Thursday, January 31, 2008

MORCHEEBA Dive Deep on ULTRA Records this February

Multi-million-selling and critically acclaimed darlings of down-tempo, Morcheeba, will release their highly anticipated sixth and latest album
Dive Deep in the US on February 19th on Ultra Records.

Having sold 6 million albums, toured the world over and produced some of the most moving
and instantly recognizable tunes throughout the nineties and “noughties”,
Morcheeba are about to make a massive return with their new album "Dive Deep",
that is considered by the founding members as an “emotional blueprint”
which has restored their faith in music.

Morcheeba’s refusal to be categorized musically extends to the band’s set-up, and in 2008,
these pioneers of song-based dance music have become an eclectic and open-minded collective.
The thoughts and experiments of the creators and musical minds behind the band are brothers
Paul and Ross Godfrey who provide the backbone and unique sound that
has gotten the band where they are today. This time the band have delved into a new territory and
have produced songs with various guest vocal collaborators,
most of who were sought out via myspace and the internet, artists they discovered and wanted to provide
a platform and a canvas for them to collaborate, resulting in a truly innovative and daring album.

Guests on "Dive Deep" range from established names such as acclaimed singer-songwriter Judie Tzuke,
to relative newcomers Thomas Dybdahl from Norway, rapper Cool Calm Pete, and Manda,
a French singer who contacted the Godfreys via Myspace, admitting it was her dream to sing with Morcheeba.

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