Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meet Rufus Cappadocia (Velour Music Group)

Meet cellist Rufus Cappadocia, a multi-lingual musician, performer, composer and recording artist of incredible range and diversity. From the modalities of Middle Eastern, West African and pan-European folk forms to blues, rock and jazz along the way, adding elements American roots, Mediterranean textures, and Caribbean percussion for good measure, Cappadocia’s effortless and natural embrace of all music is awe-inspiring.

Cappadocia is both a musical maverick and one of the leading voices of cutting edge cello today. After years of experimentation and creative revision, Rufus plays a self-designed five-string electric cello that extends the bass range of the cello down to 41 hz, and through amplification expands its tonal possibilities, creating new sounds by what was once known only as a classical music instrument.

“I’ve studied a lot of different musical vocabularies,” Rufus Cappadocia explains. “And I’ve played with musicians literally from around the world. But, in the end, music all comes down to a single source. You can be pulled this way or that, but essentially it all converges on the same location. Every doorway leads back to one place,” adding with a laugh, “I guess you could say my whole life has been an attempt at getting to that place.”

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