Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Metal Mother to release album of dark urban folk music led by "Billy Cruz" single




About Metal Mother

The bay area’s burgeoning dark folk phenomenon, Metal Mother, will release her first full-length album, Bonfire Diaries, on March 7th, 2011 led by the single “Billy Cruz” (MP3) on January 11th. Metal Mother visionary Tara Tati drew inspiration for the Bonfire Diaries album from her travels on the backroads of the US, in the deserts of Mexico, and in the Amazon jungle.

Invoking fervent emotion from these experiences, woven together with catchy melodies and alluring lyrical themes of revolution and urban romance, Bonfire Diaries incorporates an experimental mixture of electronic and live world drums and percussion to form a booming and trance-evoking foundation for Tati’s haunting, celtic-inspired vocals.

A California native, Tati first introduced herself to music-making in 2004 after taking a job organizing a vaudeville stage called the Calliope Wondershow, at the annual Harmony Festival, in Santa Rosa, California. Coming off of a long journey of travel, activism, and neo-tribal lifestyle, Tati was studying botany and permaculture when she inherited her first keyboard.

Tati has been deeply influenced and swept away by various underground scenes from a young age. 1960’s underdog bands such as The Velvet Underground and The Grateful Dead, post-punk artists such as The Talking Heads and Kate Bush, the mid-nineties San Francisco rave scene, the rowdy and intricate arrangements of Eastern European gypsy music, and finally by a growing understanding of ethnic and tribal rhythms and traditions.

Other than music, her inspirations include the literature of Anais Nin, her relationships with plants and animals, the films of Jean-Pierre Jeanet, and the works of photographer Jean-Paul Goude. The one quality that has tied together all of her inspirations is a fervent desire for spiritual revolution, which, is the core message and undertone of the Bonfire Diaries album.


Metal Mother
Bonfire Diaries
(Post Primal – 3/7/2011)

Track Listing:

01. Shake
02. Ashes
03. In The Bones
04. Post Weekend
05. Vices
06. ‘W’
07. Lost Story
08. Gold Lasso
09. Gold Lasso, Unfolded
10. Willow
11. Billy Cruz

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