Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fire Records releases self-titled Bardo Pond record

Bardo Pond -- "Cracker Wrist"
Bardo Pond - "Don't Know About You"

Fire Records is excited to announce the new release from Philadelphia's Bardo Pond. This is the first Bardo Pond recording for Fire Records. Bardo Pond will be released in the US, tomorrow, January 11, 2011. To celebrate the release, we're giving away a second track from the record; the nine minute epic, "Cracker Wrist"!

Bardo Pond have put out many LPs, most of them named after hallucinogens that make you throw up all night and see things - which was kind of them. The titles let you know what you were in for. All of this recorded output is pretty staggering, because, without exception, they seemed able to toss a lasso around some sort of ineffable hoodoo that felt like it was a million years old. If Carl Sagan would have 1.) smoked a little more weed and 2.) not croaked, we like to think he would have cut a Bardo Pond track onto a Voyager Golden Record and blasted it into space. It may well be a better representation of the best parts of the human spirit than Chuck Berry is.

This cauldron is a bit of a different brew than previous Bardo Pond efforts. It makes sense that the name of the LP is simply Bardo Pond. Why? It's a distillation. Two decades of playing together have sandblasted away everything unessential and left us with what we have here. It was like no one else before them had ever gotten near the plagal cadence, not Lou Reed or the Stooges or 2,000 years of church music. They invented it all over again, independent of any of that, after God knows how many years of flailing away and burning themselves up.

Artist - Bardo Pond
Album- Bardo Pond
US Release Date - January 11, 2011
Label - Fire Records


01. Just Once
02. Don't Know About You
03. Sleeping
04. Undone
05. Cracker Wrist
06. The Stars Behind
07. Wayne's Tune

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