Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Mixtape by ISAIAH TOOTHTAKER (Machina Muerte)

Isaiah Toothtaker released a new mixtape this month with Under Republic Magazine to accompany him as their Featured Artist.
In addion to the songs exclusive to this project, this mixtape features Toothtaker on a varriety of this year's guest spots & collaborations with Sole & the Skyrider band, Young L, Mestizo, Vyle,  Dekapote, Mike Gao, Crime Killz & much more.
This mix of aggressive drums & audibly heavy bass fits in perfect harmony with the rambling thunder you can only expect from Machina Muerte's Isaiah Toothtaker.
Under Republic: What would you like to gain from your work?
Isaiah Toothtaker: The reason I make music or continue to make music is because I take satisfaction from bringing my ideas to sound or composition, having the words & statements create a cohesive piece. Also, the interpretation & effect my music has with others is interesting & I enjoy that but it's only secondary...
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