Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DC's Poor But Sexy to release full-length Let's Move In Together on February 15, 2011!

Poor But Sexy - "Hotter Than A Poptart" MP3:

"... an Otis Redding-like soul crooning alter-ego... garnered comparisons to Steely Dan for pairing ridiculous, salacious lyrics with smooth tunes, but the songs also manage to evoke Dirty Projectors and Elvis Costello." - The Onion AV Club – March 15, 2009
With a constellation of influences that calls to mind a sci-fi remake of "Yacht Rock," Washington DC's Poor But Sexy (PBS) sounds like R. Kelly traveled back in time to become Steely Dan's front man circa 1977. If that sounds a little too smooth for your taste, consider that the time machine is an MPC operated by ?uestlove, and that a young Elvis Costello makes a cameo as a pirate who hijacks the yacht and sets course for choppier waters.

In a time when too many bands follow the same set of cultural touchstones and fashion ideals, PBS is more interested in making you sweat than making you feel cool. Their sound can be polarizing; either you love it, or you hate it. That’s ok; the band wouldn’t have it any other way.

Improbably, it is five veterans of Washington DC's post-punk scene that have chosen this voyage. Singer David Brown and bassist Brandon Kalber met playing in the punk-funk band Travis Morrison Hellfighters. Guitarist and producer Jason Caddell brought the noise for 10 years as the guitarist in the Dismemberment Plan, a DC group that earned an international cult following for incorporating samples and dance grooves into punk rock long before it was de rigueur for indie bands. Keyboardist David Durst composes for the punk-chamber music collective Anti-Social Music when he's not working out his Stevie Wonder licks in PBS. Like a lot of DC bands, PBS also includes an investigative journalist, drummer Bruce Falconer

Poor But Sexy’s debut full-length album, Let’s Move In Together is set for release February 15th.

Tour Dates:
January 17 - Arlington, VA - The Galaxy Hut
January 22 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club*
January 29 - New York, NY - Webster Hall*
February 19 - Fredericksburg, VA - Fredericksburg All Ages
February 25 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool^
February 27 - Washington, DC - The Black Cat^
March 4 - Chicago, IL - The Hideout w/ Blah Blah Blah
March 5 - Pittsburgh, PA - Club Café

*with Dismemberment Plan
^with Franz Nicolay/David Dondero

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Praise for Poor But Sexy:

"Playing a mix of funk and what can only be categorized as Yacht Rock, PBS won over an audience that I thought was not going to respond well. There were hints of irony, but PBS definitely can sell what they’re playing. As much as I love Hall & Oates and Michael McDonald I couldn’t help but enjoy the band’s 45-minute set. Sure, it doesn’t have the visceral edge I normally go for, but they don’t call them hooks for nothing." - Brightest Young Things

"David Brown's smooth and honest vocal delivery was on point with the music. Their songs are refreshing in a town where it sometimes feels like you need a stern disposition to get your message across. Sometimes audiences need love songs; sometimes this city needs love songs. Poor But Sexy, as a band, are relatively new to the scene, but their members, who have made their own impressions individually elsewhere, have lots of love in the area. It showed as tons of local music lovers and musicians alike came out on a holiday Sunday night to check out Poor But Sexy's set." - DCist

"...alongside former Dismemberment Plan guitarist Jason Caddell. "I played him the demos, and he offered to work on one song and record them. So, I recruited the rest of the guys." Those guys being longtime hotshots of the D.C scene: keyboardist David Durst, Brandon Kalber on bass and drummer Bruce Falconer. This equals a lot of chops in one room." - Washington Post Express

Artist - Poor But Sexy
Album - Let's Move In Together
US Release Date - February 15, 2011
Label - s/r


01. Big Chief
02. Like A Hunger
03. Hotter Than A Poptart
04. Cherry Delicious
05. Cut That Hair
06. Fool Runnin’
07. Dance Alone
08. Confession
09. Let’s Move In Together
10. Dong Pills

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