of his own. His guitar lines fold and weave into each other creating complex patterns of interlocking rhythm, melody, and texture. With over 15 music releases over the last 7 years, Willits’s passion is obvious. 2006 marked the release of Surf Boundaries a critically acclaimed wash of Willits’ guitars and vocal harmonies on the incandescent Ghostly International label. In addition to his solo work, a vast range of music collaborations, sound installations, and film/video projects compel him. His band project Flossin involves Zach Hill, Kid606, Nate Boyce, and Matmos, The North Valley Subconscious Orchestra is Willits and Brad Laner, formerly of Medicine. Other frequent collaborators include Scott Pagano, Taylor Deupree, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Willits’ numerous releases and collaborative projects cover a broad spectrum of musical styles, and include one main commonality: Willits’ unique approach to the guitar and sound. Willits completed his Master’s Degree in Electronic Music at Mills College where he studied with Pauline Oliveros and Fred Frith. Prior to Mills, Willits focused on painting, video art, and sound art and music at the Kansas City Art Institute. In addition to all of this, Willits recently founded and currently directs the emerging culture hub of releases, events, and sharing at

Nada Surf Spring Tour Announcement news

Barsuk Records is proud to announce Nada Surf's Spring 2008 tour.
Starting at SXSW, the tour will see the band supporting their
forthcoming full-length release "Lucky" due out on February 5th, 2008.

Nada Surf have already sold out a short five-date run in late
January/early February that will take them down the west coast and end
in New York City on February 8th. Following these dates, the band heads
to Europe for a headlining tour before returning for SXSW. During the
spring American tour they will be joined by The Little Ones in March,
and What Made Milwaukee Famous in April, with a one-off co-headlining
gig with Superdrag at Terminal 5 in NYC on April 11th.

Nada Surf's fifth release to date, "LUCKY," was co-produced by the band
and John Goodmanson (Death Cab For Cutie, Blonde Redhead,
Sleater-Kinney). Many great artists make guest appearances on the
record, including: Death Cab's Ben Gibbard, Ed Harcourt, John Roderick
of the Long Winters, and guitarist Phil Wandscher of Jesse Sykes & the
Sweet Hereafter.

Critical acclaim has followed Nada Surf through their career. Most
recently, "MOJO" called "The Weight is a Gift" a "21st century pop
masterpiece," while "Esquire" said their "poignant anthems" are "full
of airtight melodies and huge twists." "Rolling Stone," weighed in,
saying: "The band's tunes achieve a kind of sleight-of-hand majesty,"
while "Alternative Press" exclaimed the record is "nearly flawless."
"Entertainment Weekly" called it "astoundingly good," and "USA Today"
said Caws' lyrics "have both mystery and a universal touch."

For an early preview of the material on "Lucky" visit for a free download of the single "See These
Bones". Or check out a this fan recording of the song "Whose Authority"
as performed by the band at their 10/20/07 Apple Store appearance in
Chicago, IL. (

Tour Dates Below


* - w/ The Little Ones
& - w/ What Made Milwaukee Famous

17 - Tempe, AZ - Clubhouse Music Venue *
18 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues *
19 - Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theatre *
21 - Pomona, CA - Glass House *
22 - San Francisco, CA - Fillmore *
25 - Sacramento, CA - Harlow *
26 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom *
28 - Seattle, WA - Showbox *
29 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore Ballroom *

01 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre &
02 - Omaha, NE - Waiting Room &
03 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue &
04 - Chicago, IL - Metro &
05 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrews Hall &
07 - Toronto, ONT - Opera House &
08 - Montreal, QBC - Club Soda &
10 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club &
11 - New York, NY - Terminal 5 w/ Superdrag
12 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club &
13 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero &

Ernie Halter Re-Ups Deal With Rock Ridge Music

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Ernie Halter, has just re-signed with Rock Ridge Music for the release of his next album, which will hit shelves later in 2008 and is scheduled to be recorded in January and February in New York City. The album will be the follow-up to 2007’s “Congress Hotel,” and Jason Spiewak (Chris Volz, Five.Bolt.Main) is slated to produce.

