Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In stores January 25th.... Onry Osbourne "Hold On For Dear Life"

Onry Ozzborn has been one of the key voices of Seattle Hip Hop over the last
decade. Perhaps best known as one half of Rhymesayers Entertainment duo Grayskul
and more recently for being the vocalist of Fake Four psych-pop-hoppers Dark
Time Sunshine. Over the years Onry has collaborated and toured with everyone
from Atmosphere and Eyedea to Aesop Rock and Cage.

With his latest (and supposedly final) solo release "Hold On For Dear Life" Fake
Four presents a hard hitting yet curiously poppy album of diverse beats and
unique thoughts from a truly original voice in hip hop.

Although his children Violet and Nicholas Sire (whose photos grace the album
artwork) seem to be the guiding light of inspiration on this album, Ozzborn’s
particular brand of surrealism and twists on boom bap standards shine through on
these 16 tracks. With guests vocalists such as Sapient, Xperience and Reva
DeVito providing singing counterpoints to Ozzborn’s harder sounding raps the
album takes on a more melodic sound than most straight ahead hip hop records.

The beats on “Hold On For Dear Life” are also a diverse bag of sounds
contributed largely by Oldominion crew mainstays such as Smoke and Taco Neck
along with a gorgeous finale by Dark Time Sunshine producer Zavala. Some of the
stylistic differences of these songs are going to take listeners by surprise but
for the most part this is just classic Onry Ozzborn material - real, raw, a bit
strange but all honest.

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