Tuesday, September 27, 2011

His Clancyness + Shimmering Stars Team Up for Next Installment of Splendour's Limited Edition Split 7" Series

His Clancyness + Shimmering Stars Team Up for Next Installment of Splendour's Limited Edition Split 7" Series   
Following their of Montreal/Casiokids split release for Record Store Day, Oslo-based label Splendour have announced the next installment in their series of limited edition 7"'s. This latest split 7" features two original singles by a pair of bands that have been receiving some much-deserved attention. His Clancyness and Shimmering Stars have both made a name for themselves over the past year with their unique brands of catchy, dreamy lo-fi pop. The 7" split will be set for release on October 31st via Insound in the US and Rough Trade  in the UK.
His Clancyness
Jonathan Clancy, aka His Clancyness, is a native of Ottawa, Canada who has taken up residence in Bologna, Italy. His music has been described by Altered Zones/Pitchfork as "...a tender, clean, and consoling collection of snug little dream-pop blankets to ball up in, marked by gliding harmonies into which Clancy injects his rich, wistful sigh. These are not songs that demand a great deal of insight. In fact, there's no need for understanding at all; the simple arrangements and heartbreak hooks bypass the nerd-centres, burrowing straight through the chest only to manifest themselves two minutes or so later as lumps in the throat and knots in the stomach."Clancy is also the frontman of A Classic Education (Lefse) and has released a number of 7"s, cassettes and CD-Rs. Splendour are proud to become a part of this rare and eclectic discography with the singles, "Carve a Peach" and "Don't Worry, Just Understand."  
Shimmering Stars
Shimmering Stars are a three-piece dream pop act from Vancouver, BC, Canada, contributing "Not Growing Up" and "Greyhound Romance" to this 7". The music attempts a re-drawing and illumination of the subtle darkness inherent in the seemingly wholesome, innocent music of the 1950s and 60s. The result filters older influences like the Everly Brothers, Del Shannon, Phil Spector, and Bo Diddley through a contemporary indie lens. Songs about being in love, not being in love, the painfully modern condition of floating in a state of suspended adolescence - all tinted with the slight self-deprecation of knowing how trite it is to be writing songs about these things at all. The band began as a recording project in Spring 2010. After stumbling upon some old live footage of the Everly Brothers, frontman Rory McClure holed up in his parent's garage in Kamloops, British Columbia to record the first demos. That first recording environment rendered Shimmering Stars' distinctly dusty atmospheric sound and established a conscious insertion into the garage music continuum. They released their debut LP on Hardly Art in the US and Almost Musique in Europe this September.     
Splendour was founded in 2011, releasing records by Siinai, of Montreal, Casiokids, Brad Laner and more. They're an independent sister company to the management and booking firm Upfront Artists, which handles Lindstrøm, Serena-Maneesh, Diskjokke and Jaga Jazzist among many others.  


His Clancyness/Shimmering Stars 7" Split Tracklisting: 

A1) 'Carve A Peach' His Clancyness
A2) 'Don't Worry, Just Understand' His Clancyness
B1) 'Not Growing Up' Shimmering Stars
B2) 'Greyhound Romance' Shimmering Stars

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