Wednesday, January 30, 2008


LONDON, ENGLAND - Building on an electropop buzz that's growing quickly in the UK, Matinee Club are unleashing their debut album The Modern LP on February 19, 2008 in the US through Ninth Wave Records. Conjuring images of faded glamour and the city’s seedy underbelly, this London-based trio adds warmth to synthpop's otherwise cold and hard exterior. A sexy and danceable melange of indiepop and electro, The Modern LP shoots a nod and a wink to influences as diverse as Blondie, Duran Duran, The Cure and Kraftwerk without pandering to retro bandwagon-jumping.

From the tinkling intro of the opening track "Industry," The Modern LP launches into cathartic synth washes that re-imagines swirling at the Limelight or The Bank in the 80's. The pop majesty of "Jane Falls Down" revels in a Berlin-meets-Wolfsheim swirl while planting both feet firmly in 2008. And not many bands can take a very recognizable cover like David Bowie's "Modern Love" and do it justice, but Matinee Club not only accomplish that but add their own personal spin on it without tainting the Duke's version and make it their own.

The 1940’s styled blonde-bombshell front woman Emma Cooke (who is a very recognizable UK TV and film star on her native telly) complements the rippling synths with her rich, dramatic vocals, which build to catchy climactic choruses that dominate the album. Formerly known as The Modern, their nome de plume when they were a five piece band, Matinee Club collects several singles from The Modern period and adds in new material from the current trio of Emma (vocals), Nathan Cooper (keyboards and vocals) and Chi Tudor-Hart (keyboards and vocals). Having risen from the ashes of several bands and having three UK Top 40 singles already, Matinee Club have finally found the optimum line-up and sound. With a love of burlesque glamour and theatrics, the band create electro pop accompanied by pitch perfect pop vocals, Matinee Club are ready to take the world by storm.

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