Thursday, January 31, 2008


DEATHKEY. Like the war cry of a half-crazed monk hopped up on antiseptic and those funny mushrooms he found in his brother's room, the word slices bands of sticky, bloody confusion across the fabric of your being. What is this DEATHKEY? What does it mean? If you don't already know, clearly you haven't been wasting enough time online at work. Is it a secret musical message from across the cosmos? Is it the password for the DaVinci virus? Or is it possibly a new compilation disc from Crunch Pod, with every track an individual and spiritual contemplation of the theme of DEATH and KEY and each sporting the title DEATHKEY!? It might be the last one, but we're kind of hoping it's the one from Hackers. HACK THE PLANET!!1!

Unleashed upon the world in an orgy of mayhem and delicious pie by Eric Gottesman (formerly of Psyclon Nine, See Colin Slash, and Fleetwood Mac) with the help of much of the distinguished Industrial Music community, "Songs in the Key of Death" is 18 tracks of all-new music by many of industrial's best marginally popular artists, including Caustic, Terrorfakt, Unter Null, XP8, The Gothsicles, and a very special appearance by Industrial Music famous guy Monte Cazazza (google him and be impressed with us).

So if your miserable existence cannot continue without satiating your need for more sonic awesome, please spend the requested amount of Tricky Dick Fun Bucks at your desired musical retail thingie (online or otherwise) and pick up SONGS IN THE KEY OF DEATH: A DEATHKEY COMPILATION today.

Proceeds from the compilation will be donated to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.
Released on Crunch Pod and available February 12th, 2008.

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