Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween - Here's a new video from Impending Doom!

In continued anticipation of their new release, IMPENDING DOOM have debuted a new music video for their track, "Doomsday," directed by Scott Hanson. The band's all new LP, "DEATH WILL REIGN" is due out November 5th.
The band released the title tracks "Death Will Reign" and "Ravenous Disease" last week.
Earlier this year we caught up with bassist David Sittig, he gave us some insight on what went into the making of "Death Will Reign."
“We wanted this album to sound very natural and unpolished,” explains longtime bassist David Sittig, a part of the lineup since before the first album’s release. “There’s no crazy digital stuff. There are no fake drums. We wanted it to have the feel of our first album with the songwriting from the last one. We’ve gotten better at song structures and so forth over the years, but we wanted to recapture that old-school vibe, too.”
Impending Doom’s passionate approach to extreme metal continues to incorporate the strains of death metal, thrash metal, metalcore and deathcore that has been their stock-in-trade since 2005, with the modern metal approach of Slipknot, Lamb Of God and Fear Factory. There are also shades of the warm atmosphere for the Deftones.
1. Ravenous Disease
2. Death Will Reign
3. Beyond The Grave
4. My Own Maker
5. Doomsday
6. Rip, Tear, and Burn
7. Hellhole
8. My Blood
9. Endless
10. Live or Die
11. The Great Divine
"Impending Doom have never sounded uglier and more desperate than on 'Death Will Reign.'" Alternative Press
IMPENDING DOOM is: Brook Reeves (Vocals) Manny Contreras (Guitars) Eric Correa (Guitars) David Sittig (Bass) Brandon “Btown” Trahan (Drums)

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