Thursday, January 31, 2008

Countdown to HHK Championship

Founded in December 2004, Hip Hop Karaoke (aka HHK) has given thousands of people the opportunity to witness and participate in this unique celebration of hip-hop. HHK has been visited by such luminaries as Jeru the
Damaja, Rhymefest and Big Daddy Kane (among many others) and has spawned affiliates all over the globe from London to Toronto and even as far as New Zealand.

It all started here in NYC at a humble Lower East Side club but soon upgraded to a bigger venue due to its astounding popularity. Knitting Factory soon became the home of HHK and now for the 1st Annual HHK Championship, it's coming to Highline Ballroom in NYC on Jan 25th.
No overall superstars, nor color boundaries, nor judgment or competition in this “game” named Hip Hip Karaoke (HHK). Don't be fooled by the literal title because what many will tell you, it's nothing like your average karaoke... HHK means so much more than merely getting up on the mic in front of a crowd of fellow enthusiasts and rapping to a beat. More than the obvious fun factor and opportunity for hip hop fans to gather together in New York City under one roof.

What's always been celebrated and welcomed from Hip Hop is the importance of the voice and what you do with it. The power and intent behind each rhyme and the effect it can have on the listener, all solid proof that the voice from the street is what speaks loudest. Your voice, with a kick ass beat backing it up is what counts. Indeed, they may well be other peoples' words, but what matters is how each contestant translates them to their audience; those with the most passion and precision in delivering their chosen rhyme is the one most likely to make their mark and exceed in the aftermath.

To quote this definitely is "NOT Ice Ice Baby over fake beats in the back of a sushi restaurant," but a respected organization. The creators, who are producing the 1st Annual Hip Hip Karaoke Championship in the USA, are credible figures and valued fixtures in the scene, the crowds who attend each month is made up of some of the most devout hip-hop heads in New York City and the 12 contestants partaking have been selected for their hard-hitting performances and passion for the genre. All will be coming together under one roof, on one stage, to battle for the 2008 championship on January 25th.

Over 12 months... many have taken part in the "HHK" Challenge in NYC.
12 of the best have been invited back this month to Highline Ballroom on January 25th to perform in front of a live audience and a selection of celebrity judges.
One will be chosen and announced as The HHK Champion of 2008.

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