Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Andy D To Release Sophomore LP Songs In The Key Of Magic Out March 15 On Roaring Colonel Records Announce US Spring Tour Dates

Indianapolis Star : "Listeners who appreciate Andrew W.K.'s hedonistic spirit, Lady Gaga's synth-pop game and Biz Markie's cartoon approach to hip-hop may find Bloomington-based Andy D to be their next pop-culture obsession."

Robert Cross, Sirius XMU : "Holy Shit! I enjoyed the Andy D set so much today that I watched all three vids. I don’t know what I was expecting him to look like but he surpassed my wildest expectations. Amazing. Thanks for the entertainment."

Bloomington Area Music : "Andy D What can be said? His music is explosive, provocative, even teetering on the edge of perversion."

Rudy Kizer, Hit The Decks Radio : "What the hell can you really say about Andy D that hasn't been said before. Prince by way of Danny McBride, the electro cool of Fischerspooner mated to the idiot fun of early Beastie Boys, the bastard child of 80s excess and modern hipster cool. Except that doesn't really capture a live Andy D set - quite possibly, words can't do it justice. The irony would wear pretty thin if the stage show weren't so damn entertaining. The lothario swagger and hyperkinetic energy coming from a less-than-svelt Andy is never self-conscious, and the commitment to the performance makes you give less-than-a-shit that he's no supermodel. Whatever "it" is, Andy D has it by the bucket-full."

If vikings time-travelled to the 80s, took semen samples from Grandmaster Flash, Beastie Boys, Michael Jackson, Prince and Poison, came back to the present, inseminated Peaches, and then brought her to the future to have the baby and have it raised by breakdancing robot wolves, you might end up with Andy D. Andy D is a hurricane of sex, sweat, and day-glo. He burst onto the Indianapolis scene a little more than a year ago, after moving down to Bloomington via Brooklyn. His live shows immediately became the stuff of legend. Combining rap, rock, and comedy, Andy D is best experienced in flesh rather than talked about.

Andy D will release his sophomore album, Songs In The Key Of Magic, in March 2011 on Roaring Colonel Records.

Upcoming Tour Dates
1/13 - Indianapolis, IN - Locals Only (Free show)
2/5 - Champaigne-Urbana, IL - Mike & Molly's*
2/16 - Bloomington, IN - The Bishop*
2/17 - Indianapolis, IN - The Melody Inn*
2/18 - Lexington, KY - Cosmic Charlie's**
2/19 - Evansville, IN - The Duck Inn*
3/16 - 3/20 - Austin, TX - SXSW
4/5 - Indianapolis, IN - Birdys***

*with Hey Penny
**with Hey Penny & Big Fresh
***with Electric Six

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