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Life's a Peach: The Peach Kings Announce New York City shows September 6-9

New EP Handsome Moves To Be Released September 6, 2012
Vinyl Released Through Black Ball Universe

Free Download of Single "Fisherman" HERE

"So damn infectious, it is! Hot chick vocals and '60s garage-pop, twang-rock flourishes abound. Texan Paige McClain Wood and Californian Steven Trezevant Dies describe their sound as "gypsydelic" and I concur. Favorite single of the month!" -Huffington Post 8/24/2012

"The duo dubbed their debut EP 'Trip Wop,' and the influence of sultry down-tempo acts such as Portishead certainly leaves a mark on tracks such as 'Little Things' and 'By Your Side.' But the occasional drum machine runs second to the interplay of Steven 'Dies' Trezevant’s salty guitar work and singer Paige Wood’s lightly toasted alto, which run deft melodic circles around each other."  - LA Times 

"Riff-heavy, with silky vocals from former solo artist—and Warped Tour alum—Paige McClain Wood, San Francisco-born, LA-based duo The Peach Kings have found a bi-coastal following with their take on the two-piece, boy-girl blues outfit. They're not ones to limit themselves to just one genre, though. Remixes of songs like "Thieves and Kings," originally a sultry, uptempo blues number, venture into heavy electronic territory, while "Easy" and "Little Things" are 21st century takes on doo-wop."  -Interview Magazine 8/2012

"A fitting name as one could give them, Peach Kings has a sound has a tart, rootsy twang that’s made stars of The Black Keys but simultaneously has a soft, warm downtempo beat reminiscent of Quadron."- KCRW

The Peach Kings  New York City Dates

Harvard & Stone
Los Angeles, CA
Union Hall
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY

The Peach Kings, Texan Paige McClain Wood and Californian Steven Trezevant Dies, are set to release their new EP Handsome Moves in September 6, 2012 and in celebration are playing 3 special shows in New York City. They will be spending a week on the east side and are available for interviews and photo shoots.

They describe their sound as "gypsydelic," which is just what it sounds like. Stemming from their inability to choose one genre of music to play, they coined the term in order to reflect their own personal view of the band. "Gypsy-" because they were inspired by playing outdoors and "-delic" because it contains just a hint of strange.  Paige and Steven are strongly influenced by visuals in cinema and fashion. In fact, Drew Barrymore discovered their music and selected them to be a part of her Spring Music Preview spread for V Magazine, alongside the likes ofMayer Hawthorne, M83, Spank Rock, Warpaint, and The Drums.

The duo fill the gap between upbeat rock and downtempo electronic, with comparisons being made to The Black Keys, Mazzy Star and The XX. Similarities can also be drawn to Little Dragon, and how they do so much with so little. They draw their sound and inspiration from the smoky smooth crackle of blues, folk, and soul vinyls as well as the hypodermic tones synthesized in various beat laboratories across the globe. Stripped down, The Peach Kings' power is derived from Paige's hauntingly sensual vocals combined with Steven's complementary rhythm and picking. 

Sexy is a word used often in describing The Peach Kings sound. The EP features the intoxicating lead single "Fisherman" to the sultry "Like A Stone" and the sweet sounds of "Lonely". The EP in its entirety has a lot of found sounds that were salvaged from the delirious recordings of giddy musicians with really expensive gear. 

It's been a long time goal for the Peach Kings to press a record on vinyl, as they want themselves and their families to have an artifact that can be found in a crate 50 years from now. Not only that, but in 50 years, that piece of music, like a fine wine, will have gathered all the character and noise that makes vinyl so nostalgic and timeless. 

The EP artwork for Handsome Moves was created by Shane A. Richard, a musically inspired artist from California. The Peach Kings are large supporters of their local art scene, with a strong belief in building an artistic community around themselves. Look out for the upcoming video for "Fisherman," directed by Jace Armstrong, and old friend of Steven's from Silver Lake.


1. Fisherman
2. Do For Me
3. Lonely
4. Like A Stone
5. Soon Will Be
6. Thieves & Kings

"I knew I would like 'Fisherman' the second it started. In fact, I'm kicking myself that it took me this long to hear the latest single by The Peach Kings." - Indie Shuffle

"The Peach Kings seem to be on a three-bourbon roll. There’s enough smoke in Wood’s vocals to suggest real fire; Trezevant’s measured guitar licks beam you back about 50 years; and their backing electronics beats imply that it’s all pretty modern. Paul Trillo’s video for their single “Thieves and Kings” is a nifty riff on another vintage duo. What, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway weren’t available?"  -LA Buzz Bands

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