Thursday, January 31, 2008

Echovalve to release debut album on Rock Ridge Music

Atlanta four-piece Echovalve is set to release its debut album, “helloagaingoodbye” on Rock Ridge Music on March 18, 2008. Mainstream in their own right, they have managed to take a distinctively original approach to a familiar genre. With searing and melodic riffs, tasty bass lines, pounding beats, and intensely haunting, hook-laden vocals, Echovalve has honed a sound that sets them apart. Their first single “Dirty Little Secret” hits the airwaves this month.

“Echovalve is truly grateful for the opportunity given to us by Rock Ridge Music,” says guitarist Jay Langston. “It is a blessing to have a label that believes in the music we make, and together we will bring that music to the masses.”

Though the band is clean now, members have been plagued with drug and alcohol addictions and one band member was declared clinically dead following a drug overdose (he lived to tell the tale). The band has toured the country with no money, sleeping on park benches as they went from town to town. One band member was actually homeless and living on the streets for a while. That which did not break them only made them stronger and has made the successes that have come their way even sweeter. The band came together in Atlanta, and after several years of playing and touring, things began to fall into place for Echovalve in 2007. In addition to signing a deal with label Rock Ridge Music, the band also hooked up with a management company and a booking agent. With only two EP’s up to this point, in June 2007 Echovalve began recording their first full-length album, “helloagaingoodbye.”

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