Thursday, January 31, 2008

Miwa Gemini's new LP arrives March 18, 2008!

New York, NY – January 8, 2008 – This Is How I Found You, the new album by New York chanteuse Miwa Gemini, takes on the darkest affairs of the heart with a saccharine smile and haunting vocals you won't hear anywhere else. A multi-instrumentalist, Miwa incorporates guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano to drive powerful songs of loss and redemption: Think Nina Simone meets Sparklehorse meets Cat Power, and you're getting close. This Is How I Found You was released in 2007 in Canada on Addictive Records, and is seeing release on March 18, 2008 on Rock Park Records in the United States and Europe.

Between tours and shows last year, the Japanese-born Miwa traveled down to Athens, GA to record her second full release, This Is How I Found You, with Andy Baker (Maserati, Ham1, the Glands). She expanded her instrumentation to include banjo, mandolin, and piano, and the results are as dynamic as they are beautiful.

While Miwa picked up playing the banjo and the mandolin quickly, the classically-trained pianist admits that she had a hard time relating to her old instrument in a new environment. “I wonder if classical music uses a different part of a brain?” she muses. But piano was vital to her new sound. In time, she relearned the instrument she had grown up with, and the results sing for themselves. “After all,” she says, “Erik Satie isn’t that different from Jelly Roll Morton.”

Miwa plans to keep on playing and building on her loyal fan base, helped along by sidekick Sasha the porcelain cat, Polly her oversized guitar, and whoever else wants to join her eclectic game of musical chair collaboration.

Where she plays, her passion shines through. As Miwa puts it, “Other than getting caught in bubbles of champagne, playing my music is the only thing that comes anywhere close to riding on a wind.” Give Miwa an hour of your time, and you’re sure to feel the same way.

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