“I feel Rock Ridge gets me as an artist,” says Halter. “They are very trusting creatively and let me do what I do best. The new record will be so much better because of it. It’s not easy for an indie artist to get the kind of exposure I did on the last record. My CD was available in almost every Borders store across the country.”

Halter, who toured extensively in 2007, is confirmed to perform on the debut voyage of the songwriter cruise Cayamo: A Journey Through Song, which sails from February 4-10, 2008. In addition to Halter, the cruise will feature songwriters Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, John Hiatt and many others. The six-day Caribbean cruise stops in Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Halter will also likely hit the road (tour dates TBD) with Josh Hoge in 2008, and will also perform at a charity event in Thailand in April which benefits tsunami orphans. Other tour dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

It was Halter’s very tech-savvy approach to promoting and marketing his music that garnered the attention of Rock Ridge in the first place: Halter webcasts all of his shows and was one of the first artists to take advantage of MySpace as a promotional tool. Utilizing his tech know-how and his extraordinarily focused work ethic, Halter has incorporated such unique features on the page as a live “tour van cam” and nightly webcasts of his concerts across the US.

In addition to his MySpace endeavors, Halter has been utilizing to broaden his fanbase and began a “covers video series” approximately three months ago that has seen great success, with subscription to his page increasing tenfold over the three months. Fans can submit requests for future covers. So far, Halter’s different takes on songs have included the wildly successful “Cyclone” by Baby Bash (featuring T-Pain) (which has garnered almost 100,000 views in 2 months’ time), “Bubbly” by Colby Caillat, “No One” by Alicia Keys, and OneRepublic’s “Apologize.” He plans to continue the covers series in 2008. In addition, instead of posting guitar tablatures for his own songs that have been requested by fans, Halter is posting video tutorials of some of his songs on his page as well (

Said of Halter and “Congress Hotel”: “…his voice [is] an extraordinary instrument... Here the Southern Californian works with a full complement of musicians that expose the range of his smooth, soulful singing. … Halter draws from the best of the classic R&B generation (Stevie Wonder is an especially prominent influence, his phrasing apparent in several of Halter's songs), but there's an equally significant nod to the classic rock of Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello and Billy Joel in the pop-ish arrangements.”


The Whigs are proud to announce the release of their ATO Records debut
album, MISSION CONTROL. Set for a January 22nd release, MISSION CONTROL
is a raucous thirty-seven minutes produced by Rob Schnapf (Beck,
Elliott Smith). The Athens, GA trio are currently on the road winning
over fans and critics with their fierce intensity and explosive punk
rock energy that has everyone from Rolling Stone, Esquire, Alternative
Press and Paste, among many others, scrambling to praise the young
newcomers. On January 28th, the band will perform their no-holds-barred
single, RIGHT HAND ON MY HEART on "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Currently in Spin Magazine as a "Breaking Artist" the magazine praises
MISSION CONTROL for its "rousing rock n roll fundamentals ... tightly
constructed tunes, wiry guitar shards and ecstatic, beer-soaked
choruses." Performing Songwriter goes on to rave MISSION CONTROL is "a
batch of songs that calls to mind the left-field pop of Guided By
Voices, Nirvana grunge, Pet Sounds melodicism and points between."
Maxim Magazine exclaims "The results are excellent ... Front man Parker
has a great rock growl - equal parts Frank Black and Ornery Grizzly -
and he knows how to unleash it all over meaty riffs and thundering
beats." American Songwriter adds ³[Mission Control] roars like it was
tracked during one of The Whigs' famous live ragers."

The Whigs recently shot the video for RIGHT HAND ON MY HEART with
director Ben Dickinson (LCD Soundsystem & The Rapture) in Athens, GA.
Air date to be announced.

