Friday, August 31, 2012

Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire share 2nd single in advance of new LP; playing Cake Shop 9/7!

NEW MP3 : Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire - "The Curse"
Playing NYC's Cake Shop, Thursday, September 7th!  

Photo: Noel McGuinness

The wonderful Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire will be at the Cake Shop Thursday, September 6th.  The show starts at 8PM, with BOFSF going on 2nd.  The impressive lineup also features Miniboone, I'm Turning Into and The Meaning Of Life.

Ball of Flame Shoot Fire was formed in 2006 by five high school friends from Pittsburgh, PA. Jess, Tim, Peter, Pat and Winston played music together throughout high school in various formations, including the now-defunct outfits Person and the People, 1½% and Jawmonster. Though initially conceived of as a “family band” collective that would exist only between college semesters, it quickly turned into a serious collaboration that has been going strong for the past seven years. After graduating, Ball of Flame Shoot Fire left Pennsylvania in the interest of living in a house together and performing in New York City. They first settled in a five-bedroom house in Huntington, Long Island and a year later moved into an abandoned funeral home in Brooklyn. 

For the recording of their new album, the aptly titled Zileur (Mi-Mi-Mo-Mo), BOFSF built up a fully functional home studio in an effort to reflect the live sound of the band as accurately as possible. It is an unusually organic-sounding record for the band, marking a shift away from the dense, electronics-heavy studio-based experiments of their 2011 album Pots and Knives. It is the most cohesive and personal album the band has yet released and reflects a newfound interest in writing more pared-down, lyrically-driven songs, as well as capturing more spontaneous performances. The influences of mentors such as Van Dyke Parks, Lindsey Buckingham and John Prine should be apparent. Above all, Zileur (Mi-Mi-Mo-Mo) is a record which should offer something for everyone. Despite its stylistic contrasts, it maintains a consistent and engrossing mood throughout, one which allows the listener to be rewarded by repeated listens.

Ball of Flame has released three LPs, two EPs, a soundtrack album and various covers, easy listening and comedy recordings. They also participate in Brooklyn performance art projects Itchy Boys and Rapolon and the Rapalongs, and collaborate with their friends at film production company Astrolab Films. Since their formation, Ball of Flame has gotten the opportunity to share the stage with acts like Grizzly Bear, Yeasayer, Man Man, Mates of State and Here We Go Magic. In 2010 the L Magazine named them one of the “Top 8 Bands to Watch” in New York City.

“Ball of Flame, as we will hereby forever call them, make songs that sound slightly familiar but mostly strange…. overlapping mini orchestras of guitar, organ, trumpet, saxophone, upright bass, electronic samples and everything else under the sun. But there's a dogged devotion to melody too… With so many cooks in the kitchen (all five members live together, putting in time as songwriters), it's clear that they're a band with lots of ideas. They just happen to also be really good at turning them into interesting, unpredictable songs.” –The L Magazine

"Jokeland is crazy and fun and smart and interesting, and I really hope enough people can stomach its beautiful weirdness long enough to dig in and really appreciate it. Stuff like this doesn't come around everyday."   -Fear of Arthropods

“Since Pots and Knives is so crazily diverse, each listener is going to have their own favorite tracks. It’s not often you can say this about an experimental album, but Pots and Knives has something for everyone, and something for every occasion. There are songs to cook to, songs to mellow out to, songs to dance to, and songs where it’s really best to sit back and just listen.” –

“The Brooklyn via Pittsburgh band Ball of Flame Shoot Fire make some of the best, most unclassifiable, and quirkiest art-pop.” –Atlas and the Anchor

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