Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HUMANSUIT (Isaiah Toothtaker + Mestizo) /Machina Muerte

Immediate free download of the debut album from HUMANSUIT, 7 unreleased tracks & 5 bonus songs from previous works.

Founding members of Machina MuerteIsaiah Toothtaker & Mestizo are HUMANSUIT.
A project long awaited since the duo’s early collaborations & joint live performances.Their combined efforts have been critically acclaimed & very much considered cult classics with songs like “I Gotcha” & garnering unprecedented encores at infamous venues like LA’s The Low End Theory or the Paid Dues festival.The pair have been tirelessly releasing albums & crafting solo careers but all the while also working towards the release of HUMANSUIT.

HUMANSUIT marks the tenth album released by Machina Muerte this year so far.

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