TOUR DATES (more to be announced):

January 9th Rhythm and Brews Chattanooga, TN
January 10th World Grotto Knoxville, TN
January 11th The Bottletree Birmingham, AL
January 12th HiTone Memphis, TN
January 16th Bourbon Street Auburn, AL
January 17th Proud Larry¹s Oxford, MS
January 18th The Thirsty Hippo Hattiesburg, MS
January 19th Sticky Fingerz Little Rock, AR
January 25th The Earl Atlanta, GA
January 26th The 40 Watt Athens, GA
January 30th Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC
January 31st 8x10 Baltimore, MD
February 1st Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn NY
February 2nd Johnny Brenda¹s Philadelphia, PA
February 4th The Mohawk Buffalo, NY
February 5th Horseshoe Toronto, ON
February 6th Crofoot Pontiac, MI
February 7th Madhatter Cincinnati, OH
February 8th Grog Shop Cleveland, OH
February 9th Schubas Chicago, IL
February 12th Varsity Minneapolis, MN
February 13th Majestic Madison, WI
February 14th Creepy Crawl St. Louis, MO
February 15th Birdy¹s Indianapolis, IN
February 16th Rave Bar Milwaukee, WI
February 22nd Majestic Fayetteville, AR
February 23rd Mercy Lounge Nashville, TN
February 26th Grey Eagle Asheville, NC
February 27th Visulite Charlotte, NC
March 1st The Dame Lexington, KY
March 4th Waiting Room Omaha, NE
March 6th Larimer Lounge Denver, CO
March 7th Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO
March 9th Launch Pad Albuquerque, NM

SON LUX Announces Debut Album on Anticon!

At War With Walls & Mazes is a stunning debut wrung from classical precision and good old human gut-wrench. Son Lux’s first is a heady collection of songs breathing the same air and sharing the same space; painted from the same palette but set apart still—each is a distinct region of one broad, heaving sonic landscape. From afar, it’s an environment characterized by would-be contradictions: the austere grandness of chamber music undercut by undulating electronica; the intricately orchestral assembled via hip-hop collage; a day-plain pop ease silhouetted by deep soul. Up close, it’s clear that these contradictions are what hold the entire work together.

The prologue begins with the warm quaver of harmonica and a cold, androgynous breath: “Put down all your weapons/Let me in through your open wounds.” There’s a burst of drum, a piano hit that overwhelms the ears, and we’re on At War’s terra firma. First song “Break” is quiet and composed, punctuated by stabs of chaos—reversed instruments, errant electricity, an angry crowd—and given moody depth by the voice of Son Lux, which returns raw and whisper-pretty like Will Oldham’s. Next, “Weapons” flow in and out itself, building static, crystalline keys and thick bass into a pile of sharp edges that bounces like a rubber ball. An angelic cry breaks the rhythmic reverie and the snapping, cracking soundscape goes Richter. Conversely, “Betray” lays a slinky Portishead sulk for its bedrock, then morphs into a laidback, flute-textured upbeat. “Stay” counters this with a swarm of organ and violins, and a deep, unexpected blues.

The picture is always shifting—songs starting on a blast or ending in a whirling climb, occasionally dwelling in a single mood, but never succumbing to traditional structure. There’s “Tell,” which feels intimate, comprised of subtle tones, naked keys, low buzzing slide bass and voice sounding like a transmission from a tin-lined burrow. While the next plot over, “Wither” is a note-smashing hulk of machine crunch and skittering percussion, technically complex and seriously loud. Son Lux’s lyrics don't distract from the journey. Rather, the one and two-line snippets wind their way through the album’s space like mantras to be picked up or passed at will. In “Raise,” a macabre poetry moves with the music, coming in dulcet over bleeding sax, then getting swept up by swirling strings and pulsing electro. On “Stand,” a single unexplained sentence—“You stand between me and all my enemies”—is repeated ad infinitum, gaining in meaning even as it’s subducted under the piano-driven epic. As various permutations of voice, music and noise emerge, one imagines the Notwist’s Markus Acher lost in the bowels of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song.” This is a very good thing.

