Thursday, January 31, 2008

Science for Girls's debuts on March 11, 2008!

New York, NY – January 9, 2008 – Science for Girls will release its self-titled debut on March 11, 2008. From NYC producer and songwriter Darren Solomon, Science for Girls is melodic electronica kissed by classic pop, jazz, and Brazilian music. Minimal yet lush, chilled-out but never background music, the music appeals to fans of creative electronica like Imogen Heap, Air, and The Postal Service. The debut album features a choice group of guest vocalists from New York City's indie scene (including Bronwen Exeter and Paul Brill) and a unique cover of Barry Manilow's "Sweet Life".
As breaks go, it doesn’t get much better. Darren Solomon was a 19-year-old bass player studying at NYU when he returned to his dorm room one day to find a message on his answering machine from the great Ray Charles, inviting Darren to L.A. for an audition. Darren landed the gig, and he toured with Ray for two years before leaving to finish his college degree. Later, he experienced a very different side of the musical spectrum while on tour with Barry Manilow whose "Sweet Life" he covers with warm regards to his former boss.

In addition to his work as a bass player, you’ve likely heard Darren’s music in TV commercials for American Express, Pepsi, Audi and Maxell. His song for M&M’s “Nothing Rhymes With Orange”, sung by Megan Mullally, won a Clio award for best music.

Now with Science for Girls, Darren brings together his eclectic influences, and a few friends, to create a unique new voice in electronic music.

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