Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still Flyin to release Neu Ideas this February feat contributions from Papercuts, Love Is All, Hood Internet, more...

MP3: "Victory Walker" (Papercuts remix)
MP3: "Victory Walker" (2 AM)

Still Flyin' are back with a little holiday cheer, after a flurry of releases during the previous year. What would be a more fitting way to recap a successful year than with a 2010 release retrospective? This release will combine the two 7 inch releases and the super 12 inch, A Party in Motion EP. As a bonus, they have asked some of their friends to reinterpret some of these very tracks. Titled Neu Ideas features remixes by Hood Internet, Love is All, Papercuts, Elephant and Castle, Birds and Batteries, Signals, and more!

Back in the spring of 2010, Still Flyin' released the breakneck party single "Runaway Train II" b/w "All Lips Touch". Both songs were a continuation of their dance pop formula Still Flyin' was vibing on with their debut LP Never Gonna Touch the Ground. While "Runaway Train II" was billed as a sequel to the '90's Alt-rock sociological sing-a-long "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum. However, this time around Still Flyin' has managed to breathe new life into this story of a failed cross-country trip. "All Lips Touch" sees the band at one of their tightest moments to date, rapping up a mini-dance party in under a mere two and a half minutes.

Last summer, many folks got a taste of what Still Flyin' had been experiencing for a couple of years now, the power of the kraut. After many European tours jammin' the autobahn in our sardine-like sprinter van, lead dude SA Rawls started feeling the pulsating rhythms overcoming his brain. His answer was to funnel these new songs into the Still Flyin' machine. The result, A Party in Motion, a 12 inch of a different kind of dance jam. Bookended by two of their longest songs, the record is intended to be jammed straight through. "Bull Riff" is a true kraut rock anthem. "Higher than Five" is really like a human centipede of three different ideas, but what is realized is a very strong groove that continues all the way through the EP.

The last 7 inch is what some have called their best song, "Victory Walker 2 am". The idea behind this track was inspired by indie stalwart and fellow band member Gary Olsen. Mr. Olsen who is known for his Victory Walks after a gig, in which he would strut from the stage to bar casually nodding to the audience's approval. The character in the song is an ode to the Victory Walker in each of us. Think of it as a modern day reinvention of Cory Hart's "I Wear my Sunglasses at Night". The flip side, "Victory Walker 6 am", finds the Victory Walker stumbling home after an all night coke binge.

At home, is where we find the band now. Fresh off recording their proper full length follow up to Never Gonna Touch the Ground, the band is resting and preparing for what is sure to be an even bigger 2011. Look for the new record in the spring along with yet another reinvention of the HAMMJAMM sound.

"Shout-outs to Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue" and Lipps Inc.'s "Funky Town" jostle elbows with nods to Swedish pop and show-tune punk, and it's all channeled through a North American indie sensibility."
- Pitchfork Media

"Still Flyin' are a jaw-dropping live act that pack even more excitement into their show than you'd expect from a band of more than a dozen members. Everyone on stage was throwing themselves into the performance - especially the really tall guy who only seemed to enthusiastically dance behind the lead singer. I love the idea that a nationally touring band would bring along a guy just to dance."
- You Ain't No Picasso

"Fun is the new not-fun, and Still Flyin' exemplifies that ethos...Still Flyin' is a sweet-ass band."
- SF Weekly


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