Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Early in 2008 Perfecto Records, home to some of the most widely recognized DJs & producers across the globe, will launch a long-anticipated digital side to the label. Paul Oakenfold’s electronic imprint has teamed up with digital distributor INGROOVES and has plans to release an arsenal of massive tunes when the venture kicks off in February. “I’m really excited to have this new face to the label which is going to open the door for a lot of upcoming, talented artists and producers,” says Oakenfold. “It feels like we’ve had so much great music locked away for a while and now we have the chance to unleash it.”

Amongst the first of the tracks that the label intends to turn loose is a storming remix of Belfast rock band Leya’s “On All My Sundays” by Liam Shachar and Adam White’s remix of a dance floor monster from UK producer Nat Monday titled “Break & Fall.”

Also look out for one of Greece’s fastest emerging talents Robert Vadney as he delivers an electro-infused take on the rock hit “Sledgehammer” and Jeckyll & Hyde’s “Frozen Flame,” a ‘jumpstyle’ record that has been tearing up the charts in The Netherlands and spreading quickly across Europe. Both tracks will be packaged with a set of underground remixes that are sure to please.

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