Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hard hits from up North! The dynamic duo Spetsnaz, Sweden’s Power Electro act no. 1, returns with its most versatile album to date. Pontus and Stefan have stayed true to their trademark sound – with its energy-laden beats and thudding sequencers, wrapped in minimalist arrangements that will shake any floor – but have enriched it with a myriad of new facets. There are still enough typical massive full-frontal attacks to make a “Deadpan” an excellent floor burner all the way through … but these have been mingled with tracks that uncover a thorough affinity for early Eighties Electro, a previously hidden side of the two hardcore hooligans. Rest assured that these tracks are also not sounding any tamer than the rest of the lot … but they do sport an extra added subversive hit appeal that allows Pontus to showcase that he is not only a potent shouter but also a brilliant and energetic singer. Beware, though, the next sonic steam hammer is never far away! “Deadpan” will be released as a limited first pressing in a deluxe Digipak with bonus CD “Dead Angle”, containing five more songs, three live tracks and one exclusive remix … a fully loaded package at an unbeatable price! Listening to “Deadpan”, no one will question why Spetsnaz do not have to fear competition in the Power Electro field at the moment. Hardcore … but heartfelt! Released on Out Of Line.

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