Thursday, January 31, 2008


Angels on Acid was founded by M!K!LL in early 2003 with a heavy influence in EBM, Industrial, and Psychedelic Trance.The creative vision was to merge all of the dark, aggressive styles of the last 20 years into a new genre of music that he calls Psybercore.

In June of 2007 Angels on Acid successfully released their first full length album "Eyes Behind The Curtain". and began distribution with DSBP Records shortly thereafter."Eyes Behind The Curtain" was well received by critics and began selling out of stock reaching orders as far away as Australia and Japan! That summer they also had to the opportunity to perform with international artists : Combichrist,Imperative Reaction, Assemblage 23, and Modulate.

In late December of 2007 Angels on Acid became a proud member of the DSBP Records family and re-released their first full length album "Eyes Behind The Curtain" on the label. The album features 13 tracks full of industrial fire and individuality with each track having its own sound.For the Club floors and heavy enough for the metalheads, and rock scene to enjoy as well. There is also a new remix included of "leviathan"(KRI REMIXX) with a real epic dancey psytrance feel, and a great bonus too!

Its a fact that Angels on Acid has established themselves as one of the best up and coming artist in the EBM/Industrial scene today. Released on DSBP and available February 1st, 2008.

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