Friday, June 27, 2008


Revived after a shake-up in ranks following the release of Telescope Mind, Tussle releases their follow-up, Cream Cuts, on August 26th on Smalltown Supersound. Cream Cuts moves above and beyond Tussle's first two releases and finds the band expanding upon it’s own unique mix of drums, bass and electronics, at times echoing the elasticity and straight forward approach of their debut, Kling Klang, but with more color and complexity, while also integrating the psychedelic pulsating punch heard on Telescope Mind.

Tussle, comprised of founding fathers Jonathan Holland (drums & electronics) and Nathan Burazer (electronics), and flanked by Warren Huegel (drums) and new addition Tomonori Yasuda (bass & electronics), began work on Cream Cuts in November 2006 with producer extraordinaire Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Brightblack Morning Light, Devendra Banhart). Most of Cream Cuts was recorded at Monahan’s studio in Los Angeles, CA with assistance from Tussle’s original bassist, Andy Cabic (aka Vetiver), who introduced the band to the producer. Monahan’s unconventional production techniques and ability to capture the sound and feel of intimate performances integrate with Tussle’s krauty exploration of rhythm leading to the bands most epic and experimental album to date.

Tussle has been busy as a group and as individuals in between the Telescope Mind and Cream Cuts recording sessions. They joined forces with YACHT and Hot Chip on a U.S. tour. (Tussle and Hot Chip hit it off and the tour lead to impromptu collaborations on stage and later on Cream Cuts' “Titan” on which Hot Chip’s front man, Alexis Taylor contributed.) Additionally, Tussle worked with Glasgow artist David Shrigley on “A Clash of Heads.” The resulting collaboration was included on Worried Noodles, an oddball music compilation released by Tomlab. Furthermore, Warren Huegel joined 76 other drummers to perform historic 77 BOADRUM on 7/7/07 under direction from Boredoms. Warren also backed up Can vocalist Damo Suzuki on drums on Damo’s fall 2007 U.S. tour.

Tussle will be touring North America in September and October.
01. Saturnism
02. Transparent C
03. Night of the Hunter
04. Third Party
06. Rainbow Claw
07. Personal Effects
08. Titan
09. Meh-teh

"Masters of minimalist funk and motorik mantras, dons of disorienting dub, Tussle reaches a lofty peak with Telescope Mind. The band achieves a fruitful synthesis between psychedelic tone exploration (bells, buckets, bottles, bicycle wheel, and cowbell) and its patented mesmerizing, Möbius-strip funk jams. The music is simultaneously regimented and free, making you want to propel yourself with unabashed speed and efficiency." -- Dave Segal, XLR8R

". . . one of the greatest organic dance albums of the year. . . Telescope Mind might as well be a series of locked downtown grooves that jump from the jungle to the disco." -- Andrew Parks, Urb

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