Thursday, January 31, 2008

NEW YORK – Back to build their brand of hard but mass-accessible rap, platinum-selling Virgin Records hip-hop group DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ have released a

What do DJs Rob Swift, Precision, and Total Eclipse have in common?
The letter X... as in X-ecutioners! Now, a decade since the conception of the worlds most accomplished DJ crew, these three champions of an art called "Turntablism" are beginning a new chapter in their careers. Their emphasis is to start from scratch (pun intended) and break down all imitations. "We're training our minds to forget and abandon

everything we've learned about DJing to this point" according to Rob Swift. Total Eclipse adds "When we get together to create routines, we start from nothing and see where the vibe in the room takes us." Precision caps it off by saying "The long hours we dedicate to practice usually leads to some real crazy routines." Thus, the inspiration to call the themselves ILL INSANITY.

Rob Swift says, "ILL INSANITY is the ending and beginning of something that started 18 years ago," an honorable mention goes out to the X-men. He goes on to further explain... "No matter what, people will always remember what the X-ecutioners contributed to Hip Hop. Therefore, comparing whatever we do now, as ILL INSANITY, to back then." But while acknowledging the connection they'll forever have to the legendary DJ group, they emphasize... "That was then and this is now... without change there's no progress." And it seems that's their number one goal: to find new and innovative ways to use the turntable as a musical instrument and help the art form of DJing/Turntablism evolve.

"There's a whole new generation of music fans we need to introduce Turntablism to" adds Total Eclipse, "and once again we're taking it upon ourselves to lead the way!" Rob goes on to emphasize, "ILL INSANITY is our way of reinventing ourselves and coming back stronger. Not just creatively but mentally."

Ill Insanity's live show consists of a group performance, individual turntable solos and all around party rocking. Three hours of non-stop turntable theatrics by three of the best DJs in the game.

The buzz in the turntable community is that the scene is on the verge of dying but ILL INSANITY insists "We refuse to let that happen!" Rob sums it all up this way, "Yeah, we've had hit songs with multi-platinum artists like Linkin Park, we've appeared in music videos, commercials, even talk shows like Late Night with David Letterman. We've scored the music for video games and movies, and toured the globe, but we're not done! While those are impressive accomplishments for a turntable crew, ILL INSANITY looks at that time period as preparation for what we're about to do from here on. It's about to get really serious!"

This CD Release Tour previews new material off ILL Insanity's upcoming album "Ground Xero"

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