Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tony Caro & John "Blue Clouds" out 11/6/12

Drag City Records, Gaarden Records, and Galactic Zoo Disk have united forces to bring you Blue Clouds, a collection of Tony Caro & John outtakes, rarities and live recordings spanning 1972-1977. Most human ears have not yet had the lucky joy to experience these recently unearthed gems. Even the most casual fans of 60s psychedelic folkiness will enjoy this compilation, as it stands up as a "great lost album" of English pastoral folk like Incredible String Band, Bert Jansch, Left-Handed Marriage, Forest, etc. There are full-band head-rockers here-- as well as quiet, stripped down home recordings -- plus a little futuristic (!) drum machine sprinkled among the folky whimsy.

Tony Dore and John Clark (the late John Clark, actually-RIP) were childhood friends, and played the folk circuit together, reuniting after university in London where they met Caroline Clark. These songs were recorded by John on a Ferrograph tape recorder with track-to-track facility; quite low-tech even for the time, but the best they could do with almost no budget. We're lucky they did, and that a wealth of unreleased material still awaits our discovery, cuz they sure don't make 'em like this anymore....

Blue Clouds Track Listing:
A1. Forever and Ever (1974)
A2. Bye Bye I Love You (1975)
A3. Home (1974)
A4. Sally Free and Easy (1977)
A5. Where the Elephants Go To Die (1975)
A6. Ton Ton Macoutes (1977)
B1. Swirling Sphere (1972)
B2. Pretty Saro (1977)
B3. Children Of Plenty (1971)
B4. There Are No Great Heroes (1974)
B5. The Road to Avalon (1974)

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