After this undeniable apex, At War With Walls & Mazes approaches its quiet close. “War” is a sleepy overture to Son Lux’s wide embrace, glowing warm and full until white light gives way to the epilogue, and the album’s only outright motif: the “Weapons” melody, first heard with the prologue’s opening line. Then, Son Lux asked us to drop our weapons and let him in; now, leaving this place, his apparent plea seems much more like an invitation.

More about the artist Son Lux:

Meet a man driven wildly by music. A man classically trained, but rewired with his own two hands. A frequent collaborator, occasional curator and consummate “man behind the curtain” now emerging at the front of something yet unnamed. Somewhere between the concert hall and the club you’ll find his haunting liquid soundscapes, born of hip-hop composition, o’er-strung with chant, hinting at some divine unreachable. Meet Son Lux.

Ryan Lott was born in Denver in 1979. At 2, he moved to California; at 5, to Connecticut. His father made industrial adhesives; his mother made the home; he had one brother and one sister. He was the youngest. Piano lessons were a family rule and Ryan began at 6, counting down, in tears, the clicks of the 15-minute egg-timer. He hated it, and by the age of 12, he knew he wouldn’t be a classical concert pianist; instead he’d be a composer. He’d offset this revelation by performing covers of “Lithium” and “Suck My Kiss” on guitar in middle school dance bands. His parents brought him to Atlanta for high school; in turn, high school brought him drums, punk bands and a piano teacher who smuggled him a few lessons in jazz and pop.

In his third year studying composition and piano at Indiana University, Ryan began collaborating with a ballet and modern dance student who would become his wife. Writing music to her choreography set off a hunger in him that would soon grow into megalomania. In the newlyweds’ post-collegiate home of Cleveland, Ryan conceived a multimedia art gala dubbed CONNECT. The series’ second event featured 30 artists of various inclinations; he collaborated with 20, while entertaining dance commissions countrywide. With his wife and two friends, he founded the charitable ASH (Art Serving Humanity) Ensemble, and composed a piece for saxophone and tape that debuted in Slovenia. Back home, Ryan found himself performing to New York City for the first time—from inside of the Guggenheim—and collecting on two prestigious Ohio arts grants. In 2007, he moved to New York, accepting a job as a fulltime composer. His 12-year-old self smiled; Ryan should have rested.

But something was growing inside of the man. Through all his teeth-cutting on various styles and accomplishment through collaboration, there was something pushing against his guts: Ryan Lott needed to go solo. For three years he’d been compulsively collecting sounds—thousands of them—one and two-note fragments sampled from his personal collection and the local library’s. He turned his trained ear to recognizing consistent aural hues, built a palette, then began arranging not by melody—as a composer would—but by rhythm, as a beatmaker. He’d been making an album without realizing it. Now, for the first time, Ryan set out to make the music inside of him. It’d be a sort of pop, but divorced from verse-chorus form—memorable music without a hook. And he’d sing (also a first), but not traditional lyrics. His words would be small snippets—things read or overheard—open-ended and repeated like chants. Single notes became pulsing electronic orchestras; simple words became transcendent. Son Lux was born. And with it, the album At War with Walls and Mazes.

As befits the Ryan Lott legacy, Son Lux’s debut performance was a headlining college festival slot alongside Sufjan Stevens and Emmylou Harris (the result of winning a songwriting competition). His second show was at New York’s Knitting Factory, opening for Sole. Played live, At War becomes a thing of shifting parts and rhythms, Ryan breaking down the songs and reassembling at will, while overhead digital visuals warp, coil and collide in improvised harmony (courtesy of At War cover artist Joshua Ott). The impression left is warm and colorful with smatterings of darkness, something alien yet familiar, easy but indefinable. Like all good art, Son Lux is tapped directly into that great otherworldly unknown that feels right at home in the world we actually know.

Ryan composes two pieces of music a day for Fluid NY, a thriving editorial house, recently wrapped his third large-scale collaboration with the acclaimed Gina Gibney Dance company, is working on the next Son Lux album, has recently remixed Castanets (Asthmatic Kitty), and is currently working on a remix for Beirut as well as collaborations with My Brightest Diamond.