Monday, June 9, 2008

In Orb We Trust...

The Dream

Out JUNE 17TH 2008

The Dream
1 The Dream [The Future Academy Of Noise, Rhythm And Gardening Mix]
2 Vuja De
3 Something Special
4 A Beautiful day
5 DDD [Dirty Disco Dub]
6 The Truth Is…
7 Phantom Of Ukraine
8 Mother Nature
9 Lost & Found
10 The Forest Of Lyonesse
11 Katskills
12 High Noon
13 Sleeping Tiger & The Gods Unknown
14 Codes
15 Orbisonia

Q: What do Killing Joke, KLF, Primal Scream and The Cult all have in common?
A: In some way all of the above have been intertwined or have sporned from one of the UK's most groundbreaking and soul affirming ambient house music duos of our time. Pioneers who paved the way throughout some of the 1980's and much of the 1990's during a time when hallucinogenics and free love were the foundations for the nightclub and music loving masses. Innovative artists such as The Orb provided the concrete and a soundtrack that solidified an entire culture and generation who embraced a time when ecstacy was still good and the beats just kept on coming.

The Orb's music speaks the language of the psyche and of the soul. Various "psychedelic soldiers" of our time have been given their comeuppance in recent years. Many new acts have quite rightly tipped their hats in the form of their sonic creations, toward those who have inspired them during the birth and boom of rave and electronic music.

The Dream simply encapsulates The Orb's original quest to pay homage to their personal musical obsessions since they first put a needle to vinyl. While exploring new sonic territories, they have created the perfect album to accompany ones life, whether it be on the couch as day breaks or on the beach as the beats break. The Dream guarantees the listener a soothing but sometimes pounding journey, leaving you rejuvenated, re-inspired and realizing the universe isn't so ugly nor lack luster after all.

The Orb hadn't gone away nor are they making a come back. Both Alex Paterson and fellow founding member and musical partner simply known as Youth, have been collaborating frequently in London again and are now ready to release another spellbinding album. Created purely upon the need to work together. Much like many recent "comebacks" from bands who have kept us waiting for nearly a decade, the theory that when there is a demand, one must instantly supply isn't a theory many take too seriously. For the wait on something to grow organically and to reappear when the time is right is far more beneficial to the creator and his audience. Simply reaffirming the ideals that artists such as The Orb can take as much time as they choose, particularly when the results are like their 2008 release, the epic and "retro-fresh" album The Dream.

The Dream was created without pressure from record companies or the studio. As with previous albums, the basic Orbs nucleus includes guest singers and players on the scene, including System 7's Steve Hillage, who goes back to the earliest recordings, Battersea toaster-singer Eric Walker aka “The Corporal” and vocalists Aki Omori [the Japanese singer who appeared on 2001's Cydonia], singer Andy Caine from the W.A.U.! days, and renowned soulstress of course, Juliet Roberts who, according to Alex, is “the cherry on the cream on the gateau on the bed of Smarties.”

After spending some time exploring their own individual creative endeavors that consequently gained them further critical acclaim, it didn’t take them long to realize that they are a stronger force when together. Alex starting popping round for old times sake and inevitably, this turned into throwing musical ideas around again. What the pair soon discovered that, although trends and technology have changed immeasurably, the bond between them was still as strong as ever, along with the thrill of throwing together disparate elements and drawing from mutual inspirations to forge something startling and, indefinably, The Orb.

That certain Je ne sais quoi that very few musicians can say they've experienced throughout their lives and careers. A unique and magical quality that defines the innovators from the imitators. This was a factor to strong for them to ignore once they reunited again in Youths London based studio.

Alex and Youth didn't set out with master plan to reinvent nor trade in their much loved and listened to sound for a newer revamped and dare we say, hipper sound many are drawn to today. Their goal, or Dream if you will, was to simply collaborate together and do what they do best when in the studio as a team. The Dream is a perfect tribute to a time that many hold dear in their memories, a time that some would call their own personal "60's", where the dance floor was their Woodstock and the DJ was someone’s Dylan. An era and a sound that had an impact on an entire generation. The Dream is destined to take one straight back to that uber-comfy chill out lounge, late night/early morning come down state, transporting one to a pleasant, more trippier and somewhat star-tinted, galactic and gurn friendly place. A place not to be forgotten for many.

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