Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AOL Mail (1638)Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Moving Units

"Not to be confused with 'Pink Thoughts', their quintessential break-up song, or Pink’s rendition of 'Redemption Song', this new track reflects the band’s excogitation on the difficulties of trying to 'harmonize the dualities in everyday life' — which I interpret as 'Why is life so damn hard sometimes?!?!'" -

Every once in a while a new indie dance rock revolution pops up from the not so distant future to finish the war they started and lay claim to their territory. That revolution is right here, right now...and it's pink!

Moving Units have released a brand new single, "Pink Redemption" as part of their upcoming EP titled Tension War which will be self-released this Valentine's Day with the help of Post Modern and Indigenous. "Pink Redemption" is a reinterpretation of "Pink Thoughts" from their previous album, Hexes For Exes.

Originally having discovered Moving Units a few years back and inevitably starting dance parties every time their songs came on, The Lovely Hearts Club is psyched to bring this goodie to you in anticipation of the many dance parties to come in 2011!

Download the mp3 for 'Moving Units' here:

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