Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Houstons - STILL CD Release

It may be a day late, but it is certainly not a dollar short. The Houstons' debut LP, STILL was released on CD yesterday, January 1st, 2000 and eight on MoRisen Records! Now, before you go putting on your jet pack to fly through space to pick up your very own copy, here's a little background info.
Like the perfect pair of thrift store jeans, The Houstons may be new to you, but they're not new. They were originally known as the NC duo, The Houston Brothers (AKA Justin and Matt Faircloth). With a bevy of releases spanning 8 years, the Brothers began hitting some rough patches, due in no small part to their total immersion in music. Taking a year-plus hiatus to get things back on track, the brothers Faircloth came back in 2007 with an updated nom de plume, a new CD on the horizon, and an additional 3 members adding even more adornment to an already lush soundscape. The result is STILL, the most ambitious and mesmerizing Houston-branded album to date. Recorded primarily in Justin's home studio, STILL is a warm and intimate album coming to terms with the trials and tribulations of a life lived too fast.

"The music is sublime, the songs shimmer, smolder, or sparkle in turn, while even at their bleakest, the intensity and honesty of the lyrics leave an indelible mark... 4 1/2 of 5 stars." - All Music

"Loaded with arrangements so lush you can almost touch them." - Creative Loafing

"A nice soundtrack to the dropping temperatures." - RetroLowFi

"With STILL, The Houstons proves there is hope in new beginnings." -

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