Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alex Winston To Release Debut Sister Wife Mini LP, Out March 8th On HeavyRoc

Produced By The Knocks + Charlie Hugall
Premieres "Choice Notes" (Tomb Crew RMX) Single On The Fader

"Alex Winston is a chick with a really high, porous soprano. It can get a little gauzy, but the Brits love it —Ellie Goulding comparisons abound—and, like Goulding, Winston sounds best with a platform of bass to round it out. Enter the deft and heroic Tomb Crew, actual Brit dudes who love to tweak a synth and snuck in a sub-low pulse so subtle you almost don’t notice it, like you’re listening with dog ears. They don’t diminish the original sweetness of Winston’s doe-eyed cooing, just give it a helping hand into an enchanted bass forest, referencing garage and drum n bass with a matching twinkle. Good job to all!” The Fader

"After getting used to one identikit splurge of lolita stockings and quivering larynxes after another, Alex is a fantastic reality check. Instantly the flyest, frehest, and most importantly, catchiest new artist heard in bloomin' ages. Plus, she's devastatingly hot." NME

"If Clare Maguire is the new UK singer-songwriter most likely to do a Florence/Ellie over the next year or so, as we predicted in 2009, then we'd like to make a similar claim for Alex Winston as America's bright hope" The Guardian

"The 19-year-old classically trained performer’s tunes are poppy, fresh, and, well, happy." NYLON

Alex Winston was given her first guitar when she was 7. When her Dad’s advances to teach music to her older brother fell on deaf ears, she was gladly the runner up. Sitting in the basement for hours practicing chord progressions and listening to songwriters like Carole King and Laura Nyro, she was taught the importance of her home city of Detroit’s musical history.

Classically trained in opera and bred on musical Americana, the beautiful Detroit-native would listen to the rock of Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The MC5 and the legendary Motown artists in equal measures. She opted out of college when she was given the opportunity to tour the US, and to this day still cherishes opening for Chuck Berry in St Louis.

Alex moved to New York earlier in 2010 and her upcoming mini LP, Sister Wife, has been produced by hot young New York producers The Knocks and Londoner Charlie Hugall (Florence and the Machine).

It will be preceded by a video for lead track "Locomotive". The songs on the album tackle a variety of interesting subjects; personal ambivalence, polygamy, the art of writing inebriated and more.

Alex recently released a limited edition run of 7" vinyl of Choice Notes, and sold out her debut live performance (with a seven piece band!) at this year's CMJ festival in New York.

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