Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Netherfriends release a new album "Alap," recorded during a break in the 50 Songs 50 States tour!

Netherfriends spent much of 2010 traveling
from Florida to Maine, California to Alaska on the 50 Songs 50 States touring adventure.

What does a prolific touring machine do during holiday time off?
Why record an improv drone album, of course!

Alap, a term used in Indian classical music for a sectin that is improvised and free flowing,
is up for free release from Netherfriends this week via their BandCamp page!
Accompanying videos are being created by the minds behind the Lateral Label,
who released Netherfriends' debut LP Barry and Sherry.
Check out videos for "Saturday," "Sunday" and "Monday."

Netherfriends will undertake their heftiest voyage of the 50 Songs 50 States tour to Hawaii April 3-14.
All "Name Your Own Price" album purchases on BandCamp will help them reach the 50th State in the Union.

Shawn Rosenblatt (Netherfriends) on Alap
This is not a typical Netherfriends release. The recording of this album was something I did for a week during Christmas because I don't celebrate and I was bored out of my mind!! I had been working hard on the 50 state songs and needed a short break. I did one song a day and was inspired after playing a similar sounding set at a yoga studio. I figured since the music was so easy and fun to make that I could record one session a day for a week and release it. I think the music should be listened to while relaxing or doing work. Maybe since the pieces are named after the days of the week, a listener could listen to one piece a day as a way to maybe mediate or relax. Easy listening d00ds.

Some thoughts and reflections on the 50 Songs 50 States Tour
Played a house show the night of my birthday in a huge log cabin with a spiral staircase in the middle and slept in this crows nest at the top of the cabin looking out over Fairbanks.

Seattle, Washington
Being a bum for a month and staying/meeting some amazing new friends. Riding a brake-less bike that my friend let me borrow was a terrible idea.

Oakland, California
The last minute shows are the best. We played a backyard BBQ on Labor Day with fireworks being shot off by the neighbors. In Sacramento getting paid way too much.

Mobile, Alabama
Running out of gas in at 3AM caused me to miss recording in the state. Got handed a bag of mushrooms for playing "a decent set."

Casper, Wyoming
Playing a steak house with Chad Lorne the tap dancing/beer on the head balancing act. INCREDIBLE! Taking that dude on the road at some point.

North Carolina
We got asked to take a picture with a bunch of dudes because they thought we were famous and then causing a handful of teens to do the same. When they asked who we were, we told them that we weren't really allowed to say, but they will find out soon.

Chicago, Illinois
Returning to Chicago and being without a home in the city where I had lived for the last 5 years.

For more on the 50 Songs 50 States project and to follow Shawn's progress,
check out his blog, chart his progress on Tumblr and follow him on Twitter.

Netherfriends have created two lovely stop-motion videos for tracks off of debut LP Barry and Sherry.
Watch "Bret Easton Ellis Novel"
and "Lead You Through the Misty Fog of Milwaukee Ave."

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